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tv   France 24  LINKTV  January 30, 2017 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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a shooter killed six worshipers at a quebec city mosque. the fallout continues from u.s. president trump's travel ban. france's foreign minister says it is common sense to get rid of it as it is still creating havoc for migrants and refugees.
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and facing investigators, french right-wing presidential candidate francois fillon and his wife spoke to law enforcement officials monday. he received hundreds of thousands of you -- she received hundreds of thousands of euros for two jobs she did not perform. ♪ one suspect is in police custody, a second person detained is now considered a witness. the alleged shooter was accused of killing six people at a quebec city mosque is a university student, accused of barging in sunday night when the mosque was holding evening prayers. five people are in critical condition and 12 others suffered minor injuries. more on the timeline of the attack.
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police investigating sunday's deadly shooting say only one of the two men arrested remains a suspect. considered ason is witness. police apprehended someone right after the attack while another individual turned himself in an hour later. officials declined to give the identity of the suspect and the witness, but said they were previously unknown to police. >> the second suspect got in touch with us. he said he was armed and talked to us about his crime. he seemed willing to cooperate. he was apparently waiting for police to pick him up. and emergency response unit immediately moved to arrest the suspect around 9 p.m.. >> worshipers had gathered for sunday evening prayers at .slamic cultural center
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several of them were killed or injured. premier issued a call for unity in the wake of an attack that seemed to target canada's muslim community. .> ollanta say a few words few words.o say a this is your home. we are all welcome here. >> canadian prime minister called the attack an act of terror, but police are saying they are investigating the motive behind the shooting. security has been reinforced around other mosques in the area. the same mosque was targeted by vandals last year when a paik's head was left on its doorstep during ramadan. >> canada's prime minister called the attack a terrorist act while he was addressing parliament. he also calls for compassion for the country's muslim community. innocences a group of
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targeted for practicing their faith. make no mistake, this was a terrorist attack. attack on most intrinsic and cherished values. values of openness and diversity. it was an act of terror committed against canada and against all canadians. you, we wille with love you and we will stand with you. reporter: -- anchor: our guest is a reporter with cbc include back. thanks for being with us. what is the latest on the investigation? guest: the latest we heard from the provincial police spokesperson, talking about two suspects and one that had given himself up.
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he is now considered the only suspect. somebody who had been arrested near the mosque. that person is no longer being suspected of the crime. man,e left with this young who was in the outskirts of the city. there has been an outpouring of support in the muslim community. we are talking about only a handful of mosques that a lot of students at the local university very small,im -- maybe 5000, 10,000 people. >> tell us about the suspected shooter and the witness. >> they would come at the end of
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the evening prayers and take place at 7:30. he would have gone into the mosque. it is an old credit union building. they all wear survived and able to get out. they reported he gone -- they and thishe went in happened three times. this is all coming from eyewitnesses. none of this coming from the police except for the fact that this was just the one suspect. we are expected in them to be charged with something this afternoon. it is not clear what the charges might be. >> is it dangerous now to be a muslim in canada? has this attack changed something in the way people feel? >> i have to say yes.
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been speakingave with over the last 20 hours, i spoke with a 27-year-old who fled to come here. a safeht it would be place, but i'm not sure that is the case anymore. out and wearses her veil? there is an enormous amount of worry. should our public servants be allowed to wear a token of religion. there were a lot of racist comments, racist slurs that came out. definitely having an enormous impact on the community. most of the women can be identified as muslim. >> despite his words, thank you so much to speaking to france 24.
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with cbc in quebec. thank you. in the face of a growing backlash, the white house issued a warning. those diplomats have signed a letter protesting doma chums immigration order. including syria, iraq, somalia, or iran. >> 325,000 people from other countries flew into our airports. the obama administration had identified -- i think they can get with the program or go. on how international leaders from both affected nations as well as close american allies have responded, here's emerald maxwell. >> as donald trump's crackdown
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continues to provoke outrage across the world, german chancellor angela merkel will justify targeting at a specific face grew. >> the fight against terrorism defies -- in this case people of the muslim faith. or people of the background. >> of the seven nations targeted by the ban, iraq threatened to retaliate. iran has called the executive order illegal, saying it too will pursue the matter. >> we will take reciprocal action regarding these issuance for american citizens who want to travel to iran. >> doctors without borders say is putting life at risk within syria.
