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tv   France 24  LINKTV  January 9, 2017 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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anchor: a welcome back. live from paris on france 24. our headlines this hour. two years on, memorial services are held for victims of an islamic state attack at a jewish supermarket in paris. in jerusalem, israel buries the four soldiers killed in sunday's truck attack. prime minister benjamin netanyahu says the killer was inspired by the islamic state group. and three days of mourning declared in iran as the former president dies at the age of 82.
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his deficit as a blow to moderates in the country. we begin in paris, where two years on a memorial service has been held for the victims of a hostagetaking at a jewish supermarket. died at the hands of a government who days earlier shot an unarmed policewoman in a suburb. it was part of three days of jihadist attacks. died, journalists, jews, and police officers. at today's memorial -- message that the
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victims should never be ingotten as candles were lit the presence of jewish community leaders. victims families and a number of senior french politicians, including presence -- including presidential hopeful manuel valls. those attacks and generate 2015 claimed the lives of 17 cartoonists, journalists, shoppers, and a french policewoman. killing four people, taking 20 hostage before his life was ended by french police at the end of the siege. the message from community leaders, this is a community under threat and will continue to support the authorities in their bid to protect jewish institutions.
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the last two years have shown anything that shown if anything france remains under threat -- have shown if anything france remains under threat. attacks have left 230 people close the country into a state of emergency. foror: flowers were laid the policewoman who was killed on duty. investigators say her killer had been attacking -- attacker had planned to attack a jewish school. flowers to remember a policewoman who was shot dead two years ago. here,will always be hearts.she is in our this is how we show solidarity. >> i hope we keep her in our memories.
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reporter: the town's mayor declared the policewoman was targeted because she was wearing her uniform paid investigators he had been trying to attack a jewish school. those mourning her death her deathconcern that had been overshadowed by other attacks. >> we have to remember this tragedy. we can't forget any of the victims. we have to remember them equally. lives in aer, who french caribbean island says she will always be devastated by what happened. herew that my daughter is -- my son told me i have to keep going.
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for me it is as if i'm already dead. >> interior minister -- the government is looking for ways to increase support and for their families it is a conference with that aim in connection with the u.n. agency. the executive director of the group victim support. the seem to be more and more victims of terrorism across europe. how should governments support the people in such a terrible way? >> i think when you are talking about victims of terrorism. we have emergency response planning.
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when the attack happens we need to have victim services. family sensors, which can receive victims family members. help lines which can also help provide that within the sensors. psychological and emotional assistance needs to be provided. then he's to be mechanism that collect information on mechanisms. and in the long term that needs to be the support. >> financial support? >> taken for victims of terrorism -- especially because of a loss of the attacks now tending to be in places or events. itt combination makes particularly difficult for the loved ones and the victims themselves.
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which country a stronger in providing the services compared with others? >> we talk about the netherlands, the u.k., germany. in terms of financial compensation they tend to be similar countries. role?t is unesco's moment this issue of mindrism is on everyone's and different organizations have different ways in which they can look at how to support or take a leadership role. i think of how each organization can help. terrorism and violence and crime doesn't just affect a person in
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one part of their life but every part. >> are you happy with the progress being made? slow but it is moving. european legislations are hopefully going to be adopted in the next few months. that is focusing to some extent on victims of terrorism. it is going some way to helping those victims. it is the practical implementation, how do we make these flaws a reality? there is always a delay in action making. stat -- a sad state of affairs when terrorism has become so frequent and now --ing to put into law organizations will help.
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forget something like 75 million fit him's -- million victims. there are all kinds of victims. whether you are a victim of terrorism or crime, you tend to have many of the same needs. the starting point is those basic services. this is the development with respect to cybercrime and other crime as well. >> thank you very much. to israel where funerals have been held for four young in aers who were killed truck attack on sunday. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says it was inspired by similar truck attacks in berlin and nice. the palestinian authorities insist the islamic state group
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has no foothold in this cut -- in its country. reporter: the country comes to grip with a new kind of violence. the government responded to the attack by ramping up security, setting up roadblocks in the palestinian neighborhood where the attacker lived. israeli prime minister says security forces are working together to provide new strategies that will prevent similar attacks in the future. >> we are under a new kind of attack. thatone wolf attacker decides in a moment to act. in this case -- how can we find them ahead of time you go authorities arrested nine people overnight. the author raided his home and
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dismantled a mourning tent, set up out front. some family members say security forces acted to aggressively. women --rrested in arrested women and men and destroyed houses. they attacked everyone, even the people who were in the streets. >> the attacker was shot dead by police and inspired to act by the islamic state group. the popular front for the ,iberation of palestine resistant to islamic state it knowledge the attacker of one of their own. tensions have mounted in jerusalem. seen as an affront to palestinians, who seek east jerusalem as i capital of future state. that attack happens not far from u.s. president donald trump plans to move the u.s. embassy. washington to recognize
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the capital city. the government of jordan and the palestinian president have warned of consequences. the palestinians want east jerusalem to be the capital of any state. we go to france 24. donald trump is not the first president to move the sea to jerusalem. trump says he really will do it. he says it is a priority. guest: he seems to be working on it. president, who today we find out wrote a letter to donald trump, complaining
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about what was a campaign promise and it appears to be a promise on behalf of the donald trump transition. we heard from his senior advisor it would be a big priority for the president elect donald trump. not necessarily new to a presidential candidate. those promises never did become reality. donald trump is considering changing the location of the u.s. embassy. had different to what we been hearing from the obama administration over the last eight years. they should not the preceded by a move like the one that appears
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to be prepared right now. there are other signs that donald trump will be a pro israel u.s. president. >> david friedman is very much so -- very much for -- was announced as donald trump's pick for u.s. ambassador. he was looking forward to working with the u.s. embassy in israel. friedman is also a supporter of settlement building. only under two weeks now. one of trump's transition team -- what is -- exact contrary to currentsaw from the
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administration of the bad relationship between barack the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. a new fresh relationship between israel and the united states is supposed to come out of this. he is the son-in-law of donald senior advisor to donald trump. a key advisor when it comes to issues that involved israel. we will have somebody with expertise and somebody who definitely sides with israel very close to the president. >> thank you very much. reporting from washington. three days of mourning have been declared in iran following the president. the 82-year-old was a
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influential figure in prose to revolution iran and was credited for building bridges. >> iranians are mourning the passing of a political founding father. the former president. theas a central actor in 1979 islamic revolution that and later years he supported political reforms. moment of his life, he bravely showed the correct path to our people. with his bravery and bright thinking, he showed the right path. for the honor of his country, the glory of the ruling system and the revolution. hopeful to continue his path.
