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tv   France 24  LINKTV  January 25, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PST

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in refugee camps, reporters on "france 24." >> you are watching "france 24." time for 60 minutes live armed the world. these are the headlines. >> donald trump's wall with mexico is set to get one step closer to reality. he is issuing an executive decree today along with new restrictions on visas and refugees. protests break out at the white house, meanwhile over trump's move forward on the controversial keystone xl and dakota access oil pipeline. the obama administration opposed
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both of those projects. and the frontrunner in the french presidential election lasted out at -- lasted out at report his wife had been paid for fake work in the government. more on the scandal surrounding that on the way. also coming up for you this hour, an investment pledge from the world's largest car maker into the united states. this as president trump calls on america's big three to make at home. details coming up in business. and as millions get ready for the lunar new year later this week, we will take a look at the more on ady to bring that on our top story, live in paris.
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jeannie: let's start first in the u.s. where donald trump wants to build a wall in mexico. he is set to sign an executive action jumpstarting that promise. he's also expected to look at proposals restricting the flow of refugees to the united states. here is the report. >> in the city of nighttime tweets, donald trump reaffirmed his commitments to closing the border with mexico. >> among many other things, we will build the wall. >> the campaign promise received criticism overseas but is popular amongst his supporters. president trump: we will build a great wall along the southern border. and mexico will pay for the wall. [applause] >> trump's hoping that mexico will eventually pay for the wall
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as congress has to approve the projected multi-billion project before the building can start but the mexican government says i won't pay for it. the u.s. president is also expected to target legal immigrates and his trip to the departments of homeland security. according to "the washington post," the officials considering whether to shut down the program that allows refugees from war torn countries into the united states. have will potentially visas to be brought in from other countries. until new visa procedures have developed. fulfilling his campaign promise for extreme vetting. >> on tuesday, president trump signed an order smoothing the path for the controversial key phone xl and dakota pipeline. good news for oil producers in canada and north dakota after
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years of being blocked by the obama administration but bad news for environment physical activists. hundreds of trump protestors pour spood the streets of seattle, washington and new york city yesterday including actress and activist jane fonda. >> i call him the predator in chief. and i say we must never normalize him. we must never legitimize him. he did not win the majority of american votes and it was appear election that was interfered with by foreign -- by russia. and there was a lot of fake news and he should not be legitimized. >> here in france, a newspaper is accusing the british wife of france's conservative nominee of being paid for fake work. she was paid at least 500,000 euros for government employment but says there's no evidence proving she actually ever worked. her husband and former prime minister lashed out of that article saying it showed both
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contempt and miss jodgeny. -- missny. >> i see the mud slinging has begun. i will not exempt because there's nothing to comment on. i am outraged by this article's contempt and misogyny because she's my wife and that means she's not allowed to work. imagine for a second a politician saying that a woman like this article claims can only make jam. all the feminists would yell. this is what i have to say to you. jeannie: macroman was on the set with me earlier today and told me more of how damage this scandal could be for the presidential frontrunner. >> he didn't like is the tone of the article, the way the article , it's a satirical weekly described his wife. he did not say the facts were wrong and the facts were pretty
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damning because clearly, this was an in-depth investigation. it shows that she was paid to be an assistant during his time in parliament but that she actually never worked for him and then also for publication owned by a friend of his where she basically didn't do any work. according to the people who were working. so it's pretty damning because it's legal for employees to employ their family to help them with their work. but there has to be actual work. and in this case, there are strong indication that it was actually fictitious work. so it's not illegal but morally t damning, especially for a candidate who has present himself as someone who will fight corruption, defend christian values, etc. jeannie: this kind of thing isn't new in france. >> no, it isn't new. and it's actually customary. you will see more in the coming day probably but we've seen instances of people who will say yes, my wife was working but how
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come? with the candidate, the the the prime rich his wife is an artist and she worked for years as someone -- so essentially, it's a way for them to employ people they trust and earn more for their families. so it's not illegal but clearly, they will be called for more transparency that the way those people are paid should be for actual work and not just something that's power containers can do as they wish. jeannie: well on the other side of the political fence tonight, two socialists will face off in a televised debate. they are the two left standing in the second round of the left primary that's going to be held on sunday. here is a closer look at the two candidates. this stage is set on the cameras already to roll. it's time for france's final left wing presidential debate.
