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tv   France 24  LINKTV  May 18, 2017 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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right on the french political spectrum. we have more on the political reactions to the new cabinet. >> the new government named by emmanuel macron and his
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conservative prime minister has shaken up french politics. >> macron really wants to create something that does not exist yet, a government from the right and left. it is already getting reaction. the political tectonic plates are shifting. reporter: the new teen is an unprecedented the next of half men and have women, with members from social society, the socialist party, and conservative republican party. the appointments are part of a delicate balancing act for macron, seeking to draw support from both sides of the partisan divide. the strategy could backfire, increasing the risk of dissent in the future. >> i am sure the left will appreciate that both the finance and budget ministers are conservative and not moderate conservatives. if you look at the budget minister tweets when macron was finance minister, it is really something. reporter: the key to what the future holds for president macron's five years lies in the
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mid-june parliamentary elections. merge inave to parliament to carry out reforms. one poll suggests his political grouping will get the largest share of the vote. to new york next, where 23 people have been injured and one killed after a vehicle plowed into pedestrians at times square. police suspect no link to terrorism. a 26-year-old taken into custody. law enforcement says the driver has a history of driving while intoxicated. the new york mayor says the victim was an 18-year-old. donald trump to twitter to call himself the victim of a witchhunt. he accuses the hillary clinton campaign of the legal acts, this without any legal proof. a special prosecutor was named to investigate links between
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president trump's campaign and russia. reporter: suspicion that russia may have colludeda special prosp campaign to sway the u.s. election has been weighing on his presidency from day one, as pressure escalated further this weekek, many republicans and democrats hailed the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate the matter. and the fact, robert mueller, a respected fbi chief was selected for the job. >> i am happy about it. i think it is a good start in the right direction. with the newration president has been in crisis from week to week. it is one thing after the other. >> to bring someone in like robert mueller, who looks like will work within the fbi process, you have a prime decisionmaker. it is a good hybrid to keep the career folks at fbi, to make sure they can continue their
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job. that you have an independent decision-maker in the election. reporter: concern on capitol hill has been growing in the wake of a series of stunning allegations against president donald trump. the most damaging of which, he may have obstructed justice by asking fired fbi director james comey to let go of an investigation into one of his top advisers. some democrats have gone as far as to call for the president's impeachment. senate and house leaders have welcomed mueller's appointment, but say they will continue their own probes into the russian mentor. they have already invited comey to testify before their committees. host: let's stay with this story and bring in an attorney and strategic communities consultant, also a former republican member of congress. she joins us from philadelphia. good to have you with us on the program.
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you supported donald trump during the campaign. i was asking -- you supported donald trump during the campaign. melissa: oh yes. i do. always -- from the beginning of this presidential term, there has been a concerted effort to derail the presidency. i am not saying everything he says is correct, or that everything he says is wrong. this country is facing significant turmoil, very up -- very organized opposition to the president. he is not responding as well as i would like him to. there needs to be more clarity and consistency. i think it is too early to draw any conclusions. host: how would you like him to respond? you're a strategic implications consultant. -- strategic communications
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consultant. melissa: he should be answering the questions clearly and deliberately. if i were advising him directly, i would tell him to just drop social media. the presidency is a position that should bring with it a significant amount of deliberation, and fair and honest and open discussion. it doesn't matter if you are president or a girl scout leader, you need to be clear and explain what is going on. have an honest discourse with the american people. we have seen so much inconsistency coming out of the president's spokespeople, then the president and other cabinet officers, that it is hard to tell what is going on. they need to get their act together. host: he tells his spokespeople to do one thing and tweets something completely different.
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sure whoand i am not is doing the advising when it comes to what the spokespeople say. the question needs to be to figure out who speaks for the president, number one, then who will manufacture that message, what the message will be, and make it a truthful message. we have come across too many inconsistencies. the american stock market now ,as taken a bit of a dip something that people do not expect to happen under this president, because he is strong on his economic policy. there are positive things people were looking forward to with a change in the presidency from a democrat liberal, more controlled by government type administration under president obama, to someone who would be more focused on economic growth
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and capitalism under president trump. the benefits are starting to be a little bit shaky. are they going to shore up their message and focus on their mission and the reason why they got elected? this program, which is probably politically driven -- host: do you think he is the victim of a witchhunt? -- this to finish special counsel will drag on. if he allow the investigation to continue, it would have terminated in a much more reasonable amount of time. a special prosecutor has too much freedom. timewise it could last forever. not let the fbi and special prosecutor do their job? why interfere? white tweets about it? -- why tweet about it?
