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tv   France 24  LINKTV  January 17, 2017 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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>> welcome back. our top stories, scores of people killed in nigeria as the air force mistakenly bombed a refugee camp. the target was the infamous group boko rom. written will withdraw from the single market and take back full control of his borders. british prime minister theresa may led out her plans for brexit, causing mixed reactions. ♪
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laura: we begin in nigeria, where dozens of people have been killed after the air force mistakenly bombed a refugee camp. the airstrike took place in the northeast of the country close to the border with cameroon. a number of aid workers were among the victims. the nigerian army frequently carries out bombing raids in its fight against the infamous group ko haram.wrong -- boo >> this is a horrible tragedy we are getting news up this morning. doctors without borders, which has been crucial in helping to curb some of the tragedies as some of the emergencies in nigeria are saying that at least 52, but an earlier quote coming from the actual state is saying more like about 100.
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that will be finalized in due course. we see more bodies coming out from the area, but we know that the nigerian air force was actually trying to bring refugees out of a camp and somehow a bomb went out instead, and aid workers were also killed as well. laura: it's not the first time that civilians have been accidentally killed in the nigerian armies war on boko har am. >> they are saying it is an accident. the president also came out to confirm that it was an accidental event. this is never happen as far as we know, even though civilians have said that it happened before, but the president will likely organize a committee to look into what happened and see how it came about and to prevent
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such mistakes from happening and perhaps to compensate the refugees as well. laura: stay in africa, the state of emergency has been declared in gambia where the president is still refusing to step down, despite losing the election over a month ago. the winner is in senegal where he plans to remain until thursday when his inauguration is supposed to take place. he remains defiant. >> i hereby declare a state of public emergency. the unprecedented an extraordinary amount of interference in the presidential elections and in the internal and in thegambia hostile atmosphere threatening
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the sovereignty, peas, and security of the country. security forces are hereby instructed to maintain absolute peace, law and order throughout the country. laura: there will be no harsh measures, the message from british prime minister theresa may who's been giving details .or plan for brexit she says britain will leave the common market but will push for a free trade agreement with the of theng 27 members european union. she said any final deal must be approved by parliament. positivelymay spoke about britain's future outside the eu this tuesday. vision,rs welcome turbo but dominic grieve was less sure all would work out. thise question is whether
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is deliverable, and we will have to see over the course of the next two years whether our european partners are attracted by this model or not. >> that's where the challenge lies, and the opposition leader is concerned about the potential plan b. wechsler seems to be an implied threat that somewhere along the line, the optimism of the deal with the european union did not work. we would move into a low tax, corporate taxation, bargain-basement economy on the offshore's of europe. she needs to be at -- a bit clearer. >> the scottish prime minister said her plans would be economically catastrophic and scotland cannot be taken down that path. is not being driven by the interests of the country and it --governed by the interests
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it is deeply regrettable. reporter: but there were some good news for theresa may on the continent. the german foreign minister said germany welcomes the fact that the british prime minister has gets that is finally brought it bit more clarity about the british plans. formal negotiations cannot begin until the u.k. has triggered article sisi. a ruling on whether parliament expectedsent will be from the supreme court's sometime next week. is the coldest in france for five years, with temperatures dropping two minus 11 degrees in some parts of the country. the homeless are the most vulnerable, among them dozens of migrants and refugees sleeping in makeshift camps in northern paris. some are being forced to wait
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outside in subzero temperatures. in serbia, hired -- hundreds of migrant men and boys have been trying to survive reasoning temperatures, living in abandoned warehouses in belgrade. temperatures reached record lows there last week. freezingare at risk of to death in greece where a man was found dead from hypothermia on a road leading -- between greece and turkey. our guest joins us on the line. tell us a bit about the situation in greece. >> right now in greece what we are looking at, temperatures dropping well below zero. they have risen just enough to get us past and extremely critical week. picturesou have seen of snow covering the refugee conditions are
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appalling. notgovernment is implementing and managing the coordination of their response. the government to coordinate and manage the winter .lan unfortunately, it did not happen, to the point where they are overwhelmed with 500 people sleeping outside. many are heating their small tents with gas cooking plates. the oneour charity are to have accused the french police of taking people's blankets away while they are waiting to get into these overcrowded refugee centers. can you tell us a bit more about that? reporter: it's something we've been seeing for a while now,
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reports of police tearing down in the north of paris. .t is nothing new -- many campsamps have been dismantled. not enough options are available for these migrants to be housed and protected in a humane way. stealing blankets are taken away their only means of shelter, as they are struggling to survive in one of the harshest winters. serbia, which is outside the european union, there are hundreds of migrants, mainly men and boys, who are trying to survive in these abandoned warehouses where the temperatures have been very cold indeed. reporter: exactly.
