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tv   France 24  LINKTV  January 3, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PST

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." you are watching "france 24 these are the headlines. and arrests across turkey as the manhunt continues for the prime suspect in the istanbul necklace attack. 39 people were killed in that mass shooting new year's eve. istanbul nightclub attack. if four-day-old d cease-fire is now under threat as government troops step up attacks near damascus. the bloodiest prison riot in brazil in over 20 years. dozens were killed and that fighting between rival drug
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gangs. violence is so intense, decapitated bodies were thrown over the prison walls. also coming up this hour, how china is hoping higher taxes on cars will help reduce its pollution problem. we will have the details in our business update. sports fans of the chelsea football team are due in court today over an alleged race is incident on the paris metro in 2013 when a black commuter was pushed off a train. that's racist incident on the paris metro in 2013. let's get straight to our top story. in turkey, renewed footage has been released -- new footage has been released, the attack left 39 people dead.
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new images have come out, showing its healthy video of a man who was thought to be the gunman. -- a selfie video. catherine has the latest. >> the news of that photo or selfie taken in istanbul released by turkish authorities as they close in on the man they believe is behind the new year's eve shooting. the same person they say can be seen in footage where a menacing approaching the club and shooting. say they have arrested dozens of people suspected of aiding him. no further arrests made. authorities say they are close to identifying the man and have gathered his fingerprints. police said he came from his uzbekistan- wa
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zyrgistan. offensive will continue until all threats were neutralized. this weeks, turkey's parliament is due to vote on extending the state of emergency by three months. it was first imposed in turkey following the coup on july 13. it allowed the president to meanwhile,iament -- hundreds of people turned out today in istanbul for a peace march. crowds gathered at a partner but i club before walking the short distance to the site itself --
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park near the nightclub. the tourism industry has been badly hit by a series of attacks last year. in syria, 10 different rebel groups said they are pulling out of talks on planned peace negotiations. the rebels say they will not go ahead until government troops stop violating a new cease-fire put in place just four days ago. rebels is a regime forces have breached the trees with fighting around the capital. that's rebels say. the syrian army has been bombing almost daily for the past two weeks. this fresh violence is being cited by the main rebel groups as a notable example of regime violations of syria's freshly struck cease-fire.
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said theseons violations are continuing, the rebel factions are announced the andzing of all discussions negotiatations. they also threatened to call off and theming peace talks whole if such violations continue. the regime is making advances around this with rebel held areas highlighted in green. pushing to recapture the area key to the capital's water supply. they've reached the outskirts of the region's main water source. the siege was tightened in december. the regime accuses the rebels of poisoning the water and cutting it off altogether. the un's has 4 million people in damascus have been without water since december 2 1000 women and
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children fled the area in recent days. let's turn our attention to brazil and the bloodiest prison riot there in over 20 years. 56 people were killed in what is thought to be a battle between drug gangs. the violence was so bad that several decapitated bodies were thrown over prison walls. allison has more. >> a prison riot of extreme violence. over 100 inmates escaped and dozens have been reported that. some of them beheaded and thrown over the prison wall. >> there were deaths, unfortunately. we have bodies outside the prison who were thrown from the prison by the inmates themselves. there have been escapes. we don't know how many. we are already looking for escapees in the forests and highways. >> the right lasted for over 12 hours commanding when guards were released.
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ending when guards were released. of the inmates are now lining up to find out if their relatives are among the dead. there.on is an inmate he is not related to the police, so they don't care about him. my son is in there. the fourth-largest penitentiary population in the world. groups say cells were so back come inmates cannot lie down. the prison was built to house 5090 inmates. it was packed at twice its capacity. at least 100 homes were burned in chile. 400 people were forced to flee.
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investigators are trying to find out what caused the fire to break out in a club a fisherman. the former leader of hong kong was in court today. donald chong pleaded not guilty to bribery charges in the high-profile corruption trial. he's accused of failing to a luxuryplans to leak penthouse -- the broadcast was seeking a license from the hong kong government at the time. he's the highest-ranking hong kong official to basic corruption trial. grilled therael prime and esther for three hours monday night. benjamin and yahoo! was being questioned over allegations he accepted gets from wealthy supporters. -- benjamin netanyahu. , sports fans of the chelsea football team are due in court today over an alleged racist incident.
