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tv   France 24  LINKTV  March 30, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> good afternoon. you are watching live from paris. i marshall ferguson. growing tensions between ankara and washington. there are several points of contention topping the agenda. laws made in westminster no longer in brussels. the day after formally triggering britain's divorce from the eu the prime minister will publish a bill set to
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separate the care law from european ones. south korea's ousted president rally outside court for a hearing on an arrest warrant request against her. ♪ topirst, the u.s.'s diplomat rex tillerson is holding talks in ankara. the u.s. led effort to regain territory from the islamic state group top of the agenda. turkey is unhappy about the u.s.'s military alliance with the kurdish ypg force.
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of a u.s. based cleric turkey blamed for coup israting a failed also a point of contention fo. want torson will discuss what to do with the syrian territory from which islamic state has been given out. and its arab allies control a large chunk of northern syria and the u.s. wants to make sure it remains free of islamic state group and other islamic militant groups. turkey would like u.s. air power to help it maintain control of that chunk of northern syria. so it can resettle back into syria more of the 3 million syrian refugees that turkey is hosting.
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turkey wants the u.s. to stop working with the syrian kurds. i don't think it's going to get the u.s.n that because sees them as a very valuable fighting force. turkey wants the u.s. to hand over the islamic cleric it up attempt lastco year. i don't think it's going to get its way on that either. a u.s. official said there was no evidence that he was directly involved. >> the united nations says the number of refugees who fled the syrian conflict have exceeded the 5 million mark. 4.8 5 million at the end of 2016. turkey continues to host the highest number of displaced syrians. they are followed closely by lebanon and jordan.
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thousands more are spread across iraq, egypt and north africa. our correspondent is in beirut. good afternoon. creepingof refugees over the 5 million mark. it's not a new problem. >> absolutely not. even last year the number of registered were 4.8 million. this doesn't even represent a rise in the number. what we are talking about is registered refugees by the u.n. refugee agency in the countries neighboring syria. and also egypt counted into this number. has almost 3 million syrian refugees. lebanon a million plus. it is a country that hosts the largest number of refugees per capita in the world.
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to say nothing of the six to 7 million people who are internally displaced within syria. at the problems the movement of refugees to europe over the last couple of years caused and we are talking about a million plus over the last couple of years. whom werert of syrian. that puts into context the difficulties these host countries are having hosting far more refugees. even more so especially in the case of lebanon. they also don't have the resources that many european countries have to deal with these kind of problems. are under a huge strain because of this refugee crisis. >> the 5 million mark having
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been reached, what are they asking to be done about it? this is the largest refugee crisis since the second world war. if you look at the conditions many of these refugees are thing youthe first notice is the vast majority of them aren't living in recognized camps. only a fraction. most live in informal settlements. they often have restrictions on them depending on the country legally as to whether they can work. all of these factors and many others leave them in a position where they can very easily potentially be exploited. although it is recognized that the countries are doing a very good job and a very difficult circumstances to a -- accommodate the refugees,
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they're asking for more being done to accelerate the programs that are already in place. fulfilled00 have been to resettle refugees elsewhere. they are asking for extra commitment especially in light of the fact that some of those could be in jeopardy. certainly the trump administration is questioning the commitment to their part of the resettlement program. they have said they take some 64,000 syrians. a large number of these refugees don't want to go anywhere other than back home as soon as they possibly could. as the war continues that is simply not a possibility for them. the u.n. is looking to try and resettle those people who are most in need of a safe and secure home.
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>> adam in beirut, thank you. later this thursday the u.s. senate select committee on intelligence will hold its first open hearings on its investigation into moscow's alledge interference during the u.s. elections. have a valid and an sausage inquiry into allegations of russian hacking and propaganda during the election. it is proving to be one of the biggest scandals plaguing trump's administration. are three investigations underway right now into russian meddling in the u.s. presidential election. maybe most importantly into the possibility of collusion between members of the trump campaign to -- team, the transition team and members of the russian government. maybe the most important
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investigation is the one led by the fbi. comey announced it during a hearing of the house intelligence committee. that one has stalled recently infightingserious and disagreement between the leaders of that committee. there haven't been any public hearings held for weeks by that committee. in comes the senate intelligence committee which seems to want to take the role of the adult in the room. a democrat and republican leading that committee announced there will be over 20 interviews held and they will start as early as next monday. , jared kushner. the son-in-law of president donald trump and a close advisor to him. this is the closest either of those committees has come to questioning somebody that close to the actual u.s. president.
