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tv   France 24  LINKTV  March 16, 2017 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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cellier a. greek anarchists blamed for a bomb at the paris office is at the imf. at least one person was injured. a teenager detained at following a shooting at a high school in the southeast of france. at least 10 injured in an attack police say is not linked to terrorism. mainstream politicians in europe, congratulations pouring in for mark rutte. ♪
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laura: we start with two security scares in france. the president say justifies a long-running state of emergency. at the imf,etonated the monetary fund where at least one person was injured. it is linked to greek anarchists. reporter: the blast echoed through the streets of this usually quiet paris neighborhood. according to preliminary findings, a small package bomb detonated inside the french office of the international monetary fund on thursday morning. minutes after the explosion, police have the area on lockdown. >> it seems it was a pyrotechnic device or firecracker. perhaps a homemade device.
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it was not really a bomb. there was minor damage to the office. reporter: the imf secretary who opened the package sustained a light injuries to the face and eardrums and is currently receiving treatment. french president francois hollande spoke of an act of terrorism. >> we are still a target. it today was the imf. but it happened on french soil, in france. i want to tell all those who work in this great institution that we stand by their side. say the package was intended for the imf's european representative jeffrey frank. no suspects have been identified. at the attack came a day after a greek anarchist group claimed responsibility for a failed letter bomb sent to germany's finance ministry. so far there are no signs of the two incidents are linked. in themeanwhile southeast of france, a separate
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incident. 10 people injured in a shooting at the high school. a 17 year old has since been arrested. police say the shooting is not linked to terrorism. it was lunchtime at alexis de tocqueville high school when a 17-year-old student launched his attack. reportedly armed with two handguns, two grenades, and a rifle. the teenager who has not been named, opened fire. the headmaster may have been the target of this attack. the students are now being treated with gunshot wounds. five others were lightly injured in the panic. the attacker is not known to the police and appears to have acted alone. such school shootings are rare in france. police have said terrorism is not one of their inquiries. and, the teenager may be suffering from psychological problems.
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investigations show the teenager had watched american-style mass shooting videos. france has been under a state of emergency following terror attacks in the past two years. a sigh ofre has been relief for mainstream politicians following last night's elections in the netherlands. wildersy of geert gained a five seats in parliament but did less well than expected. it was prime minister mark rutte who triumphed. a result viewed as a slap in the face to populists. triumph over geert wilders was hailed as a major victory for the pro-european parties. the netherlands are our partners and friends and neighbors. therefore, i was very happy that a high turnout led to a very
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pro-european result. francois hollande was quick to congratulate his dutch counterpart. for congratulate mark rutte his victory against extremism. they also praise the results, adding that together, they would build a stronger europe. -- theywilder's lost have progressed in the polls. >> i am not particularly disappointed. i would have been if the support had gone down. but his support went off. and they sustained heavy losses. reporter: turkey's political route with the netherlands became bigger after president erdogan cast aside their friendship. , you may have emerged,
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but you must know this. you lost turkey as your friend. reporter: with another two crucial polls in france and germany, the future political spectrum of europe remains in the balance, even though pro-e.u. campaigners will claim the netherlands as a first battle won. between theoute netherlands and turkey shows no signs of easing. president erdogan has compared dutch politicians to nazis and expel the dutch ambassador. erdogan has gone a step further in his row with the european union, to scrap a deal on the migration. between turkey and the greek islands, a key transit route for hundreds of thousands of migrants who seek refuge in
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europe. but the numbers traveling to greece have been falling steadily from one million in 2015 to just over 360 thousand last year after a deal was struck between turkey and the e.u. charity say that cooperation has been vital. there is friction between the european union. the more friction, the more crossings. reporter: the turkish president has threatened to scrap the to allow the e.u. migrants in. anyone claims the e.u. is not sticking to its side of the bargain, granting visa-free travel to turkish citizens in order to reduce the amount of migrants in europe. >> the european union has made promises about visa
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liberalization for the turkish people. but they did not keep those promises. now they are talking about the readmission agreement. what readmission? forget about it. reporter: erdogan also criticized the newly reelected dutch prime minister mark rutte, saying he lost turkey as a friend. they are in a diplomatic row after refusal to allow turkish ministers to hold political rallies in the netherlands. laura: meanwhile, emmanuel theon has been meeting with german chancellor angela merkel in berlin today. he was stressing his common ground with merkel on to economic reform and the future of the european union. -- >> today, europe is facing a big threat, the rise of populism. the national front of france has
