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tv   France 24  LINKTV  May 2, 2017 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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the headlines this hour. millions of left-wing voters on sundayo abstain rather than vote for emmanuel macron. further clues in the runoff with very le pen. the war in syria and the conflict in ukraine -- see the commonon human rights -- ground between angela merkel and vladimir putin is scarce. hamas seems to soften its image by ed -- i accepting the palestinian state, but refuse to
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renounce violence. many are asking what has changed. laura: first, further clues about how the french will vote on sunday as polls suggest a gap between front runner emmanuel macron and his rival, marine le pen, is narrowing. either abstain or spoil their ballots. endorse macron display long-held french tradition of voting to keep the far right out of power. around 7 million people voted for him in the first round. askede to jim shields and why those hard left voters would rather run the risk of letting the far right into power than
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voting for a manual macron? -- emmanuelle macron. >> maybe they get two or 3 million not going to vote for him. this is good news for marine le pen who is having a second road she could scarcely have dreamed of. first, he refused to cover the front against le pen. pact for a historic and they time ever have found an ally emerging from the traditional right. overwhelminglyrt to vote blank rather than backing him. every abstention and every blank vote will effectively be a vote for le pen, since it reduces the potential cap between her and macron. she still looks at a win, but with an ever decreasing margin.
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laura: we saw the trade unionists tying themselves in knots, encouraging themselves to vote against the national front but not saying they should vote is the onlywhich way people can vote against the national front. >> that's right. to abstain or to spoil your ballot is effectively to vote against emmanuel macron. , sherine le pen cannot win is looking to achieve two things through this election -- to reduce as far as possible the margin of victory so that he is a weekly elected president and to impose herself with a strong score as the new leader of the opposition. to be theive is gravitational center around which a fractured republicans party following the defeat will coalesce.
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if she gets a score somewhere more of 40%, that would than double her father's 18% in 2002 and would make a -- make her, that national leader, she hopes of the right and their natural candidate in 2022. a score that high would show just how far the once toxic f and has been normalized. laura: what about the legislative elections? how do you see those panning out. emmanuelle macron does win, he will struggle to get anything done if he cannot command a majority and the parliament. at the moment, he doesn't have any members of parliament at all. >> that is absolutely right. we are looking at two candidates, neither of whom have any base in parliament. therefore,e a base,
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whoever goes forward, and at the moment, it looks like macron, we will face the real challenge and it will make the presidency look like the easy bet because the will he will somehow have to muster enough of a majority for his own party and through bits and pieces of the right and left, putting together a kind of mosaic, enough of a majority to implement the agenda. it is not at all clear how he will do that. marine le pen is facing ridicule after it emerged a speech she made yesterday resembled almost word for word a speech made by the failed francois fillon conservative candidate, -- conservative candidate, francois fillon just two weeks ago. reporter: marine le pen gave a speech to her supporters that
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sounded a little familiar. word for word, it matched an address i did feed presidential candidate francois fillon from two weeks ago. [speaking french] reporter: four paragraphs were lifted from the speech of the former conservative candidate. aides claimed it was not plagiarism, but attribute. for the secretary-general of the national front, it was a deliberate reference. >> there is no doubt about it. of course we took some lines used by francois fillon. we admit that. there you go. there were some things about france we wanted to use. quoting the former
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candidate is a surprising move from the far right party who previously thought to distance themselves from what they referred to as the establishment. with less than one week until the final run off of the presidential election, a could be seen as an attempt to appeal to supporters of the former candidate. laura: german chancellor angela merkel is in sochi for talks with russian president vladimir putin. on asay they want to focus unresolved conflict in ukraine and syria, areas of major disagreements for the two countries. merkel's it is angela first visit to russia in two years. it's a message designed to send a diplomatic signal. there differences in the conflict in ukraine and syria that vladimir putin has expressed a desire to normalize ties. there's an important role to be played to find a
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solution to global problems. the leaders say they agreed on the need for a full implementation of the minsk agreement, aimed at ending the violence in ukraine. angela merkel indicating she would be willing to negotiate on easing sanctions against russia. >> there are encouraging development terms of economic cooperation between germany and russia. for me, the aim is to reach the point where we can lift european union sanctions on russia through the implementation of the minsk agreement, but these issues are dependent on each other. military racking form a shell al-assad history of and the west. the russian president said it is unproven that they were responsible for a chemical they supportk, and a for an impartial investigation. >> we resolutely condemn and use of chemical weapons. those guilty of killing syrian civilians should be found and punished, but she we done only
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after a thorough and unbiased investigation. reporter: putin addressed allegations that russia battle in last year's u.s. presidential election, calling them unfounded rumors. while the german chancellor touch on human rights issues, including abuse against homosexuals in chechnya, a sensitive point for the russian authorities. israel has called it an attempt to stall the world -- the palestinian group that has run gaza has amended its official document removing anti-semitic language and for the first time agreeing to accept a palestinian state based on the pre-1967 borders. college is considered a terrorist organization by the united states and european union still refuses to recognize israel's right to exist. with more on this, i'm joined gaza under hamas. he joins us live from tel aviv. thank you for being with us. what has really changed here?
