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tv   Democracy Now  LINKTV  January 25, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PST

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01/25/17 01/25/17 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from the sundance film festival in park city utah, this , is democracy now! pres. trump: a lot of jobs, 28,000 jobs. reconstruction jobs. amy: president trump issues an executive order paving the way to build the keystone xl and dakota access pipelines. we will get response from indigenous activists winona laduke and bobbi jean three legs. >> pretty much our lives are at
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risk right now. tried to protect the water. we want to know that seven generations ahead that our children are going to be ok, that they will be able to have drinking water, that they will be able to live -- amy: we will also speak with greenpeace's annie leonard, "gasland" director josh fox, and actress shailene woodley who took part in a protest here at sundance against one of the film festival's financial backers. >> one of the largest sponsors of the dakota access pipeline as well as wells fargo and these larger banks. amy: all that and more, coming up. welcome to democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. on tuesday, president trump signed a series of executive memorandums to revive the keystone xl and dakota access oil pipelines -- two major projects halted by the obama administration following massive resistanance from indigenous and
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environmental groups. the dakota access project would carry up to 570,000 barrels of oil a day from north dakota to illinois. the keystone pipeline would transport 830,000 barrels of crude every day from alberta's oil sands to refineries on the u.s. gulf coast for export. trump's move sparked a number of emergency protests last night. thousands rally near fifth avenue near trump tower in new york city and outside the white house in washington, d.c. there were more rallies in seattle, chicago, and los angeles. this is actress jane fonda speaking in new york city. >> when there is a catastrophe, we have to be out in the street. i call on the predator in chief -- and i say we must never normalize him, we must never legitimize him. he did not win the majority of
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american votes. it was an election that was interfered with by foreign -- by russia. there was a lot of fake news. you should not be legitimized. amy: we will have more after headliness with native americicn activist winona laduke, water protector bobbi jean three legs, actress shailene woodley and phil maker josh fox. more than 50,000 gallons of oil have spilled from a pipeline in the western canadian province saskatchewan, contaminating the land of the ocean man first nation community. an official from the ministry of the economy says there are so many pipelines in the area, he doesn't even know which pipeline leaked.. president t trump s slated sign a slew exexecutive orders today and thursday to severely restrict immigration. one order is expected to include a months-long ban prohibiting refugees from any country from resettling in the united states, including refugees fleeing the devastating war in syria. another executive order is expected to stop visas from being issued to anyone traveling to the u.s. from iraq, iran, libya, somalia, sudan, and yemen.
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trump will also take executive action to redirect federal funds towards the expansion of the already massive wall and security apparatus along the u.s.-mexico border. over the last decade, the u.s. has already installed 700 miles of fencing, tens of thousands of motion sensors, spy towers, radar systems, predator surveillance drones, and thousands of law enforcement agents along the u.s.-mexico border. trump's orders are expected to add 5000 workers to the customs and border protection agency, which is already the largest federal law enforcement agency, with a force of more than 60,000 agents. trump has named julie kirchner, the former head of the extreme anti-immigrant organization federation for american immigration reform, the chief of staff at customs and border protection. during the 2016 campaign, trump repeatedly vowed mexico would pay for the border wall -- a pledge rejected by mexico's leaders. instead, it appears that trump is planning to redirect
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department of homeland security aid currently going to mexico in order to pay for the expanded wall. another executive order trump is expected to sign today will seek to eliminate sanctuary cities and triple funding for the immigration and custom enforcement agency, known as ice. president trump is also considering moving to reinstate the secret cia black s sites usd during the george w. bush administration. the black sites were part of a highly classified program in which suspects captured as part of the abrbroad were interrogat, and sometimes tortured, at sites around the world. it was widely condemned by legal and human rights experts, as well as much of the world community. president obama ordered all of the black sites to be closed at the beginnnning of hisis presid. the trump administration has forced the environmental protection agency to freeze all grants and contracts, threatening to disrupt keyey operations of ththe agency, including the cleanup of toxic
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sites and routine water quality testing. trump's administration has also imposed a media blackout on the agency, prohibiting the epa to issue press releases, publish blog updates, or even post information on social media. as the news of the epa media blackout broke tuesday, the twitter account for the badlands national park in south dakota, part of the u.s. national park service, went rouge, publishing a series of tweets about climate change, including -- "today, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is higher than at any time in the last 650,000 years. #climate." the tweets were later deleted. trump has also signed an executive order imposing a sweeping hiring freeze for all federal agencies, except for military and national l securit. president t trump is continuingo desk on for a major
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investigation of voter fraud as he continues to stand by his lies about the 2016 elecection, the eye the fact's claims have been widely debunked why experts. on monday, trump had his first meeting with congressional lawmakers during which he again lied about thehe election resul. he falselyly claimed that he l t the e popular vote to hillllary clinton because 3 million to 5 5 mimillion unauthorized immigrans voted in the election. during a news briefing tuesday, white house press secretary sean spicer said trump continues to maintain this belief. >> having a discussion with some folks i mentioned something in passing, which is been a long-standing belief he has maintain. this is that the first time you have heard this concern is, right? >> verifying illegal ballots -- >> a study came out that showed 14% of people who voted for not citizens. there are other studies that have been presented to him. it is a belief he maintains. amy: that was sean spicer, claiming that a 2008 study published by the pew research
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foundation supports trump's elite. spicer himself was lying on multiple statements. according to politico, there is nono study sang susu thing. there is o one in 2014, since widely debunked that mistakenly , claimed 14% of nonon-citizens said they were registered to vote in 2008 and 2010. brian schaffner, one of the academicics behind the study, td cnn trump is misinterpreting the study, calling trump claims absurd and not even plausible and saying -- "of the people who we were sure were non-citizens, we could not find any who actually cast a vote." in news from trump's cabinet nominations, the senate has confirm south carolina governor nikki haley to be the u.s. ambassador to the united nations after a 96-4 vote. the senate banking committee has approved ben carson to be the next secretary of the department of housing and urban development . his nomination still has to go befofore the full senate.
