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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  January 3, 2017 5:00am-5:31am PST

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welcome back to nhk "newsline." i'm kanako sachno. u.s. president-elect donald trump has criticized china for not doing more to stop north korea's nuclear missile development. trump dismissed kim jong-un's claim ththat pyongyang i is in last stages of developing an interconontinental ballistic missile. he tweeted, it won't happen. the north korean leader made the claim in his annual policy speech on sunday. the icbn is sasaid to be capabl of reaching the united states. trtrump also tweeted that china has been taking out massive
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amounts of money and wealth from the u.s. in trade but won't help with north korea. trump has long criticized the u.s. trade deficit with china. he also denounced beijing for building islands in the south china sea. an expert on the u.s. presidency says it's hard to predict what trump's policies will be. the president-elect's tweets offers the only clues, but he warns that that can cause confusion. gene healy says trump's use of twitter r doesn't seem prudent wise. >> someone should tell the president-elect to put down his phone and back slowly away from it because you do not want international tensions ratcheted up and longstanding policies changed at a whim as the president-elect announces these
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things on twitter. >> he also referred to trump's habit at firing back at the media. he says the u.s. is a free and democratatic country that allow criticism and investigation of those in power. turkish police have detained eight people in connection with a deadly new year's nightclub shooting. the islamic state group claimed responsibility for the istanbul attack that left 39 dead. authorities are still hunting for the gunman. they say they are closer to identifying him. the deputy prime minister said, authorities have obtained fingerprints and a description of the shooter. he said the attack was a message to the government about the opererations against the milita grgroup in syr.. this video is believeded to be fromom a surveillance camera outside the nightclub. it appears to show the gunman responsible for the attack. hundreds were inside celebrating when the shooting began. aside from those killed, about 70 were wounded in the early
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morning rampage. local reports say half of the victims were from other countries, including canada, lebanon and saudi arabia. >> translator: the attacker kept on shooting. many people werere lying on the floor. >> abc news aired this footage of the suspect. >> the gunman dressed in white, wearing a hood. authorities believe the attacker changed his clothes. he stayed inside for seven terrififying minututes. >> the islamic state group released a statement about the attack online. it says one of its fighters caied out the attack with orders from the group's leader. it calls for revenge against turkey for supporting those fighting the group. a syrian migrant has been arrested in germany for alleging seeking funds from the islamic terrorist group. it is thought they were planning on carrying out an attack in the country. the 38-year-old entered in 2014. the man is suspected of using a
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mobile phone app with connections to the islamic state group. he reportedly asked for 180,000 euros or $188,000. it's suspected the man planned to use the money to buy vehicles and explosives. the data left on the mobile phone suggests he was planning attacks in france and belgium as well. investigators believe e he pland to have the vehicles, each loaded witith 400 to 500 kilogrs of explosives, drive into a crowd. they say t the man admitted tha he contacted a militant grgroup but denies involvement in any terror plot. last month, a 24-year-old drove a truck into shoppers at a christmas market in berlin. 12 people were killed. about 50 were injured. the suspect was lateter shot de in milan, italaly, by police. the man entered germany in 2015.
