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tv   France 24  LINKTV  March 21, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> people and profits. >> welcome to live from paris. top stories of this hour. security, immigration, unemployment and the economy some other issues as the leading candidates clashed on live tv with just 33 days before the election. the race is heating up. the prime minister prepares to meet the interior minister amid accusations that bruno le roux employed his 2 daughters as
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assistance. prosecutors question south korea's former president over a corruption scandal which saw her ousted from office. allegations that she solicited bribes. also coming up in the program, a major scandal over meat packing as china and the eu with an update. spring is in the air at least in japan. tokyo is to become the first place in the country to announce cherry blossoms. stay here on "france 24." host: to our top story. has locked -- has
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blocked electronic devices from eight countries follow the television that extremists could attack with laptops and dvd players. officials have given airlines 96 hours to implement the order or face being barred from flying to the u.s. >> an ordinary site for many travelers, passengers typing away on their laptops midflight. frome flying into the u.s. 10 airports and eight countries in the middle east and africa will not be seen it anytime soon. according to officials within the trump administration, people flying from cairo, istanbul, will have instance, to pack their laptops in their checked luggage.
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other electronics like tablets and cameras are a part of the ban. only cell phones and medical devices will be allowed into the cabins. airlines have 96 hours to implement or they will be barred from flying into the u.s. >> they're probably more flights from the middle east to new york than any other airport and wicca see between three and seven affected. it will be a mess. reporter: authorities explained in response to potential terrorist threat targeting airplanes to america. some travelers were puzzled by the move. not see why certain countries are discriminated against. >> if you something important on the flight, it is not right. i would sing they should give a problem -- i would think they should give all proper reason. turkish airlines have
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confirmed they are part of it. host: five weeks before french voters go to the polls for a new president. the five leading candidates based off on tv. wererism, jobs and economy some of the items they landed punches over. and le pen son quared off. >> i know you support -- mr. macron. >> i am sorry, mrs. le pen. i can speak for myself. i am capable of stating my own opinion. >> what is your opinion? >> it has nothing to do with secularism because it is not cultural concerning the traps to
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defy the -- to divide the french people according to you. the trap your following in is you are defying society. >> i asked our editor whether macron and le pen are the ones to watch. >> it is a two-stage of fear. it's about getting into the second round. -- two-stage affair. who will emerge from the first around? if you believe the polls, a bit condition with if, you have macron and le pen, his rival for the final showdown. macron has positioned himself and he is centrist but he is not even at the head of a party. we have seen it across europe. traditional parties falling by the wayside with popular insurgencies. macron is not a populist in the
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and hee is center-right is on our way has try to rally people around the idea he is ofther the left or neither the right. he is trying to avoid the labels. at the same time, he is tried to pick off the voters from each side. the problem from this perspective on the left, he is to write the link. from people the right, he is too leftist. that she is to right-leaning. because he is not the head of a party, he is able to rise above the fray watching the traditional parties either fractured, fragmented, squirming and he is above it all and taking a position that could appeal to many different people. pen, heexchange with le is able to pile into her. all of the candidates using that to show he can be very forceful and stand up to what he believes
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and that was in and amid a part of the debate. they were talking about burkina. not bikini. burkini, full muslim swimwear was part of a giant, a lot of people remember it, a controversy and polemic here in france. not bikini. >> staying in france. there are accusations that francois fillon employed his daughters. -- brunon working at le roux employed his daughter and they began working for him in the summer. became interior minister just a few months ago taking over who was appointed prime minister. made that while
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hiredg, bruno le roux kids to school-age daughters as parliamentary assistants. their salaries came to 55,000 euros. the practice of employing family members is not illegal under french law but it appears the oldest daughter had an internship with a private company. his people said he did nothing wrong. it does not stop to the mp and his party. >> i do not know the specifics. it's closer's the political debate and should be about justice. i am not talking about mr. bruno le roux's case in particular. parliamentary needs to bounce politicians from not -- bound politician hiring the family members. >> it puts pressure on francois fillon in an election of the tainted by hiring of his wife
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for allegedly fake jobs. a scandal that caused the political candidates his top position. questioned president by prosecutors in connection with a scandal that saw her willd for president park answer to accusations she pressured big companies to donate to specific foundations and solicited a bribes. park refused to undergo i direct inquiry heard her impeachment means she no longer has immunity from criminal prosecution. the very latest on this story from entering. -- andrew. accusations, how serious is in ?his four-part -- for park >> it is very serious. it is a criminal case. she could be jailed for these
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charges is indeed the prosecutor and they are planning to go after midnight tonight questioning her if they decide to press charges and possibly issue an arrest warrant sometime tomorrow. it would notled, be unusual for former korean presidents. policy here.young they have only had a president can not -- as since 1948. the first one was exiled. the other 2 were sentenced to death after off it. 2 after them saw their children jailed for malfeasance is while they were in office. the other one committed suicide after he left office. with itsone ended up brother being jailed. , on all previous history, it would be unusual if she did not face some trial after she leaves office.
