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tv   France 24  LINKTV  January 6, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PST

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>> the youngest cotrtry in the world is heading for disaster. >> welcome to the france 24 newsroom. this is look at headlines. spy chiefs insist on russia's interference in the u.s. election. why donald trump's refusal to accept their decision. girl freedom from boko haram.
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mexico is rock by a fifth day of unrest and hundreds were arrested for looting and protests over gas price hikes. got coming up, we've gadgets and gizmos aplenty as we go to the biggest thing about bob. vegas technology showcase. today is the epiphany. it's time to enjoy delicious king cakes. donald trump is set to receive a briefing today from top u.s. telogen submittals. this is only evidence of russian interference in the presidential election. the briefing comes on the heels of a senate hearing where they
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insisted that russia used cyber attacks to influence the election in donald trump's labor. brian quinn has the story. brian: of moment of truth for donald trump. scheduled to meet with top directors of american intelligence agencies on friday, they will present classified details that have them convinced russia inter-weird with the 2016 election to boost donald trump's chances. it's an in-depth briefing that president obama received thursday. joe biden described the actions attributed to russia in the report. and attempted to discredit the u.s. electoral process. there was an attempt to hurt mrs. clinton, there was also evidence that there was wider hacking and some people thought. brian: all agencies believe that russian hackers authorized by
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the kremlin again to access to demo attic party emails and leaked them in an attempt to help donald trump win. the washington post reports that they intercepted high ranking russian officials, congratulating themselves after donald trump's victory. they have identified russians who passed emails to wikileaks for release. donald trump has dismissed those conclusions and interviews and on his twitter feed. reject have to accept or the findings. yesterday, he appeared to be walking back some of his criticisms. clapper has said he wants to include as much detail as possible in a declassified public version of the case expected to root -- be released next week. >> russia says it's starting to
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draw down its forces in syria. an aircraft carrier and other warships will be pulled. moscow has been a key supporter of bashar assad. similarr, moscow made a announcement, but they boosted forces. we spoke with shaun walker in the russian capital. >> in march, vladimir putin went on television and made this long statement basically saying mission accomplished. russian forces are leaving syria. we did not see any change. we saw quite a lot more intense actions. i think we will have to wait and see what happens. it looks like the ships are going to be leaving the syrian coastline.
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those believe. i think there is no doubt that the russian airbase in syria is not going anywhere. they've got planes and missile defense systems there. at the moment, this fragile cease-fire is holding. i think moscow is ready to ramp action if it thinks the situation requires it. >> next to a story we're following out of the ivory coast. soldiers have launched mutinies in three areas. the second-largest city, they had several mutinies later. by --test we are joined can you tell us what the situation is currently?
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the situation currently is a standstill reportedly in the city as you mentioned, it's the second-largest in the country. it is between soldiers who were demilitarized from the previous civil war that occurred in the country which ended in 2011. pay that theyding say they are owed. but we know right now is residents reported gunfire early this morning around 2:00 a.m. local time. there been reports that these soldiers of targeted police stations. i spoke to some university students on the ground who said they heard gunfire during the night. it's not clear if those shots were directed at anyone. i can just say that they seemed
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to be fired in the air according to people there. , people are not out in the street as much. are closed. it appears that the government has asked the spokesman for a comment. he says there will be official communication forthcoming. it's been reported that they are in negotiations. the military is in negotiations to resolve this grievance overpayment. >> worked we here in terms of boards of unrest elsewhere? >> that's just dirty to come into the picture. in the west, we heard gunfire.
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that is still very much a fluid situation. i don't have enough information at the moment to say exactly what is going on there. be thears there could problem of the soldiers pay which is legal on time in ivory coast. the current president took power in 2011. issues is outstanding the payments that soldiers say they are owed in the military is still trying to integrate some of these extra into the force. that is still very much a work in progress. >> thank you very much for that. next in nigeria, one of the abducted schoolgirls has been freed by the boko haram.
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they were found as troops interrogated suspected militants. she was among the 300 girls who were can apt in 2014. the nigerian president says her discovery raises hope. latest girl to be freed. here in the center. she was found by nigerian soldiers when they were system -- questioning militants. a group of 226 pupils were kidnapped at her school. she was held hostage for almost three years. 24 of the girls are now free. she was reunited with two former vick him's. -- victims. families still held say this latest release gives them hope. she was abducted in 2014.