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video footage from that incident confederate 2015 -- february 2015 showing fans chanting while pushing a man off the train. the trial is about to start, we are awaiting the lawyers -- i just spoke to the lawyer of the victim. they say they want justice to be done. he has to take time off work. the whole experience was humiliating for him and his family and really what happened was utterly unacceptable. we don't yet know whether those four chelsea supporters who were accused will be here today in the courtroom. we are still waiting to see if they will arrive or not. the lawyer for the victim saying what he is hoping for in terms
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of punishment is either a prison for the or a fine chelsea supporters. >> we do not know if they are going to show up, but they were already tried in the u.k. >> they were tried in the u.k. a few months after the incident back in 2015. the british judge said their behavior was utterly in the separable and abhorrent. he banned them for 25 years from attending any football games and u.k. chelsea banned them for life. that was the punishment they got in the u.k. --e in france, supporters the victim will be present. there was a different set of circumstances. could issue as
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prison sentence or a fine. now to the united states where republicans have voted to cut the office of congressional ethics. that is an independent body created in 2008 to investigate allegations of misconduct by lawmakers after several bribery and corruption scandals send members to prison. chain is part of a s package voted on today. both houses are controlled by the republican party. with donald trump due to be sworn in in just over two weeks time, many lawmakers are eager to get to work on repealing laws signed off under president obama.
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paul ryan says his fellow republicans in congress are ready to hit the ground running enact one of the most conservative agendas in recent history. that should be an easy task with control of both houses in congress and the white house very soon with donald trump taking office. but, roadblocks are and will get in the way of those republicans who are divided as to how to go about repealing obamacare, one of donald trump's main campaign promises. they are divided over how to go about it and republicans have yet to offer a clear specific alternative to the affordable care act under which 20 million americans are currently insured. there are also divided over how to go about investigating the
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intolled russian hacks democratic computers and emails during the campaign season. wants a hearing to be held on the issue while donald trump an wants to "move on." there is over other key issues such as slashing corporate tax rates or doing away with the obama era climate regulations. democrats plan on giving donald trump's takes a hard time. in other news, the president-elect has named robert litan hyper as his u.s. trade representative kirk he also served as the deputy under ronald reagan where he played a
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major role in developing trade twocy and negotiating some dozen bilateral international agreements on everything from steel to grain. rates and arrests across turkey as the manhunt continues for the prime suspect in the istanbul nightclub attack that left 39 people dead. two foreign nationals have been detained at istanbul's airport over that attack. syria -- a four-day cease-fire is under threat as government troops that of attacks near damascus. riot indiest prison brazil in over 20 years -- dozens were killed and that fighting between rival drug gangs. decapitated bodies were thrown over prison walls. time now for the business update with stephen carroll.
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you will start in france with the future of the shipyard that built the biggest cruise liner in the world. >> more than 120 ships have been built at the shipyard on the west of france. its owners have filed for bankruptcy. it had been looking to sell off the french facility. firm has been selected as the preferred bidder for that french business. it is the only profitable part of the south korean company. the french government will now have to approve that deal. >> to china where things are looking up for that country's industry >>. the minute factoring sector growing at its fastest rate in four years. that's manufacturing sector. they were boosted by stronger
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demand and an increase in new clients. the sector had been struggling demand andker overcapacity in many industrial factories. >> there could be good news in the fight against pollution. hashe chinese government discovered a number of pollution rs -- while factories are one major polluter, cars are another. they recently reduced a tax break to cut pollution. >> buying a small car in china is getting more expensive. the tax on cars with engine smaller than 1.6 liters has now increased to 7.5%. consumers will have to fork out an extra 340 euros.
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small car sales grew by 20% last -- some doubtlt the new hike will make an impact. car buyers are not affected much by the small changes in tax dollars. there are other considerations. the needs for work and for family. >> small cars have been the bread and butter of china's auto industry. sold in1 million cars the first 11 months of 2016, 72% were small engine vehicles. taxes on small cars were half to 5% to spur demand. with crippling smock congestion and pollution, the government has announced plans to curb emissions. smog andwith crippling pollution.