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hamas's review thing to recognize israel or renounce violence today. what is interesting with this document is the actual publication that it now exists internalhere were differences over this. actually quite strong tensions. it is interesting that hamas managed to pull it together and agree to a consensus, which is the way they make decision, to agree on this document. it shows the content we can discuss, there's a little bit for everyone in this document. it is interesting in the sense that it shows, is able to remain relevant in the conflict and that it is able to pull it together. laura: but this is not about making peace with israel.
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let's be clear, this is a group that still calls for attacks on israeli civilians. guest: that is very right. what is also interesting here is this document -- it's not really focusing on trying to better relations with israel. it's focusing on trying to warn -- warm-up international communities that has been isolating hamas and not talking to hamas since 10 years. whethermains to be seen they will manage to in some to getin some way international actors and other countries to talk to them now. that is the group's to drop talks with the muslim brotherhood. that was causing problems with other countries, wasn't it? guest: yes.
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especially that hamas is in need to have good relations with the egyptian regime. for, so itnly way needs to do things to make the regime in cairo happy. laura: it has been more than 10 years since palestinians were able to vote and choose their own leaders. power 10 years ago. since then, the situation in gaza is deplorable. unemployment is higher there than anywhere else in the world. are the palestinian people realizing the tough stance by hamas is not getting them anywhere? this document is also a product of pressure from the inside. there is pressure from the people not being happy with what, has achieved. it is pressure from the west
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bank, from mahmoud abbas, and pressure from the international community. tries to resolve all of this at the same time, i suppose. laura: thank you very much. under pressure in both syria and iraq, fighters for islamic state are putting up a fierce resistance. bombers killed at least 38 people in an attack on an -- on a camp for displaced people on the border with syria, following another surprise attack in which 10 iraqi soldiers were killed. -- as the battle to liberate muzzle continues, there's a toll on the life there. thousands of children were forced to abandon their schooling in 2014 when the jihadi's takeover. the united nations says the situation is dire and investment
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in education is urgently needed. reporter: the risk of losing an entire generation. -- this warning comes as hundreds of thousands of children in muzzle have been out of school for years. >> i studied until the fifth grade but stopped after islamic state came. plustaught us one bullet one bullet and how to fire weapons. reporter: he's one of many children whose amylase took them out of school amidst fears they would be indoctrinated by islamic state group. i was afraid islamic state would ask me to join them as many already have. some my age and many younger. reporter: a number of children have been left homeless and offered to work instead of pursuing an education. while the situation is slowly improving in eastern muzzle, educators in the city are calling for more government support.
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we need more investment from the ministry of education and teachers to help support students and help them forget these negative experiences. they need to be able to keep on with their study so they can be like students in other parts of the country. primary school in rome and in iraq was at 100% in the 80's but unicef estimates today there are 1.2 million children nationwide not in school. there have been more antigovernment protest in dennis whalen with demonstrators blocking the streets of caracas after the president announced plans to form an assembly with a power to rewrite the constitution and circumvent the parliament. critics say it is another move toward dictatorship. the venezuelan capital brought to a standstill. antigovernment protesters blocked roads angry at the
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president possibly in to recall the constitution. >> the government thinks with the fake constituency, things will come down. people want a change of president, the constitution. reporter: attempting to quell the protests, he triggered article 348, creating a constituent assembly. shall that is would have done, i'm sure of that. i'm did -- i did what my conscience commands, to summon the absolute power of the sovereign people of venezuela. made up of ordinary citizens with no political parties involved, the super body would hold general elections and rewrite the constitution. how theys vague about would be chosen. the president has opponents describe the move as a power grab.
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>> it is a scam to deceive the venezuelan people with a mechanism that is nothing more p and to find au way through the constitution t destroy the constitution itself. opposition leaders have vowed no let up in their protests. rewriting the constitution would forestall elections and work in maduro's favor whose approval rating is hovering around 20%. to calm down the situation on the korean peninsula. north korea has been threatening nuclear action. tensions rising on the korean peninsula, china is trying to play peacemaker, urging the united states and north korea to set up talks as soon as possible. >> the situation on the korean peninsula is sensitive and complex. we need to avoid an escalation.
