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tv   France 24  LINKTV  January 2, 2017 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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anchor: welcome back, you're watching live on france 24. our top stories this hour -- inice say they are closing on the attacker behind a shooting at an istanbul nightclub on new year's eve. -- the islamic state has claimed responsibility for the attack in which 39 people died. french president francois hollande says fighting isis abroad is the key to thwarting terrorists at home. a third attack in as many days killed dozens of people. brazil, up to 60 inmates dead
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after a prison riot. violence broke out between a rival gang in this facility. ♪ first though, it is now 18 days until donald trump is sworn in as u.s. president. comments made by one of his senior aides over the weekend have caused concern in some quarters. incoming white house press sean spicer said the president elect intends to repealed a lots of the obama administration. specific, butget donald has made no secrets to stanceosition to obama's
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on immigration and relation with russia. live from washington, can you give us any idea specifically what donald trump january 20? reporter: not really, simply because the president-elect himself has not given any specifics. nor have members of his transition team. but remember the president-elect campaigned on a message of a so from arupture, messaging point of view it is very important that keep people are enthused about the upcoming trump presidency. repealans a promise to pretty much anything the outgoing president has done on matters of health care, energy, or immigration, as you mentioned. in terms of what exactly donald trump intends to to and what he will do, that's a whole other ball game.
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when the pieces of the trump presidency come together we will have a clearer picture. so will members of his team, perhaps, on the issues of immigration. it is one of the areas where he will not necessarily have free reign, but more freedom to enact some of the promises he has made. remember, key elements of the were finding a way thatmedy the situation millions of people who entered illegally or people whose parents bought them into the country illegally, president obama wanted reforms whereby some of those folks would have a legal pathway to citizenship. trump was talking about deporting millions of people, but that talk is very much got at this point, and the president-elect has seemingly on this keypen mind issues. he once said he would get rid of agreement, forte
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instance. when asked about it by the new york times he said he would keep an open mind on health care reform. car stations have been had between the president-elect and the outgoing president, of course encouraging his successor to keep key elements of that health care reform. president-elect donald trump seems to be showing an open mind. it is very difficult at this point. thes clear to defined what resident will repeal. until: 80 days -- 18 days president-elect trump is sworn in. president obama is doing whatever he can to cement his legacy, tell us about that. reporter: truly, absolutely. there is an obvious
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contradiction between the statements made by the president and the white house is desired to have a smooth transition while at the same time enacting or setting up ideological and policy obstacles precisely in andr to cement barack obama that complicates donald trump's task if he wishes to repeal a key element of that obama legacy. madenstance, obama has drilling off the atlantic , making for a very complicated -- making it very conduct you for the tribe administration to come back on that. the trump administration will have the possibility of obamaing a lot of these -- the outgoing president is making it as pop -- making it as complicated as possible. anchor: reporting from
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washington. a people have been arrested in turkey in connection with a shooting at an istanbul nightclub on new year's eve. at shooter himself is still large. at least 39 people were killed and dozens injured in the latest attack to be claimed by the islamic state group. turkey, we can go to and our correspondent there. what can you tell us about the investigation so far? they havepolice say the gunman's fingerprints and they will shortly be able to identify him. the problem is they don't know where he has gone. the police say there are also strong similarities between this attack at the us temple airport in june, which killed 44 people. and they are looking into whether the stain -- whether the same islamic state group cell carried out both attacks. both were largely shooting attacks. the key difference being at the airport attack, the assailant
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after shooting everybody in sight blew themselves up. in the nightclub the assailant didn't do that. we know after exhausting his sixnition he went through -- firing a total of 180 bullets. he went into the nightclub his garments,off changing his appearance, and left the nightclub, blending into the crowd and escaped. he is thought to be a 25-year-old man, either from whose beds stand -- from is zbekistan or- from u --. anchor: some people have been
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celebrating the attack on social media. they are not actually celebrating the slaughter. what you are referring to is the thernment saying that police are investigating 370 postings by hard-liners who year's-- who view new elevations as heresy. they see it as an evil christian intrusion into turkey. and in their social media postings these people have been sneering at the people in the nightclub, saying things like it, what were they doing in there, drinking? the government is saying this is not tolerable, we are going to crack down on the people who made those postings. but the government is partly responsible for this. on friday, two days before the attack, the chief imam of
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turkey, whose government -- who is government appointed and government paid, authorized the friday pair sermons in every that new turkey to say year celebrations were " illegitimate and have no place in islam." as we can see there are two turkeys in effect. the islamic lee inclined sector of the population and the secular sector of the population. anchor: thank you very much. reporting from ankara. the islamic state group is also claiming responsibility for a car bombing in baghdad, at least 36 people were killed and more than 50 wounded in this third major attack in the last few days.
