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tv   France 24  LINKTV  January 5, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PST

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>> talking europe on france 24 and france welcome to 60 minutes live around the world. i'm genie godula. here are the top stories. ♪ genie: france marks the second anniversary of the charlie hebdo attack. the first of a series of mass shootings in france. john mccain calls russia's meddling in the election an act of war. arelligence chiefs testifying in congress today as
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donald trump continues to ridicule the conclusions from the fbi and cia. britain's former envoy to moscow taking a job as british ambassador to the eu in brussels. urging colleagues to continue giving advice even if it is wanted. too many jobs and not enough workers. why employers in the german region of bavaria are having difficulty filling vacant positions. the population in paris is dropping but is airbnb really to blame? why local officials six -- think so. first our top story live from paris. a man who has been described as
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a and and tough negotiator will leave the uk's efforts to's lit from the european union. the process was thrown into disarray after the former british ambassador to the eu quit leaving a big hole in the brexit team. -- resigning investors ambassador criticize the process. has often sat behind europe's major players. now he has been invited to the front row. he is his country's new ambassador to the european union. a crucial position as the u.k. prepares to negotiate its exit from the bloc. downing street says he has all the qualities for the job. >> a seasoned and tough negotiator with extent since six.'s securing u.k. object to in brussels. the government details his
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resume. his latest position as a foreign office political director and his mission as ambassador to moscow and his experience as first secretary of the brussels embassy. supporters such as nigel farish say he isn't -- nigel farage say he isn't the right choice. taken ainvestor has not strong public position on britain's exit from the eu. >> good to see they replaced a lighted career diplomat with a knighted career diplomat. resignationrs's letter harshly critical is prime minister may saying she has given no exit strategy and has no coherent negotiation team. let's bring in france 24's international affairs
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editor. the british government is praising its new man in brussels. >> he's a career diplomat. prime minister theresa may has ignored calls to make a political appointment. she could have gone with a but insteadexiteer she chose someone who is very much in the mold of ivan rogers. what this shows is that the prime minister is upholding the british tradition in which the impartialice provides a device -- advice. if that means reporting unpleasant news from other eu negotiators or member states back to london so be it. if he gets the sense that negotiations are much more complicated or longer than
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what politicians at home have said that he will a so. i think it's useful to underline the difference between the british and the u.s. systems where in the u.s. many of the top job are in the gift of the present and he will bring in people from the outside. maybe donors or people with a direct political connection to be ambassadors to important countries. that doesn't really happened in britain. occasionally the british government will bring in someone from a different profile or background. perhaps a senior business career civil servant. they reach these top jobs in brussels washington paris and so on. civil is a hybrid service. you have some political appointees and some top officials who are clearly identified with a particular government.
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you have the career foreign service officers in france as well. it's a hybrid system. at the moment the british system is steadfastly this career diplomat system. choosing tim barrow theresa may is signaling that she is resisting the politicalization of the british civil service. 2015 francery 7, was hit with its first major terror attack in years. gunmen stormed the offices of openinghebdo in paris, fire during the magazine's weekly meeting and shooting 12 people dead. days later another islamist militant killed a woman and took hostages at a kosher supermarket. events are being held today to mark the second anniversary of those attacks.
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the first in a series of mass shootings in france. live not far from the site of the attacks. front of the former headquarters of charlie hebdo magazine. through whichor the brothers stormed this building and killed 11 cartoonists. me thate flowers behind the been laid today. as well as a bunch of flowers by current members of the charlie hebdo newspaper. ever since the charlie hebdo headquarters have been moved to an undisclosed location here in paris for obvious security reasons they did not want this
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address to be given publicly. the newspaper has changed. it is still printing. the team has changed. there was a very large movement in france to back this newspaper in the face of terror. this commemoration was very solemn and very discreet. journalists were not allowed to attend. only one camera was led in. we all remember those incredible images of the hundreds of thousands of people who turned out to march in
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they say nuclear commemorating the attacks that took place two years ago. sadly attacks here in france have become something that occurs quite often. genie: thank you, james andre.
