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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  January 12, 2017 5:00am-5:31am PST

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here in japan it's 7:00 p.m. on a thursday. shinzo abe met with the philippine president in manila. the leaders reaffirmed the importance of the rule of law and freedom of navigation at a time when china is strengthening
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it's assertiveness in waters in the region. >> the issue in the south china sea is linked directly to instability and is concern to the entire international community. >> china's recent build up increased regional tension. the philippines and other countries have overlapping claims there. on bilateral cooperation abe proposed setting up a joint committee to ensure infrastructure projects in the philippines effectively. he also offered to share japan's facilities in rehabilitation of drug addicts. his tough stance has been questioned by human rights groups and members of the international community. abe will also travel to australia, indonesia and vietnam for a six day tour. he is expected to highlight the importance of free trade deals. it will be less and less likely that the transpacific partnership deal will happen. the incoming u.s. president said
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he will pull his country out. abe also hopes to bolster security tie with the countries. donald trump gave his first news conference as u.s. president elect. he blasted intelligence agencies and lashed out at media outlets and changed his mind on the hacking of the 2016 election but down played the significance. >> as far as hacking i think it was russia but i think we also get hacked by other countries and other people and i can say that, you know, when we lost 22 million names and everything else that was hacked recently they didn't make a big deal out of that, that was something that was extraordinary, that was probably china. >> trump addressed sensational reports that russia has compromising personal and financial information on him and claims he was briefed last week by intelligence agencies but he
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dismissed it all as fake news. he was also asked questions about allegations that his election team colluded with russia. >> on that intelligence report the second part of the conclusion was that vladimir putin ordered it because he aspired to help you in the election. do you accept that part of the finding and will you undo what president obama did to punish the russians for this? >> well, if putin likes donald trump, a consider that an asset and not a liability because we have a horrible relationship with russia. russia can help us fight isis which is by the way, number one, tricky. if you look this administration created isis by leaving at the wrong time. the void was created and isis was formed. if putin likes donald trump, guess what folks, that's called an asset, not a liability. now i don't know that i'm going to get along with vladimir
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putin. i hope i do. but there's a good chance i won't and if i don't, do you honestly believe that hillary would be tougher on putin than me? does anybody in this room really believe that? trump refused to take some questions and at one point took aim at cnn. they were among the organizations to run reports against him. >> since you're attacking us can you give -- since you're attacking our news organization, can you give us a chance to ask a question, sir? >> quite. >> mr. president elect could you state categorically. you're attacking us can you give us a question. >> don't be rude. no, i'm not going to give you a question. you are fake news. >> the presser was also to outline possible conflicts of interest related to his business empire and cabinet picks but he is standing by his sources
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siting u.s. trade deficits. >> i want to bring the greatest people into government because we're way behind. we don't make good deals anymore. i say it all the time in speeches. we make bad deals. our trade deals are a disaster. we have hundreds of billions of dollars of losses on a yearly basis. hundreds of billions with china on trade and trade imbalance. with japan. with mexico. with just about everybody. >> he took aim at the most expensive in history with fighter jets. >> we are going to do some big things on the f-35 program and perhaps the f-18 program and we're going to get those costs way down and we're going to get the plane to be even better. >> he replaces obamacare with
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something he says is better and less expensive and he promised more jobs and reiterated his plan to build a wall along the border with mexico. donald trump will be inaugurated on january 20th. >> nhk world has the reaction from japan. >> he makes comments about japan that worries me. >> i have sold off all my stocks because i have no idea how the situation will change. >> i'm worried that he could threaten world peace so i hope he will act more friendly. >> there's still a week to go before donald trump officially becomes president but the media, politicians and people here in japan have p paid more and more can attention to what his comments could mean for the future. >> the chief cabinet secretary
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said he wouldn't comment before trump officially becomes president but he did say the government is analyzing thehe situation. >> we'll keep trying to deepen and expand ties that would be the same no matter who had won the presidency. >> japanese company with factoriess in mexico say theyy e concerned about trump's push to keep more production jobs inside of the u.s. >> trump's comments consistently show he will defend employment in the united states. we would like to gather information and take appropriate measures based on that. >> a spot on american politics points out trump only made passing mention of japan while
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talking about other countries. >> i am notot sure. for example, does he think that japan is kind of an ally that the united states can count on or does he still regard japan as hostile rival? >> he says trump needs to understand the two countries alliance is mutually beneficial and urges prime minister s hihi abe to s summon ties. >> and then trump has a pair mount importance. >> trump's plans will start to become clearer after he is
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inaugurated next week. japan is just one of the countries in asia, in the world that will be watching closely. >> mexico's presidedent reiterad that the country will not pay for a wall across the border. >> it is evident that we have some differences with the next government of the united states such as the issue of the wall which of course mexico will not pay for. >> but at the same time he indicated his intention to promote wide ranging cooperation with the u.s. mexico will seek to negotiate trade, security and migration with the new administration. russia took front and center at a senate confirmation hearing for trump's cabinet pick. his nominee for secretary of
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state rex tillerson was in the spotlight on wednesday with some senators raising concerns over his business ties to russia. he said russia poses a danger to the u.s. >> it has invaded the ukraine. including the taking of crimea and supported syrian forces that brutally violates the laws of war. our nato allies are right to be alarmed in a resurge with russia. >> tillerson also said the u.s. would maintain sanctions against moscow but he suggested he wants to cooperate in the kremlin with areas of islslamic interest lik the fight against the group. the former exxon mobil ceo has been involved in the oil business in russia and has been reported have a close relatitionship with putin. on other issues called china's assertive claims in the south china sea illegal and faulted beijing for failing to reign in north carolina. senators asked him about a u.s.