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trump has tapped to more members of the far right wing owlet breitbart me to join is a administration. breitbart's national security editor sebastian gorka is likely to join trump's national security council. immigration reporter julia hahn has been named special assistant to the president. trump's chief strategist steven bannon is the former head of breitbart, w which frequently publishes racist, sexist, anti-immigrant, and xenophobic nenews. trump has also tapped john gore, a lawyer who has defended gerrymandering and extreme voter id laws, to serve as one of the department of justice's top senior civil rights officials. presidident trump says he w will name his pick toto fill late antonin scalia's seat on the supreme court as early as next week. two contenders for the seat have emerged -- judge william pryor, jr., and neil gorsuch. pryor is a fierce opponent of abortion who has called roe v. wade the "worst abomination of constitutional law i in our history." he also opposes lgbt rights and
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has backed an anti-sodomy law in texas. donald trump is threatening federal intervention in chicago to address shootings and gun violence. in a tweet tuesday night that made reference to his inaugural address, he wrote -- "if chicago doesn't fix the horrible 'carnage' going on, 228 shootings in 2017 with 42 killllings, i will send in t the feds!" a new lawsuit accusing preresidt trump of violating the u.s. constitution emolument clause, which prohibits people holding federal office from accepting payments from foreign governments. the lawsuit filed by the group citizens for responsibility and trump isso argues violating this clause by continuing to o operate his hots and busininesses. the justice department will defend trump againstst the lawsuit, meanining taxpayers wil be funding his defense. the israeli government has approved the construction of a massive wave of new jewish-only settlements in the
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israeli-occupied west bank a and in east jerusalem. more than 500 housing units have been approved for east jerusalem, and more than 2500 units for the occupied west bank. the settlements are illegal under international law. the committee to protect journalists is calling on washington, d.c. come to drop journalists -- charges against onrnalists after reporting trump's inauguration on friday. at least six journaliststs were arrested during the actions, including a reporter with rt america as well as freelance journalist aaron cantutu a live streamer methow part. and the oscar nominations have been announced. four out of the five films nominated for best documentary were madade by black filmmakers, includining ava duvernay whose documentary about mass incarceration and race is titled "13th." other nominated documentaries include -- "i am not your negro," "fire at sea," "o.j.: made in america," and "life, animated," directed by roger ross williams about a young autistic man named owen suskind who learns to
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communicate through disney movies. last year here at the sundance film festival in park city, utah, i interviewed owen and his father, the pulitzer-prize winning journalist ron suskind. >> what you like dumbo? what is it like the down? >> funding or in or hero. >> bouygues timothy say that is so powerful that help him fulfill his destiny? >> don't worry, dumbo. don't worry, dumbo, we will get you to fly. need is say, all you use the magic feather. the magic feather yet the yeah, i got you. dumbo, have i got it. the magic feather! that you can fly. amy: to see our full interview with owen suskind, his father
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ron, and "life, animated" director roger ross williams, as well as our interview with ava duvernay, go to and those are some of the headlines. this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. on tuesday, president trump signed a pair of presidential memorandums to revive the keystone xl and dakota access oil pipelines -- two major projects halted by the obama administration following massive resistance from indigenous and environmental groups. pres. trump: this is with regard to the construction of the keystone pipeline, something that has been in dispute and subject to renegotiation of terms by us. we're going to renegotiate some of the terms. and if they would like, we will see if we can get that pipeline built will stop p a lot of jobs. 20,000 jobs.
