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tv   France 24  LINKTV  January 11, 2017 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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>> welcome back. you're watching life from harris on "france 24." u.s. president-elect donald trump takes aim at fake news reporters and companies who built abroad as he gives his first press conference since winning the election. that was in new york. meanwhile in washington, trump's pick for secretary of state tells congress russia could pose a threat to america's global interest. been known tohas have developed a warm relationship with russia during his time as an oil balls. say broaderrities
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closures on the balkan route than a deal with turkey or behind it. first, donald trump has given his first press conference since he won the u.s. election back in november. he began by tearing into unverified reports that russia holds compromising information about him, including videos filmed by prostitutes. that information was reportedly leaked by intelligence agencies and published by the online news site buzzfeed. trump had tough words for them and also for the news channels -- news channels seen in -- news channel cnn.
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and he refused to let them ask a question. trump: not you. your organization is terrible. go ahead. quiet. she is asking a question, don't be rude. don't be rude. i'm not going to give you a question. you are fake news. go ahead. a u.s. politics expert, i ask what kind of relationship donald trump's america would have with latimer bruton's russia. russia.vladimir putin's >> it would be great if the two countries could get along, for sure. but we know it's not that simple because diplomacy is never simple. we know that john mccain believes that russia is dangerous. laura: as does rex tillerson,
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donald trump's pick for secretary of state. >> we don't imagine that he thinks that. he gave to the establishment what the establishment wants to get. it's totally different because it was a confirmation hearing. laura: it is all an act? >> of course, he was acting, for me. committee for foreign affairs of 19 people, out of those 19 people, 10 of them are republicans. that means that only one of them who would not vote for rex tillerson would make him mix -- miss his confirmation. so he's giving to the establishment what they want to get. businessman, he witho particular problem
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russia and all the dictators on this planet because he made great contracts with all of them. a different turn in chicago where barack obama made his last speech as u.s. president. there he sought to comfort his supporters who were worried about the future and talked about promises kept and promises broken that made up his eight years in the white house. take a listen. obama: in 10 days, the world will witness the hallmark of our democracy. no, no, no. the peaceful transfer of power from one freely elected president to the next. i committed to president-elect trump that my administration would ensure the smooth this possible transition, just as
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president bush did for me. democracy does not require uniformity. argued ands eventually they compromised. they expected us to do the same. but they knew that democracy does require a basic sense of solidarity. that for all our outward differences, we are all in this together, that we rise or fall as one. laura: authorities in serious a to fix abeen reached supply plant close to damascus. heavy fighting had left 5.5 million people with severe water shortages. many residents have been unable to wash or bathe in over three weeks. >> a glimmer of hope for residents of damascus, as long
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lines to get clean water may soon be a thing of the past. for many, the situation has become critical. >> we cannot wash anymore, and drinking water is becoming a problem. we take a bath every 10 days, but the water is very dirty. covered in's body is spots equipped syrian authorities say they have struck a deal with rebels to fix the water supply plant 15 kilometers northwest of the city. the spring was knocked out of monthe -- service last after fighting between government forces and rebels. left five point 5 million people with limited access to water, according to the u.n.. many residents have been unable to wash and bathe except that this centuries-old bathhouse which has its own private water supply. >> last time i came here was 12 years ago for my wedding.
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if i had water in my house, i would not have come today. >> fighting around damascus continues, despite a truce rocard by russia and turkey. ofy have accused rebels contaminating the water supply and of belonging to jihadi groups that are not included in the nationwide cease-fire. laura: executives at the south korean electronics firm samsung are being increasingly dragged into a huge corruptions handled that has all but ended the has allon scandal -- but ended the career of president park. bribery andcused of corruption, the samsung vice president has been dragged into a scandal that could topple south korea's government. the story centers around a four-year president between south korean president park and cult leader.of a
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she is accused of using her presidential connections to pressure companies to donating millions of dollars to nonprofit foundations she controls. the president was stripped of her powers in december and is faced weekly protests calling for her to step down. samsung has now been swept up in the scandal. south korea's biggest company allegedly played million -- paid millions of dollars in support of a controversial merger. the company admitted donating up to $17 million in december but denied seeking any favors in return. who has been the de facto president since his father suffered from a stroke in 2014 has to face special prosecutors for the first time on thursday. president park has apologized for the scandal but continues to deny wrongdoing. a constitutional court now has six months to uphold or overturn her impeachment.
