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tv   France 24  LINKTV  March 14, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> you are watching france 24. these are the headlines. the british parliament gives the prime minister the approval she needs to officially start the brexit process but the scottish leader could cause another bump in the road calling for another vote on independence. turkey cuts off high-level relations with the netherlands after dutch officials cancel .urkish clinical rallies there
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the dutch prime minister says he is not too worried about the sanctions although the dispute is sure to dominate tomorrow's general election. and new allegations in the job scandal surrounding france president candidate francois fillon. thousands of euros that his daughter earned as a parliamentary assistant were then transferred back to her father's account, the same amount used to pay for her wedding. more to come in the press review. also coming up, are driverless cars really the future? computer chip maker intel is willing to bet $15 million that they are. more on that coming up in business. and a sport you may have never heard of before, underwater hockey. more on its big following in hong kong underway. first, our top story from paris.
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the british parliament has finally approved the brexit bill that would let prime minister theresa may officially trigger the country's exit from the eu. she facedown attempts from the lower and upper houses of parliament to add condition to legislation giving her the right to use article 50 and start the divorce. there is a new complication on the horizon. monday, the scottish first minister said she wants to have a new independence referendum to keep scotland from being dragged out of the eu without it's well. scotland voted against independence in 2014 but a majority also voted to stay in the eu in last year's brexit referendum. for more on the story, let's go to london. benedict, tell us more about
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this brexit bill and what happens next. well, last night, and in fact, yesterday, was an historic day for the united kingdom. theresa may finally got that much wanted and the necessary says fromt that parliament, the upper house and the lower house, the house of lords, they did not add any amendments to this eu withdrawal bill, as it is known. now what is needed, and believe will come in the next few hours, the head of state, the queen will give her royal assent. then effectively that brexit bill becomes law, that bill that authorizes the prime minister of the united kingdom to trigger that article 50 of the lisbon treaty. before 50, never invoked
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, and that is the will of the british people, as expressed on the 23rd of june, 2016, wanting the united kingdom him after 40 years of being a crucial member of the eu, to quit. law now,ll becomes an attention is on the details. what are the implications? in ave seen the pound little bit of trouble this morning, certainly some volatility in the market. what we are eager to look at is in the next half hour in the prime minister will be in the house of commons doing something she routinely does after an eu summit, telling us what was discussed at the summit, what the united kingdom's position was and the result of the summit. we of course expect some sort of statement from her on the passing of this brexit bill last night. >> it seems like the passing of
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the bill got almost overshadowed last night from scotland where the first minister said she wanted to hold a new referendum on independence. is that the bigger news there? >> it is certainly huge news. are looking at is an independent scotland, possibly. certainly what nicola sturgeon wants is that. firsts two obstacles, the to surmount, which he intends to do next week, and it is likely that she will accomplish that, and that is to get the authorization from scottish parliament, where she does not have a majority, where we expect possibly the greens to help her get the majority, get that green light from the scottish parliament for the holding of a second referendum. the second obstacle she faces is getting the british parliament down here in westminster, both ,ouses, the house of commons
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house of lords, and the consent of theresa may for holding that referendum wanted by the first minister of scotland in autumn of 2018 or at the latest of spring 2019. although the prime minister has accused nicola sturgeon of playing games for my reminding her that politics is not a game, not the first time she has chided the first minister about that. we haveturgeon says accomplished nothing. we have obtained nothing in the talks with the prime minister since the brexit votes. that is why she believes she has this material change, in title to another referendum. will she win it is another question. the point is emma nicola sturgeon wanted by the spring of 2019, before the u.k. leaves the eu. let's remember, the scottish
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people actually voted in favor of staying within the eu. of course, scotland is part of the u.k. so we will see. a lot of talk about that. talk of possible future breakup of the united kingdom. >> thank you so much. the netherlands is gearing up for its general election wednesday. last night, the dutch prime minister and his main rival held their first and only one-on-one debate. their political parties aren't that ken the cap the moment. 60% of voters say they are still undecided. >> for 30 minutes, they went head to head. on national television, the two rivals in the upcoming elections presented their diametrically opposed views of the netherlands. wilders rolled out his anti-immigration, anti-muslim stance. >> you are not the prime
