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tv   France 24  LINKTV  January 19, 2017 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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>> you are watching live from paris on "france 24". the headlines this hour. troops have its crossed into gambia after new barrow wasdama sworn in. yahya jammeh stil refusing to step down. ldonald trump has arrived in washington, d.c., where he is said to be sworn in as the 45th president at noon on friday. dozens of democratic lawmakers are boycotting the event. and it'ss the last chance for france's left-wing politicians
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e that theyce peopl should delete -- they should lead the race. donald trump has arrived in washington, d.c., where he will be sworn in as the 45th president of. the united states at around noon local time tomorrow he arrived on the military playing with his wife melania and his family. dozens of democratic lawmakers will be boycotting the event. opposition marchers will take place. it comes as confirmation hearings for members of the trumpp administration continue. for the latest, we go to our correspondent, philip crowther. how are things shaping up ahead
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of tomorrow's events? the first official events will be happening at the lincoln memorial, one of the most emblematic sites in washington dc. this is where a concert will be held a little bit later tonight. some acts have started already. this is also where president-elect trump and his vice presidential choice mike pence will be giving short speeches. the first day of carefully planned events. donald trump, for example, went for a lunch in a place you might not be surprised, trump international hotel and washington, d.c., where he had lunch with his cabinet nominees. this has turned d into a b bit a traditional event. every fofour years you have in inaugural concert at the lincoln memorial. it is different to what we saw four and 8 years ago for those two inaugurations of president obama. this is a very white crowd today.
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it was very different four years ago and 8 years ago, and when it comes to who is on stage, the a- listers donald trump like so much coming from the entertainment business pretty much have boycotted this event, keith, ain act is toby country singer, who is not a household name n nationwide in e united states. and jon voight, the actor, will be giving a speech. compare that to 8 years ago when bruce bernstein, -- bruce springsteen and beyonce were on stage. in ourre are almost anti- duration events taking place as there are official celebrations. ilip: tomorrow and saturday. and the number will be very important, because we will be making that comparison inevitably between how many people attended the actual inauguration of donald trump tomorrow and friday. it will be raining that day. that will impede some people from coming.
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and the big event on saturday which is the women's margin washington, d.c. hundreds of thousands of people are expected at both events and that comparison will be made, who attracted more people -- donald trump as president or those who oppose him. but there will also be protests around d.c. during the actual inaugural process. and some of these people will want to get in the way of the parade, not literally but they will try to be as visual as possible because the inaugural parade goes from capitol hill from congress to the white house. and passes by, for example, trump international hotel. that is one of the places where protesters plan together and make themselves heard and seen as much as they possibly can. >> thanks very much indeed. in washington, d.c. senegal says its sent troops into gambia in order to force yahya jammeh to step down. it comes a few hours after the new president adama barrow was
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sworn in in senegal's capital dakar. barrow won the election but yahya jammeh has remained defiant. reporter: gambia's citizens did not get to witness one of the most democratic transitions in their country firsthand. inauguration in senegal on thursday. after the ceremony, president adama barrow tried to garner support from the country's armed forces in a standoff with longtime leader yahya jammeh. >> i command the chief of the staff, the high command, to demonstrate their loyalty to me as their commander in chief. 's mandateyahya jammeh ended at midnight local time. to cede
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he turned to the court and parliament to try to extend his 22 year rule. the country is now in flux. senegal has confirmed it central to uphold the election results. it is acting as part of west african's bloc which merged yahya jammeh to leaveve peacefully.. these efforts are backed by thte u.u.n. security cocouncil. in gambia, tensisions are h hig. businesses close, buses empty. after yahya jammeh declared a state of emergency on tuesday,y, many have fled the country. >> let's talk more about the situation in gambia. i am joined from the african division of human rights watch. he's in daka. thank you for being with us on "france 24" given the level of international pressure, is it a matter of time before yahya jammeh steps aside?
