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tv   France 24  LINKTV  March 30, 2017 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> 9:00 here in the french capital. the headlines. reports from south korea's saying ousted park geun-hye has been arrested. we will be gained the latest from seoul. now france..s. lawmakers in washington probing allegations of russian attempts to influence elections. onsenting a united front syria. u.s. secretary of state in turkey amidst tensions in ankara. we are live from paris. ♪
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>> first, south korea where ousted president park geun-hye has been arrested according to sources in the country. she was removed from office largely over allegations of bribery. park can now be held in a cell up to 20 days while she is of abuseted on charges of presence of power. andrew, what is the latest? been widelyhe has expected here. she has been arrested. let me talk you through the process. she was impeached. her in peter was upheld by the constitutional court. that means she lost her presidential immunity. earlier this month, she underwent 22 hours of questioning by prosecutors who
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were deciding whether or not they would give her an indictment. they have now said that they want to indict her, put her in front of a criminal court. what today's process was was to decide whether or not she would be a rested while awaiting her -- arrested while awaiting her trial. clear issue is that she will be going to trial whether or not she was detained today. this would be an additional blow to her because it means that once she sits her trial, she will not be coming from her daily residence, she will be coming from addition to himself .- a detention cell the reason she is being detained is because of risk of flight or that she may destroy evidence. >> thank you ray much, andrew. the united states chairman of the senate intelligence
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committee has warned russia is actively involved in trying to influence elections in europe, including elections underway this month in france. a little earlier, i asked our washington correspondent about what was being said in relation to the french election. >> the leaders of the senate intelligence committee are essentially saying, and that is what they are examining on , what methodsoday russia has been using to try to influence the u.s. president election, but also, what is happening abroad. according to richard burr, the chairman of the senate intelligence committee, a republican, he says that russians are actively involved in the french presidential election, trying to sway it this way or that. he did not explain exactly who the russians had as their favorite candidate, but a recent
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meeting between vladimir putin and national leader marine le pen may indicate something as to who the preference of the russian government may be. also comes from the senate intelligence committee is what other countries russians are apparently, according to them, trying to influence, and terms of their elections. germany also with a big poll coming out. in the past, according to richard burr, again, there have been attempts by the russian intelligence agencies to influence the elections in the netherlands and montenegrin -- negro. as far as what methods were used, two things. hacking, like what happened in the united states, hacking into the imo's of the democratic national committee and sending out emails. the other option that the russian intelligence agencies may use is different permission and -- this information and fake
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, as, and distribute that they are, apparently, according to the senate intelligence committee, right now in france and germany. >> meanwhile, another blow to u.s. president donald trump's second attendant -- attempted travel ban. extended ahawaii block on the travel ban. >> donald trump's travel ban, once again, looks like it is heading nowhere. it was suspended earlier in hawaii in march. now, a federal judge has decided to extend the injection. it will hold until the lawsuit is being resolved. hawaii's attorney general says the order was clearly determined choice. -- discriminatory -- . >> [indiscernible]
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hawaii lawmakers argued that the executive order undermines towards him and him pete the state from attracting tourists and foreign workers. the order blocked refugees from entering for 120 days. subsequent deportations and protests caused almost immediate chaos at u.s. airports. once the first version was put out, a second amended order allowed iraq in nationals to enter along with valid visa holders from the six other countries. the measures were widely criticized for directly countering the u.s. constitution and discriminating against muslims. meanwhile, u.s. secretary of
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state rex tillerson is in turkey where he has met with president erdogan and senior members. it comes amongst strain relations between turkey and western powers. past 18 months, the u.s. military's ability to operate from turkish bases has enabled us to increase 25rations against isis by percent. the turkish government has stopped the influx of foreign fighters into iraq and syria. turkish troops have permanently pushed isis off the turkey-syria border. and, the united states is grateful for turkey's important contributions as a member of the counter isis coalition. >> for more on this, i am joined from ankara by our correspondent. we have had talked of cooperation from tillerson, but there are plenty of differences
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between the powers. >> certainly. turkey sees the syrian-turkish militia as a bunch of terrorists . that militia is allied to the pkk, the turkish-kurdish insurgent group. the u.s. has acknowledged that relationship but says it sees no evidence that the syrian kurds are actually attacking turkey. washington regards the syrian kurds as its fomost proxy forces in syria, as an extremely effective fighting force against the islamic state, and it is using the syrian kurds in its campaign to capture rocca -- in syriacapital tillerson admits there are differences between the u.s. and turkey on the syrian kurds, and there are different -- difficult choices that have be made. the main purpose of tillerson's