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we all need to do our part in order for the situation to cool down. of most effective way cooling down is to seek ways to reestablish dialogue and contact. we think north korea and the u.s. as directly involved countries should start showing concrete action. reporter: another point of contention for beijing -- based in south korea, it is aimed at countering the military threat. the system became operational on tuesday that beijing says the radar could reach inside chinese territory. china toss stance is clear-cut and firm -- we oppose the united states and south korea's deploy oil of this system and urged both sides to stop the deployment immediately. against this backdrop, pyongyang has accused the u.s.
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of pushing the korean peninsula to the brink of nuclear war. in a show of strength, bombers flew drills this sunday. laura: let's get some business news now. let talk about greece and the mammoth debt that it is struggling with. some breakthrough in negotiations today. >> greece using the word sustainable, one we have not heard out of athens. while many greeks hate the fact that more austerity is on the way, economists say it may lead to less turmoil and pave the way for much-needed debt relief. a crucial step forward as greece and its creditors reach a deal to unlock the next portion of its 86 ilion euro
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bailout. greece needs the payment to avoid default on over 7 billion euros of outstanding debt. greece's, now double gross domestic product, that has been a sticking point is the international monetary fund considers joining the eu's rescue effort. now restructuring that debt rejected by greece debtors appears to be on the table. >> the preliminary agreement reached now will be complemented by further discussions in the coming weeks on how to find a credible strategy to make sure greece pasta is sustainable. reporter: greece has agreed to cut pensions by 18%. the country will reduce the tax free income allowance to just under 6000 euros. it is also expected to sell off energy assets. 3.5% budget surplus.
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his greece it's the targets, it will implement benefits to offset the cuts. andespite the difficulties delays and irrational demands during the course of negotiations, the technical agreement is balanced and viable. reporter: despite the breakthrough, imf artistic patient remains in question and hard-line opponent germany will only say more work needs to be done. greece must not pass the measures in its legislature for its finance ministers meet to approve or reject the deal. theood news for greece but country still suffering from the highest unemployment rate in the eu. let's see how it stacks up to the four largest eu economies -- germany and the eu reporting the most advanced. france saw things hold steady at 10.1. italy at 11.7%.
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data coming out of eurostat says the unemployment rate for the wider eu dropped to eight in march. it was stalled at 9.5 for the eurozone area. that's the lowest rate since may of 2009. investors reacting to that data as well as has had a six-year high. that's enough to help market in europe close in the green. the paris cac sitting at its highest since 2009. the ftse and dax also closing up. on wall street, a different story. the nasdaq hit an earlier record high but now in the red, as is the s&p 500. earnings are in focus on wall street. haves of u.s. airlines been up after the first of two congressional hearings after a passenger was forcibly removed from a united flight, sparking outrage around the world.
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the government is pressuring airlines to offer better admit thend they scandal could have a long-term impact on the scandal bash on the industry. the airline has announced policy changes, so there is mounting frustration. take a listen to this exchange. >> further, i am personally sorry for the fact my immediate response and the response of our airline was inadequate to the moment. no customer, no individual should ever be treated the way he was ever. we understand that. >> but there will come a day when congress won't accept it anymore on behalf of the american people and that should not happen that we hope you know this does not stop today. >> more reforms are needed but will exploring countries in the middle east -- that is the verdict of the international monetary fund. it's largely due to a decline in
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oil prices. the six members of the gulf cooperation council have introduced austerity measures, but the imf says more needs to be done. it will allow the countries to divest outside. the impact on the economy will be limited in terms of its impact on prices and countries will develop a certain number. meatw to the veganism that eaters might be able to get behind -- dennis has gone a vegan, changing the filtration process, not the recipe. it removed ice and glass that are dried fish bladders. by the end of the year, the beer maker hopes to have it in bottles and cans as well. fries, mike french
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the genius, the divine inspiration that pass to the golden arches. mcdonald's has released an infomercial unveiling its french fry fork hybrid designed to scoop up the toppings that fall out of your burger. >> it is ludicrous. makes itnomic design handy for righties and lefties. it even works in the dark. it difficult to say no to a french fry fork. thank you indeed.
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05/02/17 05/02/17 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from raleigh, north cacarolina, this is democracy n! >> today is may 1. we all know that immigrant rights are worker rights. no more deportations. no more breaking families. we are here and we are going to stay. we're going to fight because we work really hard. amy: millions of workers take to the streets to mark may day, international workers day.


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