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jim: i think we would've said that had he stepped aside earlier. there was an election that happened on december 1. he agreed initially to step down on december 2. then reversed course and said he was going to try to stay in power on december 9. since then, he has had a month to change his mind. it was clear while before today that they were set on getting him out to military force. if he would step down, you would've thought it would of been earlier. i understand there are still last ditch negotiations involving mauritania as a destination for yahya jammeh. if he did not believe the credibility of the military threat against him, -- the senegalese troops come across the border. >> there are reports that yahya jammeh fears for his own safety and that is the reason he is not stepping down. do y you think there is s any credibility y to that? jim: well, this is a man who
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has been in power for 22 years. in the course of this time in power, he killed d opponents, ad torture them. he has justifiable concern for his future. that said, the priorority has bn -- to find a diplomatic and peaceful s solution to this. and yahya jammeh has been given assurances onn several occasions at -- in stepping down. he's been in power for a long time and has a lot of financial assets in gambia. he's reluctant to give up his power and his wealth. >> what has the situation been like in terms of civil rights in gambia following the election in december? jim: it has been very tense. we left -- late last night. we have many colleagues, many gambian activists who are still there. since jammeh rejected the
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results, he's targeted people opposed to him. there was a movement called gambia has decided, a social media movement with lots of young people who sought to push jammeh. many of them have been arrested, some of them beaten up. but fortunately release. he has been trying to create a culture of fear that has caused many to flee and hope in his eyes to discourage people from resisting. that continues a track record of using his security forces to repress independent journalism, political opponents. our fear is as this crisis comes to a head he might revert back to those tactics he has used in the past. so far, we have not seen the source of abuses we might have really worried about, killings and torturing, since he reversed course. there is still time.
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this is not over. we will be vigilant to watch for abuses. >> thanks for talking to us. jim: it's a pleasure. >> moving to italy now where hopes are fading for at least 25 people, including several children, after the hotel was buried in an avalanche. rescuers have recovered two bodies and two survivors but they say the prospect of finding anyone else alive are slim. the hotel rigopiano was engulfed by two meters of snow on wednesday. the three-story building was ripped from its foundations and moved 10 meters. phillip: desperate workers trying to find people e still alive in the ruins of this hotel, struck by an the norm assemblage yesterday, almost -- an e enormous avalalanche yeste.
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after the earthquake that hit the center of italy during the day. really very dedefinitely diffict conditions for the rescuers. reallyphotograraphs and video s thatat has invaded the inside of the hotel. the hotel, according to some reports, was moved in some parts by 10 meters byby the force of this enormous avalanchch and large parts of the buildings have collapsed completely, and of course, as night is falling, very low temperatures and very harsrsh conditions, indeed, for the rescue workers to operate under. >> here in france, it is the last chance for those hoping to represent the socialist party in may's presidential race to make their case to the voters. all 7 candidates arare taking pt in the last of three live television debates tonight. tonight the first -- the first round of voting will take place on sunday.
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among those computing, the former prime minister vals who's been strugglgling to fend off te chlelenge from h his rivals. caththerine nicholson is followg the debate. she is with supporter of one of the candidates. he has gone from an outsider to a strong second in the race to lead the socialist. tell us a bit more about the man who has been giving former prime real runmanuel vals a for his money. >> he is the man promising to make france's heart beat again, according to his slogan. he is 49 years old and has been involved in the party since he was a student and he is considered to be on the left wing of the socialist party. during the campaign so far, he has come out with big ideas that have appealed to younger voters. they include a universal basic month for0 euros a
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each and every person. he was to legalize cannabis and raise a tax on companies that replace a worker with robots and he wants to bring in the voting, if 1% of population as for them. speaking to the voters, this is a young and trendy bar, they say they appeal to younger voters. howevever, the big question for benoit -- can he reach out beyond that voter base? that is something we will find out tonight as he answers questions in this the 30 and third debate -- the third and final debate. on tonight,comome because there will be a lot of foreign-policy issues. he will be asked to talk about russia, the trump presidency, the middle east. could this proved to be a weak point for him? catherine: it is something that a weak point.
