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tv   France 24  LINKTV  January 23, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PST

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genie: this is "france 24." time for 60 minutes live around the world. i'm genie godula. these are the headlines. new peace talks on syria kickoff and dan -- in classi kazakhstan. it is now a two-man race for the presidential nominee of france by socialist party. in the runoff, manuel valls will face former education minister
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then why hammon, the man who has been dubbed the french bernie sanders. an aide to the former leader of gambia says he stole $11 million in his last moments in power. talks about what -- thethe smart phone galaxy smartphone to catch fire. drone bordering, coming up. but first, our top story live from paris. genie: new peace talks on siri are on in the capital of cassocks dan cosan expand -- it
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comes a month after the syrian regime recaptured rebel areas of aleppo. that was the biggest victory for forces loyal to bashar al-assad since the war began nearly six years ago. dheepthika laurent reports. dheepthika: they have managed to get syrian rebels and the bashar al-assad representatives in the same room, but there will be no high-stakes talks in the capital of astana. turkey backs syrian opposition, while russia and iran back bashar al-assad. even before the talks started, one key rebel group close to turkey refused to participate. >> we are not looking for a simple solution to these issues. we are starting to bring the positions of the sides involved in the syrian conflict together,
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that is, the position of the syrian government and armed opposition group. dheepthika: bashar al-assad has called for the syrian opposition to lay down their weapons in exchange for amnesty. they have said they will not be discussing president bashar al-assad's future or other political dialogue. >> there are two issues that are to be discussed here. first, information or consolidation of the accord signed by turkey and russia concerning the cease-fire, and making the cease-fire cover all of syria. at the same time, taking care of the breaches that are orchestrated by the regime and iran. dheepthika: the astana peace talks are being touted as a task russian-turkish
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partnership. they were conducted for the first time -- conducted for the first time, joint airstrikes. genie: these talks on siri are different than others we have seen in the past. and for the first time, a military arm from the rebel movement is at the table. robert parsons has more. robert: it is the first time this has happened. it does several things. first of all, it tells us that the situation on the ground has changed. the big change, obviously, is in the form of aleppo. the position of the rebels is much weaker than before, and the russians clearly want to use the changed military situation to make sure that the peace negotiations, when they get moving, reflect the changes on the ground. in part, it is about what we are going to be talking about, and that is primarily not politics
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of a cease-fire. there had been a suggestion that they were going to be pushed into making a political concession. they wanted to make it quite clear, as we heard, that they will not talk about politics. they will not be pushed by the russians or the syrian government into making political concessions. that will be left for a later date, presumably at geneva, when the political negotiations for the opposition will play their role. chief that is france 24's foreign editor, robert parsons. the left wing socialist party in france held the first round of its primary sunday. in a surprise when, it was the man known as france's bernie sanders who came in first place. that is then walk hammon -- that oit hamon. ham
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>> elation among supporters as hamon went to victory. he says french voters are ready for political change and warned that to win the election, the socialist party would have to unite before a strong political roadmap. the socialist party has absolutely no chance of winning this election, if it does not -- isomeone who carries have said it before. i want to carry that political agenda to bring social and environmental issues together. >> among seven candidates, the real contest was seen as three former ministers under francois hollande. hamon won 36% of the boat -- of
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the vote. manuel valls came in second. >> from now on, there is a clear choice to make, my fellow citizens, the choice between certain defeat and a possible victory. the choice between impossible promises, which can take responsibility for the country. coming in third place, eliminated after sunday's vote, was the former economy minister, who was once synonymous with the campaign he launched, "made in france," to try to stimulate the french economy. >> next sunday i will vote for benoit hamon, and i invite you to the same. genie: the french presidential candidate on the other side of the political fence has already fillon, whofrancois
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won the conservative party primary two months ago. he has been campaigning and is in berlin, where he is meeting right now with angela merkel. speaking ahead of that meeting, he expressed concern over the direction the new u.s. government is taking. he also said he wants a new european alliance to protect the continent and to fight islamic extremism. he did not explain how the new alliance would work with nato, which donald trump has called obsolete. for more on this, let's go live to berlin, where nick spicer is standing by. tell us more about what brought francois fillon and angela merkel together today. nick: this meeting was planned shortly after francois fillon won the leadership of his party and became the official candidate. and angela merkel, a fellow center-right politician, was especially keen to meet him because we know that the two countries have taken the leadership in europe. where waitings
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for the french and the german countries to come together for an agreement that will allow the ensemble to move forward. there have been troubles in the past. angela merkel is running for a fourth term. she has dealt with nicolas sarkozy, not such a good relationship. francois hollande was marginally better. now she has someone she may be able to deal with. she is happy to see that francois fillon is proposing all sorts of economic reforms. they see eye to eye on the necessity of having christian values in europe without shoving them down anybody's throat, but at least making space for them. angela merkel heading the christian democratic union. they also have a certain affinity because they have worked together for five years. when francois fillon was prime minister and angela merkel was chancellor of germany. she was working -- he was working under her as president. puts something that they together a long time ago.