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reconstruction jobs. is with respect to the construction of the dakota access pipeline. dakota access pipeline. again, subject to terms and conditions to the negotiated by us. this is construction of pipelines in this country. amy: trump's move sparked a numberer of emergency protests last night in washington, new york, los angeles, san francisco, seattle, philadelphia, and other cities. native american groups and their supporters have long opposed the dakota access pipeline being laid a mile from the standing rock sioux reservation and beneath the tribe's primary source of drinking water. the standing rock sioux tribe tweeted -- "trump's executive order on #dapl violates the law and tribal treaties. we will be taking legal action." the tribe added, "creating a
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second flint does not make america great again." the dakota access project would carry up to 570,000 barrelels of oil a day from north dakota to illilinois. the keystone pipipeline wowould transport 830,000 barrels of crude every y day from alberta's oil sands s to refineries on the u.s. gulf coast for export. trump's move comes as scientisis with bh nanasa and n noaa, the national oceanic and atmospheric administration, confirirmed 2016 was the hottest year on record, topping the previous record set in 2015, which topped the previous r record set in 2014. well, for momore, we're joined w by wininona laduke, native american activist and executive director of the group honor the earth. she lives and works on the white earth reservation in northern minnesota. here in park city, utah bobbi , jean threeee legs from wakpap, south dakota, and is a member of
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the standing rock tribe. last year she led a group of youth water runners on a 2000-mile trek from sacred stone camp in cannon ball, north dakota to washington, d.c., , where they delivered a petition against the dakota access pipeline e to the army corps of engineers headquarters. new york, josh fox, director of "how to let go of the world and love all the things climate can't change," one of the leaders last that outside trump's headquarteters in new yk cicity that through thousands of people only after a few hours notice. we want to welcome you all to democracy now! we're going first to bismarck, north dakota. annie leonard winona laduke, can you respond to the executive action issued by president trump? all-out war.
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can review his thinking on this, aside from being insane, the fact is that infrastructure is needed in this country. i totally agree on that. we have breaking pipelines all over the country. we have water mains that do not work. you definitely wants to shove those pepelines down o our thro. whether we are in north dakota or wherever we are, that is his intention. amy: so what is happening? you were just here are part of a protest outside of chase here in park city, then you went directly to north dakokota. what i is the e response they a? ---- there?? >> most peopople here arare concerned about whwhat is goingo happen. over the past few weeks, we've had d a lot ofof people hit anad
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county inby mororton winter standining nationonal gud is already in their h hurtingnge of our peoplple. a lot of injuries. it continu.. we assume e they will work onon shining the rerest of it through over our right and ovever a ligt of p people. i justst want to say, in the bigger picture, , if you investd the money you're going to invest in keystone -- they say there are 300,000 total jobs more. five times as many jobs if you fix the infrastructure in cities with those union workers and with that steel. the same thing is true with dakota access pipeline. the fact is, they're trying to shove a pipeline through. i am not sure where the oil is coming from. i'm sitting in bismarck. this is what a holding cell probably looks like in bismarck. i am not in want today, but maybe soon. in any case, we're looking at this -- there is an 85% drop in drilling weight rates. there's only 900,000 barrels of
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oil in the bakken coming out right now. they're projecting it will be -- i do not know where 570,000 barrels of oil coming out of the bakken is going to come from. is of the oil going out busted. he has a fantasy about getting his pipeline projects through, but there is not oil for us. person who is going to venice -- most is rex tillerson. that guy is going to be busy on that. --- t ty have to o get prododuction up there. i don't know h how they're goiog to do th b becau t there is nont enouough to fill t the keyststo comiming out of f the tatar san. it is a cocomplicated memess. i feel fieiesta cleared war on s out hehere wewe are peacefull who have the worst infrastrucucture o of the
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country on our reservations. wewe do nonot have adequate drig wateter, , facilities. we havave hospitals b built in e 1950''s and 1960's. you have peoeopl with substandad housing, energy infrastrtructure thatat does not wowork. alall of that wouldd be energy secucurity for all americansns. instead, we're getting a a pipeline thahat he w was to shoe down our throats. definitely a declaration of war by the predadator into. amy: the standing rock issued a statement on facebook saying -- "today, trump announced an executive order on dapl; it not only violates the law, but it violates tribal treaties. nothing will deter us from our fight for clean water. we will be taking legal action, and will take this fight head on. we urge you to fight and stand tall besides us. the eis statement is still in process, so please submit your comments to the link below. this helps us compound our claim that the pipeline poses grave environmental risks. please also call your congressional representatives and let them know that the people do not stand behind
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today's decision. stand together as one and we will not fall." that is the statement of the standing rock sioux tribe. we are joined here in park city by bobbi jean three legs. she is a water protector who led other young people in -- well, how long was the run that you participated in, bobbi jean, that went from, oh, north dakota to washington, d.c.? run.out 2000 mile relay my brother joseph wide eyes and led about 40 youth from the ages of 13 to 30. amy: when you heard this news about the presidential memorandum come at the executive action issued by president trump yesterday, what were your thoughts? waking up a lot of
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people. that a lot of people are paying attention to the climate change now. that we are nevever going to bak down. amy: are you afraid? >> yes. i mostly afraid for the future generations because this is going to affect them the most. i have a two-year old daughter at home. i can't imagine what life is going to be like when she is in her mid 40's or 50's. i can't imagine what my great-grandcdchildren or anyny's future grandchildren or those not born yet will be going through when they come into this world. amy: you are wearing a t-shirt. can you tell us what it says? "water is -- it means life, water is sacred." water is our first medicine for many tribes aroundndigenouss commmmunities. it allll goes back to being a mother. your baby's first coming from water, so it is very sacred.