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his application for refugee status was rejected. security officials confirmed his involvement with an islamic extremist organization. the influence-peddling scandal that led to the impeachment of south korea's president is widening. now the daughter of a key figure in the case is under arrest in denmark, and south korea's justice ministry has requested she be extradited. the woman under arrest is the daughter of president park geun-hye's close friend. nhk has decided not to identify her. choi is accused of meddling in state affairs and gaining access to officialocuments w with park's help. her daughter was arrested sunday with charges of staying in the country illegally. a south korean indepependent prosecutor obtained an arrest warrant and asked interpol to add her name to the wanted list. other allegations center on the purchase of a horse who competes
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in equestrian events. she and her mother set up a firm in germany that received roughly $2.7 million from samsung electronics. it is believed those funds were used to buy the horse. south korean media reported the police in denmark intend to confirm the official extradition request and then comply. at least 56 inmates have died in a prison riot in brazil and more than 100 others have escaped and are now on the run. local authorities say the revolt in the city of manaus lasted 17 hours from sunday afternoon to monday morning. footage shows relatives asking about the safety of their loved ones. the authorities later found
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several tunnels leading out of the prison. police have blocked roads to the facility and are searching for the escapees. it's the second deadliest prison riot in brazilian history. in a 1992 revolt, 111 inmates' lives were claimed. at least 25 people died when a van and a pick-up truck collided and caught fire monday. they were taking passengers to bangkok and people were riding in the back of the pickup. police suspect the driver of the van fell asleep at the wheel. there are many traffic accidents in thailanand during the holida season. the government says 280 people died on the country's roads in the four days through sunday. south korea's environment ministry has banned sales of two nissan models, after the company submitted falsified emissions data. ministry officials canceled the
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registration of the models. they fined the south korean ararm about $2.65 million. they also filed a complaint with prosecutors. nissan korea admits using fabricated emissions figures. company officials say they respect the ministry's decision. they say they'll cooperate with any investigation by prosecutors. nissan korea says it will do its best to prevent problems for customers and dealers. the sri lankan government appears set to make a deal allowing a chinese firm to operate a port in the country for almost a century. the move is raising concern that chinese navy vessels could make the port there. the port in southern sri lanka is currently under construction from a $1.4 billion loan from china.
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the port is set to become one of south asia's largest. they drafted an agreement to be signed between the sri lankan government and the firm. they will hold an 80% stake in the port and secure the right to operate for 99 years. the agreement mentions that china will be in charge of the port security. the deal is likely to be signed before the end of the month. some members of the sri lankan government are voicing concerns. they believe china could interpret the agreement by allowing its navy vessels and submarines to make port calls there. with its rich aroma and full bodied flavor, coffee from papua new guinea is rated among the best in the world. it is still nowhere near as popular as south american or african coffee. local coffeemakers aim to turn that situauation around. nhk world reports. >> reporter: the mountains of papua new guinea are ideal for
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growing coffee due to their altitude and volcanic soil. small buyers come all the way to where the buyers are to sell their beans. an agency in the highlands broker coffee beans from surrounding farms. a local business association official sees big potential for the coffee. >> we only grow about 1% of the total world coffee production, but our coffee is very high in demand because of its uniqueness. >> reporter: and an hour's drive takes you to the village where coffee is the main crop. with a population of 2,000, almost every household grows coffee in plots on a one heck tear farm.
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this man was born and raised here. he works for a think tank in the capital. he is researching ways to develop the coffee industry. >> whehei was in school, the cocoffee helped me to pay my school fees. you know, when i was as far as up in the university, coffee is more or less like my bedbug. it is the same with my family, yes. >> reporter: but these days, he is worried about his hometown's main state industry. the coffee tree doesn't give enough beans. >> this tree was splintered. >> reporter: coffee farmers in other countries replace their coffee trees every 20 years or so but most of the trees here have been harvested for as long as half a century. for a long life cycle, if not
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the quality of the beans to increase farmer's income and enable them to boost output, sofe recently opened a cafe in the capital port mostly. his aim is to raise awareness among locals of the coffee industry. coffee is an acquired taste for most papua new guineans. he figures that once they develop a liking for it, they'll see the value of the coffee business. >> this coffee shop is one of the best in the city. >> awesome. and i love drinking coffee, too. >> it's really heartwarming to see people to start get into drinking coffee, and it's really new. so it's a sign of good things to come. >> reporter: sofe has planted the seeds of a coffee drinking
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culture here. he hopes that it will take root and that papua new guinea will grow to become one of the top coffee producers. nhk world. a group of japanese artisans is creating unique kimono inspired by countries around the world. they hope to complete the project in time for the 2020 tokyo olympics. one craftsman whose life has been touched by war has drawn on a central american theme to express his desire for peace. this kimono is made using a special technique. the design often depicts animals, plants and abstract patterns. it's a tradition in okinawa on the southern-most tip of japan. this colorful chain of islands
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is full of tropical flowers and is surrounded by a clear blue ocean and beautiful coral reef. it evolved around 700 years ago when okinawa was a hub of international trade and the center of the stage of the industry.. the 38-year-old is the 16th generation proprietor of the studio. he was entrusted with making a kimono representing costa rica. costa rica is a natural treasure, home to 5% of the world's species of flora and fauna. >> translator: costa rica's vibrant plants and animals are similar to okinawa's i wanted to reflect the bingata tradition no matter what. >> reporter: he wantnted to dept more than natural beauty.
