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tv   France 24  LINKTV  January 16, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PST

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tohello and welcome live from paris. i am annette young. here is what is making headlines. anger and confusion after donald viewss spills out policy days before assuming the american presidency. claims thatect brexit was a fantastic move. here in paris, delegates from 70 countries restate their commitment to the solution between the conflic between the
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israelis and the palestinians. either party turned up to the summit hosted by france. speak toal prosecutors to thest fro warran samsung deputy chairman. annette: we begin in the united states, whether our four it is to go until donald trump becomes president. the nation braces itself for a swift change of direction, the real estate tycoon spoke to britain's newspapers. and brexit to free-trade
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angela merkel's as he describes mistakestrophic t with refugees. our correspondent has more. >> the white house preparing for a new occupant. at the end of this week, donald trump will be standing on the spot to be sworn in as the 45th president of the united states. the final touches are being done. in his last few days at trump tower, the 70-year-old appeared relaxed shortly before taking control of the world's largest economy. asked about europe's largest economy, he said the e.u. has become a vehicle for germany. he had a message for chancellor angela merkel. mr. trump: i think she made one very catastrophic mistake, and the was taking all of
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people, from wherever they come from, and nobody really knows where they come from. but i respect her and i like her. i think it was a mistake. >> who do you trust more, angela merkel or let them -- or vladimir putin? mr. trump: i will start off trusting them both. we'll see how long it lasts. >> he says day one of his presidency, he will start strengthening u.s. borders and lowering the trade deficit. mr. trump: i do believe in free trade. but it has to be smart trade. i call it fair trade. it is not a two-way street. do you seeevrolets in germany? maybe none? he described the u.k. as smart in getting out of the e.u. he repeated his view that nato is obsolete and that a majority of members are not being there payingir for u.s. -- are
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-- are not paying their fair share for u.s. protection. annette: in exchange for washington sanctions impose on russia is the u.k. crisis, trump said that he would propose offering to end the sanctions in return for a nuclear arms reduction deal with vladimir putin. berlin, germany officials reacted with both surprise and defiance to comments made by the president-elect. let's get more now from next by sir in berlin. new thought -- nick, tell us about the reaction to what donald trump had to say. heard from theot person running the country, angela merkel, but we heard from the vice chancellor, who responded to the soundbite we heard donald trump providing earlier, saying, "i do not see
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any chevrolets in germany." that is the defiance we're talking about. there's a lot of english about ties being cut, addressing the automaker issue, which is huge in germany. --have mercedes, the m w bmw, and volkswagen. all of those shares went down in trading on the markets today. it was once again said that imposing taxes on a german factory, will just make american automakers weaker and more expensive. so he attacked that idea of attacks on german cars coming in from mexico. he also said it was absurd to criticize angela merkel because if there was a giant refugee words,to europe, in his the united states called for its wars of choice in the middle east. annette: the reality is that also germany has been very much the go-two country for washington when it comes to
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to european comes affairs. it seems trump does not want to acknowledge this given what he has to say. >> it is stunning when you look at the contrast between outgoing president barack obama, who in november was on a farewell tour in europe and said he could not have had a more reliable partner than angela merkel. they worked together for eight years, through huge world crises -- the sovereign debt crisis being the biggest financial and economic one, followed by the crisis in ukraine, imposing sanctions on russia. angela merkel was a leader that the u.s. looks to to ensure western solidarity in pushing for sanctions. and finally, in managing refugee flows. i have been here for a number of years, and over the years the united states has stopped calling brussels and london and has started calling berlin to get angela mugler -- to get
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angela merkel to fix things in europe. donald trump put that all into question. at one point in the interview, he seemed to vladimir putin, the russian leader, and angela merkel in the same position as having to sort of vie for his favors. he says she was somebody who was worthy of respect but would have to work to maintain his trust just as vladimir putin would have to. annette: nick, thank you. moving on, the israelis and palestinians need to officially restate their commitment to the two-state solution. that was the message at the end of the weekend possibilities peace summit held in paris. both countries warned against taking unilateral steps against jerusalem or on borders that thed provide a solution to conflict. neither is really as nor palestinians attended the conference. benjamin netanyahu is not dismissing it as futile.