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visit today was how to secure those areas of syria where the islamic state has been driven out either by turkish backed forces or the kurdish forces. turkey would like america to support that zone of northern syria that its forces have liberated with the u.s. air , as u.s. air support could ensure security in that zone of northern syria so syrian refugees can return from turkey to that zone. so far, america has been unwilling to commit itself to such an operation. >> it is not just over syria. there are disagreements between the two. >> to other disagreements. one is turkey, one is america to extradite the islamic cleric who lived in the states and to turkey accuses of being
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responsible for the coup attempt last july. earlier this month, the chairman of the intelligence committee said he has seen no evidence that he was directly involved in the coup. chairman and british officials have made similar remarks. i doubt that america is going to extradite him. the second problem has emerged just this week. that is yesterday the deputy general manager of a turkish state owned bank was charged in a u.s. court for separating u.s. thinks it on iran over a long period. this subversion involved hundreds of millions of dollars. the ceo was arrested in turkey in 2015 when police found he was holding 4.5 million dollars in ca and shoeboxes in his house. it seemed to be an open and shut case of corruption, but turkey
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decided not to prosecute. government critics believe this was because turkey did not want the evidence to become public. however, i think u.s. prosecutors will go ahead on this case and turk is likely to find the deputy general manager's trial extremely embarrassing. >> meanwhile, the united nations saying 5 million syrians are refugees, meaning a quarter of the country's population has led the six year civil war. renewedencies have their pleas for world powers to bring an end to the violence. >> it has become a common site over the last six years. syrians fleeing over the border in search of safety from civil war. now, the united nations refugee
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has reported numbers past 5 million since the beginning of 2011.nflict in more than 3 million heading to lebanon and jordan. others have fled further with some 230,000 in iraq, 20,000 in egypt and 30,000 spread across the rest of north africa. the region struggling to cope, particularly in lebanon, with, just 4 million residents of its own, was already beset with limited resources. international agencies seeking to boost support. >> the first aspect of the appeal calls for $4 billion to and therefugees untries hosting them. >> however, 6% of the funding
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needed this year has been forthcoming so far, which may not bode well for the second part of the appeal. it is hoping to raise another $3.2 billion. next,the united kingdom the day after triggering article 50. the government plans to trigger elaws of national law. opposition has warned over a potential democratic ficit. working to end the authority of the european ball in the u.k. a day after triggering the two-year coudown to brexit. one of the main arguments for those wanting a break with europe was the ability for u.k. to make and follow its own laws without referring to u.s. judges. -- eu judges. now, theresa may's government has announced the great repeal ofl to incorporate thousands pies of eu lislation into british law. david davis, the u.k. minister for brexit outlined the
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government's outline for legislation in parliament. >> it will mean that as we exit the eu and seek a new and different partnership with the european union, we will do it from a position of the same standards and rules. but also to ensure we deliver on a promise to end the supremacy of european union law and u.k. as we exit. >> by keeping the same regulatory standards, this bill is aimed at allowing companies to continue trading goods and services the on the two-year deadline has passed. labor opposition mps called the temporary member of -- measures of power grab and would amount to new legislation with less parliamentary scrutiny. inending days of protest
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french guiana after protesters took to the streets over anger ofto show anger on the state social services. plans are in place for a new courthouse and detention center. meanwhile, clashes between protesters and police here in paris after a chinese father of five was shot dead by police. weree say now actions justified in self-defense. thosen's family denies evts. , more clashes,s and more disputed claims about why a chinese father of five was shot by police. hundreds showed up wednesday for more protests in paris. 10 people were arrested for throwing a projectile. the police claimed they shot the father in self-defense on sunday
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after he attacked with scissors. the case has sparked outrage as disputed what happened. he said he threw scissors cause he was repairing a meal. >> we did not hear anything from the other side. we did not know who it was. i was really panicking in that moment. my father was trying to hold the door shut. all of a sudden it flew open. a shot fired. all of this happen in just a few seconds. under no circumstances could he touched officer. he had not had time to. he was already on the floor. >> france is home to europe's largest population of ethnic chinese. have been tensions, something that please do not do enough to self -- to protect them from racism. in a rare move, beijing filed an official complaint to france. the french ministry has opened
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an investigation into the shooting. elsewhere, malaysia has agreed to release the body of the murdered half-brother of leader kim jong-un. he was poisoned at the kuala lumpur airport in february. culture now. we take a look at the new exhibition by french .hotographer yuri lynn french photographer famous for taking the last professional picture of current cobain.ce -- kurt since then he has turned to africa. >> i think that what happened
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with kurt cobain has played a small role in my interest of music from latin america or africa. i needed to listen to m music that was much more alive. his photograph show a senegalese rapper popping out of a suitcase. lenquette's images were never meant to hang on the gallery wall. >> the photos were taken for album covers or materials, but he touched on a long legacy of african portrait. youri has the soul of africa.
