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tv   France 24  LINKTV  January 16, 2017 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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a gripping our top stories this hour. we europeans have our faith in our hands, a response by chancellor angela merkel. in france, the hard left candidate following a second live television debate. and oxfam's grotesque that the eight worlds richest people have as much wealth as the poorest half of the world. critical point in the fact that
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conditions for the world's poorest are improving every year. first incoming u.s. president donald trump has ruffled feathers in europe once again. angela merkel's immigration policy a catastrophe and says >> it is a good thing. interviews to two european newspapers this weekend, and the german chancellor was one of the first to respond. she says europeans can look after themselves. reporter: we should stick together. fromhas been the message eu leaders. a comes after donald trump called britain's smart for choosing to leave the eu and said others will follow. he added that brexit was in part
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a reaction to angela merkel's open door policy. which he called a catastrophic .istake speaking in berlin, the german chancellor said once trump is in office, which he isn't yet, she looks forward to working with his administration. she says the eu's focus should be on unity. europeans have our fate in our own hand. i will maintain the 27 member states must work intensively together for our future. reporter: donald trump also attacked the iran nuclear agreement. he called it one of the worst deals ever made. the eu foreign affairs chief said the nuclear accord was proof that diplomacy works and delivers. >> the european union will
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continue to work and deliver for the respect and implementation of this extremely important deal . reporter: the u.s. president-elect raised further concern among eu leaders by calling the nato defense alliance obsolete. >> i just spoke with nato secretary-general, where especially at nato the rest -- the remarks by president-elect trump have been received worry. reporter: in light of a military threat from russia, nato member countries, including the u.s., have deployed or promised to deploy large numbers of troops across parts of eastern europe. i'm joined by a senior research festival -- senior focus onfellow with a transatlantic relations. if you would a some up those comments by donald trump, i
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guess you could say the british came off best. the french didn't even get mentioned. willu think this is how it be going forward in terms of policy between the u.s. and europe? guest: in terms of unpredictability? yes. but i think we are all making a big mistake by taking these remarks as if they were actual policy statements. we, the experts, have been saying for months and months that donald trump is not qualified to be president of the united states, has no political experience, doesn't have the judgment to do the job, and i think we seeing the evidence of that. this is a man who cannot make the distinction clearly between his personal opinions and public policy. ve tohis interview he ga the reporter from boot showed that he hasn't changed his , but he hasn't
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undertaken any sort of analysis. we are likely to see a lot of the same going forward. but i think increasingly, and i think this is what angela merkel was driving at, she is absolutely right, the europeans are going to be responsible and it would be good if the europeans actually start to make decisions like that. thats absolutely right these are not statements that should be taken particularly seriously. he is going to keep saying whatever he wants to say. after he becomes president of the united states he is very unlikely to change, he is 70 years old and he has an office that looks like something out of clips and with metal gold framed awards. it is also something like out of dallas. this is the bubble he lives in. anchor: what about his comments on nato specifically?
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they contradict with those made by his own intelligence chief. he says nato is vital to u.n. security -- u.s. security. questionere is no about it. i think we will become increasingly -- i think it is unlikely trump will last all four years, extremely difficult to impeach a sitting president in the united states. over the next four years we are going to be more and more accustomed to saying, oh that is just donald trump. view oft of international politics, the standing of the united states, this is catastrophically tragic. that is where we have to go. it is rex tillerson during his testimony to the united states thate who said last week he and trump had not had an opportunity to discuss russia.
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how could he possibly send somebody to go to his hearings to be approved by the senate of the united states and secretary state of the u.s., somebody whose relationship with russia's controversial, and he is not ?iscussed it with trump sometimes i think we are seeing trump imitate alec baldwin on saturday night live and not the other way around, because it is so clearly made up on the fly. there doesn't seem to be any reason why we should actually take what he says seriously. and trump for the fact that he will become president of the united states. anchor: you clearly have some strong feelings about that. thank you for talking to us. let us hope the press -- the british prime minister theresa may will shed some light on her british exit strategy.
