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tv   France 24  LINKTV  June 7, 2017 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> welcome back, if you're just joining us, you're watching "france 24." to attacks on the iranian least 12t and at killed in toronto and many more injured. -- in tehranan. claimedstate group has responsibility for the attacks. france, president emmanuel macron has created a counterterrorism task force to improve the sharing of intelligence, as the government prepares to transfer certain powers granted under the state of emergency into permanent law.
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dawn announces his pick for fbi chief a month after dismissing james comey as director. the u.s. president published an early morning tweet announcing his intention to nominate christopher wray. he headed up the criminal division of the justice department under george w. bush. hello and welcome. straight to the top story this evening, and unprecedented dual terror attack in iran has been claimed by the islamic state group. the first attack took place wednesday morning at the iranian parliament, and around the same time, another attacker targeted a muslim south of the city dedicated to ayatollah khomeini. the desk tolls currently stands
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at 12. 40 others have been injured and five people have been arrested in connection with the attacks. leader plenum -- supreme has been reacting to the attacks, calling them mirror fireworks that would not weaken the country's fight against terrorism. two simultaneous terror attacks in the heart of tehran. first at parliament, where for attackers stormed the building and went on a shooting spree. iny did so as lawmakers were session. the siege lasted about five hours before one of the attackers blew himself up and the three others were shot dead by police. to the we were close parliament in a taxi, we heard some gunfire. tourity officials told us stay away because apparently a shooting was happening. people were panicked and started running away and seeking shelter.
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town,the other side of some 25 kilometers south of the parliament, two other suicide bombers detonated their best outside the ayatollah khomeini mausoleum. several people have been killed in the twin attacks, and scores more have been wounded. iran's foreign minister offered his condolences. >> other like to express my condolences to iranian muslims after the terrorist attacks on the revered mausoleum of ayatollah khomeini and the parliament. this attack will fortify our resolve in her fight against terrorist groups. >> shortly before midday, the islamic state group claimed responsibility for the 20 attacks. it's at war with allies of the assad regime. acts are rare in iran, especially in the highly secured capital. both the sides of her targeted this wednesday are highly symbolic. iran's parliament has been well
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members as well as representatives of different minorities. meanwhile, the mausoleum is the tomb of me as -- of the islamic republic's founder, ayatollah khomeini. also known as iran's first supreme leader, he led a revolution back in 1979 to h andhrow the sha eventually stayed in power for 10 years. james: we spoke earlier to a specialist on iran. let's take a listen. >> this attack comes at a very interesting time, it's coming on the backup president trump strip to riyadh, where saudi arabia had put together a very strong or seemingly strong coalition, really to fight iran and its growing regional presence, particularly in syria and iraq. this is building on the back of over a year long enmity and tension between riyadh and
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tehran. it's sort of an easy opportunity to blame the saudi's. reports say that in recent months, the islamic state group has stepped up its propaganda in iran in the farsi language. iran predominantly shia and the islamic state group is mostly sunni, so they have not been supporters up to this point in iran. give us a picture of the islamic state group's current strength or lack thereof in iran. >> while the fight between the islamic republic and isis is indeed sectarian, the islamic state doesn't have family support within iran, as you said. but iran is multiethnic, multireligious society and it does have a sunni population of its own. the sunni population has
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populations near the pakistani haser he dashed border that -- near the pakistani border -- in the kurdish areas in the northwest part of iran as well, there has been a history of violence and a lot of economic grievances and political grievances that could easily be capitalized on, and i think have been, but groups such as isis. effectwhat is the likely on public opinion, there is involvement in syria in its fight against the islamic state group. might this have an impact on public support for that? >> public support has been whining to a certain degree, just because of the high degree of iranian loss of life and involvement in that conflict. to this event is likely fortify iran's commitment at the state level and probably also to
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generate quite a degree of unity among the people as well. although it the same time, i can imagine that there will be some serious questions as to how isis was able to penetrate iran's parliament and also attack another very important symbol of the state, being the mausoleum. attackede man who police officers patrolling the front of notre dame cathedral crying out, this is for syria, was a former journalist who is working on a doctoral thesis in journalism at a university in the east of france. ofhad not been suspected radicalization, according to university officials and the police. a surveillance video that emerged on wednesday showed the man lunging at officers on the plaza outside the cathedral, then being shot. an officer were slightly injured and the attacker now remains hospitalized. no group immediately claimed responsibility, but police
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searching the man's residence outside of paris found the declaration of allegiance to the islamic state group, according to the paris prosecutor's office. he has algerian nationality and is 40 years of age. the french government has created a new counterterrorism task force on wednesday, comprised of all intelligence services. the newly elected president macron betrayed by rebels is weak on security during the presidential campaign. last month he instructed the task force be created to bring together france's many security agencies, all inside the presidential palace. here are more details. it was mentioned macron's campaign, the
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french government announcing the creation of the so-called anti- daesh task force. as such, 20 or so officials, intelligence analysts and professionals will be working 24 hours a day reporting directly to the french president. the idea is that all this will lead to better oversight and better coordination between the newer elements of the intelligence infrastructure here considering in-, the past there has been rivalry groups these various which has led to delays and mistakes. the state of emergency has been in place since the november 13 attacks back in 2015 and it is a controversial measure as human rights organizations have protested about muslim communities being unfairly targeted. the state of emergency allows police much greater powers in
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terms of ability to arrest and retain people. a bill would going through parliament to decide where we go from there. the human rights organizations will be keeping a kenai on that bill. james: president donald trump on wednesday announced his pick for fbi director, christopher wray, a former justice department official. donald trump published an early morning tweet announcing his intention to nominate him. it comes as former fbi chief james comey is set to testify on capitol hill on thursday. he was dismissed by donald trump last month. a man ofnt called wray impeccable -- donald trump called him a man of impeccable credentials.