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your baby is in water for nine months before they even breathe the first breath of air. amy: what do you tell chloe about water? >> well, i will just say -- to her and she will say "water is life." she i is paying attention. she is only two. amy: you participate in a protest here in park city protesting chase and chase sapphire because chase manhattan bank has invested in the dakota access pipeline. you were thehere with many peop, some who had been hit by rubber bullets. days before that. it is still going on. there is still police brutality going on.. people are still getting aced and getting shot. her sister red font is still in jail. there are over 600 people that have b been arrested so o far. it keeps going up. right now i am asking all of the
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youth around the country to stand up, asking everyone around the world to stand up wherever you are. just make your own gathering. make your own posters. go live -- anything that any support would be appreciative. amy: where have you been going to college? >> the last one was united tries technical college. amy: in bismsmarck, own n to goo -- in bismarck, north dakota. what is your understanding of what has happened? we go from president obama saying -- not granting an easement allow the pipe i do go into the missouri river. provides water to, what, tinley people below this area, including -- well, you arere standiding rock sioux, but f frm the south dakota side fullll'ssp >> yes. with this pipeline breaks, because all man-made things break eventually, whether it is 100 years from now or less, we don't have water intakes on -- we don't have filters on our water intake systems, so it is only going to take five minutes
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to get into cannonball, north dakota's water intake to where i live and two hours for shine river. it goes all the way down the river. this is a human race issue. there is about 17 money people that drink from the missouri river. pretty much this is the biggest water source in the united states. amy: you have been involved with the protests it's before april 1, the day that ladonna greybull allard openen her property to the resistance camp and encouraged people to come. you were among the first. >> i've seen these five groups that were prettyty much like the beginning of this movement. edwards, henry other defender does henry other defender, and a couple of others. when i got to see that open up
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sacred stone camp, it was my first time of being part -- i felt likike i b belonged and i believe that everyoyone who is camped out there now feels the same way. i'm so grateful for them being there because without them, this pipeline would have probably been built a long time ago. amy: i want to go to josh fox in new york city. as we were getting this news here in utah, you were already tweeting and putting on facebook an action. can you describe what happens last night in new york? >> donald trump was going to be pushing the dakota access pipeline through thiss presidenential memorandum at 110 in the morning. by 12:00, there was a facebook event of. by 2:00, 2000 people said they were coming. 2000 and 5000en people last night in new york city in the freezing rain -- we did a rally for about an hour in columbus circle and march toward
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trump tower, only to find the entire blocks around trump tower in new york city messenger manhattan have been barricaded so that we could not get anywhere near trump tower. i don't know how that is legal. the march just 30 to go around the barricades and ended up in times square. it was a very powerful moment. howhows solidarity and just much people really care about this issue, about standing rock, about indigenous sovereignty, about clean water. i very proud of new yorkers who came out. they came out in the freezing rain to fight these executive actions that many believe are illegal and unenforceable and will cause lawsuits. amy: explain the difference between a presidential memorandum -- there's a lot of confusion right now -- and an end executive order. far as executive order, as i'm understanding it, takes 30 days for enforcement -- only executive order can r repeal inn
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exexecutive order. you also have e to say what chapter of authority are using exec of order. -- a i'm is like memorandum is like a recommendation to the army corps of engineers. the impact study has begun. there only three things the consensus of this movement -- there is a debate about what to do next -- are recommending. one is participate in that the i.s. process, which is underway. put in public comments. they really matter. the second is divest from the banks. we talked about chase, wells fargo and others. there is a call on the ground from chase our nice the 500 water protector still at standing rock that if people are able-bodied and peacceful to coe out and continue that watch. if necessary, put bodies in front of the line. what is happening with donald trump, he is putting forward a kind of week residential action that looks strong so it looks
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like he is pushing people into a corner but the truth is, there's a process of the rule of law. hat everyone is worried about his donald trump does not respect the rule of law and will give the green light and say, go ahead and drill. think that is why people are saying we still need water protectors holding the line. what really worries he and many others across this nation is this is the beginning of a trend to continue to push pipelines -- keystone xl. there are a merry the united dates. there are 300 fracked gas power plants being proposed across the u.s. which started in the obama administration. we have community's all across this nation up in arms getting on the front line that are saying, no, we're not going to do this full's top this action from donald trump has spurred people toward action and that is one of the things i am grateful for. i think this movementnt is unbelievable. i've never seen anything like it. trump's presidential memos
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on the keystone xl pipeline and the dakota access pipeline come as police violence continues at standing rock in north dakota. this is a water protector marcus mitchell of the navajo nation describing how he was shot in the eye by beanbag round by bridge lastckwater week. he is testifying to a panel of united nations working groups on human rights about the shooting. >> my hands were raised in the air. i wawas saying, "i am an americn citizezen." "i a am unarmed a and in peacefl protest." i was shot in the leg. beanbag down where the it [indiscernible] and then another round came at my face.