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our correspondent has more. >> it is hard to say there is success when one israeli newspaper says there was no tango in paris. what we are seeing is a repurpose thing of the conference as a shot across the bows from the international community to president-elect of the united states donald trump, to let him know how important a resolution to this conflict is and how important a resolution based on the two-state solution is, because they are fearful of where he will take american foreign-policy. we heard today from israeli officials saying that they regarded this as a success in their terms, because the paris peace conference put out a motherhood statement but did not link it to any action of the united nations, which is what israel feared. there was not a united nations resolution, security resolution,
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to follow. unofficially, they are saying it was a motherhood statement, not link to a timetable or a schedule. that is what we are seeing on the ground. annette: this meeting is coming underjamin netanyahu is fire as he faces a series of corruption allegations. >> yes, there are two main cases on the israeli news all the time . the first one is the more colorful one. perhaps it involves gifts from international and israeli businessmen to the prime minister and his family -- cigars, french champagne, suits, holidays -- and it involves quite famous names and an israeli producer in hollywood. mogul.australian media bear those names in mind,
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because they will come in in the second case, in which we hear on tapesraeli news bits from because the prime minister taped conversations between him and an israeli media mogul. the prime minister wanted better coverage. the newspaper raising and stem, he says, and the media mogul wanted the prime minister to take out a rival newspaper that has been given away for free. you are watching this ofraordinary jibs entrance sections of conversation between the 2, 2 men who hate each other, and the israeli public is mesmerized. annette: a turkish cargo jet has crashed, killing at least 37 people. most of them residents of a village struck by the boeing 747 as it tried to land in dense fog. the plane was supposed to make a stopover new the capital city on its way from hong kong to istanbul.
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in the latest in a series of prison massacres in brazil, at least 26 people died this --kend, including a number on saturday, violence interrupted -- violence erupted in a prison riot. nearly 100 inmates died in riots in recent weeks in other facilities. moving on, south korea special prosecutor is seeking an arrest warrant for samsung deputy young.n lee samsung is being accused of giving donations to nonprofit foundations, operating by a friend of the president in exchange for government favors. catherine viette has more. catherine: more fallout from the south korea ongoing political
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scandal. prosecutors are seeking an arrest warrant for samsung's ofhe has been accused corruption, bribery, embezzlement, and perjury. the special prosecutor's in making this decision to seek an arrest warrant, determined that while the country's economy matters, upholding justice takes precedent. >> the investigation centers around a controversial $8 billion merger that took place in 2015. prosecutors say south korea's biggest company allegedly paid $36 million to nonprofit thedations operated by korean president's and a friend, in exchange for government
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favors. facing trial on charges of abuse of power and attended frauaud, d he has denied any prior knowledge of the merger. meanwhile, samsung has admitted to donating more than $17 million to che's organization in december but denied seeking any preferential treatment. y, the grandson of samsung's founder, has been the de facto leader of the company since his father suffered a heart attack in 2014. some 600,000 vehicles in paris will need to carry a sticker on their windshields that will say how environmentally friendly their engines are. some 200 other european foreigns have -- vehicles are not exempt either. >> they are required starting this monday, but in the early
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hours, few anti-pollution stickers can be found on the cars in the french capital. drivers say it is not for lack of trying. it, and i do not have ordered it two weeks ago. >> i should have it sometime this week. i ordered it before christmas. >> i am driving just fine. a car without a sticker can just -- can still drive. dark of the city mayor has made finding -- >> the city mayor has made finding solutions -- the stickers cost over four euros and come in six colors, reflecting their impact on the environment. green is reserved for electric and hydrogen powered vehicles. diesel and dirtier cars get stickers in brown and gray. they will stay off the road entirely during spikes in air pollution. those driving without a sticker will face fines ranging from 68 to 130 five euros, and having a foreign vehicle will not get you off the hook. authorities have said they will be lenient, at least in the
