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tv   France 24  LINKTV  April 13, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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genie: good afternoon. this is live from paris. evacuation's are set to begin in the siege syrian towns -- besieged syrian towns. a man detained after a bomb it of having links to the islamic state group. -- suspected of having links to
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the islamic state group. the cutlms have made for the birthday edition set to kick off next month. more apologies from the bosses of united airlines over the a passengerval of from one of its planes. we will have the ladies -- latest from the french election campaign be program. -- beat program. ♪ genie: stay evacuation's are set to begin in four syrian towns with an exchange of prisoners between rebels and government forces.
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evacuation have reportedly been postponed until today. and a record was broken by qatar and iran in march -- then accord accord was broken by qatar and iran in march. the deal would see evacuation of four besieged areas. opposition held areas of surrounded by regime forces in damascus province. .oth sides got the ball rolling estimated 10,000 to 30,000
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people are expected to be evacuated. moved residents will be to the coastal province. they will begin in the chance to either stay or go with the rebels. towns have been doing a looming humanitarian catastrophe by the united nations. thousands dying of famine. both sides have demanded simultaneous evacuations. genie: beth is in beirut. good afternoon. things are a bit woolly. some evacuations postponed until today.
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what can you tell us? we hope to bring you that interview with our correspondent later in the show. the u.n. has failed to adopt a draft resolution on the suspected chemical attack in syria following a veto by russia. it sparked anger from the u.k., france and u.s. who drafted the document. demanded then had syrian army cooperate with investigators and provide details of operations on april 4 specifically. the u.s. has criticized russia's veto. today's vote could have been a turning point.
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once more this vote could have been the moment when russia saw that its interests do not lie but the murderous dictator rather with the many countries in the international community including those across the middle east that want to end this conflict. by its failure russia will continue to be isolated. genie: in a reversal of campaign rhetoric, donald trump has declared that nato is no longer obsolete. in the campaign he criticized the alliance, saying member countries weren't pulling their weight financially. on the campaign trail donald trump repeatedly called nato obsolete. future rolet on the of the u.s. in the organization. amid escalating tensions with
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russia and north korea the u.s. president has changed his tune. >> secretary-general and i had a discussion about what more nato can do in the fight against terrorism. i complained about about a long time ago and they made a change. and now they do fight terrorism. i said it was obsolete. it's no longer obsolete. >> while he reiterated the united states commitment to the secretary-general, the president returned to one of his biggest criticisms of the alliance. that other members are not pulling their weight. we must ensure that nato members meet their financial obligations and pay what they go. doing that.t been >> he wants other member nations to contribute 2% of their gdp to defense and has repeatedly singled out germany for failing to do so. a day after his frosty meeting
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with angela merkel, he said on twitter that germany those vast sums of money to nato. the alliance gave all member states until 2024 to reach their goal. the european court of human rights has said there were serious failings and how russia dealt with the massacre which claimed 330 lives. said this despite russian officials receiving intelligence prior to the attack insufficient steps have been taken. the court also ruled that there was a failure to increase security at the school itself. prosecutors in germany say a 26-year-old iraqi man detained after explosions on a bus is suspected of having links to the islamic state group that say there is no evidence of this --
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his involvement in tuesday's attack. a judge will decide later today whether to keep him in custody. victory and yesterday's champions league match. the director has slammed the decision to play the match so soon after the attack. the attack that at the soccer team bus on tuesday is still visible on this quiet residential street. thatinder of an attack injured one player and rattled a nation. the investigation into the attack is active. police have identified two .ubstance -- suspects german prosecutors say there is no proof the man was involved in the attack. they will still issue an arrest warrant.
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a judge torequires approve the arrest warrant so he can be held for longer than 24 hours. he led a 10 person commando unit in kidnappingved and killing. he arrived in early 2016 and had then in contact with isis members while in the country. the hunt for the bomber continues. they called on germany to withdraw a reconnaissance missions against isis. the bomb used in the attack suggests possible military training. genie: the cannes film festival gets underway in a few weeks. the selection has just been announced. films were put forward
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for the selection and had to be whittled down to a list of 49. which stars are we expecting on the red carpet? nicole kidman will be there in two movies. howjohn cameron mitchell's to talk to girls. beguiled is set in a boarding school alongside kirsten dunst and colin foul. robert pattinson stars in a bank good time.a called kristen stewart will be there. she will bring her first short
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is said to be an experimental film. adam sandler, dustin hoffman, ben stiller and am a thompson -- . a thompson of french films in competition for the big prize. films inrench competition for the big prize. >> of films can often serve as a window for what's going on in the world. >> certainly. film an ago al gore's inconvenient truth. he is back with a sequel called an inconvenient sequel.
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for nasa redgrave will be there with a documentary focusing on the migrant crisis -- vanessa redgrave will be there with a documentary focusing on the migrant crisis. with tv becoming an obsession, the council will be screening some tv series. twindes of david lynch's peaks revival will be showing. will bealmodovar heading the council. causedar's poster has outrage as the actress appears andave been slimmed down retouched which is obviously causing some controversy.
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the festival comes straight after the french election. it also could have an effect. many people are eagerly anticipating the start of the festival. a quick reminder of the top stories. evacuations are set to begin in syria with an exchange of prisoners between rebels and government forces. german prosecutors say a man detained after a triple bomb attack is suspected of having links to the islamic state group but there is no evidence he was involved in tuesday's attack. organizers for the cannes film festival will reveal which films have made the cut.