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the former prime minister has been in power during the period where france was located in some serious foreign-policy dossiers. speaking to people here, they say that is not necessarily a bad point, a weak point. they say that could be said of many of the candidates who are putting themselves up for office. of course, they are hoping that their man will -- answer questions but it will make up half of the debate this evening. and each of the candidates only get one minute to answer the questions put to them. he'll have a bit of an uphill struggle on this foreign-policy issue, certainly. >> thank you, very much, inde ed. the, france's role in european migrant crisis is likely to feature in tonight's debate and the problem is ever closer to home, as temperatures plunge below zero, the situation for displaced people sleeping on the streets of paris is becoming
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urgent. today, a second migrant center opened its doors in the southern suburb -- and will for tori ties -- prioritize housing women and children. reporter: construction work may be far from over, but this migrant shelter in a paris suburb has opened as planned, and the first migrants have moved in. 400 people will be living here by march, where the center is expected to be fully built. >> to go to provide shelter, that way people can. figure out their basic needs we will review their situation, children will get schooling, and there will be access to full health services. reporter: built after a first -- shelter in northern paris, this shelter was planned for women, children and families. a series ofs taken initiatives to make sure people
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are not living on the streets. >> so far, we have shouldered almost 4000 people. 4000 people is the size of the migrant camp that was dismantled in paris. we can say we have avoided the creation of a new camp. the center serves as a transit point. the goal is to find a long-term solution and have the migrants file asylum applications. no one is expected to stay more than six months. ranin least 20 i firefighter seven killed after a 17 story building collapsed in the capital. firemen had been battling a blaze for several hours. in the early built 1960's and officials repeatedly warned its owners about safety. rouhani has ordered an immediate investigation. reporter: confused and devastated.
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the firemen wait for news of the missing colleagues. inside andto go back had to be carried away from the rubble. weres of firefighters theling a blaze when structure combo, killing and trapping dozens. ofi heard the first team firemen got injured or killed. there were also security guards inside the building who were hit by debris as they tried to escape. reporter: the fire broke out and one of the top floors and continued for about four hours before the building came down. its occupants mostly shops and garment workshops had b been evacuated. >> members of the public have t been i injured, but around 25 of my colleagues have e been trapped. and we are trying to resescue them. gas explosion caused
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by the fire may have been to blame for the collapse. officials have ruled out terrorism. the head of the fire services said he had repeated the alert -- repeatedly alerted the authorities about safety shortfalls. the president rouhani h has orordered an immedte ininvestigation. conicowetower was an i presence. built in the 1960's, it is -- at the time of its construction it was the tallest. britain will not turn its back on free trade, the message from theresa may, who's been speaking at the world economic forum in davos. early this weekek, she said she would seekek a favorable trade deal with your and with countries around the world. >> i want the u.k. to emerge from this period of change as a truly global britain. the best friend and neighbor to
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our european partners, but a country that reaches beyond the borders of europe, too. a country that gets out into the world to build relationships with old friends and new allies alike. and that is exactly what we are going to do. >> time for a reminder of our headlines. senegal says its troops have now crossed into gabby up. it comes hours after new president adama barrow was sworn in in the senegalese capital dakar. gambia's president yahya jammeh is refusing to step down. donald trump h has arrivived in washington, d.c., where he's set to b e sworn in as the 45th president at noon on friday. arecratic lawmakers boycotting the event and opposition rallies are due to take place across the country. it's the last chancece for france's left-wing politicians to -- say they should leave the socialists. the former prime minister is
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among those taking part in a live television debate. let's get an update on the business news. we are going to start with the latest confirmation hearing over on capitol hill today, and this is donald trump's pick for treasury secretary. >> it is wilbur ross. mnuchin'stephen turn. the former goldman sachs banker was grilled about his path in the finance building and his role during the subprime crisis. critic says s while he was there he did not do enough to keep people from losing their homes. mnuchin said that accusations his bank was a foreclosure machine were untrue. and politically motivated. >> i have been maligned and taken advantage of others. hardship in order to earn a
