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tv   France 24  LINKTV  June 1, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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genie: this is france 24. time for 60 minutes live around the world. i'm genie godula. these are the headlines. donald trump will announce today whether or not he is pulling out of the landmark harris deal to fight global warming. if he does that would make the u.s. one of three countries with syria and nicaragua not to sign up. deadnistan warns the 90 after the worst suicide attack in three years.
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there has been no claim of responsibilities as authorities try to figure out how a sewage truck filled with explosives got into the most secure part of kabul. an airstrike on islamist rebels in the southern philippines has killed 11 government troops. a major blow to the country's bid to end its biggest internal security crisis in years. coming up in business, we will be finding out what american businesses think of donald trump's doubt over the paris climate deal. first our top stories live from paris. ♪ genie: donald trump says he is set to announce today whether or not he will pull the u.s. out of the landmark harris agreement on climate change. the u.s. president notoriously
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once called climate change a hoax and made a promise to cancel the paris accord within his first 100 days. he has passed the 100 day mark already. links from the white house say he could carry out that promise starting today. donald trump has long been vocal about his climate change skepticism. repeatedly: global warming a made up byconcept the chinese to make u.s. manufacturing noncompetitive. tothe campaign he promised put american interests in the coal industry first and pull out of the legally binding global deal to fight climate change. the paris agreement. he wasted little time on taking office. surrounded by legislators from coal mining state. rules aimed at reducing pollution standards and signed an executive order to dismantle obama's clean power plan aimed at replacing polluting coal plants with
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renewable energy sources. >> my administration is putting an end to the war on coal. we are going to have clean coal. i'm taking historic steps to lift the restrictions on american energy, reverse government intrusion and cancel job killing regulations. teamch of donald trump's reflects his climate change skepticism. stephen bannon has called it a manufactured crisis and the head of the environmental protection agency is an oil industry allies who questions the science behind clclimate change. for trump put him in charge of it, scott pruitt had sued the agency a dozen times while attorney general of oklahoma. i think measuring with precision human activity on the climate is something very challenging to do. i would not agree it's a primary contributor r the globabal warming. >> not everyone who has the president's gear is advising him
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ear is advising him to quit the deal. jared kushner and ivanka want to remain in the paris accord. genie: france 24's environment editor joins me on the set. away froml hours making this announcement pulling the u.s. out of the paris agreement. we are already getting reactions from around the world. this is certainly not the way it was supposed to go. donald trump is probably furious at the way this has unraveled. officially nine hours from now we will know exactly what he has decided. thanks to pesky leaks from the white house yesterday the world has gone into the reaction overdrive. russia telling reporters the country still attaches great significance to the deal.
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it says it will be less effective without the u.s.. germany and china also came forward this morning reiterating that they will press ahead with the deal regardless of u.s. participation. let's not forget angela merkel's where sheng language described a conversation with donald trump as difficult. it's not only governments that are coming forward. of trump'susk, one advisers has said that if he pulls out of the deal he also will quit as donald trump's advisor. thatone is cautioning until we hear it from donald trump himself we are not sure. he has been known to change his mind. with thet's go assumption that this is what he's going to do. you covered these climate talks. you saw how hard the world worked to make this happen. why would donald trump choose not to be part of this
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agreement? >> basically barack obama and all of the world leaders have been working for much longer than a couple of years. this has been going on for 20 years of climate talks. a 26%a came forward with to 28% reduction in emissions by 2025 compared to 2005. for donald trump it means jeopardizing america's growth, jobs particularly. we heard it would require the reduction of emissions in coal power plants. for him that means jobs. he says he is bringing back coal. it's also one of his campaign promises. he really let on that during his campaign. said make america great again. that would indicate he is pulling out if he is reiterating his intention is to keep or maintain america's greatness. it's also a sign he is putting economic interests of the united states ahead of concerns of the
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international community. it must be very difficult decision for him as his most trusted aides are divided on the issue including ivanka trump. this is probably one of his most difficult decisions. they are trying to navigate a middle ground of some sort. we are not sure whether it will be a total withdrawal from the deal. now to the u.k. where the snap general election is one week away. the prime minister called the vote three years ahead of time to try and strengthen her hand on brexit talks. while her conservatives seemed set to win in a landslide, they could lose their majority in the house of commons. the labour party is on the upswing and he was one of seven people taking part in a live tv debate last night. the prime minister skipped. alexander hearst reports. government came under fire from all sides during
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the debate, especially over austerity. >> some of those people on the lowest incomes have been massively hit right welfare cuts. everyone who thinks welfare is some kind of a burden needs to remember that anyone of us is only one or two steps from being in need. >> this is a government that actually cares for those most government is downright insulting. minister wasn't there. home secretary in her place to defend the conservative government's record on budget cuts, immigration and brexit negotiations. >> we have made clear decision to make sure we protect the poorest in our society which means the pensioners will be protected. we will always provide that safety net where it is needed. you take payments away from
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disability and turn yourself around in a few days on that. but labor leader jeremy corbyn had also planned to skip the debate but changed his mind at the last minute, hoping his presence would contrast with theresa may's absence. she is up next. she is not the prime minister. the prime minister's not here tonight. she can't be bothered, so why should you. brute? make yourself a you're not worth theresa may's time, don't give her yours. >> the once large tory lead has narrated -- narrowed into a much closer race. close to 90 islamic militants have been killed by security forces in the philippines in an effort to reclaim the city. troops are struggling to end a bloody siege by 500 extremists aligned with the islamic state group.
