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tv   France 24  LINKTV  March 10, 2017 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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thanks for joining us, we start in south korea, where the has been violence outside of the courtroom after a decision which for -- which forced president parks wayne hay out of office. ofegations after months turmoil. elections due to take place within 60 days. france 24 has more. >> we act in the impeachment of south korea's president. pyongyang, which usually waits days before responding to international as supposed -- international episodes, quickly issued a report. >> she had one more europe --
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one more year left as president. she will be investigated as a common criminal. reporter: the mood was different where -- , calling on increased cooperation between the two nations. >> the impeachment is an internal affair for south korea. so we won't comment. but as a neighbor, we hope that south korea can maintain .olitical stability >> this after deploying a -- roversial and another half him. -- another call for partnerships.
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>> the japanese and south korean governments need to continue making an effort to implement a japan and south korean agreement. from the region, maintaining a diplomatic stance, the u.s. department declined to comment on the impeachment. anchor: more on the domestic impact, i was joined a short while ago by our international affairs editor. the former military dictator who ruled in the 60's to the 70's, he created the economic powerhousee exports from the ruins of war. and a lot of the older generation really loved that model. they venerated in the sense that they revered her father. so they stuck to that model and what is interesting now is it is
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relied on to great extent these great industrial conglomerates, they companies we know around the world. samsung is cheap on trial. there are cracked in the system. the economy is under pressure. lots of household debt. the successor is inheriting a lot of problems. >> u.k. vote to leave in wave of -- various models are pushing the project forward. the councils continuing to reject the idea of a multi-speed arrangement. >> in the context of the upcoming brexit negotiations, as well as the long-term strategy,
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i will be urging everyone to strive toward maintaining political unity. this is why when discussing the various alliances for europe, our main objective should be to strengthen our mutual trust and unity. >> russian president vladimir putin hosted his turkish counterpart. closehailing a cooperation between the two and syria. >> hailing closer ties between moscow and ankara, russian president vladimir putin offered a warm welcome to the turkish president. >> we are very happy connections between our countries are being reestablished quite quickly. we are actively working on
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solving the most acute crises in the world. first is the syrian one. >> relations between the two men weren't always so cordial. whenhit an all-time low turkey shut down a russian fighter jet after it had string to turkish airspace. thehe aftermath moscow band -- and halted agricultural imports, moves that hurt the turkish economy. moscow has yet to lift all the economic restrictions. at their meeting president erdogan urged russia to do so and restore visa free travel between the two countries. >> our expectation is to maintain reciprocal trust and expand dialogue on a political level. we expect russia to completely lift economic restrictions. way to achievey
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our $100 billion trade target. over thely at odds syrian war, the two countries have been core donating their military efforts against the islamic state group. turkey and russia are the main organizers of the syrian peace talks set to resume next week. >> the united nations has slammed turkey over what it says are serious human rights violations in the country southeast. that is a report by the un's rights body. documents the deaths of 2000 people with a displacement of half a million. investigators condemning a series of of abuses. >> the government of turkey has repeatedly failed to grant us access but has contested the veracity of the serious allegations made in this report.
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the gravity of the allegations, the scale of the destruction and a displacement of more than 355,000 people mean that an independent investigation is essential. anchor: i'm joined from geneva by our correspondent. good evening. a standoff between the u.n. rights body and ankara. >> that's correct. the u.n. high commission of has been at heads with the turkish authorities. he requested the commission for monitors to go in and investigate back to may of 2016. as of a couple of days ago he had not received a firm response from the turkish authorities. but the high commission would
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like the turkish authorities to first grant permission for thestigations to go to southeast and investigate the serious allegations. thousands of people have been killed, including 800 security personnel and 1200 civilians in the operations by turkish authorities in the southeast , a party which he has designated as a terrorist group by other western countries as well. that is the standoff and until the situation improves behind commission has no option but to go with what they are calling on monitoring report, drawing on witness accounts and satellite imagery, which shows some parts completely -- three areas were completely flattened and many dwellings. it is estimated 1768 have been
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damaged or completely destroyed. that is a big amount. and allegations of torture and pressure on medical personnel. these are serious allegations and it remains to be seen whether turkish authorities would allow a team to go in an investigation -- and investigate the serious allegations. a town in austria has banned a rally attended by a senior official from turkey's ruling party. this amid growing controversy over the country's upcoming referendum. 16.s do to vote on april whipping up support from a yes vote. the decision over the event followed this evening.
