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tv   United Nations 21st Century  LINKTV  June 2, 2017 1:30pm-2:01pm PDT

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narraor: in this special 21st-century show on united nations peacekeepers, a story of danger and courage in mali, reconciliation in the central african republic, and peace-building in haiti.
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[indistinct conversation] [vehicle idling]
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republic, a country racked during decades with religious conflict. nararrator: the bridge whwhich e acaccess to ththe local scschool became a front line between wawarring factctions. un peacekeeperers supported local effororts to resolve differerens so that momoslem and christianan children n could go back to sschool.
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[people shshouting] narrator: the central african republic, a country wracked during decades with religious conflict, innocent civilians, as in all wars, caught in the crossfire. [men shouting] narrator: when sectarian violence pitting moslems against christians again erupted in 2012, thousands were killed, and many more fled their homes,
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moving to the relative safety zos definedd by theheir religig. due to thehe violence, more than half the schools closed, including g yakite school, one f the few schools in the capital bangui where once christian and moslem children studied together. the only access route to the school from the two communities was over the now-disputed yakite bridge. ludovic bienvenu, a christian lolocal youth leader, explains w the bridge between the two communities became a front line between warring factions. narrator:r: and espececially not children. local self-defense
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groups forormed to try to protet papassage ovever the brididge fr theirir own commumunities. ibrahim abdel rahman, a moslem, was in one e of them. [gununfire] narrator: meanwhile, the school stayed shut. in 2014, a united nations peacekeeping m mission hadad arrived, and in october 2016, local leaders joined forces with united nations peacekeepers to encourage the militia groups to dissarm and fofor the bridge to rereopen. ludovic took part, m meeting
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ibrahim face to face.
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narrator: working with ex-child soldiers s and ex-mimilitiamene, ludovic c and ibrahihim went doo door in n the communities, reassuring both christian and moslem parents. [laugughter] [snap]
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nanarrator: in january 2017, yakite school reopened its doors. for the first time in many years, moslem anand christn chilildren were e once againin y side.
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germain: bon aswe, tout moun! woman: we work not only with peacekeepers, t the traditional image of peacekeeping-- preventing violence, patrolling in the streets of vulnerable neighborhoods with weapons--but there is another side of peacekeeping.
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[guitar and percussion playing] [womanan humming] [indistinct conversation] [crowd chanting] [women singing in haitian creole] [people shouting] [man singing in haitian creole] [scratching]
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woman: whoo! germain: bon aswe, totout mou [singing g in haititian creole]]
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woman: aft t the pce c conrts tt we at e un missn in haiti organeded in porau-princ the capal, ames camback to and proposed to work on a workshop to engage youth from vulnerable neighborhoods, young artists, in creating, crafting messages for peace and composing songs for peace. [children singing in haitian creole]
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man: : ♪ uh, ok,k, yo, yeah...
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[all singing in haitian creole] boudre:e: so james, emeline, and beethohova are like brothers and sisteters. they've knowown each other for a very long time. they worork together with about 200 yoyouth in 10 different cities n creeating songs and piec t that then ththey perform together, young artists together with their, you know, role models. most of the young people we work with, you know, they were amazed to be sharing the stage with such legends as james, emeline, and beethova, who were their parents' idols as well. [all singing in haitian creole] [cheering andnd applause] [all singing in haitian creole]
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[all singing in haitian creole]] boudre: we work not t only with peacekeepers, the traditional image of peacekeeping-- preventing violence, patrolling in the streets of v vulnerablble neighborhoods withth weapons--bt there is another side of peacekeeping, and it's, you know, engaging communities and creating the conditions for dialogue and mediation, creating the condition for people to be able to express themselves and say what they hahave on their minds and advocate for their rirights. [all singing in haitian creole]
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[all singing in haitian creole]
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>> this is "dw news" coming to you live from berlin. china and the eu fail to issue a joint agreement. expectations were high at a brussels meeting. the u.s. annnnounced its pulling out. where does this leave eu-china relations? we will take you to brussels. the world reaeacts, truru's pars pullout in the u.s. protesters had taken to the streets. worlrld leaders say it will not affect their efforts to


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