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tv   France 24  LINKTV  January 27, 2017 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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leaders took office. the french presidential front-runner francois fillon takes a hit in the polls. allegations his wife took a salary for a fake job. rented -- is threatening reprisal after a supreme court ruled against the
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extradition of a turkish soldiers who fled after last year's failed coup. we begin in washington where british prime minister theresa may has been holding talks with u.s. president donald trump in what was his first meeting with a foreign leader since taking office a week ago. and the fight against the islamic all topping the agenda at their talks. adding in his experience business had always been smooth compared to his experience with mainland europe. the queen she has invited trump to visit england later on this year. minister mayprime
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set about trams commitment to nato. >> on defense and security cooperation, we are united in our recognition. we reaffirmed our unshakable commitment. you are 100% behind nato. i encourage my fellow your leaders to deliver on their commitments. the burden is more fairly shared. it is only by investing properly that we are assured we are properly equipped. >> the british prime minister speaking there in washington. our white house correspondent tells us more now. >> they got along rather well considering what preceded this meeting, a relationship that didn't do so well. mexican prime minister rene netto -- mexican prime and esther pena nieto was expected
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to be here. they were very insistent on the fact that the special relationship between the united kingdom and united states is a strong as ever. they appear to this -- plenty they appear to disagree on. the soundbite where donald trump just told her he is one hundred percent behind him putting words in his mouth in front of the press here. he believed that nato was obsolete. there is one differing point of view. another one is interesting considering what will be happening tomorrow. we know the president donald trump will be holding a phone call with his russian counterpart. and he says sanctions are possibly lifting. although sanctions imposed on and by the european
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union. sanctions will remain in place against the current russian regime. clear difference of opinion there. let me just add one more. he still believes torture and waterboarding work. and he repeated that again here at press conference in the white house. he thinks torture works but his defense secretary will be swearing in later today and has a different point of view. theresa may had to come out here to say that she is obviously not for torture. >> philip crowther's there. it has been one week since the inauguration. is going to take a
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closer look at the special relationship between the two countries. reporter: ronald reagan and margaret thatcher, the political power duo. on and a similar pairing may be emerging. >> it is a bit hackneyed and cliched. it is tied to post 1945 world citizens him -- world cynicism. shotorld has been given a in the arm, a collagen injection. the special relationship seems relevant again in different circumstances. >> the special relationship dates back to 1946, when winston churchill coined the term world war ii.
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alliances saw challenges in the early years of the cold war. in 2003, the special relationship was strengthened with prime minister tony blair supporting president george w. bush call to invade iraq. >> chemical, biological, nuclear weapon capabilities, that threat is real. the u.s. has been a true friend than great britain. the subsequent administration is following suit. barack obama claims he believes in a special relationship. germany's angela merkel received the first call. the results of the eu referendum raises concerns about the value of the relationship with allies across the pond.
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maybe there may be a u.k. u.s. trade agreement. our focus is negotiating with a big block of the european union to get a trade agreement done. the uk's going to be on the back of the queue. >> although on paper, they do it just -- they do disagree on major topics including torture, use of intelligence through legal means. the mexican president meanwhile has said he spoke to president donald trump by press -- by telephone today. this comes amid a brooding row over a wall and who is going to pay for it. talks were supposed be held in washington next week. we can speak now to the
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professor of international economics. thank you and for speaking to us. we have heard an unprecedented war of words. how much economic damage do you think this is likely to have done mexico so far? far possibly not a lot. they are giving an understatement to the businessman and economic environment. potentially the costs on both sides, they could be quite substantial. mexico to you think holds any trump cards when it comes to doing something to retaliate against the united states? >> mexico can do a lot of things as well. for sure if the united states were going to include a 20% import tax, which would not be
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illegal, mexico would do the same. this would lead us to a full-blown trade war, which would not be in anyone's interests. again, it depends on how the united states will carry out this threat. my senses we will see quite some support from other countries. following up from the actions in mexico. precisely on that point, can you envision mexico gathering the support of neighboring countries were country south of mexico? and perhaps collectively exerting some form of pressure on the united states? >> he wants to renegotiate
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nafta. already president trump has been throwing out the tpp agreement. we heard the march of this -- there is clearly europe in the picture. all of these are quite a strange chain of events. >> i just want to say the mexican billionaire will be speaking this evening. helpid he was willing to interface between mexico and the u.s. government. he also spoke about how the spat with washington has united the mexicans more than ever before. thoughts, dou your you think he is being realistic their?