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reporter: the farmer came to this market in the shiite district in the city, pretending to hire day laborers. once the workers gathered around, he detonated the bomb. that is according to iraqi authorities. dozens were killed and wounded. terroristc state group has claimed responsibility for the attack. >> young people are being killed. they are being wounded. why is it happening? those in power are doing nothing to protect us. reporter: this is the third attack in the past few days in iraq claimed by the islamic state. at least 27 people were killed in twin explosions at another busy market in baghdad. on sunday, seven were killed in an attack on the shiite shrine city just south of the capital. have been unconfirmed reports of several other bombs going off across the capital
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monday, killing seven and wounding dozens more. the iraqi prime minister told willters that terrorists attempt to attack civilians in order to make up for their losses. but we assure the iraqi people and the world that we are able to end terrorism and shorten its life. of baghdad,tside the iraqi forces are fighting to retake the northern city of most soul -- of mosul from the islamic state group. anchor: and that attack in baghdad just happened hours after a visit by the french president francois hollande. only major western head of state to visit baghdad since 2014, when international forces joined the fight against isis. hernandez said -- hold on to hollande said --
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reporter: francois hollande wanted to show the importance of the ongoing operations in iraq. >> we have a common enemy. the islamic state group. we must go after them where they are, in iraq, or in syria. we must also understand the lengths between that group and some brainwashed individuals who carry out attacks across the world. reporter: as commander-in-chief, hollande thanked troops. direct french involvement is limited to airstrikes, at some soldiers are on the ground to train iraqi forces. against the i.s.
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is in the northern city of mosul. hundreds more fighting elsewhere in iraq. developed to fight them on the battlefield. as was visiting baghdad, francois hollande was in the kurdish city of -- tons of 100 humanitarian aid. anchor: joining me is a research director at the -- institute. thank you for being with us tonight. about france's role in the fight against the islamic state, how important has france's contribution been? guest: there is an artillery they use against islamic state
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mosul, and the part about training iraqi forces, that is not directly in contact. makes -- francois hollande said it tonight the battle from also could be one before the summit, that could be one thing before the summit? -- could be won before the summit. guest: we don't know what could happen. -- they haveces one good division, but the rest of the forces are not so good. for a long sustain time. the problem is due to islamic
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-- they try to escape or leave the fight. they are more or less around it. comingthe west side -- from iran and other places. thatcan fight longer and iraqi troops can -- anchor: francois hollande has a few more months left of his presidency. wisely making this visit now? to have a good image as commander-in-chief.
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this presentation in mali or other places. he's trying to keep an image of ready to fight. anchor: thank you for talking to us. to 60 to brazil, where up inmates have been killed in a prison riot. violence broke out between two rival gains and -- rival gangs and lasted throughout the night. many of the victims were beheaded in what one official called the biggest massacre ever committed at a prison. reporter: a prison uprising of extreme violence. , thought to have instigated the violence. over 60 inmates have been reported ed, and some prisoners have escaped.
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>> we have bodies outside the prison who were thrown from the prison by the inmates themselves. there have been escapes, we don't know how many. we are looking for the escapees in the forests and highways. aroundr: the rifle ended a.m. rife ended around 7 not all survived. the violence was such that some people were beheaded and thrown over the prison walls. families of the inmates are lining up to see if there inmates are among the dead. >> my son is an inmate there. he is not related to the police of a don't care about him. my son is in there. reporter: brazil has the fourth-largest penance population in the world. regular occurrence in brazil. some business news.