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melissa: i agree the fbi should have been allowed to do its job. i don't think james comey should have been dismissed. host: what is happening to donald trump's agenda? you are talking about the market after his election victory, they were happy thinking he would loosen up things in terms of regulation and taxes. what is happening in terms of his agenda -- restoring borders and creating jobs? it seems this investigation is front and center in the white house. melissa: i would not go that far. the president proposed his tax reform three weeks ago. it was a general outline for what he wants to see. something that the markets responded positively to. just today or yesterday we saw some shakiness in the market. , am suggesting that agenda
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some of it on capitol hill, could be derailed by what you referred to as scandal. that is why i think having a special prosecutor could be damaging long-term to his administration. host: thank you very much for the analysis from pittsburgh. melissa: thank you. host: moving on to british prime minister, promising to rein in corporate excess. the classified theresa may in the run-up to the june election is an attempt to woo supporters of her left-wing rivals. legislators to strengthen her hand and upcoming brexit talks. and brokene made several times by her conservative party. that did not stop theresa may by vowing to reduce immigration to below 100,000, as she launched her manifesto ahead of the june 8 election. p.m. may: it is right that we
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want to bring immigration to sustainable levels, because of the impact that uncontrolled migration has on people, particularly the lower end of the income scale. >> the pledge is likely to appeal to the persons who, motivated by the desire to control immigration, voted to leave the european union in last year's referendum. although the prime minister did not set a date to reach the goal, she faces an uphill battle. in migration was 273,000 september 2016 and has not been below 100,000 in 20 years. many economists say the tens of thousands are target is arbitrary and could hurt businesses that need to hire workers with essential skills. for now this can only apply to non-eu migrants. they may have indicated they will roll it out to eu migrants too, once support is finalized.
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host: protesters have taken to the streets of the greek capital ahead of a vote in parliament to impose additional cuts to income for the next three years. seekinge minister is parliamentary approval for pension cuts and tax hikes, part of an agreement with bailout creditors to release greece's next bailout installment. reporter: these greek pensioners turned out to protest against a parliamentary vote to reduce their entitlement. chanting "no more tax that," hundreds marched for a second day. the retirees have been demanding that the government reconsider its bill as they struggle to survive on their dwindling tensions. -- dwindling pensions. >> we did not invest into the system to rely on charity. it is our money. we don't go it to any lender.
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in our conscious we do not legitimize any of their bailout agreements. we will continue our struggle. reporter: the financial crisis has left greece reliant on its international creditors, the eu and imf pushing for reforms that include a major overhaul to jim's. -- overhaul to pensions. billions in euros of cuts between 2018 to 2021. if past the reforms would take effect in 2019. they would scale back tax breaks and cut pensions by almost 18%. repayment the loan will be repaid by eurozone finance ministers on the 22nd of may. appeasing its foreign creditors will allow the release of its latest installment for greece's bailout funds due in july. the public fights against the ongoing cuts while struggling to survive.
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host: the brazilian president has caused to step aside. they authorizedt payments in a corruption scandal has sent markets tumbling. he is expected to address the nation momentarily. for more on this story we can bring in our correspondent in rio de janeiro. what happens next? tim: we have to see what happens with the president. these accusations are damaging indeed. the entire political class is being engulfed in the consequences of the anticorruption inquiry. ofis clearly accused obstructing justice. there are a number of scenarios that play out. the recording amount which apparently has been made, with
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the president agreeing to pay hush money to a former imprisons politician -- that recording is not yet in the public domain. while we are waiting for this to reach public domain, there is considerablr pressure on him to resign. resign, then by the brazilian constitution, it would be direct elections for the next president to continue the rest of this mandate, a year and a half. indirect elections by number is of congress. the problem is with all of brazil's political class under suspicion, that would like legitimacy. there are also moves afoot to impeach president temer, or have him investigated by the supreme court's. that is a long investigation that might take 3 or 4 months, prolonged instability. there might be another way out,
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temer's position is unsustainable. mer was thehel te vice president of the team that was subsequently impeached. that slate is accused of financial irregularities in the campaign. if those accusations are upheld, it is almost as if that election could be canceled and a new election could be called, leading to a situation where a government could claim legitimacy at the ballot box. the problem is, who would be the candidates? emer, the only michel t former president is facing anticorruption inquiries. candidate being last election has been suspended of his duties as a senator because he too is facing a number of corruption charges. any way that you look, it is a
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insecure problematic prognostic in brazil. host: thank you very much for that update, tim reporting from rio. our cultural editor spoke to one of bali would -- one of bollywood's most accredited actresses. she wanted to speak about depression and her impressions of the film festival. ♪ ♪ >> i am at the top of one of the poshest hotels at this festival.
