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tv   France 24  LINKTV  January 13, 2017 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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anchor: 9:00 p.m. at the french capital, you are watching live from paris. the u.s. president-elect donald trump shrugs off differences between his stance and that of his cabinet nominee on a number of different issues. bringing consistency to immigration law, president obama ends a policy where cuban migrants in the u.s. would legally remain. u.n. talks aimed at ending decades of division in cyprus.
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good evening. we begin in the united states with the inauguration of president-elect donald trump, exactly one week away. of cabinetces appointees have been questioned in senate hearings, the purpose of which has been to examine their record and their views. their views on issues such as policy toward russia, torture, and muslim immigration doesn't entirely seem to match those of the president-elect. brian quinn has this report. could access the u.s. senate question stomach chumps nominees for cabinet positions a divide is opening up. between the views of the potential secretary and those of their future boss.
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>> russia today poses a danger. friends.t likely to be our value systems are starkly different. the same values. >> that assessment a notable contrast to trump, who has praised putin's leadership, even after news of hacking into the 2016 election. likes donald putin trump, that is called an asset, not a liability. reporter: trump called for a total ban on muslim immigration to the u.s., later moderating that it possible registry. his nominee for attorney general disagrees. would not favor a registry of muslims in the united states. >> the iran nuclear deal, which trump called for dismantling, has the support of his secretary of defense. climate change is acknowledged as genuine by tillerson. trumps nominee for secretary of
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homeland security says a wall at the of mexican border would be ineffective. some senators have noted with approval the divergence, hoping trump's cabinet will moderate some of his more radical proposals. the cabinet secretary served at the pleasure of the pop -- pleasure of the president and the policy may be chums call. the united states, despite concerns about there being no replacement program, house republicans pressing ahead with legislation aimed at dismantling president obama's landmark health care law. the unaffordable care act will -- "thehistory: unaffordable care act will soon be history." gave health care to 20 million americans who otherwise would have been uninsured. in one of his final acts, with president barack obama on thursday ended a decade old policy which allowed cuban
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migrants who arrived legally in the united states to stay there. move brings greater consistency to u.s. immigration laws and the cuban government has welcomed this issue. the 1.8 million strong cuban-american population amongst the presidential cabinet .as reacted angrily simon harding explains. policy is a in hammer blow. following the repeal of the wet foot, right foot -- what foot, dry foot policy. >> we just learned that obama has repealed the wet foot, dry foot policy. sold our house, everything, we are here.
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we don't know what to do. reporter: some people in cuba have been disappointed by the news, especially those looking for a way out. >> it is bad because cubans look for a better future. a.m. a great because of necessity. because ofgrate necessity. reporter: some cubans were also , especially those during the perilous crossing. happy -- i'my happy the u.s. government finally moved the policy, because it has caused too many deaths, especially young people.
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>> others welcomed a ban on immigration because they claimed it would improve u.s. cuban relations. >> at the end of the day, the french a between our country and the united states, let's see if things improve little by little. >> this change may or may not be upheld by donald trump. but it seems to be in line with his immigration stance. >> the u.n. brokered talks ending decades of division in cyprus. there was optimism that deals reunifying the island could be close. naming the presence of 30,000 presence -- 30,000 turkish troops. reporter: talks this weekend ended after a breakthrough. insisted the red
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line. >> we have told cyprus and greece clearly they should not expect a solution without turkey as a guarantor. it is out of question to completely withdraw turkish troops. we spoke about this before. sidess is considered both should completely withdraw their troops. >> after the 1960 treaty between cyprus, greece, turkey, and the united kingdom, the island is back -- island is banned from political or economic union. an estimated 30,000 turkish troops remain deployed in cyprus. in 1974 ankara invaded the island in response to a coup attempt backed by athens. , the presence causes
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instability, which is why the cyprus problem has been active for 43 years. what one should focus on his we are at the negotiating table, and turkey and the rest of the powers need to find a solution which will reflect the security concerns of all the -- of all of them. >> and major bone of contention between the two sides. >> the iraq he army says special forces sent the islamic state group further into retreat. the current operation is focused on the university complex. that place quickly became one of their key ministry basis. most districts in the city are back under government control. gaza has been witnessing some of