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to be there seems something in the political culture which is corrupted. if found guilty, she could do some jail time. what a legacy, i suppose is the question, will she leave behind? well, a disgraced one. she was the first female well, a disgraced one. she was the first female president and she did not serve her full -- [no audio] a -- and the shield is being installed, it is high altitude area defense system which is in place along with the south koreans as a possible defense against north korean missiles. sayingnese are furious he is an american employee to undermine their radars and their defenses.
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this has become a regional issue with china president south korea and unclear which way the next presidential candidate will swing on this. will continue to install and have it set up on a permanent basis or will he bow to chinese pressure? china is putting pressure on south korea to get rid of this system. this remains to be seen and is a big issue right now and an immediate legacy of the parking years. -- park years. >> that is ongoing. thank you for keeping us up to date. officerrish republican mcginnis has died. had family bye his bedside. he was chief negotiation and the peace process leaving the party with the deputy party in 2007.
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he served as deputy alongside du p leaders but resigned in january over energy scandal. next, we have been bombarded by images of hollywood films. engineers say we may be closer to a workable design of a flying car. in addition to self driving cars, take an automated industries are working on a potential revolution that could see cars above our heads not too far in the future. more in this report. ♪ >> it is now still just a computer-generated image but california based some songs that it is flying car will take to the sky for real in a test flight. >> not science fiction anymore. >> intent to do it to take it to the grocery store, to the restaurant. >> flick a switch and wait two
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minutes and drivers will be able to transform their car into a plane. in most countries, motorists will need a pilot license. the company stresses it can be used as a training vehicle which they say may curb costs. be 70 miles per hour on takeoff and landing. when you press on the accelerator, it really goals. it is fun to drive. >> samson have put in orders for the switchblade which is priced at $95,000. it has a number of conveniences mobile andwheel ever the holland which is supposed to reach the market in the next 2 years. there is an airbus with a self driving and self flying and is now a new concept that
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developers say will be available in about a decade. >> next, spring in the air at least in japan. tokyo is the first place in the country to announce the blooming of the first cherry blossoms. the first time in nine years they have surfaced the earliest. it is the most popular and widely planted a variety. experts say warm temperatures over the past few days have given the blossoms something of a boost. time for our business update. brian joins us in the studio. a major scandal in brazilian meat packing industry. >> series disruption and the agriculture industry over allegations meatpackers bribed inspectors to allow spoiled meat on the market for years. resilience halted exports by -- brazilian exporters have banned
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21 exporter sprint troubles are deepening as catherine reports. >> inspections to make sure the meat is fit for consumption amid accusations that officials took bribes to ok rotten beef. the case of this operation, we are verifying the presence of foreign bodies. or withit was altered the substance not allowed in the legislation. cannot come at a worse time. recessionhe longest in history and brazil and other members of the trade bloc is trying to negotiate increased quotas for meat exports to the eu. >> i am very worried and all of brazil should be worried. there are 6 million jobs in this chain and 40% of chicken consumed in the world comes from
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brazil. the audit should take place quickly so things can go back to normal. exported $5.9azil billion worth of poultry and $4.3 billion worth of beef with 30% going to china and hong kong and 13% or one point $3 billion to the european union. suspended imports and the eu's demand a partial ban. brazilianfensive by president failed to calm importers. a bore caught could cost the country $3.5 billion. >> big economic news out of the u.k. today. >> the british office of national to test its reporting the country hit inflation target for the first time in three years.