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i then turned around and was immediately shot in the back of the head. at this point i became disoriented. a water protector pushed me to the ground to protect me. amy: that was water protector marcus mitchell, who has still not regain sight in his left eye after being shot by police beanbag round last week. as we wrap up, i want to go to winona of a first two bobbi. you have been joining with thousands of water protectors in north dakota. your thoughts right now? >> i must say someone is going to get really hurt, i'm afraid, that they are out to kill. i believe that they have no hesitation in doing that. i just need everybody around the world to stand up with us right now. i do not want anyone to get killed. in northnona laduke dakota right now w where you hae traveled t to in the midst of te
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presidential memo that was just given out, your final thoughts? >> civil society run by corporations will -- it is time movements inentt of this country. this is ouour moment t to standp and prprotect everythingng we v. because if we do not, things are not going to go well for us most youre encouragege people, find courage. stand up and be strong and let us vanquish evil back to where it came from. amy: winona laduke, thank you for being with us, native american activist,t, executive director of honor the earth. lives and works on the white earth reservation in northern minnesota, but speaking to us from bismarck, north dakota, where she has gone back and forth for so many months during the resistance to the dakota access pipeline. here in park city, u utah, bobbi jean three legs from south of coda -- south dakota from standing rock sioux tribe as well. last year she and bobby white
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eyes led a group of youth water runners on a 2000-mile trek from sacred stone camp in cannon ball, north dakota, to wawashington, d.c., where ththey delivered a petition against the dakota access pipeline to the army corps of engineers . ,nd in new york, josh fox director of "gasland" and "how to let go of the world and love all the things climate can't change." when we come back, shailene woodley. left park we will talk about her response to the presidential memomorandu. then we will talk to annie leonard about pipeline politics in this country and around the world. she is the head of greenpeace. stay with us. ♪ [music break]
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amy: north dakota, singing at a protest at the chase sapphire lounge here in parark city was f chase manhattan bank is one of the sundance film festivivals leading spoponsors. monday's protest targeted the banks investments in the dakota access pipeline. this is democracy now!, , the peace report, i'm amy goodman. we are broadcasting from park city, utah. last night here at the sundance film festival, i interviewed actor and activist shailene
8:35 am
woodley who participated in a protest monday against the festival's spsponsor chase bank. shailene woodley is known for her role in "the divergent series" and she most recently starred in the film "snowden" about the nsa whistleblower edward snowden. surely w was arrested inin octor fofor protesting the dakota accs pipeline. i asked her for r her response o trump's presidential memos. >> you sort of have and the back of your mind a little hope that maybe would not happen. i cannot say we were shocked. moving forward and it is a administration, a lot of people on the ground in north dakota, in some ways, expected this. it is like people have not left the camps. back in december, the army corps said they were going to deny the easement and they did. many people, hundreds of people -- at that time, thousands, decided to stay. there are still a few hundred people on the ground in north dakota. i think your perseverance throughout the weather and the zero degree temperatures proves
8:36 am
that they did not quite believe this new administration wouldn't do what president trump decided to do today. amy: just yesterday, you are here in park city, utah, with many water protectors as people sat in front of chase sapphire lounge protesting chase manhattan bank's investment in the dakota access pipeline. today you h hear the president f the united states is pushing forward. so what does this mean? you were here yesterday with the travel chair dave archambault. he is talking about closing the camp's. that is what the trouble council has voted. but what does this new order mean? >> i can't speak for the tribe. i also cannot speak for those at camp, but i can eat for my own perspective, which is, doesn't actually matter with the president of the united states decides to do. it doesn't matter what his administration decides to move
8:37 am
forward with if there is no money invested in this pipeline. as we all know, it is one thing to sign a petition. it is another thing to retreat or talk about it or take usa stamp on something. it is another to create actions. we have to put our money where our mouth is. we have to divest from these giant corporate banks that are invested in the pipeline so when that time comes for this pipeline to be put in the ground, and that is what this administration is going to follow through with, they won't be able to because there is no money invested. from my perspective, regardless of what the tribe once and the water protectors want, we have to ensure as a population that if we want clean drinking water because it should not be a privilege -- it is something that should be available for all human beings. it is a human right. we have to ensure there is no money invested in the pipeline. and by withdrawing our money,
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chase bank and bank of america and citibank -- there are like 19 large corporate banks invested in this pipeline. amy: what was the significance of protesting here in park city? what is the chase sapphire lounge? >> with the sundance film festival. sundance in itself is a ceremony amongst lakota, dakota, and dakota people, which the sioux tribe of standing rock reservation are part of. ceremonyery important in their traditions. , sincee film festival the origins of its creation, has been a huge supporter of indigenous communities. yet one of the largest sponsors of this film festival is chase bank, which is investing in the dakota access pipeline, which directly affects the indigenous communities in america. i think we're beyond the point -- i keep saying this, but we're beyond the point of looking at the facade. we have to look at behind the scenes. we have to look outside the box.