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he wanted to express his feelings about peace. paperr stencils are used in bingata. these traditional patterns have been passed down from generation to generation. but okinawa became a battlegrounds in world war ii, most bingata kimono and paper stencils were lost then, but some were found on the japanese mainland.. hihis grandfather set about copying designs from these old stencilsls. he learned that neutral costa rica has no standing army. he wanted to reflect costa rica's commitment to peace. >> translator: thinking about both japan and costa rica, i felt a strong connection to the idea about peace from the very beginning. >> reporter: this is the design he came up with. it features lots of hummingbirds, butterflies, and
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plant, and on the hem is a bird said to bring happiness. he wanted the natural paradidis of costa rica to stand as a symbol of peace. bingata uses pigments instead of dye to create bright colors that don't fade in strtrong sunlight. the pigigments don't take to th fabric very easily. so the artist uses two brushes to patiently imprint the colors. the next process, darker colors are laid over the base color and the two are blurred together. >> translator: you put the colors on over and over just like when women put on blusher or lipstick. this makes the patterns look three-dimensional. >> reporter: eight months after production started, the kimono was complete. the bird that brings happiness was depicted in vivid colors.
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the orchid flowers seem to be basked in tropical sunlight. the background blue color symbolizeses the beautiful seasf okinawa. together with costa rica's lush nature, the kimono shares a dedication to peace. ♪ the kimono symbolizing many countries were put on display in tokyo. many people gathered to see them, including the costa rican ambassador to japan. >> i think it represents really my country because of the bright colors, nature, and also our national symbol and when you see the colors and the nature in the kimono, you can feel also peace. >> translator: i needed to bring out the essence of bingata, and i think the power of naturure helped me do that. it was a great learning
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experience for me. >> reporter: okinawa's unique experience in the war saw it almost lose the technique of bingata, but it helps the kimono express its message of peace. declassified records of the nobel prize in literature have revealed an early interest in japanese writing. the first author from japan to win the prize was kawabata in 1968. it is now known that he and fellow japanese writers landed on the short list much earlier. the swedish academy keeps records of the nomination and selection process under wraps for 50 years. nhk requested minutes of the 1966 meeting when n nominations were made for the literature prize. the document shows that 72 writers were on the list.
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among them were two japanese. the first nishiwaki and novelist kawabata. the record shows that the group noted that kawawabata wawas wor. he has a an elegant wrwritg sty and depicted aesesthetics inin n not founinin wesrn n nle. the ely 1960s, o other we shortlist. shiwa wanominatethree timein a rowat a timwhen his rks wereeing tnslated to engsh. > for 600 ars, peoe in malays have fln handde kis to briten theiskies and lk to e god's. >> reporter: kenaltan lies in the north. traditional kites appear in the
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skies here. they don't just look pretty. people say they cacan talk to t kites to the wind spirits to attract good harvest. if you listen, you can hear them in the breeze. master craftsman has built kites almost every day since he was 15. >> translator: i'm dedicated to making wau and to protecting our traditions. >> reporter: he gets the frames from bamboo he grows himself. he dries the bamboo and he whittles it into supports. the balance is critical. a small error can cause the kite to crash. his kites are special because of the design. he says traditional wau use only plain materials, but he cuts
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intricate patterns into his base paper. he then pastes on different colors to achieve an effect like stained glass. he developed this technique over five years. all his s kites contain a moon-shaped element. >> translator: people say, these days, it's better for a kite in the sky to have a design. >> reporter: one thing that worries him is his lack of a successor. fewer children play with kites these days. the craftsman feels his culture traditions are failing. he teaches his craft of wau. >> translator: it's more fun to create wau than play computer games.