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there has been a significant drop in the number of people seeking asylum in germany. the number people arriving fell by about 600,000 in 2016 compared with the year before. authorities say closed borders along the balkan route from greece along with the migrant deal with turkey was behind the fall. august 2015, the peak of the refugee crisis in europe weary of thousands of people fled the middle east with one destination in mind. germany. they came by boat, foot, and train, seeking refuge promised to them by german leader angela merkel. earlier that year, she famously threw open germany's doors to refugees, saying her country would welcome many asylum seeker who could make it over the border. and they came in record numbers. the government recorded 890,000 new arrivals that year. newin 2016, the number of
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asylum seekers fell dramatically, by more than 600,000 people. >> 280,000 people who sought refuge arrived in germany in 2016, based on current calculations. this is considerably less than one third of the previous year's figure. in the figure also includes the very high number of arrivals of the first three months. >> to drop in arrivals is attributed to do measures by the european union and gemini to stem -- and germany to stem the flow of migrants. in march, one route was closed after which the eu came to an agreement to reverse the flow of illegal migrants back through turkey. it's good news for merkel, who is up for reelection as chancellor this year. in light of the recent attack on a berlin christmas market, she still needs to work on fulfilling her promise of sending notes who don't qualify
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for asylum back. only 80,000 left or were deported from germany in 2016. laura: staying in germany, suspected jihadists will soon be forced to wear ankle grace latz as part of a package of laws aimed at tightening security in the wake of the berlin attack at a christmas market. the plan was approved tuesday by justice ministers and the interior and is likely to be passed by parliament. reporter: getting tough on interior, germany's and justice ministers agreed tuesday on stricter security measures in the wake of the berlin attack. among those, a controversy plan would force suspected islamic extremist to wear an electronic bracelet. >> we must do everything we can to ensure that a case like the one of anis amri does not happen again. reporter: anis amri the man who killed 12 people in berlin last
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month had no ties to extremist groups and was on the authorities watch list, but they lost track of him in the days preceding the attack. yet without a proper trial, forcing him to wear and ankle bracelet would have posed an ethical dilemma. anit could be doable if individual openly seeks to harm others and threatened their physical well-being or their lives. to propose reforms have garnered widespread support among germans, even if some still questioned their usefulness. >> i think people like this have to wear a bracelet. >> will it really prevent attacks? i doubt it. it's mostly just to create a sense of security. reporter: other plans include putting pressure on countries who refuse to take back rejected asylum-seekers and extending the limits of free deportation
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custody from three months to 18 months. are 500 islamists considered public security threats in germany. there appears that northern ireland unity government is on the verge of collapse following the resignation of the deputy first minister, martin mcguinness. they say new election must be held, following a long list of government disputes including a spat over fuel subsidy. the british prime minister has urged all sides to respect the good friday agreement. >> the progress that has been made in northern ireland has been hard one and we must all recognize that we don't want to put that program in jeopardy. that's why i think it is so important for the government and for all parties to work as hard as we can to see a resolution to this issue so we can see a return to the power-sharing institution and ensure that the
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progress that has been hard won can be continued. laura: los angeles is the place to be if you are a fan of star wars. owned by nones other than the film director, george lucas. star wars fans, get ready for a trip to los angeles. filmmaker george lucas has decided the future home of his $1 billion museum, the lucas museum of american art, will be oused in downtown l.a. the star wars creator plans to exhibit his collection of some illustrationsgs, and digital art in the museum. a space to show momento's movies such as the wizard of oz and hisblanca, and of course brainchild, star wars, which he ind to disney for $4 billion
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2012. the franchise founder has been trying to get the museum off the ground for nearly a decade. initially plan for chicago, lucas scrapped plans after legal battles over the museums open spaces. his hometown of san francisco was also in the running, but finally the force was with a lot across the street from his almanac or -- his alma mater. ensuring that darth vader will always call hollywood home. later, and aars whopping 10 times over budget, but hamburg has proudly unveiled its new concert hall. it is hoped that this will bring in the tourists. the city says it's in the same league as the iconic sydney opera house. german chancellor angela merkel attended an inaugural concert last night. architect also designed
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berlin's birds nest olympic stadium and the tate gallery in london. let's get you some business news. kate moody is here with the business news. a specific taken look at how donald trump plans to avoid a potential conflict of interest, given that he runs a multimillion dollar business empire. been waiting for months to have some clarity about how he plans to disentangle his affairs. the president-elect insisted that in his new office, he will not formally have any conflict of interest. he is recusing himself from the trump organization, handing over control to is to adult sons and a longtime business associate. he said he will isolate himself so he will only learn about new business deals in the media and not have any direct knowledge of them ahead of time. saying the organization will undertake no new foreign deals
