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tv   DW News  LINKTV  January 17, 2017 2:00pm-2:31pm PST

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brent: this is dw news live from berlin. a hard brexit beckons. prime minister theresa may spells out her strategy for leaving the european union. >> what i am proposing cannot mean membership of a single market. brent: what does it mean for europe and for britain? this is the man a turkish
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authorities say has confessed to bombing in a stempel nightclub on new year's eve. he and four others have been arrested in the city's suburbs. the highest court rejects a ban on a far right political party. they are accused of spreading racism and anti-semitism but the court says it is not a threat to german democracy. brent: i'm brent goff. good to have you with us. for half a year, the world means -- has heard that brexit means brexit. the prime minister has told the world what it means and how she plans to take britain out of the european union. theresa may says that she wants a clean break. no half in and half out. she says britain will not seek to remain part of the european single market but that it will
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seek access to the trade block. reaction from berlin and brussels in just a moment. >> it was the most anticipated speech today. she put rumors to rest by confirming britain will leave the single market. britain doesn't want a half in- half out deal. >> it cannot mean membership of the single market. european leaders have said many times that it means accepting the full freedoms, goods, capital, services, and people. and being out but a member of the single market would mean complying with the rules and regulations that implement those. without having a vote on what those rules and regulations are. reporter: she spelled out the top 12 priorities.
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she said they included striking a new customs deal with the eu. taking back control of britain's borders. not being bound by the european court of justice. in guaranteeing the rights of people from the eu already residing in the u.k.. it would allow parliament to vote on the final deal. opposition leaders were quick to voice concerns. >> she says she wants to leave the single market bubut havee access to o the single market. i'm m not sure how they'rere gog to go down. we have shops dependent on that market. she seems to be wanting to have her cake and eat it.
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reporter: the prime minister try to extend a hand of friendship to the eu. >> i know there are some voices calling for a punitive deal. it would not be ththe act of a friend. whatever the outcome, she stressed britain would leave the eu, come what may. >> let's hear how germany is responding. good evening to you.
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what sort of reaction have we heard so far? reporter: there is already plenty of reaction, brent. not only from members of the government that in the parliament. there is a sense of relief that theresa may finally presented what her strategy will be. it was something german politicians had mentioned that they wanted to find out exactly what the u.k. pretended from these negotiations. she had finally given -- politicians respected the decision by the u.k.. my them to leave the european union, trying to defend their interests. making sure that negotiations
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will start after the u.k. triggers that article 50. those were the main topics of reaction today from berlin. brent: there was one point in the speech where theresa may, her speech was laced with hints of what would happen if the european union does not cooperate with negotiations. she said it could be a calamitous self harm event. >> i'm sure the european union also wants some sort of good deal with the u.k.. but germany also wants to make sure that this negotiation is seen as an exception. that other discussions, they do
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not feel that they want to follow suit. it is something that germany and other members will try and establish in the next few month because that is one of the key priorities. to make sure that it is still guaranteed. brent: and how did theresa may's speech go down with european leaders elsewhere? the vice president of the european parliament. >> there is a certain clarity. to not be part of the single market. our you happy about that clarity? >> there has been a lot of
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obfuscation. and legal structure, there is a divorce agreement to be struck from the eu. about the future relationship. the brits want to negotiate themselves. he said we would do them consecutively and there would never be any cross-referencing or cross deals. >> what about the things she said, painting a future for the united kingdom that's very bright. do you think it is realistic? >> they have to decide if they
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believe their prime minister. >> do you believe her? >> leaving the eu means you lose access to the biggest market in the world. it is bigger than china or the united states in terms of the purchasing power. it means britain is shooting themselves in the foot economically. i think it is the right attitude. not a t tip but a b tip. brent: not a t tip but a b tip. we are joined with the very latest from the world economic forum and all those. -- in davos. >> a warning against trade wars. a call to stop protectionism and defense of the globalization process that sounds like a speech by a u.s. president. but it was none other than
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chinese president paying -- ping. this crazy world, things are not what they used to be. >> as leaders from business and politics descended upon the town of death loss -- demo'avos,, how will the next administration shape the economy. a first timer at the forum. he did not have to mention donald trump by name. his opening speech that obvious reaction to attacks by the president-elect. we must say no to protectionism. pursuing protectionism is like locking oneself in a dark room. while wind and rain may be kept
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out, so our light and air. no one will emerge as a winner in a trade war. a pregnant pause, then a show of support. trump has described china's trade policy is unfair and accused the country of stealing american trade secrets. he has also vowed to slap high terrace for companies moving jobs outside the united states. trump advisor denied america is walling itself off. >> of course we will be engaged in foreign trade. ones where the american worker, the american middle class has advocated in the top. he's not talking about isolationism. >> with days to go, people are united on one front.
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major changes on the way. >> let's now bring in helena humphrey who has been talking to the participants today. let's start with the remarks. it sounds like a paradox when china is defending free trade in speaking up against things like protectionism, doesn't it? >> let's be clear about this. these comments would have been almost unthinkable from somebody who is a communist from chinese president she cheapening -- ping. a defense of globalization, more free trade, and that, to about protectionism. it's like locking yourself in a dark room.