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risen enormously. we saw until yesterday the far right make huge advances in the netherlands. responsibility for our friendship to last is to continue pursuing european values. we should not pursue them to make but with rigor, europe one that protects our steel industry and workers. that was before a corruption scandal under full investigation for misuse of public funds. enthusiasm.ster he is pushing a far left agenda that has failed to excite voters. polls show him a languishing in fourth place. today he lashed out at his rivals and accuse them of being controlled by big money. won the left primary in january. now he has revealed his
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presidential program. the media in france focusing on major reform ideas. attack companies that use of robots or machines in place of real workers. he also said union workers should make up half. of hisd by the idea primary opponent, he once to temporarily nationalize certain companies to protect jobs. he says half of all public contracts should be reserved for small and medium-sized companies. on wednesday evening in nice, the education minister received explicit support from his successor. finally, hamon says he would legalize cannabis. to the united states where republican and democratic leaders of the senate intelligence committee say there is no evidence to support donald the obamaaim that
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administration tapped his phones during the 2016 residential campaign. an allegation the president has made recently. the committee says there is no evidence trump tower was bugged at all. travel ban has run into legal troubles in hawaii and maryland it has been blocked. that prevents people from six mainly muslim nations. both the judges question the legality of the ban, which they say is discriminatory. president trump called it overreach. we have that story. reporter: another wall put up to block donald trump's controversial travel ban after a seattle judge stopped it in its tracks. it looks like a revised order not going ahead. put ae and honolulu spanner in the works. he said it would affect tourism, students, and workers. even if it receives relatively
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few visitors from the affected countries. >> if you have something discriminating against people and results in small or large harm, it is still something to fight. reporter: the revised order would prevent people from six muslim majority countries entering the u.s. for 90 days. it would also ban refugees from entering for 1 120 days. donald trump hit hard at the hawaii judges ruling at a campaign-style rally. mr. trump: the order he blocked was a watered-down version of the first order, that was also blocked by another judge. it should have never been blocked to start with. the u.s. president insists the executive order would prevent terrorists from entering the country. but the federal court said there was questionable evidence to this and highlighted president trump's muslim rhetoric on the campaign trail to prove it was discriminatory and therefore contrary to the u.s. constitution.
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vowed to takeas the case as far as it needs to go, including to the supreme court, where he said he would win. although he made the thing claim in the first executive order was blocked before backing down. laura: earlier i spoke to a legal expert in washington. what judgessking disliked specifically about this new band. >> the judges in this case, two have issued fairly extensive opinions in the last 24 hours. they find it is based on the presidents statements, muslims,atory against the establishment cause, against the first amendment of the constitution. they have gone right to the merits of the case. there are legal questions about whether they can do it. they have examined it and said, based on the context, what the president has said, what is surrogates and advisers have
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said, and the lack of a coherent rationale other than discrimination for this, we feel that this is in violation of this establishment clause of the first amendment, which prohibits favoring one religion over another, and conversely disfavors inhibiting a religion. it is a slap down for the president and his current protestations to the contrary in that respect. laura: what will happen now? will trump take this to the supreme court? yes, it seems based on everything he said, his personality and what we have seen, he probably will ultimately do that. it is not to say he has no chance of success. are fairly unsettled areas of law in a number of ways. these particular judges of the very first level of judges, they are called trial judges, district court judges. one was in the ninth circuit out
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west, another in the fourth circuit in the mid-atlantic. these are opening salvos. it then goes to the court of appeal. they may look at it very differently. the supreme court may look at this differently. they may say it does not matter what the president says, we just look at the text. some justices on the supreme court in other contexts have adopted this approach. if they do that, the result may be different. this is something that is going to play out over time. we do not have the answers right now. laura: to brazil, protest taking place in cities across the country. people angry about reforms to labor laws and pensions. new measures are unfair when so many government ministers are accused of corruption. five ministers are linked to a scandal involving old -- an oil company. janeiro after a
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day and night of protests against the protests -- pensions and labor reform. this is what it looked like when demonstrators passed them by. government reforms mean brazilians will work longer, and have more precarious jobs. something the crowd has a tough time accepting, knowing half a dozen ministers pushing the measures are suspected of corruption. revolting to see the country ruined because the politicians have been stealing. now we have to fix things because of it. they have always had pensions for their children and now we have to pay for it. i will pay my bills alone. president ander his successor dilma rousseff are among leaders and former leaders suspected of being involved in the oil giant's scandal.