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have witnessed men boiling water and showering outside in 15 degree temperatures. there are numerous cases of children having extreme cases of frostbite and hypothermia. andnew they were there extremelyhere is an violent conflict and they are fleeing persecution. they are not here by choice. they have nothing left. we need to be welcoming in the response and make sure they have the very basic shelter and means to protect themselves from the extremely cold winter. laura: thank you very much indeed for talking to us. two german now where the country size court has ruled against
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banning a far right neo-nazi party. despite the group's racist and anti-semitic rhetoric. critics have condemned the incites hate.g it >> leaders of the far right npd party arrived in court this tuesday to hear good news. .heir party will not be banned it marks a defeat for the upper house in germany's parliament who brought the case to court, as it said the npd has been promoting a racist and anti-semitic agenda. by theapplication federal assembly on december 3, 2013, for a ban of the far right npd party has failed, according to a unanimous agreement by the second senate, the npd does indeed pursue anticonstitutional goals, but at the moment there is an insufficient weight of in -- evidence.
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>> under german law, there must be strong proof that a party poses a significant threat to democracy for it to be banned. despite plentiful press coverage for some of its rallies, the npd only has around 5000 members. afteralso not represented winning just 1.3% of the vote in the last national election in 2013. this marks the second failed attempt to get the national democratic party, more often ed.wn as the npd, bann last time justices rejected the attempt because some were found to be paid government informants. their limited public support contrast sharply with the anti-immigrant alternative for germany party. they picked up around 15% of votes in some elections in 2016
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and is hoping to gain seats in this september's national elections. a man being held in turkey accused of carrying out a massacre at a nightclub on new year's eve was trained in afghanistan, according to police. the 34-year-old allegedly carried out the attack in istanbul on behalf of the islamic state group. he was arrested last night along with three women and an iraqi man. man iney's most wanted the hands of the authorities. he stumbles governor announced that he has confessed to killing 39 people at the nightclub in the early hours of new year's day and that the 33-year-old fingerprints matches those of the scene. >> this person was born in 1980 three in respect to stand and receive training in afghanistan. he's a terrorist to nose for
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languages and is well-educated. we have strong indications -- who knows for languages. we have indications from 2016. he was arrested with an iraqi man in three women. see.was also allegedly he had been hiding in an outlying district some 30 kilometers from the nightclub. people had gathered there to celebrate the new year when a gunman stormed the building and started shooting on site. the islamic state organization claimed responsibility for the carnage, calling it reprisal for turkey's military operations in syria. the istanbul governor confirmed this tuesday that the attack i clearly been carried out for the jihadists. laura: it's been call the forgotten war, but the u.n.
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spoke about the war in yemen today. a saudi led coalition has been fighting the iranian backed rebels. around 10,000 people have been killed during two years of fighting and 40,000 injured. on top of that, over 2 million children are at risk of starvation. reporter: yemen is facing a dire humanitarian crisis. you andthe warning from mediators who were in the capital to launch peace talks. according to you in a workers, over 10,000 people have been killed since march 2015, and 40,000 have been injured. the --e were you about we are worried about the children, 3.3 million people are thatly malnourished in category of people. >> the u.n. said almost 19 million people need aid or protection. that includes nearly a half-million children under five who are severely malnourished.
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an increase of 63% since before the war. more than 2.5 million have fled their homes to nearing -- nearby saudi arabia, djibouti, and somalia since the conflict again. shiite rebels believed to be aack by iran had seized sana and the rebels tried to take over the whole country. in response, saudi arabia, supported by the west and other sunni arab states, began airstrikes aiming to destroy who's the rebel positions. the u.n. said in a report last year that airstrikes had been responsible for the majority of yemeni civilians killed during the conflict. missinghe search for malaysian airlines flight inmates 370 has officially been called off. three years searching the wide expanse of the indian ocean and cost of some $160 million that turned up no information as to what happened to the flight.
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relatives of those on board reacted with outrage to today's announcement. the beijing bound boeing 777 went missing shortly after .akeoff from kuala lumpur 239 people were on board. the's president has warned incoming u.s. president, donald, against trying to pull out of an nuclear agreement. in 2015, tehran signed a deal with the u.s., france, russia, and others, agreeing to curb its nuclear program in return for lifting sanctions. trump has called it the worst deal ever negotiated. >> what donald trump says on the iran nuclear deal is mainly slogans. i do not see it likely that something happens in practice when he interest the white house, because it is not a bilateral deal and it is not for him to say if he likes it or dislikes it.