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negotiations in brussels due to begin in march. josh now reports. reporter: an issue that has divided the u.k. more than any other in recent memory. those on both sides are anxiously waiting for a key speech from prime minister theresa may on how her government plans to go about it. britain's negotiating stance wants to -- major issue has been the number of desired outcomes from competing voices in the u.k.. even from women in may's own conservative party. a soft brexit, where the u.k. maintains axis to the european single market, or a hard brexit in which the u.k. crashes out of the eu framework, increasing control of immigration. interview, u.k. finance
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minister indicated that the government was ready for a hard brexit. is a brexit would be damaging for the u.k. economy. the chancellor yesterday basically admitted that. what that suggests is the u.k. government may try to compensate for the loss of competitiveness -- loww tax, low tech tax, low wage. reporter: members of mays mainnment -- one of the targeting chips in the upcoming negotiations. anchor: the migrant crisis here in france, austerity, and labor for -- labor reforms were topics debated. a poll shows that viewers found the hard left candidate more convincing than the former prime minister manuel valls.
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call brown has the story. ministers for a controversial labor reform. when he was prime minister. it was one of the wide range of issues in which -- the candidates also criticized the french government for failing to meet the eu's refugee quotas. >> we agree to welcoming 30,000 migrants. among the european countries, we are the top. and we will have to maintain this commitment. mayors, to talk to ngos, and local authorities. >> france could have managed it differently. he asked would we open the borders to everyone?
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to everyoneborders in line with our tradition. to those being killed or bombed, women, children, or the elderly. that is the responsibility of the rest of europe. it's a discussed how they would cope with an incoming american president who has threatened to rewrite or withdraw from a number of major international agreements, including the world packed on climate change. >> if donald trump are in eggs back on theand goes word of the united states, europe will have to undertake certain measures, like a carbon tax on u.s. -- reduction in u.s. military assistance is an incentive to rethink france's position in the world. for instance the fifth world power is a nuclear power. produce --should should propose to our allies
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ideas that can protect our borders. this could be the idea -- this could be the occasion of france to come up with a new political contract with its allies. -- rter: the primary vote on the 22nd and 29th of january. all private today vehicles must have a sticker in their win screen to show their emission levels or they will face a possible fine. 200 other european cities have already got a similar policy underway. watch out if you plan to visit paris by car, because foreign vehicles are not exempt. >> pollution reading since -- -- pollution rating stickers. many drug is still don't have one. they'll may cost for years and they only cost four euros and have been available since last july.
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i am aware of, so this. i is my car every day for work. reporter: the stickers come in six colors according to their emission category. brown and gray are for big amid emitters.ig those that can't get a sticker on banned from driving in the city between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. this photographer needs his car for work. >> sometimes i can't do without my car. i can't put them in ordinary vehicles, taxi, or a hired car. >> traffic groups have expressed anger, and a number have joined a protest in paris on sunday. the city's deputy mayor believes the situation can't wait. he says in the france region, around 1.5 million people bring
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in -- 1.5 million people breathe in polluted air every day. >> we are going to be but the fight every day pollution. are that the authorities have said they will give people to more months to get a sticker. drivers without one will face a fine of at least 68 euros. >> at least 37 people have been killed and over half the homes after a turkish cargo plane -- the 747 crashed. the azt airlines cargo was on its way home from hong kong. the dead include the planes for fourmembers -- plane's crew. for us is trying to recapture the area
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still under the control of the islamic state group. more civilians are forced to flee their homes. hospitals are simply overwhelmed with the number of people seeking treatment. reporter: taking only what they can carry and leaving their battles -- battle scars home from -- home. to iraqi army inches closer the door of ridding the city of the islamic state group. but there is risk of injury even as they leave the battle areas. shiraz or four-year-old son, 12-year-old daughter, and sister when a mortar struck their home. says 700 civilians were four to hospitals and a hawk, the nearest places were fixed health care facilities.
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withgling to cope equipment wearing out. overall, an estimated 100 free since iraqi and kurdish forces -- -- iraq anchorage forces launched efforts to retake the city. iraqi and kurdish forces launched efforts to retake the city. bribery,harges of south korea's biggest companies accused of paying $36 million. the president's close personal friend -- the government admits it has donated mordant 70 million dollars but denies seeking preferential treatment.
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the scandal led to parliament voting to impeach the president. has attacked any quality on the ed of the world economic front and doubles. the charity says it is grotesque that the eighth world richest billionaires have more wealth -- it points to the fact of the world's poorest are becoming wealthier every year. >> the poorest man in vietnam would need to work for 10 years to earn what the country's wealthiest earned in a single day. that is one statistic cited in the latest report released by oxfam. found that global inequality is worse than previously believed. the path of the world's wealth in the hands of just eight men. >> we have an economic system out of shape. the 1% benefits. the is why you can get number of billionaires that have the same wealth as half of the rest of the world.