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>> reporter: local high school students will visit and practice wau. >> translator: as long as children continue to take an interest in the wau, our local kite tradition will not disappear. >> reporter: he has made his own adjustments to the traditional craft of the wau. he hopes the younger generation will make progress in his own way. ♪ it's time now for world weather with our meteorologist jonathan oh. jonathan, it was a stormy night for those in the southern united states. was there any damage reported in
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the region? >> hello, unfortunately, we had extensive problems due to very strong storms and moved to the southern areas of the united stateses. ifif you look very closelyly ons satellite perspective, this is a lilittle of the detail of f wha watch for. cloudsds that pop up i in this paparticular pattetern seems tot reallyly rapidly a appear on th satellite, where we are looking at very stormy weather. as we went through late monday intoto early tuesday morningng, had 12 tornanado damage e repor and from there, we are told four people have died in southern alababama. itit's unfortunate to hearar. on top of that, 117 wind damage reports s and fiveve hail damag reports. so this was a very powerful system and caused a lot of issues overnight into tuesday morning. we have a couple of areas located down to the southern areas of the united states also up towards the great lakes. we are looking at these systems to continue to bring rain and
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maybe some thunderstorms but not nearly in the intensity of what we saw monday night in the deep south. nevertheless, all of you from new york city down towards as far as northern portions of florida looking at a chance for some thunderstorms as we go throughout the day on tuesday. we may see a small risk of severe thunderstorms near the carolinas, mainly looking at general thunderstorm activity. further toward the north, plenty of cold air filtering in. lots of heavy snow possibilities into portions of ontario and quebec and freezing rain in the southern portions of the province and into maine, the northeastern portions of the united states. look at that, that's nasty stuff onon the roadways. looking back tarards the colorado and rocky mountains tuesday. looking at highs only in the mid-teens the los angeles, snow into denver, winnipeg, and chicago. showers down to miami as we go throughout the day. meanwhile in europe, we still have a cold front moving through the northern portions of the
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continent on the eastern side. that flank will show portions of snowy weather into portions of poland. meanwhile, low pressure will kick up wind and look at rain conditions as we go throughout the day on tuesday. looking at highs for our one range of berlin, snow for freezing in warsaw, moscow hazy conditions with snow possibilities into the iberian peninsula. meanwhile, we look at what's happening over east asia. high pressure controlling the weather for a good dominant area, including portions of china into the korean peninsula. we are looking at stagnant air. beijing, you're looking at the possibility of hazy conditions into wednesday. meanwhile, japan, we have more ofof a n northwestererly flow. for those off you l living neare sea of japan, especially for the tohoku region, you may be dealing with sea-effect snow throughout the day on wednesday. sunny skies into tokyo with a
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high of 13. 6 with hazy c conditions in beijing through wednesday. before we wrap up, i want to show you something beautiful. we have a phenomenon called diamond fuji that takes place. we see the alignment of the sun rising right near the summit there, creating this nice effect. we had photographers gathering out there to capture these moments as we continue into the new year, 2017. that's a look at your forecast. hope you have a good day wherever you are. he's your extended outlook.
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that wraps up this edition of nhk "newsline." i'm kanako sachno in tokyo.
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thanks very much for joining us. p
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." you are watching "france 24 these are the headlines. and arrests across turkey as the manhunt continues for the prime suspect in the istanbul necklace attack. 39 people were killed in that mass shooting new year's eve. istanbul nightclub attack. if four-day-old d cease-fire is now under threat as government troops step up attacks near damascus. the bloodiest prison riot in brazil in over 20 years. dozens were killed and that fighting between rival drug


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