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during his time in office. there are questions about his innd-new trump hotel washington, d.c., where foreign government officials might stay during their time in the u.s. capital. his lawyer said he will donate all money earned at that hotel the bookings overseas to u.s. treasury. wall street dropped pretty sharply as the president elect again speaking. we have seen a bit of a rally and markets have now recovered, all trading just lightly in the green, the dow jones leading up about point when 5%. lockheed martin shares dropping about 1.5% on news that the president-elect would be renegotiating the price of fighter jets. pharmaceutical and health care sectors have turned downwards after comments about government spending on drugs. the mexican pesach tumbled to a fresh all-time low comments about manufacturing -- the mexican peso to talk about
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tilling the infamous wall along the border. european markets closing in the green, the dax with gains of about .5%. kdustrial production in the u rebounded slightly in the month of november. airbus has claimed victory in the battle of the airplane makers. the european aerospace giant came out on top in terms of orders in 2016. 731 planes ordered complained to 600 -- compared to boeing. behind the boeing figure but a record for the company. more from our correspondent. reporter: i'm here at airbus headquarters for the company has announced it is made record deliveries. what does that mean? basically it gets paid money it can put in the bank when it actually gets these lanes to its customers. that is important because there's a backlog of around seven years and customers want
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to get those planes as quickly as possible. if they have to wait a long time, that can be a hindrance .or new sales >> this is a high-class problem to have, to have a backlog of seven years of production. we have managed it very carefully over the last 10 years. we are building up our production capabilities. our backlog of 6900 aircraft is not just a record or airbus, it's a record for the industry. no other manufacturer has ever had a backlog like that. reporter: you've had it easy, you have a duopoly, you and boeing. now there are the chinese and brazilians and others coming in. is it going to become a tougher market for you? >> it depends on the timescale you're looking at. and i worry about competition five years from now? or 10 years.o, 20 years from now, i would say
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the number three aircraft manufacturer in the world is going to be the chinese, and i hope they are number three. kate: a french court has suspended as in sentences for seven former employees of goodyear tires and acquitted another. the men involved in the incident held men in 2014 their office for 30 hours. they were found guilty of kidnapping and gang assault and were sentenced to between 9-12 months in jail. it was an illustration of tensions between labor unions and employers in france. 170,000 people signed an online petition for the charges to be dropped. moving on to other business headlines, french railway operators have awarded a major contract to a franco canadian consortium. they will provide commuter trains to the paris region as part of a deal worth 3.70 5 billion euros. u.s. justice department has
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charged three former traders of conspiring to manipulate foreign exchange rate. the former employees of j.p. morgan chase, citigroup and barclays were accused of being part of a global cartel currency rigging. seen growthoen has last year, selling more than 3 million cars. the post -- boost was driven by the iranian market. up by 110%. in china, sales fell by 16%. in the u.s., volkswagen has pleaded guilty to emissions cheating scandal and agreed to pay $4.3 billion in penalties. the settlement will see an independent monitor being appointed for the company for the next three years. volkswagen has already agreed to pay more than $17 billion to settle civil claims. brian quinn has the details. billion, that's the
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price of closure for volkswagen in the united states, as it looks to put the dieselgate scandal behind it for good. the german automaker has confirmed it has negotiated a draft settlement with the u.s. department of justice that would see a plea guilty to criminal charges in addition to the fines. that draft must now be approved by the volkswagen board. in september 2015, volkswagen admitted to installing emission test cheat devices in hundreds of thousands of diesel cars in the u.s. of to 11 million vehicles worldwide may have the device install. had previously agreed to spend 17.5 billion dollars in the u.s. for civil settlements and buybacks. in october 2016, company revealed it had set aside 18.2 billion euros, more than $19 billion, to cover costs related to the scandal. the new settlement means its liability will almost certainly exceed that amount. its total u.s. penalties alone
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or up to $20 billion. intofigure does not take account ongoing investigations in europe, south america, and asia. in spite of the scandal and a follow-up in u.s. sales, vw hit a global sales record in 2016, thanks to major growth in china. with over 10 million vehicles sold, it may be the number one carmaker for 2016. kate: winter sales have begun in french shops today. discounts are controlled by law in france so the winter sales often have an official start and end date and many retailers get around this by offering private, secret deals to people who sign up for their mailing list before hand. quick it's the first of the winter sales in france this year stores are full of people racing to snap up the best deals. many have instead decide to shop online.
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>> it's better than having to wait in stores. shift in french people's consumer behavior. for decades now the country has held two big sales a year, regulated by law. winter sales in january, and summer sales in june, an event that became a grand french tradition, but things are not changing. recently the government lifted laws to allow stores to compete with online retailers. one third of french people still there to shop online as are deals year-round based on supply and demand. >> the price will remain unchanged all year round. if no one wants the shoes, then i will pose a discount sometime during the year. thisny online stores like shoe retailer remain profitable because they bet on low profit margins but high-volume.
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small stores that are not part of the chain cannot afford to slash prices all year round, so they tend to focus on semiannual sales. laura: a good time to come to paris for shopping trip. tate, thanks very much indeed. we are taking a short break. more news ahead, right after this.
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