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one last chance for benoit -- for the two to capture the nation's attention before the sunday primary. the campaign trail is heating up. both candidates determined to prove their presidential material. >> alan needs to be able to transform society not only with words but with actions too. that means fighting for equal pay, boosting leadership responsibilities and combating violence against women. and it will be at the heart of my struggle and my commitment. >> ex-prime minister val says he's the man for the job but it is alan who won all the votes. he point out major flaws in his opponent's campaign. >> it's important we stay loyal to our campaign promises. he's already changed his stance including universal basic income. i'm just trying to make sense. i'm consistent and coherent.
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>> the increasingly tense climate is raising questions about whether the socialist party will unite behind its candidates. >> i'm not sure if the socialist party will rally around his cand say especially when you have someone like val saying it's completely unrealistic. >> whoever wins the nomination lots of challenges. jeannie: now to germany where the former european president martin schultz is running against angela america until the election in germany in september. schultz was named by the social democrats after the party leader there made the move to stand aside. here is the story from berlin and jessica joins us live. did this move come as a surprise
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there in germany? >> it certainly did when schultz stepped down a couple of months ago saying he wanted to return to domestic politics here in germany. nobody realized he would rise the ranks quite as quickly as he did. the executive committee have named him their head of the party for their party. this will be approved on sunday. about were effusive martin schultz when he was nominating saying he's a german-european, someone who bridges groups of people. gabrielle admitted that schultz has a better chance insane would as running against angela merkel and this is quite true. gabrielle is a cantankerous has really she
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dropped in popularity in recent months and also as junior coalitions angela merkel's conservatives over the last term have really struggled to come out behind angela merkel's shadow. for example, it was gabrielle who was the first to go to refugee homes in germany and greet refugees and praise the initiatives of refugees coming to germany but this has been attributed to merkel herself. so in schultz, we are seeing a man who is very much admired and respected across party boundaries here in germany but in returning to germany from brussels, a fresh face for the social democrat party. jeannie: jessica, how likely is it that martin schultz could eventually beat angela merkel who has been in power for some 11 years, 12 years and is arguably the most powerful leader in europe? >> this is going to be a very interesting election year. of course as i just said, martin
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schultz is very popular over here in germany and of course, a very experienced politician but on the european level, he doesn't have much experience in domestic politics and we don't yet know what martin schultz as a candidate for the social democrat is going to looks like. they know that he will be a tough erkan date to beat than gabriel. and even if angela merkel's party does win the election and no longer carry on this grand coalition in angle merkel's shadow, they are looking to many members of the social democrats and saying they should look left and form an alliance with the left party and the green party. how does schultz stand on this if we don't know. with the refugee issue and of course european unity, it's going to be a tough election year. certainly, schultz is someone ho is very popular in europe and in germany but america has
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the experience as chancellor and when europe is feeling unstable, perhaps she is the last figure of stability and one who certainly remains very popular here in amongst the german electorate. jeannie: jessica, thank you. now thousands of people are theing home to gam ya after former leader creeded power to his successor. "france 24" teams on the ground followed some other g ooh, m bians followed them. >> the midnight rush, hundreds of refugees back from senegal are hurrying to catch wouch the last for they shuttles headed to the capital. since the departure from power
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from the dictator and a stream of passengers kept the ferry service running and uninterrupted for 24 hours a day. this man is delighted to be back in the country, finally free of its dictator. >> i left one week. it was difficult. it was not my choice to go. but if you look at the kids with the woman and the babies, you have the feeling that ok, i'm going to live over here. >> in the company of soldiers ich made up the pain tint of truth. -- it could be a long-term operation. the new president is expected here in this palace protected by the west african forces and under the gaze of young oldiers.