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he addressed the crowd in sao paulo. he said his party would never have passed the current reform bill and that rousseff was the victim of a coup. >> it is clear that the coup in this country was not just against dilma rousseff, not just against the left. tookoup in this country writes from its citizens. they say the reform aims to end a recession and bring down unemployment, now a 12.6%. laura: let's get an update on the business news in the studio. you will take us through donald trump's spending plans in detail. >> his campaign promises in this document, $1.1 trillion. a boost ines
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military spending and a down payment on the mexico border wall. but it has cuts for funding to the state department, medical research, and the environmental protection agency. alexander hirst has the details. than $1: the more trillion and a u.s. government discretionary spending is heading in a new direction under donald trump. more money for weapons and border guards, funded by massive cuts to the environment, the science, the poor, and the arts. that is the main theme of the u.s. president's budget. the biggest winner, the defense department. totalsg, which currently more than the next seven nations combined, will jump by $52 billion next year. homeland security with the a 7% increase. notably money for the now infamous border wall with mexico. and the last apartment to see a budget bump is v veterans affai, in charge of health care for former soldiers.
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those increases are funded by big cuts to the environment, social spending, and the state department. >> the level of spending the state department has been undertaking this past year is simply not sustainable. block,r: on the chopping funding for the united nations, including peacekeeping, international development, and u.s. climate change funding agreed to under the paris accords. some of the most drastic cuts to the environmental protection agency. climateho has calalled change a chinese hoax and named the climate change denier as head of the epa is taking it from a billion dollars to $5 billion. that includes eliminating 20% of their workforce as well as 50 different programs to help fight air and water pollution. a budget completely eliminate nearly 20 other agencies to read among them, the national endowment for arts and humanities, legal services for low income individuals, and public funding for tv and radio. let's check some markets.
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wall street struggled to maintain the gains after the federal reserve raised interest rates on wednesday. it creeps above the flatline at the close. health-care stocks weighed on trade well trades soaring 25% on its debut on the new york stock exchange. european markets closed higher. gains between one half and one third of 1%. relieved by the defeat of the far right candidate in the dutch election. most european leaders have welcomed the result, but the eurozone could have an unexpected tragedy. the visible head of the euro group is a key player in coordinating economic policy and issues like the greek bailout. he could lose his job after his labour party had a weak showing in the polls. the prime minister tries to form a coalition government. officials are you looking at the
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rolls, which could allow the popular minister to keep his russell's role, regardless of domestic development. germany's finance minister says that e.u. has a vested interest in keeping britatain a strong financiaial help, evenen after . -- brexit. at the g 20 summit he gave a small plug for financial funds shifting away from london. but he said the city should keep a key world. >> i am convinced that europe as we have an interest even after brexit, to have a strong financial center in london. it is better to have it in london than singapore. >> british regulators will review the takeover bid by 21st century stoxx for full control.
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has askede secretary foxconn to look into media morality and broadcasting standards if fox is allowed to buy the 61% of sky that it does not own. they said the $14 billion deal would take over. toyota upgrading a factory in the u.k. good news for the uk's post-brexit auto industry, which has seen a drop in 2015. continued access to the european market would be crucial to the future. shares in the anglo-american mining company rose 9% after an india tycoon announced plans to invest $2.5 billion in it. the chairman says he is hoping to diversify his family's firms interest into platinum and diamond's.
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no immediate plans for the takeover. a mining firm hopes to recover from a massive slump. >> fierce competition was a not -- was not enough to ground lufthansa. figures were published a day after the german carrier published a long-running a dispute with pilots. sunny skies on the horizon at lift hands up. at the airline beat expectations for 2016 with a net moffett of 1.70 billion euros. that is up 4.6% compared to the previous year. analysts had predicted that profits at the company would drop. >> we are going in the right direction. proved successful and we have produced solid results for 2016. reporter: fuel costs were one of
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the factors behind the results. the german airline group recorded the figures despite tough market conditions across europe, overcapacity, and fierce competition from low-cost airlines, have combined to drive down ticket prices. >> cost is always a very important factor. cost an expectation have changed. it is a trend that will continue. expects tohe airline beat forecasts for its 2017 profit target. a breakthrough with its pilots in a pay dispute that has dragged on for five years. airline $1st the billion last year. on wednesday, the union agreed to a deal on pay and pension. toouraging lift and the increase productivity while pushing down costs. >> a labor dispute in the united
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states decided based on the incorrect usage of the oxford, -- oxford comma. they said they were available e pay, but it was badly written. they said the lack of a comma between the words shipment and ore made it unclear whether packing and distribution were separate activities that should both be exempt from overtime pay. both packers and distributors -- the judge says distributors or drivers were still eligible for that unpaid overtime, for want of a comma we have a case. >> and expensive grammatical error for someone. we take a short break. much more to come. ♪ ÷?÷?ñ?ñó6óñoñd
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03/16/17 03/16/17 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is democracacy now! >> we felt compelled to assure that we will not tolerate discrimination on the basis of national origin or religion because that truly goes against the very essence of what makes hawaii a very special place. amy: judges in hawaii and maryland block donald trump's revised travel ban targeting


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