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minister of the dutch, you are the prime minister of the foreigners. a third term, mark rotella said that his opponent had been preaching extremism. >> i will not cooperate with such a party, not in government. not in parliament. no, never. >> mainstream parties ever views to work with wilders, which means his far right freedom party is unlikely to govern if they win. nevertheless, the results could be tight. one issue that may play a role is the diplomatic fight in turkey. wilders says they are being held hostage by an current. >> nation close the borders. the prime minister says that is unrealistic. >> if you run the country, you have to make sensible decisions. what you say is not sensible. >> another issue that separates the men is europe. wilders once the netherlands to use the eu while rutte has
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called for the vote to be a sign that europe is against populism. days of the campaign have been dominated by a growing dispute with turkey. that has led turkey to say it is cutting diplomatic ties with the netherlands. that was over a dutch decision to ban turkish officials from campaigning there. rallying supporters at a demonstration in turkey for a referendum next month. percentile for no one will be given sweeping new powers. he has condemned the netherlands preventions to campaigners in the netherlands. sanctionsounced against the headache saying the dutch ambassador would not be allowed to return to ankara. discussionpolitical between the countries will also be halted. >> turkey will not be harmed by this. we will protect our rights and our country's honor.
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some european countries beginning with the netherlands will be harmed by this. nothing good can come from racism, fascism, and anti-immigrant sentiment. brussels asked and car to stop intensifying the crisis. the president called the dutch actions akin to nazi-ism. a term he also used in regards to the germans after berlin canceled rallies. but in turkey, accor money has flared. violent scuffles outside of the embassy in rotterdam. family of thethe turkish minister from coming. warned not to come, she was later escorted out of the country. the foreign minister was also presented -- prevented from coming to the country. over the escalating row, turkey said it could also reevaluate its 2016 immigration deal with europe. the top court of the european union meanwhile has made a
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landmark decision on the decision of women wearing islamic headscarves at work. it says european employers have the right to ban employees from wearing visible religious symbols like the headscarf. iny gave a joint judgment the case of two women in france and belgium were dismissed for refusing to remove their scarves. the court said that did not constitute direct discrimination. for a the united states new report says some 14 million americans would lose their medical insurance next year if donald trump's plan to dismantle obamacare goes through. the new american health care act has come under fire in the wake of the congressional budget office report, but the u.s. health secretary tom price slammed the findings, calling them unbelievable. according to the report, it would be a hammer blow to tens of millions of americans. ,he congressional budget office
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known as the cbo, said the new republican health care what caught us millions to loser health care, claiming the number of uninsured in 10 years would rise to 52 million. findings which were immediately contradicted by donald trump's health secretary tom price. with disagree strenuously the report that was put out. we believe our plan will cover more individuals at a lower cost and give them the choices they want for the coverage they want for themselves and their family, not that the government forces them to buy. >> the cbo report explains the higher number of uninsured is due to less generous subsidies which would purse the price of insurance up. deficits woulded be reduced by $337 billion over a 10-year period, a fact that republicans are keen to use as a selling point to support. trump's american health
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act is widely unpopular with democrats who view it as a means to discredit obama. care would be a nightmare for the american people, causing tens of millions to lose coverage and millions more seeing the costs of their health care going up. price has contended a new plan would cover more people at a lower cost, but the cbo report has thrown republican promises into doubt. the battle to see which health care bill will prevail is set to be a long and hard one in. >> that comes as the east coast beingng hit with what is called a life-threatening blizzard. snow is dumping now on new york city, boston, and many places in between. int storm is sandwiched between days that felt like spring last week and the official start of spring next week. here is more from new york mayor bill de blasio. we expect an intense
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accumulation of snow, very cold temperatures. therehe snow accumulates, will be nonstop lolling going on all over new york city but i want people to understand, because of the intense accumulation, do not expect to see black top. outravel is already turning to be a mess on the east coast. about 5000 tuesday place were canceled late monday afternoon. amtrak also canceled and modified its train service. be some fun at least for kids. schools are closing up and down the east coast. you don'tor something see every day, the gravity defying sport of underwater hockey. this is getting a particularly big following in hong kong. it was invented by british navy divers in the 1950's and it requires participants to hit a heavy puck into a net with a short curved stick.
