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tv   France 24  LINKTV  January 12, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PST

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genie: hello. it's 1:00 in paris. you are watching live from paris here on france 24. we are bringing you up to date on international news. fightingump comes out at his first press conference in months. the president-elect had a shouting match with journalists .bout his links to russia two more suspects have been charged in belgium over
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the paris terror attacks. migrants are suffering as freezing conditions increase. 16,000 people in camps are living in inhumane conditions. thanks for tuning in to live from paris. first it was by all measures an extraordinary performance for a president-elect. still pouring into donald trump's first news conference since july. he took reporters questions. trump refused outright to take a question from the network cnn
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because it had reported on the leaked notes alleging that he and his team have close links with russia. he at one stage engaged in a shouting match with a reporter from the channel. >> go ahead. >> since you are attacking our news organization -- >> not you. your organization is terrible. go ahead. quiet. >> can you say categorically -- >> don't be rude. >> can you give us a question. >> i'm not going to give you a question. you are fake news. genie: more with our international affairs editor. extraordinary scenes at the press conference just days from the inauguration of donald trump. he was very much the center of the press conference combating claims against himself but also
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the media and how they are covering donald trump became the story. >> this is called a press conference. it is supposed to be an as is routine among any administration for the free and independent press to ask the president questions. it is supposed to be about the president answering sometimes very tough, sometimes questions they don't like. that is part of the adversarial but healthy relationship between the press and the presidency in any healthy functioning democracy. it seems to be that we are seeing the undermining of that. a fomenting of distrust against the media. the tables being turned and donald trump making the media the story. it was a shouting match. it wasn't just donald trump shouting down journalists. he called the journalist from buzz feed a pile of garbage.
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he told a cnn journalist he was fake news. journalists shouting at other journalists. there were 300 in attendance at this press conference. he told a cnnthe audience was sh several journalists from the so-called alternative right media such as breitbart news. signs -- taking sides. it came to the point that the national press club, one of the most respected overarching press associations in america issued a statement after this conference saying presidents should not get to pick and choose which reporters questions they will answer based on which news outlets they happen to work for. that shows the mounting worries among the media to becoming a debate within the media -- how do you cover donald trump? how do you cover a president who does not admit to facts, if you try to present him with facts he
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will either dismiss them or make it look like you are making up fake news. it is setting a very worrying tone for many journalists in america. genie: we will come back to you because donald trump's pick for faced a ninestate hour grilling in the senate on monday. his confirmation hearing continues today. tillerson stated several key policy differences with trump. that he favored maintaining u.s. sanctions against russia for now and that nato allies were right to be alarmed by moscow's growing aggression. been concern over the closeness of the former exxon mobile ceo with russia. more confirmation hearings for donald trump's cabinet. so far a lot of what we heard has been contentious.
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what is next? >> it's only thursday and most -- it's beentors extremely grueling for them. ben carson has been nominated to be the housing secretary. donald trump's pick to head up the cia will be there. the secretary of defense nominee. all of them significant. i would almost focus more on mike pompeo. he's going to be extremely interesting even the backdrop of donald trump's recent lashing out at the intelligence community. -- committee. it has almost become a real showdown. there is a delicate balancing act. mike pompeo is going to have to play. he will have to ensure he has the trust of the organization that he is running to take over. he needs the backing of the cia.
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he also needs to have the backing of the cabinet under which he is serving and the president under which he is going to be serving. that is a very fine balancing act. donald trump has made it clear that he does not really respect the judgment of the intelligence committee. he has all but insinuated it was due to a leak with somebody within the intelligence community that these allegations were leaked in the first place. very contentious relationship. i will say one quick thing about the tillerson hearing. an effort to separate himself from donald trump on several issues including saying if he had been the role in 2014 he definitely would have had a very tough response including providing more arms and ammunition to the opposition in ukraine. that would have been very interesting as well. it will be interesting to see where he balances.