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the largest unauthorized protests. thousands have taken to the streets these past when he four hours, angered by chronic power outages. the resulting lack of heat has further enraged gazans. police firing to the air to disperse the crowds. was arrested on thursday for posting video online in which he limited life under their rule. more than 300,000 homes are currently without power. a powerful storm batters europe. causing travel chaos. some services affected. woman was killed by falling tree in her garden. belgium, germany, and the united kingdom have all been hit by the system. week, snapnd of last has claimed the lives of -- the
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u.n. refugee agency says european governments aren't doing enough to help. telling gains foot has this report. -- alan has this report. : thousands of migrants in miserable conditions as temperatures drop. the u.n. agency has called on governments to acts with the to save lives. we are particularly concerned by reports that authorities in continue to push back refugees and migrants from inside the territory to neighboring terror test neighboring countries. theral have -- inside territory to neighboring countries. reporter: rain created soaking conditions intense. a syrian refugee is worried for
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his daughter's health. at least five refugees have died in greece as a result of the wet the weather. in serbia shelters prioritize women and children. around 1000 men are sleeping rough in belgrade. eastern europe is experiencing a severe cold snap. call your coming from siberia has driven temperatures down by -- cold air coming from serbia have driven temperatures down. such weather conditions happen once every 35 years. no violencei'll -- on refugees and migrants on the rise. authorities have a new plan to address the issue. victims of anyhe
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kind of abuse are automatically given a residency permit. last year teed up a sidearm seekers were subject to physical violence. two asylum-seekers were subject to physical violence. reporter: last your she was attacked in her apartment by neighbors. -- last year she was attacked in her apartment by neighbors. he pushed me. >> today she suffers from depression and anxiety. she also takes medicine every day. like her, asylum-seekers were subject to physical violence last year.
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the state of brandenburg has come up with a solution, a new law rejected asylum seekers could seek deportation from germany if they are attacked by far rate extremists. other states, including berlin, similaridering proposals. >> the state clearly states there must be reliable evidence that the person has been victim of a crime. >> this comes as germany is actually tightening up its policy in the wake of last month's attack. aide wasker and his able to stay in germany for months, even though his claim for asylum had been rejected. on wednesday german interior minister confirmed 25,000 -- up from 2015. anchor: in massive exodus is underway and people fleeing across the border.
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this is the gambian president -- this as the gambian president refuses to leave power. take simon harding has this report. simon: stopping from taking charge of the country whatever the cost paid that is what the outgoing president is trying to achieve in the supreme court, a .ace against time, acting aspresident is a mediator as he tries to avoid a political catastrophe. in nigeria's capital, parliament considers giving -- given the alternative, he reeling schultz's that she relinquishes just the right thing. -- he relinquishes just the
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right thing. the winner of december's presidential election says there is no need for the president to seek asylum, stating he was confident direct talks could solve the crisis. however outside pressure is starting to pile up. the leaders want to convince him to step down from power without clashes on january 19. but that is not the view of the outgoing leader, who has called out against foreign intervention. >> what is clearly incontrovertible is we have discourse on the current -- byion to implement whatever means possible is perfectly legal. reporter: the gambian leader has
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called for a peaceful resolve of -- they have tried that their mandate be extended. >> the french president touchdown earlier today in mali where he is visiting the 4000 french troops still based in the town, while engaged in a battle against jihadists. ministers from different countries have gathered. high on the agenda, the battle against extremists. astronaut involved on his first ever spacewalk, venturing outside the international space station. reporter: five hours and 58 minutes after his first foray into space began, completing his mission. months of planning went into the rookie astronaut's first spacewalk.
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he stepped off the international space station at approximately 11 a.m. gmt. they had to replace teed up electric batteries used -- electric batteries. the astronauts had to work in total darkness, as the iss orbits the earth every 90 minutes. >> i'm very happy, it is like a dream within a dream. it is a great experience of how -- we don't want to go too far. sharing his images on social media, his followers should expect to see some spectacular shots, a scene from high above the cloud. >> time for a look at all the latest business news.