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and the mayor of the dutch city of rotterdam saying a similar march plan will -- in the u.s.ersy over president donald trump's travel restrictions. that as the son of the late block -- late boxing legend muhammad ali told congress he was detailed at a florida airport because of his relate that because of his race and religion. france 24 has more. reporter: and various -- as various u.s. states join a legal challenge against president trump's revised legal trouble the -- calling for legislation banning racial profiling. now the son of the late boxing champion muhammad ali has joined the fight, telling members of the u.s. congress that he and his mother were detained and questioned at length at an airport in florida last month.
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jamaica, he says he was pulled aside and asked his name and religion. >> i'm waiting for about an hour 45 minutes and they tell me i'm free to go. i was like ok, so why was i detained? they said they were just doing their job area their job is to detain people and ask them about their religion? reporting the incident happened weeks after the trump administration issued its controversial travel ban. sam i believe they were religiously and racially profiling me. i'm black, i'm a muslim, i must be a terrorist. i felt my human rights were abused. reporter: president trump signed an order placing a three-month ban on people from six mainly muslim countries entering the u.s., after his original plan was defeated by a legal
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challenge. a spokesperson for u.s. customs and border protection confirmed that ali and his mother were detained and questioned, but it wasn't because of their name or religion. anchor: there has been a protest at the white house over another controversial decision, native american troops of voicing their anger over the plan to cut access to the oil pipeline, they feel could lead to the displacement of tribal lands. the keystone xl pipeline was shelved by the obama administration. the start of the official campaign for the french presidency is almost upon us. but one issue has been all but absent from the debate so far. an estimated 15% of the french population is below the poverty line as more and more people
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depend on food aid. -- dividing 132 million euros to those in need. now they are launching a new campaign encouraging shoppers to donate. for more on the issue i'm joined by the former europe director for the foundation charity. how bad is france's poverty problem? >> it becomes worse and worse. people are experiencing poverty in france. it is one million more than 10 years ago. there are different forms of poverty, like isolated people. they are more confronted than others with low-paying and part-time jobs. there are less and less for young people and migrants. and while accepted in --
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they are sent the streets. >> why aren't politicians talking about this more often? >> sometimes they are talking about it, that it is the same issue. we have progressive promises that are never foreseen. posterity promises it is always fulfilled. political weakness in debates and just work on the issues? >> in some ways they are ready have a generous benefit system for example. >> it is a note system. it is not adapted to the new issues. for example, removing taxes from the room -- from the moving area.
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do is create to thenew alliance between initiatives. there are many it -- many initiatives. comes toistration everything. >> thank you very much for talking to us. now a towering discovery. we are going to be talking about our congratulations for sebastian -- who has reached dryland. down thecompetitors line -- plenty of time to put his feet up, declaring victory way back on january 19. >> there were 29th -- 29
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skippers. now the last training candidates is expected to cross the finish line on saturday around midday. without a glimpse of coastline cepheid it is at proven to be difficult indeed. single breath of wind. i can't move fororward. i can't go anywhere. >> things got worse when his book fellow dish when his boat fell apart. he had to fix damaged hydraulics. the french sailor saw, and brighter days. -- a, or and brighter days. and brighter days.
