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tv   France 24  LINKTV  January 17, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PST

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>> goal -- a new positive constructive partnership between britain and the european union. we will be driven by some core principles. we will provide with as much certainty and clarity as we can at every stage. and we will take the opportunity to make britain stronger, fairer , and to build a more global britain, too. the first objective is crucial. we will provide certainty whenever we can. we are about to enter a negotiation. that means there will begin and take. there will have to be compromises.
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it will require imagination on both sides. not everybody will be able to know everything at every stage. but i recognize how important it is to provide the public sector and everybody with as much certainty as possible. where we can offer that certainty, we will do so. that is why last year we acted quickly to give clarity about farm payments and university funding. it is why, as we repeal the weopean communities act, will convert the body's existing e.u. law into british law. this will give us maximum certainty as we leave the e.u. the same rules and laws won't reply -- will apply on the days after brexit as they did before. it will be for the british parliament to decide on any law after full
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scrutiny and proper parliamentary debate. parliament,s to there is one other way in which i would like to provide certainty. i can confirm today that the government will put the final agreed between the u.k. and the e.u., to a vote in both houses of parliament before it comes into fore. our second guiding principle is to build a stronger britain. that means taking control of foreign affairs, as those who voted in the millions to leave that we must. leaving the european union will mean that our goals will be made in westminster, carter's, and belfast. those laws will be interpreted by judges not in luxembourg but in courts across this country because we will not have truly left the european union if we are not in control of our own
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laws. a stronger britain demands that we do something else. strengthening the precious union between the four nations of the united kingdom. at this moment this time, it is more important than ever that we face the future together, united by what makes us strong. the bonds that unite us as a people and our shared interest in the u.k., with an open, successful trading nation in the future. and i hope that same spirit of unity will apply and northern ireland in particular in the coming months, to work together to establish a partnership government as soon as possible. are theaffairs responsibility of the u.k. government. dealing and acting in interest of all parts in the united kingdom. as prime minister, i take that responsibility seriously. i have also been determined from
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the start that the administration should fully be engaged in this process. that is why the government has set up a joint ministerial committee on e.u. negotiations. contribute to the process of planning for our departure from the european union. we have already received from the scottish government -- we look forward to getting a paper from the welsh government shortly. both papers will be an important part of the process. we will not agree on everything, but i look forward to working with the administrations in scotland, wales, and northern ireland to deliver a brexit that works for the whole of the united kingdom. part of that will mean working very carefully to ensure that as powers are repatriated from brussels back to britain, the right power is returned to and to scotland,
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wales, northern ireland. . can do so but our guiding principle must be that as we leave, no new barriers to doing business within our own union are created. that means maintaining the necessary standards and framework for our own domestic market, and powering the u.k. as ,n open trading nation protecting the common resources of our islands. as we do this, i shall be clear that no decisions currently taken by the administrations will be removed from them. we cannot forget that as we leave the united kingdom, we share a land border with the e.u., and maintaining that, and travel area with the republic of ireland will be an important priority for the u.k. in the talks ahead. there has been a common travel
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area between the u.k. and the republic of ireland for many years. before it was formed either of our two countries were members of the european union. and the family ties and arms of affection that unite our country's mean there will always be a special relationship tween us. so we will work to deliver a practical solution that allows the maintenance of the travel area within the republic while protecting the integrity of the immigration system. nobody wants to return to the borders of the past, so we will make it a priority to deliver a practical solution as we can. -- to deliver as practical a solution as we can. the first principle is to build ensuring astain, much to every person who lives and works in the country. that is why we need to ensure we can control immigration from europe.
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indeed, openness to international talent must remain one of this country's most distinctive accents. but that -- most distinctive assets. control with a number of people coming to britain from the e.u. while controlled immigration can makingreat benefits, british businesses -- when the numbers get too high, public support for the system falters. in the last decade or so, we have seen record levels of net migration in britain. that sure volume will put pressure on public services like schools, stretched on infrastructure and especially housing, and put downward pressure on wages for working class people. i know that you cannot control immigration overall when there is free movement from britain to
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europe. britain is an open and tolerant country. we will always want immigration, especially high skilled immigration. we will always want immigration from europe, and we will always welcome individual migrants as friends. but the message from the public, both for and during the referendum campaign was clear. brexit must mean control of the number of people who come to britain from europe, and that is eliver. will d fairness demand we deal with another issue, too. we want to guarantee the rights of the british people who live in the nation as early as we can. many of them favor such an agreement it one or two others do not. but i want everyone to know that it remains an important priority for britain.