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because of the rhetoric coming out of washington, with donald trump saying nato is obsolete, even attacking german automakers, saying angela merkel had to make a horrendous decision in letting and refugees. mentioned the working relationship that is already there between francois fillon and angela merkel. could there be any sticking points between the two? : they do not see i try on anything -- they do not see i to eye on everything. russia is where the big split is. francois fillon is a man who thinks russia needs to be not kind of but some compromise needs to be found with russia. angela merkel has been the leading force in europe in imposing sanctions on russia, for its annexation of crimea and
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the military activity in ukraine. that really is the fault line. there is a large consensus on where to move forward. genie: nick spicer reporting from berlin. next, an aide to the new president of gambia claims the country's exiled former leader stole $11 million in his final weeks in power. the special advisor for the new president, adama barrow, also accused yahya jammeh, of taking vehicles. he entered gambia to provide security to help the new president return from senegal and take power. refused to step down, sparking weeks of uncertainty. our correspondent has more. >> crowds gathered outside the presidential compound on sunday night, awaiting the return of their new leader, adama barrow. were theres troops senegal troops were greeted with cheers.
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spoke -- barrow spoke exclusively to france 24. >> they have to give us clarence , relief. we are waiting for that clearance. >> hundreds of gambians returned to the country sunday. over 45,000 fled since the september violence as a crisis over their former leader reached a head. but now the dictator of 22 years has gone with -- a special jammeh claims that yahya ships vehicles by carlito plane -- by cargo plane.
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that is a lot of -- evening.ut sunday he was set to go to equatorial guinea, where the president has been in power since 1979. genie: sports news -- the africa cup of nation host had been eliminated after coming to a draw with cameron. this is the first time since 1994 that an organizing country has been eliminated in the group stage. rebecca roseman told us more. ofecca: they have the fervor 40,000 fans, but it was not enough for them to qualify for the quarterfinals. they were eliminated by cameron was still in the group stage. a first for a host country in more than 20 years. the right opportunity, but you have days like this where it does not work out.
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in any case, i am proud of all the players, as everyone, because everyone has given their best selves. >> he missed out on two big changes to score in the first minutes of the game, and again in overtime. this player saved his team within the final moments of the match, thanks to put reflexes. cameroon faces -- >> now everything is open. there are things which can happen that we know now. already that for the moment this may be the best team in this tournament. -- ok, this is burkina faso qualified for the quarterfinals after being -- after beating a team 2-0. genie: if you are a techie who
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loves extreme sports, engineers and left the have engineered a giant drone strong enough to toe snowboarders. take a look. >> it is like water skiing but with a high-tech winter sport twist this is drone boarding. the brainchild of engineers. the idea is simple. controlled byne remote control, pulls up to four snowboarders at a time. after two years in the making. a friday basically afternoon idea. it had the drone, and the roosevelt were let's stride. >> after testing out a smaller drone, prototypes were built with 16. weighing in at 65 kilograms, the engine can reach speed of 155 kilometers per hour, although
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the safe maximum for drone boarding is 60. it also has the potential to save lives. 145he drone can lift kilograms, so it can lift a person. for example, when they are building a fire and the people cannot escape. a drone could fly him at least off the roof and bring him to safe place. >> initial tests have been encouraging, but it does not cause -- it does not come cheap. safety and reliability are issues that regulators will have to tackle before the drone can be commercially viable. for now, the first crop of drone borders are having the time of their lies. fast and -- was so there will be so many things to do with this thing. >> engineers are working to extend battery life passed its current 10 minutes so their
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invention can literally take off. genie: time for business news come with someone who i am sure would love to go droning or snowboarding. o.e llano desousa -- delan talk about the possibilities with the jump administration and the world trade. >> in his first speech as u.s. president, he vowed to put america first. during the campaign, donald trump said the nafta free trade agreement with canada and mexico would be torn up. but despite his protectionist rhetoric, japan's prime minister is a believer in free trade. >> buy american and hire american. protection -- president trump plans to pull u.s. out of the 12-nation
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trans-pacific partnership trade pact, known as tpp. it would strengthen china's economic dominance. hase minister shenzhen wave faced that from can be otherwise. >> i believe president trump understands the importance of free and fair trade. but i would like to know the political economics of the tpp. >> trump has promised to renegotiate the terms of nafta, the north american free trade agreement, to favor of american workers. the deal with mexico and canada created one of the world's largest trade booms peered on the train -- on the campaign trail, trump has tapped into the nations of angela merkel and some jobs in the u.s. >> anyone ever heard of nafta? [muffled laughter]
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we are meeting with the prime minister of canada, and we will be meeting with the president of mexico, who i know. we are going to start some negotiations. toone liter looking forward trade discussions is british prime minister theresa may. on friday she will become the first head of state to meet the new president. trump, who supports brexit, has expressed willingness to strike a major trade you with britain. >> let's look at how the markets are performing after donald trump's inauguration. trading in are negative territory in london. dual investors are in a unique wait and see approach. they are dragging out the sour. -- out the hour. foxconn is looking for the possibility of a display manufacturing facility in the united states. the joint investment with apple and cost $7 billion and would create between eight test between 30,000 and 50,000 jobs.