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day after formally triggering the brexit process, theresa may will publish details of the great repeal bill. it is set to be one of the largest legal projects the country has ever seen as european legislation is converted into it u.k. domestic law. will no longer be bound by the european court of justice. duncan woodside is in london. this is fiendishly complicated. britain will remain subject to the jurisdiction of european law and the european court of justice until march 29 2019. after that it will not be subject to those jurisdictions. isavoid a legal vacuum what going to need to happen is 19,000 eu legislative acts will have to be largely absorbed into
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british law. on theill be exceptions macro level. there will be discussions and policies formulated prime minister's and scrutinized by parliament in key areas like customs and trade and nuclear regulation. health and safety. food. ironically there will be at least to a large degree a transposing of eu law into early 2019 which is really quite ironic when britain is trying to supposedly regain its sovereignty. after the exit is completed they will be ongoing changes. further adjustments to laws to ensure that everything is fully consistent. this will be a very complicated process. there could be legal contradictions and challenges for quite some time. in a move that sparked anger
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in the socialist party, manuel valls has announced his support for the centrist presidential candidate, emmanuel macron. them on has criticized the decision, accusing him of playing a morbid game. -- opinion polls suggest macron could win the face-off against marine le pen. more in thisan has report. >> it's a major blow that came from one of their own. socialist former prime minister manuel valls announced he would be supporting centrist presidential candidate emmanuel macron in favor of socialist that muallem on. socialist party members immediately reacted in anger. >> everybody now knows what the word of a man like manuel valls is really worth. nothing. >> one word to describe manuel
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valls behavior this morning, lackluster. the former first secretary called for the party to unite. >> when someone isn't true to , personal interests and desire for power come first. that's when the rest of us come together. some defend his decision. >> the reality is it's not really manuel valls who chose to vote for emmanuel macron. a huge part of the election has chosen to vote for him. -- to insultis to him is to insult voters. publishedialist party a letter on the matter. >> who could believe our candidate would have to deal with this new saga?
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>> without a clear ending. supporters of south korea's ousted president have than waiting outside court. park was when removed from office over a corruption scandal. prosecutors will have up to 20 days to file formal charges and put her on trial. kathy clifford explains. decisionng to face the on whether she should be immediately detained. the court will move on whether to approve a warrant for the impeached south korean president. if it's approved park will be sentenced to a detention facility without delay where prosecutors can detain her for a
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to 20 days before making a charge. outside police block off a crowd of park's supporters. to be calls for her reinstated. >> the impeachment was a fraud with no valid evidence. that's why we have gathered here. supporters also rallied out side her residence as she left for court earlier. some clashing with police. colludingcused of with a friend to extort from big businesses and giving that french influence over state affairs. the allegations sparked months of mass protests calling on park to stand down before parliament impeached or in december and the constitutional court ruled to dismiss her earlier in march. if the arrest request is rejected prosecutors can still indict and charge the former president.