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we start with a settlement coming out of the united states. the japanese firm has agreed to billion in order to settle claims about faulty airbags. insiders have linked to 16 deaths because they open to violently when deployed. are supplied to honda, toyota, and other airbag makers around the world. the biggest recall an american auto history, affecting nearly 70 million airbags and 42 million vehicles with many more millions around the world. executives have been charged with misleading u.s. regulators. meanwhile the industries cheating scandal continues to spread. aench judges have opened luminary investigation. though share sell as much a 6% on friday. alexander hirst has more.
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>> first it was volkswagen, then fiat chrysler, then the latest auto manufacturer to be embroiled in an omission scandal. french authorities raided the headquarters one year ago after u.s. investigators caught volkswagen using software to hide emissions during testing. the paris prosecutor's office has opened april luminary investigation into the company, alleging it has been using similar software. >> vehicles have been a proof for sale in accordance with the galatians beat vehicles are not equipped with cheating software affecting anti-pollution system. >> the recent omission scandals have raised broader concerns over the levels of matter pollution. 2016, announcing plans to improve emission performance. it says it remains committed to continuing development of diesel
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technology. volkswagen recently agreed to pay $4.3 billion to settle its case with u.s. government and fiat chrysler could be facing as much as 4.6 billion. french authorities have not yet indicated what kind of penalties they may seek to pros. -- to impose. volkswagen has agreed to pay a massive fine in the united states, along with criminal activity. six current and foreign managers have been charged. carmaker -- n volkswagen has declined to confirm or deny that report. let's check in on the stock market. european markets rebounded from thursday's losses. not far behind.
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runrecord-breaking stretched out to a 12th session in a row. over on wall street, the nasdaq has hit another record high. dow jones has turned negative, just under the flatline there. a busy day at trump char, meeting -- trump tower. makes the fighter jet which is a mainstay of the u.s. military. on friday, marilyn houston, the chief executive, says a compromise might be -- and she announced more hiring. >> we are close to radio which will bring the clock down significantly. being -- going to
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bring a lot of jobs. we're going to increase our jobs in fort worth by 1800. when you think about the supply chain, it is going to be thousands and thousands of jobs. >> the latest chief executive to make herself known at trump tower. shares had dropped following comments from the president-elect in recent months. moving on from the other business headlines now, chinese trade figures dropped for the second year in a row in 2016, raising concerns about the stability of the world's second-largest economy. by seven point 7%, the worst declined since 2009, while imports are at 5.5% weaker. still -- d america's banking giants have reported mixed results for the last quarter of 2016.
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jp morgan chase beat forecast with profits rising 24% to $6.7 billion. boosted by an increase in financial trading after the friend -- trading after the presidential election. earnings fell short of expectations. wells fargo meanwhile reported its sixth straight decline in quarterly profit. still expecting better results when the interest rate hike has an impact. deal. has scored a major the low-cost carrier has for the news order 737 max plane. the order will give the american whichon giant a boost, outpaced orders in 2016. nintendo is pushing the reset button.
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it launched a brand-new console, unveiled earlier this friday in japan. consul one-of-a-kind that will allow gamers to play in a number of different ways. the question is will it be a hit? the stakes are high for the japanese firm after its most recent consul failed to replicate the success of the original. the jury's still out on whether it will be a success. we are so far seeing a better reaction from gamers than investors. a look at all the latest. >> nintendo is hoping that its latest gamble will pay off. the japanese game maker is releasing the switch in march. it is a hybrid video consul, one that connects to the tv set or can be used as a handheld device. a more interactive device, one that was popularized.
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around 80 games, including a new mario game and a custom fee for game are being developed. >> its office different ways to enjoy games. i think it is brilliant. >> some -- from a business point of view nintendo is hoping to offset poor sales from its previous console. wii -- the way you -- the wii u sony's playstation four in four years has sold 50 million consuls. the more advanced players play alone and online. nintendo consuls on the other hand are for people who like to play with friends or family in one shared space. nintendo's profits were up last year, aided by the wild success of the pokemon go
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smartphone app. part of the challenge will be making -- will be convincing third-party app makers to develop for the switch. the company will also have to justify a hefty price tagged around 280 euros higher than its rival. >> stay tuned to france 24.
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