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returning to the past has no meaning at all. there will be no renegotiations over the joint comprehensive plan of action. this is a done deal which was carried out and then sealed. u.s. looks set to embrace protectionism under donald trump, it has elected china to defend free trade and globalization. the first chinese leader to visit davos. reporter: the chinese president warned there was no escaping globalization, and any attempt by other nations to shield themselves from this reality would be impossible. >> there is no point in blaming globalization for the world's problems. ,s that is simply not the case and it will not help solve these problems.
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rather, we should adapt to and guide globalization. cushion its negative impact and deliver its benefits to all countries and all nations. >> while he didn't mention his name once in the speech, it is believed he was addressing u.s. president-elect donald trump, who ran a campaign promoting protectionism and has threatened to introduce tariffs of up to 45% on chinese goods. on tuesday, the chinese government introduced measures that will lower restrictions on foreign investment across a number of sectors, signaling that china must keep its doors open. this as a populist backlash in the west has threatened a retreat from open markets. visitors to a nature reserve in florida could barely believe their eyes when they clapped eyes on a gigantic alligator, when that some people said more closely resembles a dinosaur. take a look at this. this video was taken by tourist
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at lakeland, florida. experts estimate this alligator to be around 15 feet long and weigh more than 800 pounds. it really is huge. here he is taking a stroll before he slips back into the comfort of his swamp. respect for those who were brave enough to stand there and take pictures and video. time for a quick reminder of our headlines this hour. at least 50 people have been killed in nigeria after the air force there mistakenly bombed a refugee camp. aid workers were among the victims. the bombers were supposed to haram.the group boko britain will withdraw from the single market and take back control of its borders. british prime minister theresa
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may has been laying out her plans for brexit. we will have more on brexit now with charles, who is here with today's top business news. ministerthe u.k. prime made a pledge to exit the single market tuesday afternoon in her speech, saying london will have to renegotiate a new trade deal with the european union as well as with other countries. this opens up a whole new world of possibilities for britain. alexander hirst has this report to guide us through what this means exactly. >> not partial membership of the thatean union or anything leaves us half in, hath out. >> saw brexit is out, hard brexit is end, but what does that mean for businesses? , ending theigration jurisdiction of the european
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court of justice, and pursuing bilateral trade deals with nations around the world. in order to achieve those goals, the u.k. will have to leave the single market as well as the policy union whose precludes members from independently making trade deals. she vowed to pursue a comprehensive deal with the eu that allows access to the single market, which may look similar to the trade your recently signed with canada. when does it arrived and what conditions go with that? quick she has promised to maintain current eu you -- law mediately after brexit with parliament able to make modifications later. the prime minister also said britain would be willing to turn down a final deal it did not agree with. >> we will still be able to trade with europe. we will be -- will have the freedom to set competitive tax rates and embrace the policies that would attract the world's
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best companies and series investors to britain. remark that some politicians have interpreted as an implicit threat to make the u.k. a tax haven. her announcement levy german chamber of commerce to say that german firms will start scaling back their investment in the and the so-called hard brexit will lower growth prospects on both sides of the british channel. the u.k. would become less important for germany as an export destination. on currency markets, the british pound sword against the dollar. one pound is currently going for $1.23. sterling went on its biggest daily climb since 2008. traders are reassured that there will be a vote in parliament on the final deal. we will see more volatility on
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the currency market in the coming weeks and months. >> at think the market is going to be very much volatile. this will be moving the market on either side. just fasten your seatbelt or the coming months. >> let's see how the news has affected the european markets and especially the ftse 100 in london. it is down as multinational companies lose benefit from the lower pound. over on wall street were seeing a similar picture with equities taking a dive. investors waiting for concrete indicators as to what the new trump administration is actually going to do. the dow jones down by .5% and the nasdaq down 0.8%. the s&p 500 down 0.8% as well.
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let's take you through some of the other business stories making headlines this tuesday. rolls-royce has settled its bribery case in u.k. in u.s. courts. the aerospace firm was under investigation for possible corruption in china, indonesia, and other markets. shares rose nearly 7% on the , and rolls-royce announces 2016 profits would meet expectations. british american tobacco has agreed to buy its u.s. rival rentals, creating the world's largest public tobacco firm, bringing together brands like lucky strike and camel cigarettes. british american tobacco said it can make $400 billion in savings thank to the merger. general motors confirmed it will invest in and $2 billion in its u.s. factories this year. it will be moving parts production that is handled in
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mexico to the united states. donald trump has strongly criticized automakers for building vehicles in mexico. with this story here in france. facebook is opening its first ever start up incubator in paris , its so-called startup garage will be in station f, currently under construction. facebook chief operating officer .as on site starting in april, facebook will mentor five startups in the areas of health, carpooling, and personal information management. the number of nook companies being nurtured will receive six months of coaching and marketing, technological development and other areas. show that the city
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could compete with the likes of loqwueeewep@1@1pxxxxxxçñwp
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