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competitors wears norcross, finns, protectors, and gloves. look like a school of fish swimming underwater. this team practices once a week at a local pool. theirave taken part in first tournament, coming in third. let's take a look at today's headlines. the british parliament gives the prime minister the approval she needs to start the brexit process but the scottish leader could cause another bump in the road calling for a new vote on independence. turkey cuts of high-level relations with the netherlands after dutch officials canceled turkish political rallies there. the dutch prime ministers since he is not too worried about the sanctions but the dispute is sure to dominate tomorrow's general elections. new allegations in the fake jobs scandal surrounding french president chuck candidate francois fillon. thousands of euros his daughter earned as his parliamentary assistant for the entrance rent back to his account for the same
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amount used to pay for her wedding. more on that in a few minutes. now it is time for business. you are starting with a major deal in self driving cars. >> it is the biggest ever in the self driving car industry. intel bought the israeli startup mobile i for $13 billion. they make safety systems which help travelers card detect obstacles on the road. intel has been looking for ways to break up from the shrinking market of pc processors. invested indy drones, smart watches, and virtual reality. an israeliwhat journalist thinks about the move. wayntel was looking for a to get into the automotive industry, the automotive car industry and signed a deal with bmw and mobileye. now she is putting her step into
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this industry and try to compete with companies like google and uber and the car giants like general motors. talk about the markets, a lot of uncertainty this week. aboutestors are nervous the outcome of the dutch elections and him the triggering of article 50 as well as the fence likely interest rate hike. in london, the ftse is up .1% while in germany we are slightly down. market pre-selling of delhi and pharmaceuticals which fell 10% after bill ackman sold off all 27.2 million of his shares. meanwhile, the pound hit an eight-week low after the house of lords gave the green light on brexit. of, many british people are feeling the strain on their wallets because of it. >> supermarkets have seen a bump in food prices since the
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referendum last summer. now that the crucial triggering of article 50 has been approved, many british people say the u.k. should look within its borders for food supplies. let's hear from some of them now. >> they have risen but by a very small amount. for example, frozen raspberries used to be two pounds, now 2.50 pounds. it is a small difference, but it does make a difference. everyone, including the u.k., should do more local food. it doesn't make sense to spend so much energy on moving food, especially in a country like england that is very rich. it can provide the resources to be local. >> let's take a look at some more business headlines from around the world. bank of england's new deputy governor has quit before she even got a chance to start. charlotte hage resigned after a new report showed she hid the
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fact that her brother worked at one of the banks she would be regulating in the job. she had been working at the bank for several years and admitted she was in the wrong for not declaring her brother senior role at barclays. toshiba says it may sell off its majority stake in the u.s. nuclear unit at westinghouse. the japanese conglomerate has been struggling to turn a profit from its nuclear business since 2013 after buying westinghouse in 2006. this comes after toshiba was given a second extension today on its earnings report. yahoo! ceo marissa mayer is looking at a pretty penny from a deal with verizon. she is set to take him $23 million in a severance package after her company was bought by the telecommunications giant. head officerrve as until the company's seal the deal. after which, the yahoo! board of director will take over. usyou are going to tell
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about a piece of smart outerwear that is actually quite amash as well. >> it is the newest project from google and levi's. they unveiled their wearable tight denim jacket at the sxsw conference this week. worns conductive fibers into the fabric which tracks your motion, acting like a touchscreen. the jacket is marketed to urban bikers so they know like her had to stare at a screen while looking up directions or changing music. it just takes a swipe on your arm to activate it. the jacket is set to go on sale for $350 later this year. lot saferly looks a than those cyclists holding their phones in paris. let's take a look now at our press review. taking a look at the papers today.