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and brighter days. with more than three months at sea, sebastian -- more thanlosing in on 24,000 not a, house at sea, sebastian surfaced. finish linethe after a tough journey, a difficult and long race, it is priceless. >> the final competitor is expected to close the race a month after he claims his victory on january 19. >> a towering discovery in and eight eat -- meter long statue. rams is the second, who ruled
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3000 years ago, was found submerged read -- submerged. present. a meeting would civilize as the revamped relationship between two leaders as they lock heads over syria, presidents putin and erdogan meeting in moscow. what isming turkey for said to be widespread human rights abuses. its business with kate moody. starting off with jobs figures. reporter: this is the first month of the trumpet ministration, the month of february, adding 235,000 jobs. this is in part by the construction sector, which benefited from unseasonably warm weather in february. that brings the jobless grade down 1/10 of a percent to about
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4.7%, wages grew slightly. average hourly earnings grew six cents. raising to raise -- interest rates next week, the third time in a decade. want yellen says we don't to fall behind the curve and forced to raise rates to sharply and too quickly. the trump administration has arnie claimed those figures as a victory, although just a year ago his then candidate was casting doubt on the accuracy of similar data released under his predecessor. and a labor report has been released. oil prices weighing slightly on stocks. concerns of ongoing oversupply and whether or not opec freeze is having enough of an impact. in the green in europe on friday, banking and telecom sectors feeding in gains. a trade surplus dropped to a 12 month low.
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hopes to formally begin renegotiating the north american free trade agreement with canada and mexico within the coming weeks. commerce secretary will meet mexican mexicans -- counterpart. they will launch a new round of talks on a year long dispute about sugar exports. trump vowed to change the terms of nafta. regional trade issues remain a priority. >> our decision has been to try ourationalize and tidy up own neighborhood first. that means mexico and canada. we then move on to other topics. the u.k. has been down to the traditional and closest relationships. for the moment they can't really legally binding
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agreement because they haven't even designed this thing to fully trigger the brexit, let alone achieve brexit. mexico's oils industry has been run by a state run and monopoly. one of the first foreign comedies to make inroads is bp. >> this petrol station will open the door to a new era and mexico oil production. for the first time in nearly eight decades, international oil companies are investing in mexico. opened its first station north mexico city last week, with expansion plans across the country. bps investment plan is to be in strategic areas. we will set the prices to ensure there is top in service to our clients.
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the planned investment will amount to a growth plan. >> until recently the mexican oil industry was run by a state owned monopoly. and that inna nieto 2013 as part of prod her reforms -- part of broader reforms. starting with 14 oil explorations in the gulf of mexico put up for auction. more exploration could lead to greenhouse gas omissions. mexico expects $62.5 billion of new foreign investment. other businesso
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deadlines. settlement with u.s. regulators, it will pay $4.3 billion in civil and criminal fines rid german carmakers try to settle similar cases around the world. carmaker will give it a foothold in emerging markets. cut -- letter ubs has cut -- nearly $13 million last year. he largely missed out on the 2016 trading boom, which has seen its competitors bump in profit. and two airports have been hourled after a toy five strike. -- a 25 hour strike. several hundred flights were grounded, stranding several hundreds passengers.
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the entrepreneur elon musk says he can fix the power shortage that has caused blackouts in south australia in 100 days or less. the boss of the electronic car from tesla, but he also founded an energy car firm, solar city. they can install it battery storage grid which can handle between one and 300 megawatt hours of energy. that would provide the after capacity needed. when challenged, musk says he and if he serious failed to do so in 100 days the entire service would be free of charge. is that serious enough for your? -- for you? anchor: thank you, i will be back with the headlines.
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03/10/17 03/10/17 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is democracy now! as president trump attempts to temporarily ban refugees from six muslim majority nations, we will look at how one of washington's closest allies has instituted a travel ban of its own. israel plans to bar entry toto supporteters of the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement, known as bds. we'll get response from rebecca vilkomerson, executive director of jewish voice for peace and award-winning israeli filmmaker udi aloni, and discuss aloni's


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