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it will kick off in a few weeks time. time for the campaign beach. our daily roundup of news from the french campaign trail. just 10 days to go before the first round of voting. one candidate is stealing the spotlight. jean-luc melenchon. >> other candidates are falling back in the polls. he has been skyrocketing. he is currently hovering around 18% which puts him in the leading pack. yesterday he held a fiery rally in a northern town where he warned his supporters not to vote for his rivals. marine le pen, emmanuel macron and francois fillon. let's take a listen. about question isn't
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them. it's not about how we look or how attractive we are. it's about the policies we are going to put in place. if you elect one of those three you will be spitting blood. ask at what they have set their agenda already. a war against the poor. we spoke to some very excited supporters who already see him at the palace. >> i've got chills. his program will carry us into the future. i love his vision. his way of talking. he's the only one who talks about the environment, animal and rates, education for our children. he gives hope to the people. >> when you compare him to the other candidates, he's the best. i think he's going to win.
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we've got momentum. i've got seven grandchildren. we are all for him. i hope he wins. prospect of his presidency isn't thrilling to everyone including francois hollande himself. on theroke his silence election. he warned against voting for the far left candidate who has made waves ever since the tv presidential debate. let's take a look at a quote from that interview. says there is a danger in simplifying and falsifying things when one looks at the showmanship rather than the content of his speech. pretty harsh words. hollande hasn't officially given his backing to any candidate.
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at whichitly hinted candidate he prefers in another interview. with young interview people who asked him who they should vote for. must go toward the candidate of the future. history doesn't stop. you have to follow the forward movement of progress. >> it sounds a lot like the name of the centrist candidates party. a rally inon held the southwestern town yesterday. >> it is quite an important town in this election. reporter who has been following emmanuel macron and his team. she explains the importance of this rally. byron got the overt backing a very important heavyweight in french politics.
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main reason he chose this city in the southwest of france to hold this rally was the local mayor, very popular politician. the support he has given his crucial to his campaign. emmanuel macron needs someone with experience and political weight and credibility to get behind his campaign. i spoke to some people at the rally. they said we really want to know why our local mayor is also planning to vote for him. that's why they came to the rally tonight. polls are narrowing. every vote counts. he really needs to work hard for every single vote. macron has been stalling in the polls as has francois fillon.
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>> he also held a rally last night. his campaign has been plagued by scandals causing him to tumble in the polls. hot back saying he is the victim of a conspiracy. our reporter was there yesterday. he asked some supporters about this question. >> francois fillon has been accused of adopting donald trump style tactics in terms of criticizing the media. a paper has come out with a series of revelations about his and fake job at the national assembly. i think in my opinion this is propaganda. >> what do you think of this newspaper? >> they are doing their job. he is doing his job. >> he was treated very poorly by
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the need to -- the media. when i was organizing demonstrations against gay marriage i was also mistreated. they called me a homophobe. which serves the globalization agenda is against his right-wing policy. not a lot of love among francois fillon supporters for the media. >> you might have recognized the last woman in that report. in 2013 she became a very prominent campaigner against same-sex marriage in france. it's a group that has blended its support and is very much backing franaois fillon and his struggling campaign. genie: if you are interested in
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the french election check out the election compass. stephen carroll joins me. we are starting with the dollar which has taken a tumble after some comments by the u.s. president. >> donald trump says the dollar has become too strong because of public confidence in him as president. he warned that a strong greenback could ultimately hurt the united states. in the same interview he says the u.s. government will not labeled china a current you manipulate her despite repeatedly promising to do so in the past. on the campaign trail donald
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trump was quick to criticize china, vowing to name the country a currency manipulator in his first day in the white house. >> we are going to apply terrorists to any country that devalues its currency to gain an unfair advantage over the amount states. >> in his first day in office came and went without any mention of china's currency manipulation. he completely changed his tune. he told the wall street journal that china is not a currency manipulator. he still raised the concern of china's trade surplus with the u.s. last year the u.s. imported almost $480 billion from china with an x boards making only 170 billion. he added he could accept the trade deficit in exchange for assistance with north korea. the u.s. treasury has a black
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for currency manipulators. china last made it onto the list in 1994. it was known for buying foreign currencies to push them higher against the wand -- the yuan. >> let's take a look at what's happening on the stock market. european shares trading down. traders beginning to wrap up ahead of a four-day weekend on the markets. should risky assets. let's turn our attention to it united airlines which is still dealing from the fallout of the video of a passenger being forcibly removed from the plane. the video has been viewed
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around the world. in a statement the airline said it realized passengers did not have a good travel experience on united and wanted to compensate them for that. but chief executive said the airline is changing its policy so that once seated and her will be ejected from flights due to overbooking. i have outlined reviewing a very deep and thorough review of a lot of our policies that support this. if i were to be here today i would tell you that the use of law enforcement aboard an aircraft has to be looked at very carefully. they are clearly there for a purpose of safety and we want to make sure they protect us. i think the policy we have to relocate at. a french retailer saw its earnings boosted by rising oil
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prices and currency shifts. the strengthening of the brazilian rail along with robust growth helped intersessional sales -- international sales grow. a japanese brand reporting 80% jump in operating profits. the boost is thanks to a cost-cutting plan and a weaker yen. sampson says preorders for its new smartphone have surpassed those of its predecessor. the brand is still reeling from the recall of its notice seven due to exploding batteries. a new way to get deliveries in california.
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yelp are trying out robots to make deliveries to customers. it is offering some customers the option to have their food .rrived by robot for now the robots are accompanied by humans to keep them in line. genie: we will take a short break. coming up we will have more international headlines. stay tuned. you're watching france 24. ♪
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