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i am very happy. --the government has oath both fought boko haram and negotiated for the release. they have failed to free most of the girls. >> hope springs from the hearts of men. we hope and pray in the coming a substantialind number of our girls. >> in seven years of fighting, boko haram is killed 20,000 people and forced 2.6 million people out of their homes or in -- homes. >> in mexico there has been deadly protest and looting over gas hikes. four people have died and it stores a been ransacked and 700
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people arrested. it's in response to a 20% fuel price hike part of a government deregulation of the energy sector. despite the protests, the president says he will push ahead with the new plan. >> anger against the government is spreading across mexico, demonstrations turned violent with people looting stores like this one. people have been protesting across the country because of the double-digit hike in gasoline prices. up to 1000 retail outlets have been ransacked. more than 600 people been arrested. officials blame social media for the spread of the looting. >> we are noticing on social media a climate generating misinformation it. in some cases, it has created levels of crisis.
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>> in the capital mexico city with police patrols beefed up on the streets, protesters blamed the violence on the government as they march toward the presidential residence. the violence and vandalism are all generated by the government. that is why we the citizens are holding these marches and demonstrations. >> i am marching because i am angry. mexico can't cope with this anymore. president approved the gasoline price increase, which amended -- amounted to 20%. >> today is january 6, that is the up if any in the christian faith. that means it's time to enjoy
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king cakes. millions will bite into a flaky pastry hoping to win a lucky charm. >> sugar and butter, almonds and rum. just some the ingredients in one of france's most overrated raditions, >> people come around and all over france it's a tradition. in paris, they are almond cakes. in the south, they are made of brioche. 30 million of the almond-based cakes will be eaten in france in january to celebrate the empathy. usually with a bottle of cider. those are hoping to find a prize hidden inside. they are baked with a figurine
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hidden inside them. the ceramic miniatures are a work of art. it's a laborious task. they create charms every year. the figurines are collectibles. they are increasing made with plastic. >> mass production, that's not rest. massive quantities in the text nate -- techniques move too fast for us. the feast of the up if marks the end of the christmas season. chance to gorge on tasty treats. turned out forbe
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the entire of january. >> it's coming up on 15 minutes past. u.s. spy chiefs insist on russia's interference in the u.s. election. the u.s. president-elect will be briefed today on the findings. from locall is freed rum. she was found with a -- boko haram. she was kidnapped by the extremist group. hundreds are arrested for looting and protests over gas prices in mexico. it's time now for business up date. we are going to start up with donald trump's latest round with a carmaker. of toyota fell 1.7% after he blasted the company on twitter. he threatened to impose tariffs on the japanese firm.
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toyota says it will not be read debt -- reducing. a check on the markets for you. european shares are down. on friday, they were looking on job figures coming from the united states later in the date that might give us a clue on the interest rate rises this year. easyjetn, shares in reported a 50% rise in passenger numbers in december. the biggest wealth transfer in history, the inheritance in the 70's and 80's will receive from their parents. the aging population means many people only inherit money later in life when they need less. that has led to government three thinking how they tax inheritance to counter this generation gap. they want to overhaul
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inheritance tax and donation arraignments which are seen as too complex and unfair. the main suggestion is to redistribute wealth to the younger generation and less well-off. the same some could be taxed more to someone over 40 than it would for someone younger when they inherit someone's estate people could inherit at an age when they need to buy property. it could give them a lump sum they need or they could inherit me to invest and see a return overtime. this is why the inheritance should not go to all their households. >> another proposal is to base taxes on the amount transferred air -- he >> this restores justice.
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it shouldn't be fully capital transfer. >> another idea is to create a national wealth endowment fund to help french people who don't get an inheritance. the state would pay a sum to individuals at the age of 18 to give them a start in life. ach ideas are being called bank for the french. samsung is on track or its breast profit figures in three years, -- best profit figures in three years despite the problems with smartphones. profits will surge 50% in the last three months. saless thanks to strong of display panels. the global recall of the note 7 cost samsung $5 billion. we are going to the biggest technology showcase in the world. artificial intelligence is one .f the things getting
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it's the star of the show this year, the self driving car. several manufacturers are showing their project. -- progress. >> what these are looking for are things like pedestrians in the crosswalk. >> they function as the car's eyes. the brain is artificial intelligence which analyzes the other eight it. >> that combination allows the car to make decisions on whether to turn or drive faster or slower. >> ai goes beyond the automobile industry. it's everywhere at the show from the smart phone to the personal assistant. you are in you if
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the right place or the wrong place. >> this is the first intelligent toothbrush. at $129, it's not a gadget. it analyzes every brush and some tests adjustments. there are data collected on different brushes. it knows just where to go. what you can't talk about artificial intelligence without talking about robots. there were a lot of them this year. some of them do multiple things like security, entertainment, and elder care. >> i am doing great. you seem like you are in good shape, too. thank you very much. molly: it's time for our pressure you.