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you have to take the global community and its interest to hurt. genie: thank you, douglas. staying on rex tillerson. as well as talking about russia, he also sounded an aggressive note on china saying that china must stop building islands in the south china sea and mustn't be allowed to access those islands. to ourcrossing correspondent in beijing. any official reaction to this in china? the government must be pretty furious about this. the top word from tillerson we saw a relatively cool response from the chinese government. the foreign ministry spokesperson said china had the right to act in any normal and
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lawful way with its own sovereign territory. he asked others to take note of this consensus. this is a hot issue for china. not as hot as the taiwan issue. this adds to the amount of tension and the string of provocation from the trumpet administration towards china. seems the chinese government has been pretty restrained during the u.s. election campaign with all of trump's remarks and tweets on china. could we see that change once he is in office? >> that certainly seems possible. an expert at the center for strategic and international study is in the u.s. said china
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has been aiming for a response in maintaining the bilateral relationship. where theye a point need to act to avoid being seen as weak. idea ofg tillerson's actually blockading the south china sea, experts are saying it is unlikely the u.s. would actually do that because it would create a military crisis which is probably a bit too high of a price for donald trump. tensions continue to rise and we will have to see how it goes once trump is in office. genie: thank you, brian. the federal prosecutor in belgium says two new suspects have been charged over the november 2015 attacks in paris.
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prosecutors announced they arrested the suspect's during a raid in brussels on tuesday. 130 people were killed in the attacks in paris last november and more than 400 others injured. let's get an update from our correspondent in brussels. more.s what do we know about the latest suspects who have been charged? one is mail and has been identified. the other is female. they were arrested on tuesday night here in brussels in the residential district in the north of the city. the man has been remanded in custody. the female has been released under very strict conditions. they are suspected with forging
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documents. the man who blew himself up in brussels on the 22nd at the metro station, his brother blew himself up in the airport on the same day a little bit earlier. both were raised in that residential district here in brussels. used fakewn to have ids on a number of occasions when renting apartments that were used as safe havens by this terrorist cells. city ina fake id in the belgium. he is known to be one of the masterminds of the very paris attacks that took place on the 13th of november 2015. he used fake documents to rent an apartment that was raided in
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march when a french policeman was heard. a few days later that led to the arrest. it seems authorities are very much discovering terror cells which are suspects being behind the terrorist and brussels -- paris and brussels attacks. not sharing a lot of information on how many more accomplices they are actually looking for. have beenspects arrested here in belgium linked to both the parents and belgium attacks. investigators have confirmed they are really dealing with one cell. concerned iss very the interior minister in belgium. he has earmarked 15 million onos to crack down
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radicalization to prevent these ingocities ever happene again. they are cracking down on drugs in residential neighborhoods. a lot of the suspects started out as petty criminals. morel is very low in belgium. saw 25ursday night we counterterrorism police officers called in sick saying they were overworked and understaffed. updatethank you for that on the terror charges in brussels. the greek navy has sent a tank landing ship to the island of to house refugees and migranants amid freezing coldd weather in europe.
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ship is providing accommodation for around 500 migrants. groups working there say 16,000 people are stranded in precarious conditions in camamps on the island with many families and children living in tents in freezing temperatures. vessel greek military will host about 500 migrants whose camp tents have been flattened by heavy snow. migrants currently blocked on great islands many will remain in flimsy canvas tents and freezing temperatures. snow is very strong. we don't have anything inside the tent. >> for ngo's the situation is
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proof that the turkey refugee deal which aims to address the flow of migrants traveling from turkey to the greek islands is simply not working. >> people are paying the price. european policies are stopping people from arriving in europe. we need to stop trying to preserve at all costs this deal which is putting people's lives at risk. we need to treat people in a dignified humane way. >> warmer weather will return to greece this week but the issue of what to do with more than 60,000 migrants currently in the country remains unsolved. genie: time for a business news update. stephen carroll joins me in the studio. we have been talking a lot about donald trump's press conference causing a lot of waves around the world. stephen carroll joins me in the studio. it is causing a few ripples in the business world. >> we saw shares in drug
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companies fall after donald trump's comments that his government would push for lower prices. the president-elect said firms were getting away with murder on the prices they were charging for their medicine. drug companies are among the worst performing shares on european stock markets. down over 4% in copenhagen. on the rest of the european markets seeing more moderate losses. investors disappointed that donald trump didn't talk about fiscal stimulus in his press conference. global stock markets have been hitting record highs in the hopes of getting big spending from his administration. in paris nuclear firm shares 8.5% after the french government offered to buy out minority shareholders. genie: one company that is having a good day. >> it has been awarded a