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first week. make headlines this hour, anger and confusion among world powers after donald trump spells out foreign-policy views days before assuming the u.s. presidency. the president-elect saying nato's -- claimed that brexit was a fantastic move. here in paris, countries state there commitment to the two-state solution between the conflict between the israelis and the palestinians. south korea's special prosecutor --seeking an arrest warm and an arrest warrant for the samsung deputy chairman. for businessw news. i am joined in the studio by our correspondent. the british pound has taken an almighty tumble. 20,t gets below one dollar
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a three-month low. crash came after a pause over the weekend that prime minister theresa may will advocate a hard brexit during a key speech on tuesday. it is not the first time her theds hav recovered on economy. as catherine viette explains. catherine: investors are still waiting for the british government to detail its exit plan from the european union. so far prime minister theresa may has revealed few details about what kind of deal she will seek, and all this uncertainty has taken its toll on the pound. since june's e.u. referendum, the pound has fallen 20% against the dollar, to levels not seen since 1985. on friday she says she will trigger article 50 by the end of march third since then, the british press has been reporting that may will announce a hard brexit in her big speech on tuesday. this would mean calling --
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pulling out of the single market, the european customs union, and the european court of justice to regain control of immigration. the idea of leaving the common toket is like kryptonite traders who backed the pound. every big speech given by may has called us -- has caused the pound to fall. at the end of fall when she launched her tory leadership bid, the pound tumbled. now it is back to near record lows after may announced britain will not try to cling onto bits of e.u. membership, in her new year tv interview. many traders expect the pound to go as low as $1.15. it would make imported goods more expensive. let's take a look at the markets now. all indices trading in the red this lunchtime.
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the ftse 100 has been rising for 14 days straight, but it is unclear if that will be extended to a 15th day. exotica shares are rising fast after it announced a -- luxottica shares are rising fast after it announced a merger. fiscal and business elites are arriving in doubles for the annual world economic forum. in the global elite fly in by helicopter, they are being reminded that they are the lucky few. the annual report on global inequality has been released. just a people earn half the world's wealth -- it just -- just eight people earn half the world's wealth. in vietnamest man would have to were 10 years to earn what the wealthiest man in the world ends in a day.
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global inequality is worse than previously believed with half of the world's wealth in the hands of just eight men. >> we have an economic system that is warped out of shape, meaning the 1% benefit. which is why you get the number of billionaires that have the same wealth as half the rest of the world. >> the eight passengers on the golf buggy include american tech mark bill gates, zuckerberg, and jeff bezos. along for the ride are mexican business magnate carlos slim and this pound -- the founder of a fashion chain. the report was issued as a message to political and financial elites as they gather for their annual meeting at dominoes. >> we want to see them take the messages home and act on them and implement policies that result in more progressive tax enable people to have access to free health care
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so that thing for a medical bill is not going to put somebody into poverty. >> public anger over inequality breeds global upheaval. it points to last year's shock. the donald trump election and brexit as signs of political shift to come. our business editor stephen carroll will be speaking to the executive director of oxen tomorrow. -- of oxfam tomorrow. to find out more about that story tomorrow, we will bring you updates and interviews live from this was felt throughout the week. annette: thank you so much for that. it is time now for "the press review." time now to take a look at the international press. i'm joined here in the studio by dheepthika laurent.