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the un's secretary-general also expresses concern. >> i hope that the measures that have been taken are temporary. and the u.s.'s generous refugee program can be reinstated in full. >> saying that canada will continue to welcome refugees guard this of their faith. on saturday a u.s. federal judge issued an emergency stay. and granting them access to lawyers. all of that continues to be on evenly applied. >> individuals whose hopes have been dashed, their family members already in the u.s. are also affected.
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the syrian families in california are no exception. gathered --lies family scattered around the world, a new home was made in sacramento, for -- sacramento, california. >> some of those families in jordan, some in norway, some in saudi arabia. is not forn split up these orders. we can reunite and get together. these orders are keeping us apart. >> the father of four is not alone. fears have been growing within the syrian community here. since president trump signed an preventingrder, people from seven muslim countries from entering the united states.
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they met in a aleppo and they were born in california. >> in the united states, for the past few days i started feeling i am not welcomed here. from syrians and their country, specifically muslim syrians. have saidights groups it is a violation of u.s. law. timeses face uncertain with their dreams of being reunited with loved ones seemingly further away than ever. >> over in the uk foreign secretary boris johnson concede that trump span is a highly controversial policy but it won't affect british citizens,
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even if holding a second passport from one of the countries hit by the ban. johnson also spoke about the online petition gaining traction. close to 1.5 million people have signed calling to ban u.s. president donald trump for making a visit. >> let me remind house -- reporter: more than one million people have e signed this positn to sign this petition to the initiatitive was launched before the u.s. president decided to ban citizens from several countries from entering america. new signatures have poured in. politicians and party leaders have joined. >> and not happy with coming here. look at what is happening with those countries. >> the u.k. is the home of many people originally from the
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countries that have been targeted. 5000 and 10,000 meter races. the first of january, her majesty the queen made me a night of the realm. on the 27th of january president seems to have -- many are disappointed with the prime minister's response to the crisis. his initiative to block people at the border, theresa may said -- >> the united states is possible -- united states is responsible. >> cruel and shameful. is -- shemay said she does not approve of his measures. she says she's looking forward to hosting her ally.
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would like to see trump's ban repealed. during a visit to tehran and iran. call the new immigration measures dangerous. iran is one of the seven majority muslim countries while citizens are banned from entering the country in the next 90 days. france issued an issue that issued 40,000 visas and said it for double that figure 2017. people attended the funeral for 16 firefighters into -- in tehranror on . the blaze was named on a lecture -- blaze was blamed on an electrical short circuit. now,g on to other news facing charges in paris as well as in brussels. so-called man in the hat
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failed to detonate his bomb in a march attack in brussels airport that killed 16 people. he was charged when he was arrested in april. now he has also been charged in paris for his involvement in the november 2015 attacks that killed 130 people in the french capital. belgian legal authorities have already charged him for his role in those paris attacks, leading his lawyers to complain that he could betray twice for the same act. the hearing was called by francois fillon himself for france's former prime minister and right wing presidential candidate. weekly --e satirical that he has will -- that his wife penelope received hundreds of thousands of euros for suspected bogus jobs. fillon said he will withdraw from the race if he is placed under formal investigation.
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>> he denies any wrongdoing by him and his wife, but francois fillon and his wife penelope have been questioned by police. they are investigating whether mrs. fillon's part of terror -- fillon's parliamentary assistant was a bogus job. thousands of supporters rally to the conservative candidates. front-runner in the upcoming elections, his ratings have slumped in the wake of the allegations, published by satirical weekly. there are reports his wife penelope owed hundreds of thousands of euros for a job that didn't exist. >> three months from the election, surprise a scandal is being whipped up. they are trying to use penelope to try to take me down. but i have thick skin. if someone wants to attack me, they should attack me head on.