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contract to build new trains for the paris commuter network. that will preserve thousands of jobs in france. it's not the first time the company has been helped out of difficulty. >> a massive project gets underway. the french manufacturer and a canadian train maker will be supplying the next generation of trains for the lines of paris's regional commuter rail. the nearly 4 billion euro contract calls for 255 new trains. it's a historical order that should allow the companies to assist in eight thousand jobs in france. >> it's great news because we needed orders. the factory was in waiting mode. i think this is going to get people going again. company has been
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struggling for years. a symbol of france's struggling manufacturing sector. one of the factories in eastern france was saved at the last moment from closure by a government order for 15 high speed trains. a 2014 deal with general electric sought and selling off its energy business. in 2003 it was the beneficiary of a 3.2 billion euro taxpayer bailout. order they may even do some hiring. they are worried some jobs will be offshore. >> now there is a signature. will the building be done 100% in france? we doubt it. >> the companies have factories overseas but they they are committed to doing essential production in france. delivery of the first new trains is expected in 2021. unicreditlian lender is taking an 8 billion euro hit
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on bad loans. the bank is in the middle of trying to raise 13 billion in new capital to shore up its finances. it is causing -- cutting thousands of jobs and closing branches. firm gartner says pc shipments were down 6% last year. lenovo was the world's biggest pc brand with 20% market share followed by hp and dell. like for like sales were boosted by homer and clothing. clothing.ere and amazon is in a bit of trouble with indian authorities. indian foreign lashed out over indian flag doormat that
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had appeared for sale on its website. india would revoke any visas for amazon's half -- amazon staff. desecration of the indian flag is illegal. genie: you have to be really careful with these products. thank you stephen carroll with the business news. review. our press a through the international newspapers. donald trump's extraordinary news conference on wednesday. >> it is dominating the international press. also the french press.
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this is on its front page that a russian shadow hovers over trump presidency. they say he is off to a bad start before it even begins. sayseft-leaning paper trump persists. he was unbelievably sure of himself making grandiose promises to the american people over the next eight years. the reference to eight years saying -- as if his reelection in 2020 is nothing but a formality. there's a lot of commentary about trump's behavior at that press conference. take us through some of the reaction. >> a lot of wide-ranging opinions. for the new york times it was bombastic vein and slippery. trump offered no olive branch to his greatest critics. instead only to playing -- displaying petulance. the washington post says trump
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was self-assured, combative and at times tried to sound conciliatory despite his six-month hiatus from speaking to reporters. he did offer kind words to the press that didn't republish that report in question. genie: at the press conference donald trump accused cnn of publishing fake news. this is something the daily beast is focusing on. >> the daily beast is looking at the concept of fake news which really began during the presidential campaign last year. fake news is what trump critics during hisuse trump campaign of propagating fake news to the detriment of his rival hillary clinton. the daily beast notes that the conservative right is using fake news to delegitimize the purveyors of real news. some journalists are calling for the term to be abandoned altogether because its meaning has been manipulated by both sides. genie: one of the things that
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really caught people's eye at the press conference was trump's clash with a cnn reporter. he accused the network of broadcasting fake news. there was finger-pointing, shouting. >> it was an extraordinary moment. it was a turning point in the future of journalism really. there is some debate about what of theans for the future press at white house correspondents who traditionally have a privileged relationship with the president. journalists leap to costa's defense? the writer says journalism is a competitive business but it's not a zero sum game. by treating a costa with disdain trump sneered the professional journalism and the writer says journalists missed an
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opportunity to leap to his defense and call trump out on it. genie: moving on to his pick for secretary of state. rex tillerson gave a clear indication of what relations between the u.s. and china could look like. >> it doesn't look like much of a relationship. in a confirmation hearing on wednesday tillerson reaffirmed washington's commitment to japan if it ever faces provocation from beijing over the disputes in the islands. said he wants to send china a clear message that its island building activity should stop. on the same day that china since it's only aircraft carrier through the taiwan strait. it was returning from a weapons drill and had to pass through taiwanese waters. taiwanese authorities see it as provocation. china says taiwan is
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overreacting. china daily says it adds more uncertainty and tension to an already tense situation. genie: we will end with a story looking internet users at poland's foreign minister over comments he made at the u.n. a if you're going to be foreign minister you should probably brush up on your the very least your knowledge of countries that exist and don't exist. metpolish foreign minister with officials from some caribbean nations -- belize and send escobar. the problem is sam escobar doesn't exist. it's not a country. royally ridiculed online. some people wonder if he had mixed it up with the tv show marcos and its protagonist pablo escobar.
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he said it was a slip of the tongue. wasn't long before sam escobar got its own toryism site, twitter8úxúú
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