8:39 am
even of perhaps the people of the sundance film festival do not register, did not think about how chase was actually ditch or mental to indigenous -- the terminal 2 digital this committees, it is. we as a population, as a phone festival, as different corporations that do stand with indigenous people have to start thinking about the corporations that do not stand with them and take a firm stance and say -- draw the line and say, we have to again put our money where our mouth is. amy: just tonight in new york city, this is hours after donald trump signed off on these orders , thousands of people cameme out near trump tower to protest the pipeline. what does this protest mean? what are the plans right now? >> i think this protest just shows the mobilization is not end anytime
8:40 am
the women's marches in d.c. showed us a lot about how our country feels about the current administration. the fact that summit of people showed up -- it doesn't matter who are conservative or progressive or liberal republican or democrat. clean drinking water is necessary for human survival. without it, and no one can survive. we have the big about that. we have to start digesting that and acting upon that. i think the thousands of people within hours decided to show up in new york city are proving that when people stand together, there's nothing we can't achieve. people are ready. apathy is out the door. this is a fight that belongs to all of us. the fight of our lives. amy: you're talking about the dead of winter in north dakota. what does the protest look like there now where the pipeline is, the final piece of the permission for the pipeline is to go under the missouri river,
8:41 am
if it gets there. explain what the in carmel impact statement is about and what could happen right now. i guess you could say that was authorized by president obama, but he is no longer in power. >> i don't want to speak too much about the environmental impact statement because i don't feel i'm the best representative for that. i do know because that is in place, it will be more difficult for trump said administration to do something about the dakota access pipeline, but it will not prevent it from being installed all the way, which is why the camp in north dakota so important in the water protectors who are there in subzero degree temperatures -- i have not been a for about a month, but the last time i was there there was a whiteout blizzard will stop. people were snowed in and they still persevered because they understood the importance of showing up. i think another thing that is important, especially for people watching right now, there's a lot of emphasis on showing up and being in north dakota, which
8:42 am
is incredibly important, but oftentimes i think we overlook the fact the frontlines don't only have to be in north dakota. the frontlines can be in your wallet. it can be with divesting from a bank. senator oralling congressman. it can be putting pressure on this administration as a citizen of united states of america. demanding the drinking water that you want not only for this generation, but future generations. if: there is a lot of -- confirmed, you have the ceo of exxonmobil as secretary of state. if confirmed, the largest private world corporation in the world.d. if confirmed, you have texas governor perry, the former governor who wanted to end the department of energy who got millions of dollars from kelcy warren, the head of energy transfer partners, for his two presidential campaigns. if c confirmed, to be head of te epa environmental protection agency, scott pruitt convio, attorney general who sued the epa 14 times to deregulate it.
8:43 am
what gives you hope? >> the people. thepeople give me -- i'm eternal optimist. but it really boils down to the people. i think for centuries in this country, we have been so complacent. i use the word "apathy" a lot. is on our doorstep -- unless it is on our doorstep, we don't do anything about it. we don't have time to let our color of our skin, believes, the ideals that we've grown up with it in the way of human rights and social justice. i think that millions of people who are standing together around this country in a way that we ise not seen in centuries really powerful and sends a powerful message out to the world and to our current administration that we are not going to be complacent. amy: why did you get so involved with this?