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do you think he is right about the mexicans being fully behind the president? >> clearly when there is a leap of people, that is what they will serve. we have to remember president trump is a businessman. it will be better if they can speak the same type of language. close to what president trump has done recently. the outcome is not clear. third-party is not as important as political establishment. >> thank you very much indeed with sharing that for sharing that with us.
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the university of lancaster and the united kingdom. moving on now, despite forecasting the forefront prime minister manuel valls remains undeterred. he has been making a last inch bid to his supporters today. making apologies for his pro-business stance. also expressing desire to modernize the socialist party with primaries looming on sunday. monfils, which has been the final stop. reporter: manuel valls is finishing up a series of eastern france visits today. each step along the way he has repeated the same exit he has been repeating, which is criticism of his opponent. that message is work is important and the dignity of work is important. has made --
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himself would be entitled to 750 euros a month. it is an idea that has a lot of interest. it costs far too much. measures of social welfare for people who are in serious situations of unemployment or whatnot. both at a charity and at a -- on inarlier on than the day. he repeated this message that the dignity of work was very important. he repeated this message from locations, having a symbolic notion of justice. is typically trying to walk that middle line between appearing business friendly and
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appearing as a social democrat who claims a lot of importance on social justice. we will hear for that we will see if that message is heard. -- we see if that message is heard. anchor: the former prime minister has been making a final bid to his supporters and elsewhere in the country. supportl was making his a final bid for support. looming final election -- francois fillon is feeling the heat because of a growing scandal involving his life. he says he is disgusted at half athat his -- million euros from the public purse. a negative effect on his popularity. he had been seen as the front-runner.
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a multinational financial prosecutor has been opened. >> heading in to the french police on friday. they are talking about the former director of the defeated -- in order to shed light on what kind of relationship -- already acknowledging the former prime minister's wife had apparently one or two pieces published on trump. investigations focusing on whether or not she did work as a parliamentary assistant alongside her husband. could hurt hert chances in the upcoming presidential election. on thursday night he was in full debit control mode. -- full damage control mode. is aso think it's outcome
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far as i had. >> that is the picture drawn by christine kelly. a journalist who is also being called in for questioning. wrote a biography. the met her when she was in prime ministers residence. for me she was externally discreet, quiet and didn't like to express herself paid she was terrified of the limelight. husband has been slow in coming forward himself. the incident with true from the presidential race. despite prillaman investigations, it is -- despite preliminary investigations it is likely to take several months. anchor: punitive measures threatened against greece after last summer's failed coup d'etat
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attempt -- cu attempt. the cancellation of an entire european union on the readmission of refugees, france 24 tells us more. reporter: turkey's top diplomat .s fighting back following a legit involvement in last year's failed coup d'etat. following alleged involvement in last year's failed coup d'etat. ankara, the most judicial, but a political decision. we will take all necessary steps including the cancellation of the brief mission of agreement on refugees. they protect terrorists, traders, and coup plotters. kris needs to know this. >> turkey is threatening to backtrack on a deal to help curb an influx of refugees.
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especially from mortal syria. it doesn't end there. the turkish justice ministry submitted a second request for the return of the offices. they fear for their lives in turkey. the controversy comes at a time when athens and ankara are trying to work hand-in-hand to find a deal for the in ongoing talks brokered by the united nations. >> the ringing of a bill a few hours ago starts the mark of a new year -- marks the start of a new year. millions of people are currently gathered with family members in the year of the rooster. till -- tothe temp the temple is stuffed with cash.