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response to take the japanese islands by force. tokyo maintains the islands in the east china sea are an inherent part of japanese territory. china and taiwan claim them. indicated that the u.s. will respond in line with the japan-u.s. security treaty. the head of an influential japanese business group shared his thoughts on the news conference. our business desk has the details. >> the chairman of the japan chamber of commerce played down donald trump's first news conference as president elect. the event was not trump's inaugural address. he said he is eager to see how trump conducts himself after january 20th when he becomes president. >> he did speculate that japanese firms might have a bumpy ride ahead of them. >> what concerns me most is the way mr. trump's every word and action has the potential to
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spread volatility on the stock and currency markets. that kinind of volatility iss n welcome. it shakes the foundations that we rely on to make business decisions. >> trump could ease the concerns of japanese firms by quickly assuming a steadier approach to governing with the policies. tokyo stocks ended sharply lower. many investors grew cautious as trump grouped japan together with china and mexico as the source of the u.s. trade deficit. we splr from the tokyo stock exchange. >> investors were disappointed with trump's news conference as they didn't get details about his policies on fiscal stimulus and taxes. let's take a look at the closing level for thursday, january 12th. the nikkei 225 ending at 19,134
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the broader topics smell. trump spoke about the need for the government and it all ended sharply lower. and it's between marchand november. adding 1.2% after it posted a higher operating profit for the same peririod. markets move on what trump said. got focus to more earnings reports from japanese companies. i'm reporting from the tokyo stock exchange. >> market reactions to trump's comments were muted across the asia pacific rejoon. hong kong was snapping a five day winning streak. sidney ended almost flat. gains made by energy and resource shares. the shanghai composite finished down more than .5% to 3119.
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it closed for the third straight day on light volume. the trade data out on friday. meanwhile claiming to 9410. tech shares pushed up the index to the highest in more than 18 months. expectations in the sector lifted sentiment. japanese caves, restaurants and dissimilar businesses are protesting a move to ban indoor smoking. they say they'll petition ruling parties to reconsider the plan. >> health ministry officials want to apply the ban to all in their public paces. it will reduce the risk of smoking but they're prepared to allow designated smoking rooms that are sealed off by four walls. officials are considering penalties for managers and smokers that violate the rule. hundreds of people representing
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restauaurants and s spots and o businesses gather in tokyo. some say the cost of building smoking room will be too great. a total smoking ban will drive awaway customers and hurt their bottom line and 30 other organizations say the rules should go further. the government can ban smoke rooms too they'll listen to various opinions during this year's ordinary session of the diet. here's a look at some of the other stories we're following. new data shows that in november current account surplus of $12 billion. the balance has been in the black for almost 2.5 years. it came to $2.7 billion. the exports fell but imports fell even more. that's largely because the stronger yen shower rank the value but energy imports.
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volkswagen agreed to pay penalties to u.s. authorities to settle investigation into an emissions cheating scandal. officials at the german auto maker say they also agreed to plead guilty to criminal charges. they say an independent monitor will supervise operations for the next three yearars. service in 2015, volkswagen admitted to using illegal software to cheat on u.s. emissions tests. a tea shop that's been doing business in south western japan for over 150 years is going global. the president says he sees this brand becoming the starbucks of green tea being recognized everywhere. nhk world has more. >> this in a popular spot in
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singapore. the menu features desserts designed to please local palates. >> we tried to provide them so our customers can enjoy green tea. >> it found success in japan. then six years ago the post generation presidentnt decided . >> japan's population is
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decreasing so i thought it might be a good idea. >> so it was in taiwan and launched four years ago. inquiries began flooding in from all over the world. this year they opened shops in canada and australia. there are now 20 caves in 8 countries and regions. overseas sales helped those in japan. the domestic business is enjoying the ripple effects of global extension. people that have caves overseas come to the original store.