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it was left out. access to foreign companies, so let's just see if actions meet those words in the years to come. >> you mentioned that donald trump was not directly mentioned in this reach but something was aimed at him. one of his advisors was there. he's been pretty much under fire by the press. helena: he took part in two panel discussions today and there is a sense that he had a lot of tidying up to do from trump's plethora of daily tweets.
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he said people in the united states felt left out in the cold and that's why they are turning towards these section list tendencies. he said trump had no intentions to engage in a trade war either but monetary policy in the wake of the global financial recession had not done these people any good. 3% had benefited from a policy of quantitative easing and that paradox because the likes of trump and scare a mucci have benefited from this policy but he was keen to point out that perhaps this wouldn't be as damaging as some critics say. >> we know we have the plans for the hard brexit. how did that go down there?
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helena: they are potentially not guaranteed. when she arrives here on thursday, they will be reacting once the prime minister arrives. brent: thank you very much. it will take a short break and when we come back, more world news. don't go away.
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brent: britain's prime minister revealed, it would include
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leaving the european single market. most of f e victims are refugees and aid workers. the air raid was meant to target boko hereon -- boko haram. let's get the latest in nigeria's capital. what more can you tell us a abot what seems to be a tragic mistake? >> he called it t a very cononcd thing.g.
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and t those that be the families of the dead onones. there is n no figurures of actuy the numberer of people died. possssibly because of the distae between the towns and the headquarters. brent: this was the case of mistaken identity. do we know how this happened?? >> t the theater commander may e see it.
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brent: whahat impact couldld ths have on the government's battle and fight against the boko hara >> [indiscernible] brent: joining us from nigeria tonight with the latest on that attack. thank you very much.
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they may be racist, but there is no need to ban them. that is the conclusion. the judges ruled that it is a complex matter. >> they can accomplish the anti-constitutional goals in the foreseeable future.
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>> according to the constitutional court justices, the influence on society is simply too small. it is no longer represented in any german parliament and may have a hard court of regional supporters but only 6000 members nationwide. the right-wing populist party has many more supporters than the npd. but following the verdict, they see a chance to make gains. >> they pummeled them for years. they suggest to voters that it was not possible to vote because it would be banned anyway. at some point, we got caught up in all that. since we are now free of the stigma of the ban, we can start to recruit. >> the similarities with
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socialism confirms its contempt for the liberal democratic fundamental order. >> they lack the possibility to disrupt this fundamental order. according to the federal judge, a ban on political parties is not a ban on a person's views. >> they have a new president. it will replace a going president martin schultz who is returning to german politics. they held four rounds of voting, confirming just in the last few minutes. gave beena memberand belong t the conservative courts italian party, the former prime minister bellus county -- belescoini. johnny patella, from the socialist him a crass. it took all four rounds of voting but was decided. let's pull in max hoffman.
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why did it take so long. >> virtually unheard of, by the way, and it in the history of modern european parliament that this drags on for four rounds. it is complicated. the put it simple, there were no backroom deals this time. the two biggest factions agreed on him and the voting was just a formality. in this case, it was a real fight and that's why it took so long. 351-282, that's about 70 votes and not a lot. this was all about building coalitions and making deals democracy at its best.
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brent: but can we read anything into this, the fact that it did take four rounds? it is this narrow vote, an indicator of a deep rift between the parties there? >> not necessarily. i wouldn't go that far. a hard time getting everybody behind them. it is sort of a controversial figure. his time as a commissioner, there were a couple of pickups. there are allegations that he knew about the manipulation of emissions test and a commissioner for industry, but did not do anything about it. the fact that he was the spokesman does not help him with the greens or the communists in this european parliamenent eith. they will hohold him accountable and say he needs to fulfill his
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promise that he just repeated, by the way, to be the president of the different parties and the different factions in the european parliament. brent: we know that the conservative italian succeeds the german mark schultz. what changes can we expect? >> the main difference is probably not going to be the political direction because of the president of the european parliament that is supposed to be sort of the ringleader, not necessarily giving a political direction. he managed to put the european parliament on the map, even if it formally wasn't in charge of things. he managed to make a stage of this, to have all the important discussions that are going on in europe.
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it will give it more clout. it is unclear the successor will be able to do that as well. brent: turkey says the main suspect wanted in connection to an attack on the us temple club has confessed. he was arrested in the city. >> a special operation by turkish security forces during the night. officers raided a housing complex in a stand it led to the capture, the man authorities believed carried out. police confiscated.
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they had confessed to carrying out the massacre. the terrorist has admitted his crime. the attack was carried out for the so-called islamic state. brent: a quick reminder of our top stories this hour. britain's prime minister has revealed her plans for taking the u.k. out of the european union. she wants a clean break. no half in, no half out. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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>> welcome back. our top stories, scores of people killed in nigeria as the air force mistakenly bombed a refugee camp. the target was the infamous group boko rom. written will withdraw from the single market and take back full control of his borders. british prime minister theresa may led out her plans for brexit, causing mixed reactions. ♪


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