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>> we are free now. we can be happy. wait of return still hasn't been announced in gambia. the country once known as the smiling coast. jeannie: people across asia are getting ready for the lunar new year that starts next week. this year is the year of the rooster. take a look these pictures from singapore where divers perform an underwater dragon dance at the local aquarium. i'm joined by our reporter. you're a rooster, i bet. >> no, i'm not. i'm a rat. >> i'm going to look at how old you are. in the u.s., u.s. president donald trump is resuscitating the controversial keystone xl pipeline. what kind of affect will that have on the business world? >> the project was laid to rest by former u.s. president barack
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obama on concerns it would contribute to climate change. the decision of building was welcomed by canadian prime minister justin trudeau. it will transport crude to canada to refineries in the united states. while the trading relationship between the two neighbors look set to remain intact, fears that president obama will tear up the free trade agreement. >> donald trump's pledge to renegotiate the north american free trade agreement has some in canada worried. each day around two billion u.s. dollars in goods and services are exchanged thanks in part to the deal which came into force in 1994. but on a visit to calgary, one of the u.s. president's advisors say canadian prime minister justin trudeau shouldn't be concerned. >> i don't think he should be enormously worried because
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canada's held in very high regard. >> it's not just a fear for ottawa. nine million u.s. jobs depend on trade and investment from its northern neighbor. canada is also the u.s.'s largest customer purchasing more oods and services than any other country. canada is looking to expand trade with other markets like europe and asia. >> obviously with the united states, the canada-u.s. free trade agreement at nafta have benefitted millions of jobs in canada over the past years and this is a good thing but we also know it's important to expand our opportunities to sell canadian goods to participate in partnerships and growth opportunities around the world. >> much of the future for nafta may be revealed after meeting on the 31st of january between trump and the president of the other member of nafta, mexico.
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jeannie: davis cup also says he wants to -- donald trump wants improve conditions of the >> the u.s. president pledge to reduce taxes and unnecessary regulations to get them to build in the united states. trump had previously threatened attacks of 35% on foreign-made cars. now while donald trump met with america's big three, toyota made an announcement the japanese car maker saying it would add 400 jobs and invest $600 million at its plant in indiana. >> i can't think of a better way than to start indiana's third century and by strengthening our partnership with toyota as we do today with this announcement of expansion and all the new jobs and all the new opportunities.
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we're speaking the same language when we continue to invest in the future to remain globally competitive and we're just so proud to do that with you. our economy today in indiana has become truly global. >> the governor of indiana speaking there. time to take a look at how the markets are doing and here in europe, we are seeing the main indices trade in positive territory. he d.a.x. trading over 1%. let's take a look at some of the other stories making headlines. it may spin off its struggling al con. it is the fourth quarter earnings lacked behind estimations. sales will remain in line with forecast from lastst year. competition from generic companies is expected to cost $2.5 billion this year. it's a merger that could reshape italy's industry. interesta says it is interested
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in the bid for the country's biggest insurer. the combined country will create an entity. interesta says it's entrusted in growth in areas of asset management, private banking and insurance. and luggage firm samsonite could bring back production to the united states after 16 years in an interview with "cbs all-access," the c.e.o. said the brand could soon return to its roots. samsonite was based in hong kong but founded in denver, colorado. president donald trump has been courage global companies to shift production in united states. an internal study shows economic benefits and manufactures closer to consumption centers. jeannie: just to wrap up now, a billionaire in the united states a lot younger than the current u.s. president says he is actually not interested in the job. >> that's right. the founder and crow of facebook has shut down rumors that he is considering a by the for the
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presidency. mark zuckerberg's response comes weeks after speculation, rather, in january in "vanity fair" asked the question will mark zuckerberg be our next president? this after the billionaire found a fledge to visit the 30 u.s. states he hadn't yet been to. so no president zuckerberg but you never know. stranger things have happened. jeannie: indeesmed thank you for the business news. t's time for the press review. > let's start with the peace talks on syria that are on now in kazakhstan. discussions ended with agreement among the three sponsors of the talk. >> russia, turkey, and iran managed to strike an informal deal to protect the cease-fire in syria. the syrian regime held this as a success but the lebanese paper disappointed. they're talk about a deal without any tangible progress.