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since charlie hebdo terror attacks have happened in france and across europe. turkey has been particularly hard hit with another attack on new year's eve. that attack left 39 people dead. a manhunt is still on for that government. officials have established the identity of the suspect and arrested at least 36 suspected islamic state members from central asia and north africa. in the united states senior intelligence officials will be grilled at a senate hearing on russia's alleged hacking of the u.s. presidential election. the hearing is being led by john mccain who has been pushing for a bigger public investigation into russia's suspected meddling in the vote. ryan quinn reports. missionmccain is on a to investigate russian hacking into the recent u.s. presidential election.
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oure will strongly urge colleagues to enact stronger sanctions against russia because of their attack on the united states of america. >> he's finding himself without the necessary backup. hadin and lindsey graham pushed for a wide-ranging public investigation by the senate select committee is similar to the watergate hearings. in order to present the american public with evidence against russia. mitch mcconnell next that plan. to settleey will have for separate investigations in existing senate committees. on thursday mccain will chair a anding with james clapper my graduates. the main part of the investigation is likely to be carried out by the senate intelligence committee most of whose meetings are off-limits to the public and media scrutiny. numerous agencies have concluded that russian hackers authorized by the kremlin gained access to
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democratic party emails and gave them to wikileaks in an attempt to help donald trump win the election. trump has consistently dismissed those conclusions saying it's time for the country to move on. the outgoing obama administration has responded with new sanctions against russia and by ejecting dozens of diplomats from the u.s. that's not enough for mccain and graham who have said they will seek stronger sanctions calling the interference act of war. in mexico thousands turned out to protest an increase in gas prices. the president says the gas sector had to be reformed and that prices had to eventually go up. this week the price of gasoline has jumped by 20% in mexico. thousands have been protesting.
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liters of fuel cost as much as a day's pay for people with low salaries. protesters have blocked streets and looted stores. the shopping mall has shut down just in case. taxis and truck drivers are concerned by the hike of their expenses. >> the president promised not to increase gas prices. now after a short time prices are already increasing. i have a family who depends on my salary and the situation is really bad. while the government tells us is that there is no other option. we disagree. what's going to happen next? this is bad for our country's future. the president says the reform is necessary. until recently prices were low due to government subsidies. the president says the system has to end. >> the decision to increase
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prices was not easy for the government. if we hadn't increased prices the consequences would have been even more painful for people. expensive fuel increases the cost of living. protesters fear it will also accelerate the high inflation rates mexico is facing. here in paris the population is falling and local authorities are blaming airbnb. short-term home rental site reduces the housing available to full-time parisians. people love to come to paris but the number of residents is declining. the population of around 2 bylion in 2009 has dropped 2014. the fall of almost 14,000 people. paris city worries
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hall which is pointing the finger at airbnb. the dots on the map represent rentals. there are 60,000 in paris. this man has 10 flats to rent on the site. location hasal been a mainstay for tourists. people coming for a weekend don't use the local shops or sign up children into school. this is bad for the city. we have to fight against these short-term rentals. that allowsys parisians to earn extra money and be able to stay as residents in the french capital. genie: we will stay with his
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news with stephen carroll. you will start with a look at the markets. >> the federal reserve's latest meeting is giving investors not to think about today. considering a faster pace of interest rate rises in the united states linked to donald trump's plans for the economy. in europe it is pretty flat across the board. the ftse 100 added another record high earlier in trading thanks to a weaker pound. the greenback hit a 16 year high on wednesday. where let's go to germany unusually low unemployment is actually causing some problems. close tobless rate is full employment. in regions like bavaria they often find they can't hire.
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bavaria in southern germany is well-known for its car manufacturing and machine tools production. these days all sectors of the economy are doing well. the owner of a heating company says he is rushed off his feet. tough trying to keep up with the demand. there is so much work right now. too much for the team i currently have. he employs 28 people and could easily take on three more cannot find qualified workers. unemployment in bavaria hovers at around 3%. the number of vacant these rose 111,000.00 to a 50% increase in over a year and a half.