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it was 2.3% for february above the bank of england's target is slightly higher than analysts were expecting. a big part of the jump is the drop of the value of the pound following the braves a vote. rising oil prices have had impact. -- following the brexit vote. most do not expect an interest rate hike in the near future. >> are we seeing a reaction to this on the market? >> the pound jumped nearly ever send on the dollar which is not nearly good news for the ftse 100 as it lists exporters are down. asparis, making gains investors are relieved by macron in the debate. 2.1friend for dax up over percent. let's take a look at the more business headlines. google has vowed to overhaul policy and ramp up staffing to better manage ad content
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on-site. they've have seen a number of major companies pool as for the u2 property -- they have seen a number of major companies pull their youtube ads after they have had anti-semitic content. electric is filled and offers for financing to ease it through bankruptcy. reuters reporting the nuclear power plant is taking proposals for a possession loan which would allow it to mint operating expenses while going through bankruptcy. the japanese parent company saw shares rise over 3% on that news. toshiba said it would take a $6 billion write-down on westinghouse business. walmart launching the first investment venture to help expand in e-commerce called store number eight, it'll work with retail startups and other
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for norse -- and for norse -- entice urban to shoppers. back over to you. >> thank you. all right, it is time for the press review. ♪ >> time to look at what is grabbing headlines. storyg me now, our top today talking about the death of ira commander martin mcguinness. >> the irish rebel went to become northern ireland's deputy first minister for a decade died at the age of 66. he did not get a lot of obituaries and of the irish papers. "the irish times" on the statement after 6:00 a.m. confirming his death.
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the parties president paid tribute to what he called a passionate republican who worked tirelessly for peace. fact hess never hid the was a member of the are a committed a group classified as a terrorist organization by the irish and u.s. lots of papers focusing on his incredible life and shift in his life. you can see this article in the irish independent, not only did he denied he was not in the ra but was proud he was part of the ira. it seems equally proud of the role he played over 25 years in developing the piece price in -- peace process in northern ireland. >> another big story of the day. people reacted to the presidential debate last night in paris. >> he is the top story in france. most papers agreed the first presidential debate was actually
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pretty successful. you can see the front page saying at least it did what it was supposed to do, a debate that launches the campaign at the keyword last is in the french papers. so far, the campaign has been bogged down by scandals. it assumed a like a lot of papers are happy we are getting down to real issues and talked about the nitty-gritty and the presidential program. the first page of the left wing paper, you can see getting down to real issues here for the first time. the five main candidates were able to confront their ideas. issues. the million-dollar question is one the debate -- who won the debate? >> the five debates were graded. it is done and the primaries. they graded that can day according to five criteria.
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precision, style, how respectful they were, soundbite and competitiveness. -- competitiveness. seven out of 10 points and they called him the puncher. he threw incredible punches. he had the best of fingers of the night. who are the losers? we can see them. a tie for last place. 10, they said he was too solemn and seemed tired and marine le pen was not really at the top of her game. they said it was a serious debate, it was not necessarily a decisive debate. no candidate really made a difference and stuck out. >> what other papers saying outside of france? it has gotten a lot of attention. >> not all papers as impressed as the french ones. let's look at a belgium paper.
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they says the big presidential debate like a sparring match with blood for, it was a little boring. no clear winner according to that paper. the five main candidates were pretty well-behaved and played it safe and did not really lash out. not all papers agree with that analysis for the frankfurt, a german paper said, there were two candidates that came out and that was centrist, emmanuel macron and far right leader marine le pen delivered a tough dual here particularly on issues of islam and state secularism. and the spanish paper agreed with that analysis. two candidates came out and it was emmanuel macron and le pen and they stuck out and consolidated their positions as the front runners. so far, a very volatile campaign. >> there's been a lot of reaction online. a small selection because i
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could've done a whole press review on reactions online. i had to choose a couple of examples. a french cartoonist did a home series of cartoons for the huffington post that i recommend. essentially, you mentioned the 2 whole presidents that the night them watching this debate together drinking wine. you can see the wine glasses getting tipsy and they are enjoying the whole thing. they are commenting on the five candidates. they look stressed-out, don't they? the cheeky smile. to a lot of attention on social media is though a lotta people said he was not the one that .eliver the best performance a lot of people said he was quite absent during the first half. this twitter user, imagine he had been kidnapped, when a child is kidnapped, you see an alert pop-up on your tv screen and you can see the alert where in the
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world is he? if you have seen him, see the information. .> i really like that they also got a lot of attention on social media. about the 35ash hour working week. it got a lot of attention. , ande this tweet, he says they're talking about the 35 hour working week, if you're a fan, you will recognize where the whole clan starts fighting and according to him, that is what happened. marine le pen drew criticism for being with the drawn from the debate talking about the economy and the 35 hour working week. el saying they are saving their time, the amount of time they spoke was calculated. she is saving their time will others are wasting their time talking about working time. a lot of time talked about. one last tweet.
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another cartoon by a cartoonist talking about the issue of political scandal. there was not that much talk of political scandal. thankqwueeewep@1@1pxxxxxxp
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