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and for many other member states, to resolve this challenge as soon as possible because it is the right and fair thing to do. a fairer britain is a country that protects and enhances the rights people have at work. that is why, as we translatete e body of european law, we will ensure that workers rights are fully protected and maintained. indeed, under my leadership, not only will the government protect the rights of eu workers, we will build on them. we will make sure that legal protection for workers keep his with the changing labor market, and on the voices of workers are heard by the boards of clue listed companies for the first time. but the great buys bank for this aheady, the opportunity is to truly build a global
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britain, a country that reaches out to old friends and new allies alike. a great global trading nation and one of the firmest advocates for free trade anywhere in the world. that starts with our close friends and neighbors in europe. as a priority, we will pursue a bold and ambitious free trade agreement with the european union. for agreement should allow the free as possible trading in goods and services between member and the e.u.'s states. it should give british companies the maximum freedom to trade with and operate within the european markets and let european businesses do the same in britain. but i w want to be clear. what i am proposing cannot mean membership of a single market. said manyeaders have times that membership means accepting the four freedoms of
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goods, capital, g people. membership with the single votet -- without having a on what those rules and regulations are. it would mean accepting a role for the european court of justice that would see it still having direct authority in our country. it would, for all intents and purposes, mean not leaving the e.u. at all. that is why in the referendum bothign, it was clear that leaving the e.u. mean you are going to leave the single market. we do not seek membership as a single market. instead, we seek the greatest possible access to it through a new, comprehensive, bold, and ambitious free trade agreement. -- on the export
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of cars alone, for example, the freedom to provide financial services across national borders. it makes no sense to start again from scratch when britain and the remaining remember states have adhered to the same state -- to the same rules for many years. but i respect the position taken by european leaders who have been about their position, just as i am clear about mine. so on up part of the new strategic partnership we seek with the e.u. will be the pursuit of the greatest possible access to the single market on a fully reciprocal basis to a comprehensive free-trade agreement. because we will no longer be the members of the single market, we -- therebe required to may be some specific european programs with which we might want to participate. this will be for us to decide.
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it is reasonable we should make an appropriate contribution. but t the principle e is clear. the days of britain making vast contributions to the european union every year will end. because it is not just trade with the e.u. we should be interested in. a global britain must be free to strike -- to strike a grimace with countries outside the european union, too. because important without trade -- import and ththough our trade with e.u. is and will remain, it is important that we trade significantly, with the fast export growing markets in the world. please join me in the e.u.. clothing has stagnated in the u.k. -- that is why it is important for britain to get out into the world and rediscover its role as a great global trading nation. it is such a priorority that whn i became prime minister i established for the first time
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and department for international trade. into theo get out wonder world to trade and do .usiness allll around the globe countries including china, brazil, and the gulf states have already expressed striking trade deals with us. we have started discussions on future trade ties with countries like australia, new zealand, and india. president-elect trump has said britain is not at the back of but is alive. i know my emphasis across trade agreements with countries outside europe has led to questions about whether britain seeks to remain a member of the e.u. us customs union. full customs union membership events us from negotiating our own compmprehensive trade deals. i want britain to be able to negotiate its own trade
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agreements, but i also want tariffs-free trade with europe and cross-border trade to be as frictionless as possible. that means i do not want britain to be part of the, commercial policy, and i did do not want us to be bound by external tariffs. these are elements of thee customs union that prevent us from striking our own comprehensive trade agreements with other countries. but i do want us to have a custom agreement with e.u. whether that means we will reach a e.u. customs agreement, the customs union in some way will remain a signatory to some i have nof it, preconceived condition. i have an open mind on how we do it. it is not the means that matter but the end. clear, i want to remove as many barriers to trade as possible, and i want britain to be free to establish our own
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schedules at the world trade organization. many we can reach new trade agreements not just with e.u. but with the new friends and allies from outside europe, too. a global britain must also be a country that looks to the future. that means being one of the best places in the world for science and innovation. one of our great strengths as a nation is the debts of -- backed up by some of the world's best universities. o ofve a proud history leading and supporting cutting-edge research and innovation. so we will also welcome agreements to continue to collaborate with our european partners a major science research and technology initiatives. from space exploration to clean energy to medical techchnologies, britaiain will remamain at the forefront of collective endeavor to better
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understand and make better the world in which we live. will global britain continue to cooperate with its european partners in important areas such as crime, terrorism, and foreign affairs. all of us in europe face the challenge of border crime, a deadly terrorist threat, and the dangers presented by hostile states. all of us share interests and values in common, values we want to see projected around the world. with the threat to our common security becoming more serious, our response cannot be to cooperate with another, but to work together more. i then went our future relationship with the european union to include practical arrangements on matters of law enforcement and the sharing of intelligence material within our
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e.u. allies. i'm proud of the role britain has played and will continue to play in promoting europe's security. written has led europe on the measures needed to you our continent secured, which -- whether it is implementing sanctions against russia for annexing crimea, working for peace and security in the balkans, or securing our external border, we will continue to work closely with our european allies in foreign and domestic defense policy, even as we leave the unit self. these are our objectives for the negotiation ahead. objectives that will help to realize our ambition of shaping that stronger, fairer global britain that we want to see. a new,e the basis for strong, constructive partnership with the european union, a partnership of friends and allies, interests and values. a partnership for a strong e.u. and a strong u.k. but there is one further objective.