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this company director says people just starting out in their careers have become too demanding. people not even 20 years old and when they told us their salary expectations i stopped the interview because i knew we couldn't agree a figure. bavarian companies can count on tens of thousands of refugees who have arrived over the next couple of years to reinforce the trend of half the jobs created in bavaria going to foreign nationals. in las vegas samsung has been trying to move from the problems with the galaxy note seven smartphone. it keeps exploding. it's not funny. >> the company had to issue a global recall after several note seven phones caught fire costing $5 billion. a senior samsung executives that it would soon be making public the details of its investigation into the problems.
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unveiled new smart televisions laptops and other innovations. >> this year was a challenging year for sam's on. you were directly impacted and certainly many saw the media coverage especially about the note seven. we continue our intensive effort internally and with third-party experts to understand what happened and to make sure it does not happen again. >> the american department store macy's will cut more than 10,000 jobs and close 68 stores. the company says it's due to changes in consumer behavior. job cuts represent around 7% of macy's workforce. one of britain's biggest homebuilders at sign 8% jump in demand in 2016 saying for homes increased after the vote to leave the european union. the average selling price for homes rose by 4%.
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it has boosted shares across other homebuilders in london. is suing to have users for selling counterfeit goods on its right. it's the first time the firm has taken such legal action. was recently blacklisted in the united states for allowing the sale of fake guns. now we are talking about football and wine. teamslionaire owner of such as the l.a. rams has snapped up a famous french vineyard. best-known wine producers in the burgundy region. the family had owned it for 200 years. the wine they produce is shipped the world over. i wonder if they will start putting little footballs on the labels. thank you for that look at the
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business news. time for the press review. allison sargent is with us to take a look at what the papers have been saying today. reflectingdlines are the guilty verdict we got yesterday out of israel of this israeli soldier who shot dead a wounded palestinian and was found guilty of manslaughter. it's a hugely divisive story. the jerusalem post has given the front page to two photos. peoplee of the crowds of that were protesting the verdict yesterday. opinion polls show most israelis believe the soldier is actually innocent. genie: in spite of the verdict many top level -- many top level politicians have called for him to be pardoned. they say to pardon him would
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be intolerable. the military court carried out its task. genie: but go to burma. -- let's go to burma. this report comes after u.s. officials described what was going on there as an ethnic cleansing. many rights groups have documented the violence. there was a widely circulated video that showed people getting beaten up appellees. to thethis according bernie's government's propaganda. the independent is quite critical of the government report. they say it's the government who has been spreading fake news via thatl media and they say has been confusing for citizens and sparked an angry nationalistic sentiment. that: there's an article
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documents some of these stories of violence. >> a woman talks about her husband and young son who were earned when the village was set on fire. it also calls out one person who has been very quiet about this and that is the bernie's leader. her silence has been very confusing to a lot of people. they wonder if she's being if she's being prevented to speak out. newspapers are starting to commemorate the second anniversary of the charlie hebdo attacks in paris. on january 7, 2015. we're marking it today. >> the anniversary will be on saturday. a look at the front page of charlie hebdo this week. 2017 finally the end of the tunnel.
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you can see that the tunnel is actually a barrel of a gun. the drawing is by a cartoonist who is part of the paper's generation of cartoonists. genie: nine members of the staff were killed on that day. how is the charlie hebdo team doing today? >> charlie is still alive. it's on the front page of today's issue. you can see a host of characters. they are not so happy that charlie is still alive. genie: a lot of french papers are talking about an incredible expose that was performed by a 105-year-old cyclist. >> he has the heart of the 50-year-old. it's pretty incredible. this paper is wondering if this is in all of our futures.
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this man is the result of a healthy life and some very lucky jeans. a doctor reminds us that it is never too late to start exercising. 2017 a good time to work on your body. also a good time to work on your mind. many people have been apprehensive about this year. this cartoon embodies all of our exciting is. we have 2017 telling the therapist i have the feeling that nobody really welcomes me. genie: thank you for that look at the new year. closer look at the press review you can always check out our website. happy new year for the next
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three weeks. more on the crazy new year's roles in french connection on the way. 8úxúa>fssssssss[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[
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