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this partial success has a hard time hiding the total absence of any progress on the political front. this comes as syria is nearing the sixth anniversary of the beginning of the civil war. in egypt, many papers are mocking the sixth anniversary of the beginning of its revolution. >> that's right. it was january 25, 2011. what's interesting is it's not really front page news in egypt and not that many papers are reporting about it. you really have to turn to this paper, one of the rare papers that's been quite outspoken and critical of the government. they're focusing on what's changed over the last six years. it's bullpen very eventful according to this paper. so eventful that the revolution has really evolved very quickly. it's at the stage of a precocious maturity. now what's really changed is security according to this paper. essentially, security forces have learned their lessons from the past. there has been, however, a real step backward for freedom. the paper says that freedom of
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expression has been crushed and countless people have been thrown into jail. >> yesterday, israel announced a building to build 2,500 settlement homes inside the bank. >> that's right. the jerusalem post can't help but notice the timing the announcement. the four days after the inauguration of donald trump and it's editorial. it talks about how the stars have really alineded. the situation in washington really makes it easier for the prime minister netanyahu to no longer fear a backlash from what sometimes is called the international morality plea, essentially the obama administration. and other papers have similar analysis saying that now trump is in power, hunting season this open but there's a slight difference in tone here saying this is a huge problem, according to the paper. the state of israel has lost its right to lament its wailing wall has been demolished.
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it has no one to blame. this wailing wall was actually something that protected israel from itself. and to quote the article, it says the whip has been folded and put away and now everything is allowed including political sts. >> left wing presidential primary is in the spotlight. the two finalists will face off before the final round this sunday. >> that's right. they expect the gloves to come off tonight in that final televised debate. they have entered the ring, according to the reporter. the two candidates have different views on the economy and social interviews. it is a settling of scores between two visions and versions of the left wing. benoit more of the left of the left wing and manuel more to the right of the left wing. >> now on the right, francois is on the spotlight.
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the conservative presidential nominee after a scoop by a satirical newspaper. >> that's right. essentially back in the day, francois hired his wife, pen. it. you can see a photo of her here to be his parliamentry sin. there's nothing illegal about this in france but it is something that's frowned pornings especially when you look at the details. over an eight-year period, she earned 500,000 euros of taxpayers money. at times, she was earning nearly 8,000 euros a month. there's nothing illegal as long as it's not a fake job. but the paper interviewed a lot of people that said that they don't really remember working with her essentially. she didn't really lead that much of a trace that would justify this salary. and so this does put francois in some hot water especially because he's trying to come across as someone who is very straight and very fair. and this is kind of casting shadow of a doubt on that trait
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of his personality. >> china, where authorities are hitting back after donald trump said he vows to prevent china from taking over territory in international waters. >> all this in the name of protecting u.s. interest. now media in china is taking this very seriously. you can see here the global times talking about the u.s. cease stands that spurs hostility. according to this paper, china is urging the rookie donald trump administration to act and speak cautiously about china's sovereignty. and if we take a look at the editorial in another paper, this is china daily, it has a warning. if there is to be war in the south china sea, it will be because of action by the u.s. military. you can see the to it here. trump and co have nothing to defend in the south china sea. >> some good news from the states concerning the academy award nominations. >> last year, there was a lot of criticism over the lack of
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differencity. in fact, #oscars so white was the trending topic. things are very different this year. you can read this article in "variety." a record-tying year with 2007, seven minor07qwqw├│xaxaks
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