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he often provided a critical moderate voice in iranian politics, supporting an end to the war in iraq in the 1980's and allowing more freedoms to the game industry. aboutwas always worried the people. during these times we spent with him he was always thinking about the people, and the people were very kind to their family. i have a feeling of disbelief. >> then blocked from the ballot by hard-liners in 2013. i have a feeling of disbelief. his death will deal a blow to protege, whoe such seeking reelection against political hard-liners. >> people in central and eastern europe are dealing with a record cold snap. severe frost" norm -- and snowstorms have killed 35
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people. in the hungarian capital, there is -- partially frozen for the first time in years. of thetures in the north country fell to an all-time low of -28 degrees. coast of romania, the black sea froze for the first time into -- in five years. police have arrested 17 people in connection with the robbery of kim kardashian's -- kardashian west last year. she was robbed at gunpoint. these got away with 9 million euros worth of her jewelry. >> kim kardashian robbed at gunpoint. been three months since the gang of robbers forced their way into the private paris residents of kim kardashian west. the american star was tied up, held at gunpoint, and locked in
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her bathroom at steve smith off with more than 9 million euros worth of jules. now french police have made a major breakthrough and arrested 17 suspects, tracked down thanks to dna sample take -- samples taken. multiple firearms and around 140,000 euros in cash was found during the coordinated raids. but there was no sign of the jewels. investigators aren't surprised. they suspect the diamonds made their way to belgium, where they arrested and alleged middleman. , a case oftash jewelry worth almost 6 million euros and a kardashian west engagement ring worth around 4 million. the reality star is said to be cooperating with authorities. police are operating on a tight schedule. toy can hold the suspect up 96 hours before deciding to
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charge them or let them go. >> lets get some business news. kate is in the studio. we started with the detroit auto show. causing a bigs shadow. >> his threats on posing tariffs have put the industry on the defensive. toyota, which with simple doubt on trumps twitter feed has announced it will allow $10 billion in the u.s. over the next five years, including a new headquarters in texas. the japanese firm said its decision was not specifically tied to trumps criticism. the political stakes have threatened to overshadow the motor show itself, but there are still plenty of innovative designs. thank you so much for joining us from the auto show in detroit. makinggen has been headlines after the arrest of one of the top executives in the
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u.s., accused of participating in a cover-up of the cheating software installed and millions of cars worldwide. your reaction to that. >> i can't really make any comment. collaborating with the authorities in the united states. i can't really make any comments on this. >> does it potentially strike a blow to your effort in a cheating scandal? >> a strong launch of three vehicles back in america. we are committing ourselves with to really come back here as a relevant brand for
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american households, american families. the american of making the brand much more relevant. power vision for america. like a lounge atmosphere on the inside. shape -- the microbus creating a lot of heartbeats. >> plenty of new models on show there. does the american public seem ready to trust and by volkswagen >> we had some tremendous
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insight. we basically have our strengths and our retail and private car segment. now petrol engines. we haven't really lost our relative strength in the markets. back. poised to come this is only the beginning of the launch and initiatives to the united states for the volkswagen brand. we will be in this country with car concepts that work for the country. are committing ourselves and producing in the
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country, creating jobs at the same time. of the threats is donald trump's threat to crack down on imported cars. what is it planning to do in order to combat those threats? >> i don't want to comment. the volkswagen brand is well positioned anyway. we have just invested one billion euros into chattanooga. it is a strong supplier base. we are actually creating a lot of power and value for the country, as well as outside the country.
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we are actually a home brand of mexico. we have the same market share. it is a balanced approach and we are committing to the region as massively as to the united states without operation. and with a car program we bring to markets. >> you were talking about your electric concept car. last year vw said it was to develop self driving technology. competitionk at the , could that be achieved? >> absolutely. a car family will never have a combustion engine. full connectivity and being ready in decades.
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we did a compact car from the outside. -- typical american concepts. fantastic emotional design. mobility. so much for speaking to france 24 from detroit. let's check in on the markets. we side mixed close in europe. hitting a new record high during monday's session in london. andes of about one third half a percent. working towards a hard brexit with no more access to the european single market.
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awayow jones is slipping to the 20,000 market approach on friday. in the next hour on wall street. >> we qéa>fssssssss[[[[[[[[[[[[[
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