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by joined in the studio florence alito. it's good to have you with us. we are starting off in the united states. this is were the washington post has an exclusive article that alleges russian meddling in the election. >> that's getting a lot of traction today. let's take a look at what it says. officialsntelligence intercepted communications between senior russian officials in the aftermath of the election in which they congratulated themselves on the outcome. it's never been a secret that russians were happy that donald trump won the election. listen to this quote from a senior u.s. official. the russians felt about what happened on november 8, they felt good about what they did. >> this comes from the washington post did there was a hearing in the senate. we are expecting donald trump to be briefed on the evidence.
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>> he is consistently expressed doubt about the meddling in the election. he is gone further on twitter. questioning the competence of the agencies. you can see the editorial of the new york times talking about how he is casting intelligence aside. he wants to restructure and tear back u.s. intelligence agencies in the united states. the toxic relationship we see between donald trump and spy agents are dangerous. what happens when there is a real threat? what would happen that day? >> there is some irony in all this. >> there is a great article in the guardian that says the u.s. can spot election meddling because they have been doing it for years. the list is quite long. you have post world war ii italy, iran, even the former soviet union.
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if he intervened to help donald trump, that is an outrage. so is the long u.s. record of foreign interference. >> we are going to stay in the united states for a major story coming out of chicago. this is a hate crime charge filed against four alleged kidnappers who broadcast a live facebook you of their attack on a mentally disabled man. >> it's a karen the story. you can read about it in the -- it's a her run this story. -- it's a hard run this story. you can see in this video a man tied in a corner. you can see a screenshot there. his captors are cutting his shirt, slicing his scout while saying obscene things about donald trump and white people. this is a level of cruelty that seems inconceivable. it is monstrous and a lot of say
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it's torture. >> the tensions are mounting online. video, the victim is white while the suspects are black. have lain bare once again how starkly divided both racially and politically the u.s. is. many social media users have --n saying that black labs lives matter should shoulder the blame. it is actually all right trolls of have been trying to tie that incident to the black lives matter movement even though evidence of that. another article says there is no material link that has been proven so far. video is racist. >> we are going to come here to
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the paper focusing on young man who is heading around the world. he is giving himself a challenge. >> this is a very interesting story. he is leaving from in front of notre dame for a trip around the world. he is going 10,000 kilometers. there are several challenges. he is only going to travel by bike. also, the main challenges he is only going to eat food that is past its expiration date. he is taking rice that is 10 years old. raise awareness about food waste. wasteually shows the food of a french person. it comes up to 20 kilos of food. he says that alternatives are possible. drying food is about to go bad.
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that's what he was to raise awareness about. >> i don't think it's going to be expired food. this is the epiphany. people eat a special cake. >> it's king cake area it's . it's essentially a cake stuffed with almond. you needed to mark epiphany, which is the day the three kings arrived in bethlehem. trinket inside. you get it in your slice, you get prosperity and wealth for the year to come. you also get to be the king or queen of the day. everyone wants to be the king or queen. it's like the lottery. you can see this article in slate. it's an article for nerds. they did a lot of calculations and probability.
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you have a 75% chance of not eating thing or queen. you were queen this year. we actually a king cake yesterday. >> that's right. i am very happy i8úxúa>fsssssss
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woman: this is our story, a uniiversal story, and one that we all share, an understanding that we are not separate from each other or from our biosphere. man: when ththe first astrtronas lookeded back on thehe earth and saw ththe blue planet and d saww beautiful and alive e it was, it was a a transformrming experien. that t experirience gave us the ununderstanding thatat wliveve n onbiospher we are rt of its evution. 's ouhome.


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