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is in manila. what more can you tell us? the department of national defense secretary announced earlier today that memberers of the philippine army were accidentally killed by a bombing committed by the philippine air force yesterday. this was an unfortunate event. they have supposedly investigated this matter. the internal affairs office is trying to piece together what was the mistake on why members of the army were killed. was this problem in communications, in relating the information and location of the officers, or a mistake committed by the air force. there was a big question among members of the media. there was a misunderstanding whether or not there is such a thing as a precision weapon or whether this was a surgical attack.
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this had to be cleared earlier today during the press conference. based on we know defense capability of the armed forces, there is very limited capability on surgical weapons. weapons or missiles that can be used to target militants. that parts declared of the city are considered safe zones. however, they have also prevented civilians in the city. we have also heard about civilians who are afraid of going in. about providing food, allowing civilians to get their homes and businesses, is not yet allowed until they have completely finished the operations. the e group has released on the videoeb news a certain showing armored personnel
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carrier attacked and apparently there were two soldiers killed inside. this was declared by the armed forces as propaganda. why is this such a key city for these extremists? >> is an islamic city. it is a residence for muslims. is strategically located. among the ethnic groups there have been different types of shiites and sunnis alliances in the region. this is also one of the problems in that area. , they are really strong and really capable. attack and the government will be ready. these are some of the reasons the militant group has become very defiant with the government. genie: thank you, dean bernardo
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reporting from manila. there has been no claim of responsibility for the massive suicide truck last in afghanistan wednesday that left 90 people dead and hundreds hurt. shock and morning are turning into public anger over why the afghan government failed to prevent another attack in the heart of the capital. that went off in the diplomatic quarter by the german embassy. many people are asking if the green zone isn't secure, can the government secure any area at all? afghan authorities are of -- examining who is behind one of the deadliest blasts in recent years. the taliban have denied carrying out the attack. thean officials suspect group affiliated with the taliban and based in pakistan is
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involved. the bombing comes as the taliban and islamic state group have stepped up their attacks in afghanistan. claimede major assaults by the islamic state group, the killing of more than 30 people in a military hospital in the bombing of a mosque in november where at least 30 people died. the taliban target of the afghan killing 36 people in january. in september they killed two dozen victims knew the defense ministry. wednesday's attack was carried out as the u.s. reviews its strategy. the commander of u.s. troops in afghanistan has said several thousand soldiers are needed to break the stalemate with taliban. some experts say that may not be a winning strategy. soldier only providing advice and training for the afghan soldier.
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that's the only and they need to have. if they go back to combat duty it will be a major failure. it's up to the afghan soldier to defend the country. >> donald trump is due to decide whether to send 3000 to 5000 extra troops to afghanistan to strengthen the 15,000 u.s. counterterrorism mission soldiers and nato training force currently deployed there. genie: time for our business update. with me on the set is brian quinn. we know that president trump is this decisionnce about the paris climate accord. it looks like he is going to pull out and a lot of business leaders are already trying to influence the decision before it comes out. >> major element of leaving the accord was that it's a hindrance on u.s. economic growth. chiefs of industry are taking the opposite tack, saying exiting the pact could cost the
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u.s. is edge in clean energy growth. plea to stay in. on thursday, dozens of u.s. companies including apple, hewlett-packard and unilever published a full-page ad in the new york times and wall street journal urging donald trump to keep the united states in the 2015 paris agreement on climate change. accord is bad the for the u.s. economy. a number of top u.s. business leaders say the opposite, arguing remaining in the agreement would stimulate competition, create jobs and reduce business risks. >> business across the board has told the president stay in. they know it's very helpful for american business to have u.s. negotiators at the table. there are always issues that come up that can be difficult business and our
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negotiators defend our position in a way that's good for u.s. business. >> one of trumps august arguments for leaving the agreement is that it would hurt the u.s.: industry. on wednesday the stock market reported that coal shares have dropped by as much as 2.2% with forecasts adjusting the global backlash would further hurt the industry. exxon mobil is also pressuring trump to keep the u.s. involved in the agreement. giant told trump the paris deal is an effective framework for addressing the risk of climate change. applaudedtalists have the efforts by u.s. businesses hoping the corporate input will have a stronger influence on the president. leader withess strong feelings on the subject, elon musk. he tweeted he has done all he can to convince trump to stay in the paris accords and if that doesn't work he will have no choice but to quit the president's business council.