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>> i can't expand from here to all over the world. just like starbucks just like in seattle and is now around the globe. >> a japanese store deep in history turns to oversaes markets for survival. it's now savoring the sweet taste of success. nhk world. >> you can catch her report again online together with a full transcript. look for nhk world and business wrap. that's a look at business news. i'm going to leave you with the
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markets. south carolina's former culture minister and two former officials in the country's on going political scandal. they're suspected of making a blacklist of thousands of artists deemed critical of president park's administration. they were arrested on multiple charges include ago bus of authority. the federal prosesecutors team cutoff goverernment subsidies f the artists. more than 9,000 people were on it including film directors, actors. they admitted that the list still exists but claims she has
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nothing to do with the case. the investigators were expected to look into whether president park herself was involved. a group of japanese lawmakers met leading figures from the national people's congress and discussed ways to improve the nations. it's the first meetiting of its kind in 27 yearars. it marks the first of diplomatic ties to the country. japan's diet members once developed a stratategic rerelationship that benefits bo coununtries. and lawawmakers met t the chair of the congressman committee. john called on both countries to reflect on history and drive the relationship in the right direction. the outgoing u.s. secretary of state made last minute efforts to urge south korea to improve it's relatioionship with japan. tensions have heightened over
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hihistorical matters. john kerry spoke on the phone with the south korean foreign minister. kerry reportedly told him that the ties are important but the continued cooperation of tokyo, seoul and washington. and he promised to improve his country's relations with japan. relations soured over the installation of a statue in front of the japanese conciliate general. the figure symbolizes people referred to as wartime comfort women. japan demanded the statue be removed and recall it's ambassador and general in protest. the u.s. doesn't want friction to hamper solidarity in dealing with north korea. weather warnings have been issued for northern japan as blizzards has been blasting the area. >> yes, life threatening conditions are happening across northern japan. heavy snow and strong winds are causing visibility to give you an idea, i'll show you some
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video. one meter has accumulated. they were closed because of white out conditions.. trainsns and ferry services hav been cancelled or delayed. it's higher and higher day by day. and typically where we see snowfall in winter. we see a lot of snowfall across the northwestern side only. typically across the pacific side and today because the winds were quite powerful and there's a cold air mass where you see snowfa owfallll noww the snowfall has r reached nearly 2.5 meters and more snow is on the way. not just snowfall we could see some thunderstorms, gusty wins and high waves and possibly
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winter tornadoes as well. now the heaviest snow will likely fall into the next 24 hours and an additional 90 centimeters of snow could fall and also they could see up to 40 centimeters or even more. wind gusts could be over 120 kilometers and the combination will cause low visibility to stay home. it's in northern japan and also western portions of japan and as we go into the weekend the fridged air mass will continue to move down toward the south covering the whole japan with the exception of the okinawa region so temperatures are going to be cooling down dramatically into the next several days. for example, tokyo's high will be 11 degrees but down to 6 degrees on your saturday and it's going to be quite chilly especially on sunday morning. minus 2 degrees for the morning low and snowfall on saturday
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night. snow oncee agagain on saturday well as sunday. the snowfall persisting into friday. across the western areas of the united states, a series of winter storm has been causing a lot of heavy snow across the pacific northwest andnd also hey rainfall across the bay area. coming out of oregon as well as california. the western united states received another dose of heavier rainfall on wednesday leading to landslides and flooding in l.a. the house is very close to falling apart after the ground beneath the concrete foundation fell away due to a landslide. flooding also caused issues in northern california. however snow slammed through portland oregon and at the local zoo animals were found playing in the winter weather despite the chilly conditions. the animals were happy. the pacific northwest temperatures are warming up and more snow is expected for the mountains in california and snow will move into the east.
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highs on your thursday, 0 degrees in vancouver despite sunny weather, 3 degrees in seattle. chilly up toward the north. minus 23 degrees in winnipeg. the cold air mass will cover the northern plains as well. 23 on thursday. regina at 27. you could feel like the low minus 40 degrees. here's your forecast.
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genie: hello. it's 1:00 in paris. you are watching live from paris here on france 24. we are bringing you up to date on international news. fightingump comes out at his first press conference in months. the president-elect had a shouting match with journalists .bout his links to russia two more suspects have been charged in


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