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i am about to meet one of the best paid actresses in the whole world. she is among the most loved actresses in india. after dozens of bollywood movies, like "cocktail," she released her first hollywood film alongside vin diesel. let's go meet her. hello deepika. you are one of the most photographed women in the world. you are a big instagramer. deepika: when i got to the festival, the first picture i put up was the view from my room. >> you are an ambassador for l'oreal. you started modeling when you were eight years old.
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you have been on the red carpet. do you ever get bored of having to be sold glamorous? deepika: i don't get bored because i think i balance it out in my private life. you will never see me with makeup on. even after all these years i still do not know how to do my own makeup. do not tell people from l'oreal that. i think it is fun to dress up and have designers make amazing clothing, to have amazing hair and makeup people do what they do. that is one part of my life. there is a girl in me that just wants to be at home, just be in pajamas in a big dirty t-shirt and not worry about the way that i look. what do you think you will be doing when you are 70 years old? deepika: hopefully have a little home with this kind of view, with lots of grandchildren and children.
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just a good life. a peaceful life. >> whatever it is you are looking for, you are going to come up short. >> we are willing to die to keep the world safe. how about you? >> i live for that. >> i guess we're on the same team and now. >> your first hollywood movie came out this year. xxx: the return of xander cage." you seem to be in love with him. deepika: he is in love with me. [laughter] let's set the record straight. he is generous and kind and -- you know, the reason i have had these amazing experiences is because of him, and he had faith in my talent. he is a friend for life. >> you have been in some of
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bollywood's most successful films. in one movie you learned jiu-jitsu. what is the most extreme thing you have done for a role? "xxx," i had to learn how to shoot guns. real guns. it sounds and looks really cool, but it is really loud. really really loud. that is one of the most extreme things i have done for a film. in 2011, the song's lyrics in the film caused controversy. a court case claiming they were indecent. senior officials blamed the weight women dress -- the way women dress on the fact that
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there is violence in india. is that changing now? deepika: is what changing? >> the attitudes toward women about becoming more equal? deepika: i think it is everywhere in the world fighting for equal rights. equality and diversity are the things people are talking about. it is important because it needs to be spoken about. my choice. mind, to wear the clothes i like. size 15. to be a >> you have been outspoken about feminism in the past. you are often cited as one of the highest-paid actresses in the world. you are a role model for many. what advice can you give to young women watching? deepika: i would say follow your heart, because that is what i have done.
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i have been lucky to have parents that encouraged me to do what i want to do. i come from a small family. what people would have expected me to do is follow my father's footstep end of the af with. -- footsteps and be an athlete. i chose a completely different direction. if you want to be successful, you have to enjoy it. i say to young girls to not be afraid. it is important to take risks. it is important to make mistakes and to fail sometimes, and most importantly follow your heart. >> you play the girlfriend of a and offd man in a film, camera founded the "live, laugh foundation." why did you want to talk about that? deepika: there is so much stigma attached to it. i felt by talking about it, i can maybe help people. that is what i did.
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i want to work towards de-stigmatizing mental illness, and liberate people and allow them to feel like they are no different from anyone else. and that is curable, it is preventable in fact. >> on instagram you have some 18 million followers. some of them have sent me questions for you. a very quick question -- if you pick, who would you like to play? deepika: i have not thought about it. a sports bio pic maybe. too many people are doing that. >> what is your next hollywood project? : right now i am focusing -- could show one of your films of the festival, what
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would it be? was so relatable, but it was told in such a fun, cool manner. just a
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05/18/17 05/18/17 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from los angeles, t this is dedemocracy now! pres. trump: look at the way i have been treated lately. especially by the media. no politician in history -- and i say this with great surety -- has been treated worse or more unfairly. amy: a week after president jamesfired fbi director


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