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>> it is the largest travel period in china with 900 million people on the move. plane or car they are heading home for the chinese new year. the train station it is below freezing and travelers are hurrying to make it home in time. >> we are going to our home in the country, a 16 hour train journey. >> if there were no delays i will be home in 24 hours. reporter: they are traveling to all four corners of the country. 350 6 million have traveled by train. billion will go by car. come february 3 many people will start traveling back as the year of the rooster kicks off.
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>> a quick reminder of our top stories, hailing their special relationship, u.s. president donald trump meets prime minister theresa may in the white house. a drop in popularity, the french presidential front-runner taking a hit in the polls. allegations why she took it salary -- took a salary for a fake job. rules's supreme court against the extradition of a turkish soldiers who fled after last year's failed coup. time now for a check of this top -- of the top business news stories. all this talk about a special relationship between london and washington, will that translate to special trade deals? >> technically the u.k. cannot negotiate trade deals.
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president donald trump and british prime minister theresa may has turned in a willingness to reach that trade deal. is trying to find lower tariffs with the u.s.. the u.s. and larger economy will probably dictate the rule, also because of its powerful lobbies in washington. taking a closer look. reporter: theresa may and a much on both have political incentive to boost trade relations. may wants to prove the u.k. camp can prosper in, -- prosper economically, law trump is keen to show he is a master dealmaker. if a deal makes sense it will bring little --
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low tariffs on most goods and services. the exception is agriculture. it is a highly sensitive sector for both countries with powerful interest groups looking to oppose lower tariffs. another area of potential disagreement. defenses in regulation between britain and the u.s.. a a comprehensive trade deal wod require london to open up its pharmaceutical and health sector , which means potentially privatizing the national health service, a measure opposed by the british government. to -- alsois also likely to demand flexibility with because to food and safety regulations and current restrictions on core needed water or genetically modified organisms. the u.k. would receive little in return. u.s. president donald trump has set a deal puts america first
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and the balance of power is clearly in washington's favor. intralia signed a trade deal 2004 which has been a political benefit to its economy, which makes key concessions but doesn't secure improved access to america's cultural markets. is closelyope watching stateside for indication of donald trump's economic policies. in finance minister meeting brussels. some are encouraged to u.s. president, trying to stability economy with tax cuts, deregulation and infrastructure. it is his comments on trade that are drawing concern. >> from the u.s. we will surely have expensive measures which are positive. but also some worrying issues we have discussed. a possible return to protectionism would be harmful. >> will the trump meeting in focus on the markets as disappointing gdp data out of
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energy stocks like and on wall street earlier from their chevron and goldman sachs tribute to the biggest losses on the dow jones. above european markets, closing mix. only the footsie ending in green , trading down after highs earlier this week. finishing down one third of 1%. now with all the speculation to opt out of protectionism come the wto says a new accord will boost global exports by $1 trillion. jordan chat in kuwait ratified the equation -- ratified the agreement and are expected to come into force within two weeks. the agreement will have major impacts on four countries as it standardizes and expedites the procedures. it means faster and cheaper delivery. >> an agreement has been put
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into place and will have the largest impact. implemented, this could have an impact of around everyn trade expansion year until 2030. and half a percentage point of world.wth around the anchor: finally, for those of you who love the smell of napalm you may soon be able to experience apocalypse now in a way you never have before. videogame. gamers take on the character of the u.s. army captain willard, who is on a secret mission to assassinate renegade colonel .urtz francis ford coppola is developing this interactive psychological videogame based on his epic vietnam war film and he
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is asking the public to contribute $900,000 for its production. vietnameseinto the -- i dove into the vietnamese war without parachutes and i am joined now by daredevils, a team who wants to make an interactive version that puts you in the middle of the vietnam war. you are the -- you are captain willard. it's about not getting killed route than being a killer. anchor: gruesome images, but we will see. anchor: think very much indeed. don't go away, i will be back with the top stories.
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