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genie: some trade development deals between the u.s. and vietnam. >> trump welcomed vietnam's prime minister to the white house. he emphasized new business transactions between the nations. the commerce department has announced more than a dozen new deals expected to support over 23,000 american jobs. general electric and caterpillar will supply vietnam with an equipment, aircraft engines and services. vietnam has gone from an enemy of the u.s. to a significant trading partners. inajor trade deficit vietnam's favor has only been growing lately. while hailing the deal, that fact did not escape trumps notice. >> we have a major deficit with vietnam which will hope only balance out. they have just made a very large order in the united states and we appreciate that for many meansns of dollars which
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jobs for the united states and great equipment for vietnam. genie: what are we seeing in the markets? climbing in europe higher with london's ftse 100 eyeing another record high pushed up by strong performance in consumer stocks. helping boost confidence on exchanges here on the continent. the frankfort dax up over .3. the parent company of brazil's largest meat backing company has been hit with a record fine for corruption. packer the majority meet and has agreed to pay the equivalent of 3.2 billion dollars for its role in brazil's ongoing bribery and corruption's scandals. threatening to topple the brazilian president. the company will have 25 years to complete payments on the fine.
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the eu and the italian government have agreed on a rescue for troubled italian bank monte di paschi after 18 talks -- 18 months of talks. lloyds banking group completed a nearly 2 billion pound takeover of mbna's credit card business. its first major acquisitions and being bailed out by the government since the financial crisis. lloyd's says it will strengthen its position in the credit card asket and raise its presence a retail and commercial lender. genie: one lucky buyer will soon be able to own a piece of motion picture history. they will have to hustle to get it. a lot of people might be
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interested in this. the light of dance floor from saturday night fever is going up for auction. custom-built for the 1977 film. compartments50 that light up in rhythm to the music. on theor will go up block and los angeles at the end of june, caring and estimated price tag of $1.5 million. brian quan, thank you for that look at the business lose -- news. thanks for the press review. is it normal that i don't have sound? you guys? is that normal?
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you have sound, right? hehe's expected to announce will be pulling the u.s. out of the climate change deal which the huffington post says would have steep economic and social costs. it would be the only country besides syria and nicaragua to not sign the deal. nicaragua didn't adhere to the deal because they felt it didn't go far enough. post says ifthe the u.s. pulls out it will be a decision based on ideology. trump wants to show his supporters that he's sticking to a key campaign promise. coal producers and oil giants are backing the u.s. to remain in the deal because they see the benefits financially for the u.s. by staying in. genie: politico says the deal doesn't even need the u.s.'s participation. >> this is more of a self reassuring look.
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who needs donald trump? that's what politico says. if he pulls out of the agreement it wouldn't stop the green energy shift is already gaining steam. investors, tech giants and carmakers are pouring money into the so-called green revolution and this won't change if the u.s. pulls out of the paris accord. that's not to say the u.s. pulling out would not be painless. it would be painful. it would tear apart global diplomatic unity. politico says it's not the end of the world. trump is naturally receiving report from the conservative bloc in the u.s.. palmer has penned an article saying disparaging carbon dioxide use is anathema to the men and women who work in industry and agriculture. he says staying in the parent -- paris climate change deal will demonize carbon emissions.
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genie: reactions after the deadly bombing in kabul. the afghanistan times calls it a cowardly attack that goes against the very tenets of islam. after a monthly fasting festival as well. the paper says residents have lost their serenity due to violence. the paper also calls on a joint effort to fight terrorists because civilians are bearing the brunt of these attacks. that resounds everywhere in the world right now. genie: no group so far has claimed responsibility for this attack. >> this is unlike what we are used to. the islamic state group is usually quick to claim responsibility. the taliban has denied that it was involved. for the daily beast, it only shows they were definitely involved and they don't want to
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cop to it. if you look at the taliban pattern, they launch deadly attacks and then leave the islamic state group to claim responsibility afterwards. it was the case last year when a military hospital was bombed by the taliban but the attack was claimed by the i.s. group. the strategy is propelled by power gains between the various organizations for control of certain regions, in this case the asian subcontinent. genie: the french open is currently underway. a former australian champion is making waves for all the wrong reasons. the first woman to win all four grand slams in a calendar year in 1970. she holds the record for the most grand slam titles. her latest comments have drawn outrage. to announced in a letter australian newspaper that she would boycott national carrier
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qantas because it supports same-sex marriage. she went on to call homosexuality a lust of the flesh and setting gay marriage activists are self satisfying. she said there were too many lesbians in women's tennis. comments that have prompted outrage from former tennis stars from openly gay tennis stars. the sports network has dumped the defense of athletes, saying her comments, not the life choices of athletes are the barons. her legacy is growing even more muddled with these latest comments. the infamous scotland yard is hiring detectives with no previous training at all. the british metropolitan
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police is offering people the chance to become detect tips
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