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the leave wife out of this political debate. >> witnesses? a she was in at all. a custom to being a sideline -- accustomed to being sidelined. the heart of the scandal now .nown as penelope-gate reported he pocketed funds only reserved for the parliamentary -- for the salaries of parliamentary assistants. reporter: -- anchor: the winner of sunday's socialist party primary met with the prime minister. until now the premise to supporting his rival. a far more centrist platform failed to convince voters. --ormer education minister
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agreeing to give his support. embraces president track record. among them own policy proposals, legalizing marijuana -- measure some factions of the socialist party say they are unwilling to support. catherine nicholson reports on the long road. >> this was an important meeting. to me he looks relaxed going in and rather relieved coming out. he acknowledged he and the prime minister have strong personalities, but says he was satisfied. not just the back his campaign -- four french president, but to unite the left. at a point when several dozen
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to thests say they want camp and get back. he read a more formal statement, repeating the message that he will be backing ben waugh. he believes even though that is something the opinion pollsters seem to be shipping -- to say be sure hands point. there are reasons why the left should win the election. that is coming up. big but for the former education minister, who has been an outspoken critic since then. win it for the left to really needs to take ownership and be proud of the achievements and actions of the last five years. perhaps that is something that has been easy to do in the past.
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on the official day one of his presidential campaign. anchor: she is the most beautiful woman in the universe. that is what the judges say. she won the miss universe pageant those held on the philippines on sunday. the 21-year-old is a dental student from the northern city. the first time a french contestant has won the pageant for the first time in 60 years. she will focus on helping children, especially girls go to school. and now it is time for business. will hilderbrandt is onset. >> it's a good goal, dental students. >> moving on to the actual business news. there is a growing number of business leaders condemning donald trump's ban.
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number of tech companies come out but there were reports that there weren't many people outside the tech industry that were condemning it as well. one of the most high profile companies to condemn trump's executive order for banning immigration, saying it did not help. taking a closer look at other companies responding in a similar fashion. >> among those most affected by donald trump's immigration ban, airlines have been left with no choice but to comply with the order. >> delta airlines will make every effort with flexible rebooking options and refunds. united airline said it is working with the central government to comply. members of the alliance took
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part in a demonstration at new york's jfk airport with dozens of taxi drivers going on strike. goldman sachs ceo lloyd blankfein is the only bank boss so far to speak out against the executive order. >> this is not a policy we support. being diverse is not optional. it is what we must be. operatingle the committee did not explicitly condemn the ban. year the statement was quite strengthened by the diversity of those around them. some ceos were more outspoken. his company did not support trump's visa ban. everyone celebrates the power of diversity. those being threatened by the banningxecutive order refugees, as well as visitors from 70 majority muslim countries. staff he vowed to
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hide 10,000 refugees over five years and to neither standby nor stand silent, which he said called into question the american dream. >> trump's executive order heads up a flurry of reaction, not just in the u.s. but obviously in majority muslim countries affected by the ban, including iran. -- a.s. and iran saw is so historic sign relations. some students who are set to enter the workforce had once dreamed of going to the u.s. say they may now look elsewhere. me want to goike abroad and continued her education may not be able to go to america anymore. they can definitely go to your area europe will open the doors of its university.
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>> this ban was a very stupid thing to do. many countries go to the u.s. for education, immigration, and work. after all parts of america's income are because of the immigrants that go to the u.s.. >> donald trump met with small business leaders at the oval where he signed an executive order to/regulations. the fiscal budget for new regulations is now zero. the president said for every new regulation, to existing ones will be removed. federal agencies proposed the rules they want to drop in the white house will review them. --the american dream is back thought had the american dream is back. we are going to create an environment for small business like we haven't in many decades. this is a knock on many
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presidents preceding me. a got particularly bad in the last eight years. is backmerican dream but some investors disagreeing from policies, rattling the markets as you heard earlier in the report. u.s. airlines in their shares fall. some company saying they would assist affected companies, including offering refunds. europe indices also ended in the red. the nasdaq down 9.6 percent on wall street. s&p 500 down .8, as is the dow jones after last year's record highs paid the indices falling on comes executive orders area markets close a little bit earlier.
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down 1.14 percent. european markets also rattled as investors seem to be a little bit skittish about the trump executive orders for the time being. >> thank you so much.
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01/3/30/17 01/30/17 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is democracy now! amy: let them in. that was the chant around the country this week and as tens of thousands protested against president trump's executive order barring entry to refugees muslimidents of seven majority nations. we will go to jfk airport were thousands gathered to demand the


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