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let's start with a surprise announcement out of scotland where first minister nicola sturgeon says she is ready to hold a second referendum on scottish independence. >> let's start with the headline , just as you have dealt with one referendum crisis, a reference a course to brexit. telegraph, "the new battle for britain." visione betweenmay's outside the eu and sturgeon's vision of an independent scotland within the eu >>. >> how is the scottish press dealing with this? the national is sounding pretty jubilant, unsurprisingly. they have a picture of a determined looking sturgeon f herethe caption, scotre we go. the scottish national party's , the headlineil
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today. sturgeon has launched a new bid to tear scotland and the u.k. 907 days after the result no vote of the first referendum on scottish independence. >> how is all this being received by the british government? >> according to this leading article in the times, may is preparing to reject the first ministers demand for a vote in the next two years. needs westminster's approval to hold any legally binding vote. alliesece quotes may's who say there is no way the prime minister would allow any such vote to go ahead while exit negotiations with the eu are underway. >> there is another rather big piece of news coming out of the eu that has been overshadowed by this information from the scottish referendum. namely that theresa may has been given the green light to trigger article 50, the mechanism by which the u.k. will
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leave the eu. that is after the house of lords dropped two amendments to the article 50 bill. one would have safeguarded the rights of 3 million nationals living in britain, and the other of which would have handed mp's a meaningful moan on the outcome of negotiations. essentially, this should have been a victorious day for may, but estrogen >> notes, still half under. the guardian is not too excited about the victory. >> a submarine manned by the people.exit the name of the vessel is brexit mcbrexitface. cboatface.e to boaty m that is an unmanned scientific submarine named by the british public.
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cartoonage of that last being that the name was ridiculous but it stuck. isxit is a disaster but piling on regardless. >> the first round of voting in france. the scandal surrounding the former front runner, francois fillon, seems like it is not going nowhere. >> absolutely. penelope gate seems to be going on a while. paidccusation that fillon family members huge amounts of money for work that they never did. look for easy end today, the plot thickens. fillon will be summoned by a judge to explain the fake job debacle. also with regard to the financing of his daughter's wedding, which apparently has caught the eye of investigators. fillon's,000 euros
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daughter earned as an assistant, 33,000 were transferred to her father's account. that was the exact amount that her wedding cost. she says she was just paying her father back for the cost of the wedding but investigators are wondering if there was something more fishy going on. >> the plot is weakening around francois fillon. it's go to the u.s., where many papers are talking about the republicans recently unveiled up care plan. mean 24hat could million americans would lose their health insurance in 10 years. times is asking whether that many people losing their health insurance is worth it. the federal government would save hundreds of billions of dollars with a new plan. this is the new york times, and the conclusion they come to is no. reveal theplans to individual mandate would mean that many healthy people would drop coverage, in turn, driving up rice is for those that need
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health care the most. in the washington post, meanwhile, they report another congressional plan to halt federal funding, to planned parenthood, would result in thousands of additional births in the u.s.. that would offset the savings that republicans are hoping to make with their new health care bill. >> all of this is a big issue for women's rights as well. >> of course. here is an article that sums it up pretty well. one texas lawmaker is proposing a bill that would seamen fined $100 for masturbating. a democrat is quoted here assaying "a lot of appeal -- people find the bill funny. what is not funny are the obstacles that texas women face every day place by legislators making it very difficult for women to access health care. >> thank you for that look at the press.
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theou want a closer look at press review or any other stores we are covering today, you can always check out our website. qwueeewep@1@1pxxxxxx
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