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includeight passengers ill gates, mark zuckerberg, and jeff bezos. --o along our business founder and spanish fashion changes are a. -- they gathered for their annual meeting of the swiss ski resort in dollars. vos -- in davos. >> we want policies that result in a more progressive tax system, then enable people to have access to free health care so paying for a medical bill isn't going to put somebody in poverty. reporter: oxfam hopes to issue world leaders a warning. inequality. over it points to last year's shock and donald trump's election and finds a political shift to come.
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anchor: the lights have gone out at london's famous circus. the display has been switched off to allow renovation work. it is the longest period of darkness since the second world were ton the lights confuse german bombers. they were used to mark the deaths of winston journal -- winston churchill and princess diana. more comments by u.s. president-elect donald trump. he has been directly threatening the german carmaker bmw. hoped to impose taxes on any car manufacturers who export to america from mexico. in an interview with german newspapers published on monday,
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trump criticized bmw to invest in their plant there instead of the united states. reporter: donald trump has threatened car manufacturers with hefty import tariffs, that is if they set up in plan's -- set up plants in mexico. you can't fire all of their employees, moved to mexico, and then sell it back in. reporter: trump has taken aim at foreign services. he singled out german carmaker bmw. an annual production of 150,000 cars. bmw is not alone. are steppingedes up production to the president elect's remarks -- now german
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manufacturers may be forced to increase investment in the u.s.. >> if they decide to tighten the screws we will not have a choice but to invade -- but to of aid. -- but to evade. germany's economy minister says he is not worried. i think the automobile will quickly notice they have a lot of supplies based there. so american cars will become quite expensive and most likely worse. confirmed the company would stick to plans to produce in mexico. production is aimed at the world market. will mark the launch of this year's world economic forum in dov vos. -- forum in davos.
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they will discuss the big issues of the world today. 3000 members of the world elite will be holding discussions around the theme of responsive and responsible leadership. france 24's business editor will be with them. he spoke with the cochair of the forum and asked her about the relevance of this theme. >> it means you have to listen. you can't just sit here on some mountain and not be aware that everyone feels that we are divided and insecure. that is what we have to listen to. responsible means everyone, the business leaders being here or political leaders taking responsibility for moving the world forward. what i am saying this week is to doe don't have
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something completely new. >> let's take a look at how the european markets have closed on monday. finishing the session in negative territory, winning more information on the uk's brexit plan. a key speech by theresa may on tuesday. are waiting on donald trump sinnott duration. -- donald sinnott duration. -- donald trump's been occupation. sterling fell before recovering slightly. this is on the back of reports the theresa may would call for a so-called hard brexit. entail the eu leading the single market. the effect of the brexit photo on the uk's still unclear. vote is still
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unclear. 2018 will be a different story however with growth slowing down to a previous estimate of 1.7%. the imf is holding to its assessment that exit will be bad for the u.k. output and negative for the economy as a whole. the january imf forecast kept global growth for 2017 at 3.4%. the forecast has been revised upwards. similar spending expected to increase in the incoming trump administration. the chinese economy is expected to grow at a rate of 6.5% this year with the help of heavy government spending. the imf's chief explains the , china, and other companies at large are facing many risks, such as the rise of protectionism.
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>> vulnerabilities include immigration, multilateral engagement, trade, in the u.s. and europe. whichg climate change, affect its -- affect slowing come countries. and a number of -- continuing slow growth and deflationary pressures. >> let's take a look at other business stories. french lens maker will be joining forces to get the annual revenue of 15 billion euros. 800 hotel and real estate fresheners have launched -- estate professionals have launched a formal: complaint -- launched a formal complaint.
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they say the sites have an unfair advantage because they don't have to conform to as much regulation as the professionals. mcdonald's is trying to make up for opening a new branch of steps away from st. peter's square in the vatican. they are donating meals to a charity at a lock and clinic at rome, thereby engaging in good old christian charity. some cardinal said the space could be of better used to shele needy. the goal and arches have clinched to distribute 1000 the next six months. clinched arches have to distribute 1000 meals over the next six months. >> we thank you for the break. stay with us.
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