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buck. nothing could be further than the truth. during the summer of 2008, i saw the devastation that was caused by the housing crisis. when i watched people lined up to get their life savings out of indy mack bank. it was the middle of the financial crisis and despite the global panic, i saw a way to save the bank. >> as mentioned earlier, theresa may made a speech in davos underlining the u.k.'s commitment to free trade. she was talking to business leaders from around the world, people who are interested in what will happen to their businesses i in the u.k. was a country leaves the e.u. single market. the financial sector is interested, considering london's place as the european financial hub. hsbc has gone on record saying they are ready to move jobs from london to europe. we have more on the story. reporter: as pressure mounted
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for british prime minister theresa may, she took the stage brexits to seell a post britain. >> at the heart of the plan i set out this week is determination to pursue a bold and ambitious free trade agreement between the u.k. and the european union. reporter: for some of the international bankers, may's promises will not cut it. her announcement on tuesday is that britain would leave the e.u. single market. that is a big problem. as single market rules allow them to sell products throughout the e.u. without worrying about local licenses. two of london's largest lender's, ubs and hsbc, have already announced they will shift 1000 jobs each out of london. while j.p. morgan chase is contemplating moving 4000 jobs. goldman sachs in barclays are taking a wait-and-see approach, echoed by some delegates at the world economic forum.
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>> you know, i think we will have to wait and see what the regulations that come out. whether it is a britain that was a do business or britain looking to entrench just like the united states is. reporter: the stakes of those negotiations are high. the financial services inindustry generates 205 billion pounds of revenue and employs 1.1 million people. >> french airplane engine maker forron has launched a bid the zodiac aerospace. it would create the world's third largest aerospace supplier. as the sector is gearing up to tackle record high jet orders, three months after zodiac's rival agreed to be absorbed. some analysts say that the tie up could be risky given that zodiac is recovering from three years of crisis. ceo insists that his
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business is currently at the center of the airline industry's focus. >> what airlines are fighting ar, their daily battle in competitive market is no longer about the plan. it's about how the plane is developed, what services has s offer its clients. the interface between the company and the passenger. it is the aircraft's goal. >> and the european central bank held its first policy meeting in franken. draghi explain there are onlyly a few signs ofa pick up in prices and wages. there are signs of underlying weakness which means that the ecb will leave it stimulus programs running until the end of the year. after this announcement, the main european stock market closed in the red. nvestors there also
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awaiting trump's inauguration. we will have those figures up very shortly. or not. [chuckles] there they are. the ftse close to half a percent. cac 40 down by .25%> the uncertainty on trump's inauguration felt on wall street. it's leading to caution from investors. investors are taking profit off the table after a long rally since the election. all indices are trading lower. the dow jones down by half a percent and nasdaq down by 32.%. 0.4%.p 500 down let's take a look at some of the other business stories making headlines. this thursday, in front of german lawmakers, volkswagen's former chief executive explains that he learned of the emissions cheating at the company at the same time vw officially admitted it in august 2015 p last week
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volkswagen agreed to play the largest fine -- pay the largest fine to settle charges of conspiring to cheat on diesel emission tests for 10 years. toshiba shares dropped sharply losses concerns of huge of its nuclear power business in the united states. toshiba could loses much a $6 billioion in this u.s. unit. loss could force itit to seek supporort from a govovernment-bd lender, especially after an accounting scandal last year. let's finish with french construction company -- - who wl soon make an offer to build a new airport inin mumumbai, accog to the group's ceo who s said ty willll be associated with tat group. -- tata group. it has become a key sector and emerging markets. it is currently the operator of 35 airports around the world. ranking the company fourth
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globally. there, mumbai looking forward to a new airport. >> thank you very much. we are taking a short break. much more still to come on "france 24."
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