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they want to place stricter limits on emissions tests through 2020. london back in business today. its first trading day of the new year, the ftse 100 hits new record highs shortly after opening over .4%. gains in paris and frankfurt. wall street will be back in business today as well. opening up one or to 70 points. -- 170 points. the dollar trading at a 16 year high. more of the day's business headlines come over drivers in -- uber drivers continuing demonstrations. is dueernment mediator to organize talks between drivers and uber by the end of the month. spacex resuming locket launches next week after identifying the
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cause of an explosion that destroyed one of its vessels last september. the tank filled with in the rocket -- failed within the rocket. it seems like the boom at the chinese box office might be over. cinema ticket sales rose by just under 4% last year. inpared to almost 50% growth 2015. is due say the slowdown to a crop of domestic films in 2016 -- >> you have a bit of a national embarrassment out of sweden. >> a volvo is not the best-selling car in sweden for the first time in 20 years. the volkswagen golf came in first in 2016. the last time this happened was in 1962 -- the volkswagen beetle onwon out.
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red faces for some there. >> it is now time for the press review. taking a look at what's been making headlines today. let's start in turkey where papers are continuing to report on the aftermath of that horrible nightclub attack on new year's eve with the so-called islamic state group claiming the attack. >> papers continuing to mourn the victims. the majority of victims were middle eastern tourists who came to assemble to celebrate the new year. -- istanbul to celebrate the new year. whether it is tourist or diplomat, they cannot protect its foreign guests anymore. it now competes with iraq and afghanistan.
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turkey should be rebranded a third world country. it is not just the feeling of insecurity, it's the feeling of hopelessness. a bleak outlook for what's ahead for turkey. >> this month marks six years since the beginning of the arab spring. a lot of papers focusing on the situation in the middle east today. syria, weuation in can see a fragile cease-fire is in place with that of their. -- dove there. six years on, the arab spring thiss are in tatters -- article says the arab spring could happen again. the underlying reasons for the revolt have not gone away. conditions arehe
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even more explosive than in 2011. with poverty outpacing the growth and a number of young --ple, democracy is crushed a revolt could reemerge. >> papers focusing on the left wing primary which is scheduled for the end of this month. it will be a big test for the socialist party. >> the socialist party is gambling for its future in this left-wing primary. a question of survival. or can see the clutch socialist candidates taking part in this broader left wing primary. the stakes are particularly high because the conservative primary back in november was such a big success. 4.5 million people took place in that primary, a huge out turn. high inout was really that one. if there is a low turnout in this left primary, it could
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be a big blow for the socialist party. they say the primary and set up being a happy surprise for the conservatives but it could be a nightmare for the left wing. voting for a potential president is more exciting than someone who is likely to be a minor player in the presidential election. >> the actual primary is three weeks away. three weeks is not a long time to campaign. >> it is a sprint for all the candidates taking part in the left-wing primary. there's this explanation behind the tight calendar. the original role was to fit the president. this benefit the president. it is supposed to be a booster for the president and it is turning into a trap for many of the candidates in this left-wing primary. it is a race against time because three weeks is really short and it's a race against a
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difference -- indifference. >> another complicated factor for the socialist party, facing competition within itself. manage to get everyone on board in this primary. there are some key candidates that will not be running in this the former prime minister is particular because he's always said that he is neither part of the left nor the right. going solo means he is occupying some high-quality real estate in the presidential field. he is a threat to the left and the right. there's a great cartoon where you can see him kicking the conservative candidate in the behind. he calls a major. -- a jerk. witht's stay
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liberacion, looking ahead at the environment. >> they're talking about environmental regression. harsh words on the front page of the paper. they are looking at what's happening in france and the united states. donald trump is about to be the president. a lot of people call him the climate skeptic in chief. congressthe 115th sitting for the first time, they have a long list of things they want to do. one of them, repeal environment regulations in the u.s. i like this cartoon in "the washington post." , trump is talking to the tidal wave saying republican house and republican d and i find and the
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republican supreme court just tell that decree that you must reseed. -- recede. >> facebook drawing criticism from blocking the photo of a naked statue. >> a 16th century statue. you can read all about it in "the guardian." this is a statue of neptune in italy. had chosen the photo of the statue to be her profile on facebook. facebook blocked it sing it was sexually explicit. -- saying it was sexually explicit. facebook often comes under criticism for being a bit hypocritical with its nudity restrictions. a lot of people saying this is yet another example of that. >> things for watching "france
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24." if you wanted closer look at any of the new stories, check out our website or the pressqwuep
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