8:44 am
you got involved about a year ago, before the first resistance camp at standing -- at sacred stone. >> i got involved with it because i am a true believer in switching over to renewable energy and transitioning from fossil fuels immediately. but i also got involved with this particular pipeline over other pipelines because of the direct affect on the indigenous communities in our country. since the time of colonization, we have not only a board, but to the history we are taught. we are taught a western narrative of what happened when this land was colonized. we don't know the truth. i don't even know the whole truth still and i've spent a year in the trenches with indigenous people. it is our responsibility to recognize we may not oh what side of history our ancestors were on. but to learn about the history of this country, the true history of this country, and move forward in a good way, move forward with allies that do not necessarily look like us and maybe we have different belief
8:45 am
systems and maybe different backgrounds, but we have to take down those barriers. that is why i initially was encouraged by the dakota access pipeline movement, not only because of the indigenous communities, but because it was led by indigenous youth. that is something we need to start paying more attention to. amy: you have been arrested in north dakota. have not gone to trial yet. it you are not engaging in civil to so begins at the time. >> i was arrested for engaging in a riot and criminally trespassing. i was only person out of 300 people who were participating in a particular action to be was live streaming. there were 40,000 people watching on my facebook live stream when i was picked out of the crowd of 300 people and arrested. amy: were you planning to get arrested? >> definitely not. on the last time you can you miss a "if i won't get arrested, right?" you can you probably 10 voices say, "no, you can't get arrested
8:46 am
if you're standing here" and i still got arrested. amy: and you are walking to her vehicle. >> i was with my mom walking to my vehicle. a few frieiends. there were two large tanks outside of the rv i was in. i was aa maybe 10 cops standing there with batons, with full right here. they grabbed him and said, are you shailene woodley? i said, yes, i am. they said, you must remain here. they went around the corner, discussed amongst them selves. i waited for what felt like five minutes, probably was 45 seconds, and thehey can back and sasaid, "you're under arrest." amy: wait, they said, are you shailene woodley before they arrested you? you did not have a name tag on? >> no. it is all on facebook live. the whole thing is documented. > [indiscernible] amy: so you were targeted. >> i mean, one could say that. amy: when do you go to trial?
8:47 am
constantly been shifting. as of right now, march 31. amy: do you plan to go back to north dakota for it? >> i do. amy: so the stakes are very high. some of the water protectors they came to park city yesterday that were protesting chase manhattan bank and also featured in a new cell here sundance called "rise" about indigenous resistance in this country, had rubber bullet marks. just in the last weeks. so people are continually getting arrested in north dakota right now, even when the pipeline did not have the easement for under the missouri river. people, young people are really afraid also afraid of getting hurt, what this could mean. >> i think there is a huge misconception in this country that the fight against the
8:48 am
dakota access pipeline has been over for some the minute the army corps of enginineers decidd to deny the easement, i think our population and popular opinion, people decided they did not need to pay attention anymore. what we started to see at the end of this movement, which is frustrating but also beautiful, was that people started to get john and is sort of became a trend, a trend to say i stand with standing rock, "the sake i fight against the -- it was cool to say i fight against the dakota pipeline. or something to reach week. it is wonderful because it garnered more attention. but what we're seeing now is the fight is far from over. we knew there was a huge opportunity with president trump's administration to come in and change what president obama decided to do. so my prayer would be that all of the people who paid attention when this was something that was trending on twitter, when this was something to pending on instagram, continue to pay
8:49 am
attention to the water protectors. like you mentioned, there are facebook live videos that cannot everything will night of people being shot with rubber bullets still. that is something i was shocked by 2.5 would's ago when a friend sent me to facebook live. you understand -- you think it doesn't keep happening. just because we're not on the grouound does not mean it isn't there. we must stay aware of these situations. amy: and president trump saying, this means jobs, even pushing for the pipelines to be made in the united states. >> thank you for bringing that up. it is something that blows my mind because perhaps it will create a malaise they come a couple thousand jobs were one million jobs in america. they are temporary. if we are talking about real job creation in this country, we have to start looking at renewable energy. it is the only way it is a permanent job. not only that, you are creating infrastructure that guarantees energetic independence within our country. we know that energy transfer partnership the keystone xl
8:50 am
pipelines, we know that lots of that oil is being exported. so when their argument is that we are creating jobs and also creating energetic independency, it is a flat out lie. if we want to in all both of those angst and if our new administration and trump wants to follow through on his promises to this country, which was creating new jobs and creating better infrastructure for the people who are living in america, then we have to start looking at renewables. it is the only way. amy: how have the protests and nonviolent civil disobedience, resistance camps in north dakota changed you? >> for the first time in my life, not only did i witness, i felt like i got to -- i got to be proven wrong in that you can protest and you can win a fight without violence and without aggression. and you can win with compassion and you can win with kindness.