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they are expected to formally charge her with extortion, bribery and abuse of power. it can carry a sentence of up to life in prison. >> time for the business update. i'm joined by brian quinn. starting with the latest in a bankruptcy saga for titans of japanese industry. toshiba held an extraordinary general shareholder meeting on thursday. they voted in favor of a resolution to sell off the company's flash memory chip business. it comes one day after westinghouse officially filed for bankruptcy. a loss that could threaten the company's future. business isthe chip intended to raise funds to cover that. >> i am concerned because this
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has to do with security issues and nuclear energy. of course japan will have to continue to see commissioning of nuclear power plants for decades after the accident. the capable manpower needed for this will last that long. brazil's troubled economy is seeing one spot -- bright spot. >> recession, government corruption scandal and tainted meat. the aerospace sector is staying aloft. the company just kicked off its first air show. ahead for brazil. one industry is dodging the turbulence. aviation. the country is holding its first
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ever care salon to showcase opportunities in the sector. industry heavyweights are taking notice. >> its we aren't trying to be le the british or the french airshows. we want to be a latin american meeting place with our own identity. story is thes third-largest commercial airplane manufacturer after boeing and airbus. the company has a strong line of executive jets. it exports 90% of its production with the biggest market in north america. now executives are eyeing development closer to home. in a constant sized country many aviation experts agree that point travel is a practical and efficient mode of transportation. a growing middle class means
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plenty of potential passengers. >> how are the markets? oneuropean shares soldiering after some reassurance from the european central bank. thing everybody is keeping their eye on, the value of the pound. still in a fitting from some dollar doubts after the collapse of trumpcare last week. british insurer lords of london is moving 100 jobs from london to brussels due to the u.k. decision to leave the european union. will ensure ary european presence following brexit.
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it wants to have the new hub of and running within two years. itson is shutting down division home to more than 260th employees will lose their jobs. the american subsidiary of spanish bank santander will pay nearly six million dollars to settle investigations into its role in subprime auto loans. of facilitating high interest car loans to buyers who couldn't afford them and packaging those loans into investor securities. they mirror for the subprime real estate crisis coming to light. >> thank you very much.
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time to take a look at the international papers. starting with reactions to theresa may triggering article 50 to leave the eu. i am joined by allison sergeant. daily mail is saying cheers to a great british future. that headline accompanied by a rather jubilant picture of the former u.k. bleeder kicking back in his union jack sock tricking a pint. this is a picture of him from yesterday. page is mostlynt focused on theresa may signing her letter to the eu. the daily telegraph calling that letter handoff a magnificent moment. such a magnificent moment for the pro-eu press. this is a little gross.
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a can see theresa may dumping steaming pile of menorah at the doorstep with a wheelbarrow. the times has a rather negative cartoon today showing what the autographs of various historical figures will cost you. churchill, they are all pretty pricey but there are nothing compared to the 50 billion pounds theresa may's signature on article 50 is expected to cost. theresa may has also written another letter today. this time it is addressed to european citizens. >> it was published in multiple newspapers today. she is really seeking to reassure europeans that assumes
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that the u.k. is not abandoning them. she said we are not leaving europe. -- wants to your opinion that european union to move on and prosper. of reaction to manuel valls and his decision to stand behind the centrist presidential candidate. directly against a pledge he signed during the socialist primary saying he would support the socialist candidate. the left-wing press is not happy with him. there is even some name-calling. i call him mr. disloyal. this right-wing paper is thrilled about his change of face and the impact it is having on the socialist party. it has plungedis the socialist party into chaos. a catholic paper is wondering if
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this is the end of the socialist party. the paper wonders if this is the moment where we will finally see the party split between social liberalism and the more left wing camp. gloom for the socialists. not necessarily good news for emmanuel macron himself. be reallyd complicated for him. he is to distance himself from francois hollande's government. in this cartoon is trying to sell him a new brand of cigarettes. discrimination faced by black women in the workplace has come into the spotlight in the u.s. once again. >> a politician from california
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was made fun of on television by bill o'reilly. he said he couldn't listen to her because he was too distracted by her hairdo. he later apologized. this event sparked outrage across social media and among many black women who are frustrated at having to deal with these kinds of comments on a daily basis. anything began tweeting under the #black women at work. had aoman says if we dollar every time someone asked about our hair, we could reduce the racial and gender pay gap. thank you very much for our international press roundup. if you would like to see more of that you can also go online.
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we will take a short rate. we will be back on the other side with more international headlines. you're watching france 24. ♪
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narrator: this is grace, a business woman in kigali, rwanda. eight years ago, she was starving and unable to feed her children. many of her family had been massacred in one of the worst gegenocides of the late 20thth century. but today, thanks to an innovative program, life is good. she earns up to $200 a month from her furniture business and employs 11 people.


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