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it is someone, who we met, i knew could present africa. he could present african artists . he is a great photographer, but also someone who is very involved, interested in the culture here. youri lenquette has settled in western africa with his senegalese and wife and two children. he has no regrets swapping musicians of western music for those of the african continent. >> wine wars in the south of france. >> that's right. we're seeing groups that angry winemakers in the south of france against imports of cheap spanish wine, which they say are sometimes being misleadingly marketed as french. you see some very angry winemakers indeed, dumping spanish -- bottles off the shel. they say they should not be sold at such low prices because they
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represent unfair competition to local venues. they have hacked and drained hundreds of thousands of liters of spanish wine from trucks tearing them across the border earlier this year and throughout 2016. in japan, toshiba shareholders have last out at the conglomerate's management saying they are fed up with a culture of secrecy and lying and making bad decisions forcing the company to sell off one of its most valuable businesses. the meeting of shareholders did approve the sale of toshiba's semi conductor unit to offset the losses of its westinghouse unit which filed for bankruptcy on wednesday. they are expecting a loss from the move, the biggest in japanese history. the chip business has been toshiba's best performer.
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i'm wondering if the spinoff is the best direction. >> i made a living for 40 years at toshiba. while i worked there, business management was never this messed up. toshiba shares actually rose about 4% as the sale was approved this thursday. in europe, it slipped into the red. the dax study as new data shows annual inflation in germany dropped to 1.5% in march. the european central bank is targeting 2% price rises across the blood. wall street is turning upwards. banking and energy sectors field gains. the readingpwards for gdp growth saying the american economy extended 2.1% instead of 2% in the last three months of the year. just a day after the u.k. formally began its divorce proceedings from the european union, they lost a
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300-year-old institution, choosing brussels as its access to the european market. theyblow shows how much will lose. of lloyd's of london will effectively become void brussels. after months of considerations, the 329 insurance market chose the belgian capital and eu help for a new subsidiary that will serve clients within the block. >> we wanted to have a really top-quality robust regulator. belgium, fits that bill. we also wanted to have great access to talent. we wanted to hire excellent people and we thought that was the place to go. we also want to consider the likelihood of the country staying in the eu in the future because that is an important factor as well. fears brexit will
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force them to lose their so-called passport rights, about them -- allowing them to do business in the eu. bosses say the new brussels wing is set to be operational by the set -- start of 2019 and will only affect about 100 jobs. they also stressed that london will remain the heart of business. nevertheless, this is another brexit related blow to the city. hsbc, ubs, and goldman sachs have all announced they will move hundreds of jobs to the continent and j.p. morgan is considering a new office space in dublin, which could affect workers in london. >> moving onto some of the day's other business headlines now. folks like it has agreed to pay 150 million dollars to settle environmental claims.
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been given approval vehicles.ousands of environmental groups demonstrated outside the european commission outside the planned merger of the german drug company they are and monsanto. they are urging the european commissioner to block the deal called a marriage made in hell. it would make the biggest seeds and pesticis company if it goes through. qatar airways says it will offer free laptops to business class passengers traveling to the united states. it is one of the carriers impacted by washington's ban on carry on electronics. it said it would collect the passengers devices at takeoff but lend devices to the business class.
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brazil is battling a recession, a government corruption scandal, and most recently, a tainted meat scandal. the air sector is taking off. >> it may be bumpy days ahead for brazil, but one industry is dodging the turbulence. aviation. the country is holding its first ever air salon tshowcase opportunities in this sector. industry heavyweights are taking notice. we are not trying to be like the british or the french and they are already recognized the ones that have existed for a long time. we want to be a latin american leading place with our own identity. >> one brazilian success story mbraer.arrier -- e
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it is the third-largest aircraft producer after boeing and airbus. they export about 90% of its production with the biggest market being north america. now, executives are eyeing development closer to home. continent size country, many aviation experts agree that plane travel is a practical and efficient mode of transportation. a growing middle class means plenty of a digital air passages. theilian officials say that country is assured that when it comes to air travel investment. >> that is all for now. >> they give a much great we will take a short break, after which, i will be back with headlines.
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03/30/17 03/30/17 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is democracy now! pres. trump: we'e're doing very well in iraq. our soldiers are fighting and fighting like never before. the results are very, very good. amy: 14 years after the u.s. invavaded iraq, the war shows no signs of letting up. so far this month the u.s. has , dropped over 2000 bombs on the city of mosul. in one strike, up to 200 civivilians wewere killed. hundreds m more have dieied in r u.s. strikes in iraq andnd syri.


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