8:51 am
and you can win with prayer. and all of these things, ceremony and kindness, compassion, you know, they have been written off for so long as hippie ideals or as things that don't actually create true change. dakota access pipeline from the fight against dapl change that because indigenous people were at the forefront of this fight. and indigenous people refused to let ego and fear and aggression get in the way of true change and true love for future generations. they are resisting this pipeline not for you and i and not for those of us alive right now or my future children, they are resisting this for seven generations to come so that in seven generations, we can guarantee that they will have water to drink. that is something moving forward, i don't care we're dealing with feminism or, change or fight against the private prison the stone, that is something we have to hold in our hearts and hands is that t pray, that ceremony, and that
8:52 am
steadfast commitment to compassionate resistance. amy: do you think president obama could have done more to stop this from happening, that it earlier and been more forceful in really stop in the pipeline from moving forward? >> it is hard to say. as a citizen, of course, i would say that. i'm not in the white house. i don't know what obstacles that man was up against. i don't know what resistance he was up against. obviously, again, as a citizen, i would love to say, yes, i wish he had stopped this in 2014 when it was originally proposed to the tribe and the army corps of engineers originally a board the tribe -- actually, according to law, they were meant to be with the tribe multiple times and that did not happen. had donei wish obama something but i don't know that he could have. it is hearsay for me. amy: were you surprised to see molly obama yesterday -- malia
8:53 am
obama yesterday at the protest? >> it was amazing. i saw her last than at the event with chairman dave archambault. it was incredible to see her -- amy: president obama's daughter. >> and to witness a human being and a woman come into her own outside of her family and out died of the attachment -- outside of the attachments of this country has on her, but someone willing to participate in democracy because she chooses to, because she recognizes regardless of her last name that if she doesn't participate in democracy, there will be no world for her future children. amy: that is actor and activist shailene woodley. when we come back, annie leonard of greenpeace. ♪ [music break]
8:54 am
amy: this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. to issuingng presidential memos to revive the keystone xl and dakota access oil pipelines, president trump and his team have taken several other actions that have alarmed environmentalists. all references to climate change have been removed from the white house website. reuters reporting the epa has also been ordered to remove e is climatate change page, which contains links to scientific global warming research as well as detailed data on emissions. the epa has been prohibited from issuing press releases, publishing updates, or even posting information on social
8:55 am
media. the centers for disease control and prevention has abruptly canceled a major conference on climate change and public health. joining us now from berkeley, california annie leonard, , executive director of greenpeace usa. as we wrap up the show, can you talk about the executive actions on dakota access pipeline the keystone xl, and all of what we are's the right now in the new trumump administration? >> absolutely. i am very worried. i've been in a bar middle activist for about 25 yearsrs -- environment activist for 25 yearars. in the past, we were acting in a framework with respect for democracy, respect for science, stronger grasp on reality then president trump is indicating. his actitions yesterday on the pipeline as well as trying to muzzle the environmental protection agents thehe demonstrate a complete disregard for indigenousus treaty rights, complete disregard for environmental laws that exec of orders and memoranda's do not
8:56 am
change. those pipeline still have to go to the clean water act. thee complete disrsregard for democracy. millions of people have voiceced oppositition to these pipelines. perhaps most troubling is complete disconnect from reality. the vast majorority of thehe wod scientists say it percent of remaining oils need toto state underground. the last thing we should be doing is investing in more pipeline. it is terrifying that he thinks this is an apappropriate directn to move our country in. amy: and t the argumument he mas this means more jobs? >> this is one of the few things i do agree with president trump on, we need more jobs. but we n need sustainable, healthy, and saved jobs. the real way to get long-term meaningful jobs is through the transition to clean energy, whether retrofitting buildings to be more energy efficient, whether it is building actual infrastructure for clean energy. there is an almost infinite number of healthy, sustainable, good jobs available and that is where we need to be investing and put much needed jobs
8:57 am
delivery. statement,id in yourr powerful allies of indigouous community ranchers, farmers, climate activists, stop the keystone and dakota pipeline the first time around, protest broken out all over the country right now around resumption of this. what do you feel - -- what do yu feel the protest movement is to do and what does p president trp need to push these pipelines through? >> i'm not sure there''s anythig a president trump to do to actually push these pipeliness are because in addition to actual laws and environmental impact statements, there are us, people. the word i'm hearing more thanan any other ththese days is "resistance." the second one would be "unity." all ofoss the country, these different people are cocoming together and saying, we will resist. we're not going to go away lightly. we're not going away. we're going to fight with everythihing we had because what is at stake really is everything we love. it is democracy, water,
8:58 am
multicultural communities. we're not going away. we're going to resist. amy: it seems very likely t that rex tillerson, ceo of exxonmobil, will be the next secretary of a, already approved by the committee, now the full vote. your response? >> for a long time we have fight against for being concerned about the influence of fossil fuel money in our democracy and this appointment is stunning in terms of an absolute complete merger with our government and ththe bigiggest fossil fuel inindustriries in the e country. it shows the onus on making sure that things are handled appropriately is now on the people more than ever before when you to be awake, alert, and evolved. amy: annie leonard, thank you for being with us, executive director of greenpeace usa. that does it for our broadcast. democracy now! is looking for feedback from people who appreciate the closed captioning. e-mail your comments to or mail them to democracy now! p.o. box 693 new york, new york 10013. [captioning made possible by democracy now!]
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