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the new year has brought with it some new rights for french workers. that includes the right to disconnect from the office after hours. it is designed to help workers separate their home and work life. -- morearly as more and of us are checking our in males the evenings. is it practical? evening.ails in the is it practical? france, 40% of employees don't disconnect entirely and regularly work during their free time. as of january 1 a new rule has come into play, as a part of last year's controversial labor market reform. it introduces the right to disconnect, it's a law for the first time. the ability to be available or unreachable. the companies must establish regulations for digital tools in order to respect rest time and vacation come as a personal and family life.
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it is based on rest time laid out in the labor unions working directive, which requires a minimum rest period of 11 consecutive hours in every 24. -- very year company must suggestions made by the labor ministry include organizing email free days or training for people on the dangers of being constantly switched on. new french law has no fixed limits. disagreements arise during negotiations the employer can develop a code of conduct without the workers improve -- workers approval. anchor: the number of people out the unemployment rate has been hovering around 10% in france for several years now. in the netherlands the rate is half of that. looking into what the dutch are doing differently. reporter: often ranked as one of
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the best cities in the world, there's more to amsterdam in just its famed canals. here the unemployment rate stands at less than 4%. >> we come from much lower in our group economic base. >> visit an office here and you quickly see why. many of the employees don't work full-time. day.dnesday is my mommy i produce that are when i work four days. moreat schedule leaves time for leisure and family. there are some downsides. euros less per00 month than she used to. half of dutch mothers work part time. the on that more than one third of the population is self-employed or freelance. >> we don't always need a huge
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workforce. we are very flexible. depending on our workload we can hire more freelancers. thatter: it is a policy may work well for employers, but not necessarily their employees. earning 1600 euros per month. she asked pay for an accountant and social charges and get only the most basic health coverage. got no stability. no security. and i could be let go at any moment. >> one freelancer in seven lives below the poverty line. it is the other side of the coin in this country of nearly full employment. sports an update in the news now. we're going to start in south america. reporter: stage one, a looping run from the capital in -- in argentina and the two-time champion was the fastest on that opening stage.
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the toyota driver completing the in 29ometer section minutes 41 seconds before developing a technical issue. despite that engine fire at the end of the race he did finish 24 seconds ahead of two spaniards. champions of france was also one minute 40 seconds behind him, back in 12th place. in the motorcycle category australia's defending champion leading the way on his key tm. the premier league continues with its busy holiday season. they 20 today. manchester united continues their good run with a sixth win in a row. 2-0 and they are now level on points with -- everton slashed southhampton.
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beat brimleyr city 2-1. beat only 2-1city -- beat burnley 2-1. take a listen. >> it doesn't feel good. it is not good for the pilots because of teedo penalties in the game. that was harsh. hard to accept. obviously i have to accept it. >> moving on to some mba action. faces were in minnesota to the timberwolves, having one thing just teed up of their last 13 games. the wolves were in control by as much as 14 points.
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portland outscored minnesota in the third. ending with a career-high 40, including the a's scored in the second half. lasers win95-89. games in four other the nba. the pistons taking advantage of the heat, missing players. the spurs missed that last-minute chance to beat hawks. the raptors beat the lakers thanks to their star duo. and the pacers win it at home against the magic. tennis with the international event that brings the men and women together. things started out well for france who beat germany 2-1 in group a. the germans taking the lead when
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andrea petrovich beat christina millett then the bench. then in the men's singles, rishaad gasquet beat alexander's .f air of -- alexander zverev the french pair overpowering the 4-1.ns to win that 4-2, the brits were defeated 3-0 by the swiss team. roger federer making his big return, playing his first competitive match in six months. -- diedlympic champion at the age of 84 this monday. he claimed gold in the u.s. resort of squall vac only -- squall valley, becoming the first champion on metal skis back in 1960. he was credited as inventing the
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egg position racers used to gain speed. he us are developed the famed ski resorts that opened back in 1964 as part of the ski area that links 12 french and swiss skiing resorts. we finished, of course, with all the latest from -- still holding onto his position ahead of alex thompson, despite battling and upwind moderate speed. 100 footie five miles ahead of his rival. reaching more favorable winds as they head up north. the battle should continue between the two men until the end of the race. four other boats in the south place.c, still in third -- theyinseparable pair are still far behind the leaders
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but they are fighting for the fifth-place and for possibly the without the first boat a spoiled to reach the french course. anchor: we are taking a short
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