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as i have said before, it is in no one's interest for there to be a cliff edge with business and a threat to stability as we change our existing relationship to a new partnership with e.u. of anl not seek some form limiting transitional status in which we find ourselves in a permanent political pretoria. that would not be good for britain, nor will it be good for the e.u. instead, i want us to have reached an agreement about our future partnership. by the time the article 50 process has included. from that point onward, we believe the processss of implemementation in which britan and the e.u. institutions and member states prepare for the new arrangements that will exist between us will be in our mutual self interest. this will give businesses another time to play -- enough
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time to plan. ,his is for immigration control justice systems. but it might be about the future. needach issue, the time we be solved quickly, some might take longer. the purpose is clear. we will seek to avoid the disrupted -- the disruptive cliff edge, and will do everything we can to face in the new arrangements we require as we move toward our new -- our new rid partnership. so these are the objectives we have set. certainly we have possible control of our own laws, strengthening the united kingdom, maintaining the common travel area with ireland, controlled immmmigration, rights
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for brititish nationals and british nationals living in the e.u., new trtrade agreements wih other countries, a leading role in science and innovation, cooperation on crime, terrorism, and foreign affairs, and delivering a smooth and orderly brexit. this is a framework of a deal that will herald a new partnership between the u.k. anti-e.u. it is a comprehensive and carefully considered plan that focuses on the end, not just the means. with its eyes fixed further on the future and on the kinds of country we will be once we leave , and reflects the hard work of many in this room today. tirelessly tod bring us together and to prepare this country for the negotiations ahead. -- thesereally know debates have been discussed at length.
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more who urge us to review , such as a blow-by-blow details of our negotiating strategy, areas in which we might compromise, the areas where there is potential trade-off -- it is not in the national interest because this is not a game or opposition's time for opposition's sake. it is a crucial and sensitive negotiation that will do find the interest as excess of our country for many years to come, and it will be vital that we maintain our discipline. that is why i said before and will continue to say that every stray word and every media report will make it harder for us to o get the right dedeal for brbritain. our opposite numbers in the european commission know it. which is why they're keeping their discipline. the european government also knows it. however frustrating some people find it, the government will not
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be pressured into paying more than i believe is in our national interest to pay. toause it is not my job fill: just with daily updates, but to get the right deal for britain. that is what i intend to do. deal and aent that a new strategic partnership between the u.k. and the e.u. can be achieved. this is firstly because having held conversations with almost every leader from every e.u. member state, having spent time talking to the senior figures in the european institutions, and ,fter my cabinet colleagues david cameron, boris johnson, have done the same with their interlocutory. i am confident that the vast positivewant a partnership between the u.k. and
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the e.u. after the brexit. i'm confident that the objectives i'm setting out today are consistent with the needs of the e.u. and its member states. shat is why our objective include a proposed free trade agreement between the e.u. and the european union, and we expect rollout membership with the european -- we respect that position. states --7 member they say they hope to continue their political journey inside the european union. we not only respect the fact that supported because we do not want to undermine the single market. we do not want to undermine the we want the e.u. to be a success, and we want the remaining member states to prosper. and of course, we want the same for britain. the second reason i believe it is possible to reach a good deal
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is that the kind of agreement i have described today is the economically rational thing that both britain and the e.u. should aim for. because trade is not a zero-sum game. more of it makes us all more prosperous. free trade means more trade. more trade means more jobs and more wealth creation. the election of balance trade moved. the third and final reasoson i believe we can come to the right agreement is that cooperation between britain and the e.u. is needed not just when it comes to trade but when it comes to our security, too. are twoand france nuclear powers. they are the only two european countries with permanent seats on the united nations security council. britain's armed forces are a
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crucial part of europe's collected dissent. and our intelligence capabilities have already faced countless lives and many terrorist plots have been thwarted coming across the border -- across the into our continent. britain wants to be a good friend and neighbor anyway. that means securing the safety and security of all citizens. what i have outlined today is in britain's interest, aidss in europe's interest. , britain wants to remain a good friend and neighbor to europe. yet i know there are some voices calling for a punitive deal that punishes britain, and it goes with other countries from taking the same path. that would be an act of calamitous self harm for the countries of europe, and it would not be the act of a friend. -- indeed, wenot
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could not -- accept such ann approach. while i am confident that this sure ao -- while i am positive agreement can be reached, i am equally clearqwum
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