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the announcement from foxconn comes days after the incoming u.s. president, donald trump, promised to put america first. genie: next, an announcement from samsung with what might have been behind the fires in samsung aleksei smartphone. out otherpany ruled hardware or software related issues, but the phone was discontinued two months after its launch last august. samsung's mobile division president says the company would learn from its investigation and improve the lithium-ion battery. >> conclusively speaking, the core of the incidence was in the batteries.
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samsung has also been in the news recently for its group's ander's links to investigation involving impeached south korean president park geun-hy. officethe prosecutor's announced other conglomerates and south korea would also be investigated without naming any names. that is the business news, jeannie. i will hand it back to you. genie: think you very much. it is now time for our "press review." let's take a look at what has been making headlines around the world with fran luck -- with florence villeminot. let's start in france, where the papers are focusing on the first round of the left wing socialist party, with a bit of an upset. out in favorcame of manuel valls.
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representboth different size of -- "liberation" talked about the two left, the shades of red. you have benoit hamon, part of the san juan socialist rebels. these are not even -- they were a real headache for manuel valls when he was prime minister. manuel valls represents the more center-right social democrat wing of the socialist party. you can see that photo of them facing off. the media says we are seeing this -- these two bits of the left. genie: many are wondering if the socialist party will find -- will survive this final clash. flo: let's take a look at this paper, saying that the socialist party is really cut in two. we are seeing a major fracture
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within the socialist party, these two opposing views. this cartoon today. you can see both manuel valls and hamon here. the guy in the back is the first secretary of the socialist party, and he's saying all we have to do at the second round is glue the pieces together. will that actually be possible, and will that be enough. there is an interesting question in liberation today that whoever wins is in real trouble. can see the table there is a first round of the left wing primary. you can see two hungry looking people looking at the table. macro and from the center we already have these two characters coming into the dinner as well. that is francois fillon from the conservative party, and during the pen from the national right. -- and marine le pen from the national right.
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genie: let's go to the united states, where many papers are focusing on donald trump and what he did during his very first weekend as president of the united states. flo: it was a rocky weekend, according to "the new york times." reportedly a new president -- i can't even come back -- usually they are at the maximum peak of their leverage. according to "the new york times," trump through a this opportunity to buy picking a fight with the media by tweeting about the crowd size at his inauguration. he blamed the media for his rocky relationship with intelligence agencies in the u.s. "the new york times" is reporting this is being seen as a lack of discipline coming from president trump, even from senior members of his circle. genie: meanwhile, donald trump himself, the white house press secretary, and other top staffers are saying that friday's inauguration drew the largest audience ever. there is lots of evidence to the contrary.
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yes, and lots of out lets are calling trump and his team liars. .t is quite unusual, an on the left, you can see donald trump's inauguration. it is quite patchy, you could say. there are places where there are not as many people. on the right, there is a obama's first swearing-in ceremony. there is photo evidence that show this is not enough to attend. the media outlet calling trump a liar, the donald trump administration starts with "a big lie over a small thing," and president trump lashes out for making a mountain out of not a really big deal. there is another article getting a lot of attention today, this
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in "the washington post." it says the traditional way of reporting on a president is dead. it is trump's park cemetery, sean spicer, saying he killed it. you also have trump advisors that are saying that what trump was doing here is using alternative facts. that is also something the media has been lashing out at, a lot of media saying there is no such thing as alternative facts. genie: perhaps if donald trump was so thin-skinned about the size of the crowd during inauguration, it came just one day before the in norman's march on washington -- before the enormous march on washington. flo: you can see all sorts of footage taken from the air in washington, around the world as well. his worldwide protest still grabbing front pages today per you can see on the front page of "china daily," how this wave of protests against the u.s.
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president -- "the new york times" has an interesting photo gallery of these protest that took place at around the world. you can see washington, princeton, new york, paris. qéa]]]]]]]ueeewep@1@1pxxxx
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