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let's start with donald trump, embroiled in yet another controversy. as the u.s. commemorates a public holiday this monday. dheepthika: it is martin luther king day in the u.s., and donald trump was meant to spend the day in the smithsonian museum. he will not because he got into a war of words because the commerce man from georgia, who incidentally marched with martin luther king. john lewis sold that john lewis said that he does not think trump is a legitimate president, and that it will be almost impossible to work with him. trump reacted rather fiercely to those comments, saying that lewis was all talk and no action. ofple have taken a lot offense to those comments, lewis being a similar rights -- a civil rights hero. donald trump has canceled his visit, losing a much-needed chance for goodwill. annette: there's criticism from the cia director over comments
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about the u.s. intelligence agency. dheepthika: while donald trump has been prepared for his inauguration ceremony, the u.s. president-elect has been scolded johns scolded china and brennan lashed out at him over , calling them offenses. he says trump now has to do something concrete for national security. it is his opportunity as president, as opposed to talking and tweeting about it. annette: the president-elect has been giving interviews, primarily to two european newspapers, "the british times" and "the german built." >> he has given one of his first european interviews to "the times," and to the german daily. he has used the occasion to reintegrate his staff, but he
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-- he said he would agree to a nuclear weapons reduction deal with russia in exchange for lifting sanctions. he also revealed plans to impose travel restrictions on europeans going to america and extreme vetting on those coming from parts of the world known for terror. annette: he's going to be inaugurated this friday. papers one item from this from scotland that has gone viral. it is not your traditional newspaper article. dheepthika: it might have been easy to miss if you do not read the tv guide section. the reviewer has previewed in ans presidency article, describing it as a story that begins in a nightmarish version of 2017, gaudy feature, "the less inauguration of trump," calling
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it a startling glimpse of the horrors we could live up to if we are not careful. some might think we have not been careful. annette: certainly a rather unusual tv guide listing. the state has executed three shiite men, and that is being condemned by human rights groups. they were executed by firing squad on sunday, the first in six years. it is important because it comes in widespread cross -- in right -- in widespread protest over the weekend. say theghts activists three men did not get a fair trial and they were noted to be associated with our rain's antigovernment tradition. the three men were of shiite origins. , which isse newspaper close to hezbollah, has penned a really angry article accusing emirate leaders have being behind the decision are using it as a puppet. they allege that the men
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confessed under torture. annette: there is another round of fires in brazil. in this case, 26 people were killed. in prison.riot the brazilian daily says the prisoners were once again probably members of rival gangs, and their deaths occurred as a result of fights between the two of them. but the paper reminds us that 134 people have been killed in just the first fortnight of 2017 in civilian prisons. and it has really prompted the a radicalall reorientation of brazil's criminal politics. i quote, "it is shameful that we need to wait for a massacre of over 100 prisoners to urgently bring into question the medieval nature of brazilian prisons, and that world is set up in this cartoon." you see a no-name
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person there doing the shopping with inmates at the prison, calling over the barb wire fence, get me some disposable cell phones, and condoms. annette: finally come some good news for animal rights activists with the end of the mythic circus in the u.s. dheepthika: it was a much loved circus. it is called the ringling circus, and it dates back to 150 years. this year they will be performing their last show. over the years they have faced dwindling sales, higher production costs, but have also come under fire for their treatment of circus animals. it is the latest circus to face the ax. "the wall street journal" reports that it could be a sign of people's consciousness turning away from animal-based circuses and perhaps toward the more enjoyable acrobat-based circuses. it is a victory for animal rights activists. whatever the outcome. annette: so more of cirque du soleil perhaps.
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if you want to take a look at the stories that she has been talking about, you can do so at that is it for this edition. i will be back with more news and headlines after a very short break. qéaúçñwwñyw 0p
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man: the u.s. and cucuban governments are talking, and soso is the worlrld. ththe words they're using, detente, rapprochement, but forgetet politics fofor now and come look for yourself in cub there's a whole rld beyond the c cigars and sasalsa, ththe mojitos anand the malecocn bodwalk. we're talngng about artists d d desiers crcreati new stuff and w w market doctors s saving liveses, little league sluggers defying thododds to become bibig league statars. cuba is chananging, open,, reinventing itself.


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