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next we move on to the united kingdom elections. just coming up shortly, britain is of course going to the polls on wednesday, a day ahead of election that will be crucial in determining britain's approach to leave the eu. ratingsmay's poll indicated she could be on course to win a line -- landslide majority. jeremy corbyn has performed better in polls than predicted. the campaign has been marked by terrorist attacks in manchester and london. earlier we spoke to benedict about the last day of campaigning. >> let's remember what the british voters are being asked tomorrow, officially they're being asked to vote for their local representative to parliament. the fact of the matter is, the way the conservatives have run
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this campaign, and theresa may particularly, is her name plastered all over the battle bus that goes around the country . the famous blue bus you have seen. it's being run in a very presidential style because theresa may has been saying, , and theme, more often fact of the manner -- fact of the matter is, she keeps saying, don't vote for him. has improved his performance, has been drawing great crowds. a push for rotors for all the him peas party leaders, he's been saying if you want real investment in public services, then vote for your labour mp. there is great uncertainty on what will be the results in the verdict of the british people tomorrow. has backed a plan to relocate its troops from turkey. the decision comes amid ongoing tensions between berlin and
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ankara, who are both nato members. here are more details. >> this air bases at the center of the latest diplomatic row between germany and turkey. on wednesday germany's cabinet approved the plan withdrawal of its troops from the site over lack of access to its soldiers. advised --net has the reason being it's the german contribution in fighting islamic state group. specifically for two skills, the air to air refueling and surveillance by jets. both important skills and a large resource in the coalition's fight against terror. >> berlin has deployed an the base 280 troops to which is used by military jets to fly reconnaissance missions.
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last month ankara block german parliamentarians from visiting soldiers stationed at the base. it justifies decision by pointing the finger of blame on berlin, offering political asylum to turkish nationals who took part in last month attempted coup. relations have been tense since and have further deteriorated this year after turkish politicians were banned from campaigning in germany over referendum to expand president erdogan's powers. he accuses chancellor angela merkel of hiding what he considers terror suspects and accuses berlin of ignoring 4500 dossiers sent by ankara on the matter. were: ships and planes scouring the coast of southern burma on wednesday after a military aircraft vanished with 120 soldiers, family members, and crew on board. the plane left at coastal town at around 1:00 p.m. local time, heading north to burma's former
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capital rangoon when contact was lost. >> the military aircraft went missing around 1:30 p.m. local time as it was flying over the of burma.he southeast on board, over 100 passengers, soldiers, their families, and children, notably over 100 from the airbase where the troops were stationed. ever heading to rangoon, which is the economic hub in burma. all these announcements were made by the army on social networks. the army said it quickly dispatched rescue teams to the area. ,wo aircraft, for navy ships who found debris of the military aircraft. a chinese made bought last year. for the time being, authorities have not identified the cause of
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the accident but seem to think it was due to technical failure, as visibility was good when it took off. even though it is monsoon currently in burma, this accident involving over 100 passengers has raised concerns over safety. with the recent history of plane crashes in burma, one of the poorest countries in southeast asia. in recent months, there were two other accidents involving military aircraft that caused the death of several people. brazil's president is facing a defining moment in his presidency as the country superior electoral or investigate irregularities in the 2014 presidential campaign. dilmalection was won by rousseff, who has since been impeached. her running mate could now suffer the consequences of those
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2014 election results if they prove invalid. a political career hanging in balancece -- in the come under the spotlight of the electoral court to rule on whether the 2014 president campaign used illegal donations. so, the elections could be declared void and he would be removed from office. >> essentially they make the same plea, the suspension of the electoral ticket represented by president dilma rousseff and president temer and their ineligibility. dilma rousseff one the 2014 election but has since been impeach for illegally moving funds between government budgets. she is also on trial. temer was her running mate and
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took power in 2016. the hearing is set to take three days, with the ruling expected shortly after, even though lawyers of the president innocence.s >> is not possible for him to pay the bill for the history of corruption in brazil. we are here analyzing 2014, and in 2014, there is no evidence and no illegal donations that could be sanctioned here in this court. mer is accused of corruption in the largest scandal, known as operation carwash. last month, leaked recording seem to show the president encouraging bribery. disabled dogs at an animal shelter in taiwan's southern city can walk and run again, thanks to wheelchairs designed for them by a pet
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enthusiasts. his motivation came from a personal experience that put them on track to devoting most of his spare time to the cause. taiwan's many stray dogs and cats face the danger pick -- being hit by cars or walking ino traps, especially common remote mountain areas of taiwan were farmers to -- put up traps to prevent animals from eating crops. they use plastic water pipes that are cut to size and connected by joints, enabling him to customize wheelchairs to the specific needs of each animal. time now for business with kate moody. you are starting with what sounds like a bargain, a major takeover in the banking world. sold by gonder has popular for just one euro.
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it was declared likely to fail and quickly organize the sale of the embattled lender. it was set with toxic debt left over from the spanish real estate bubble and it's the first test of the new bailout regime that was set up after the eurozone crisis. santander has announces planning on raising 7 billion euros in capital. trading was suspended and analysts say it will help insulate consumers from the fallout. quick stats say the most important debt, the mortgage portfolios and the depositors. the depositor is not going to notice anything. >> what may happen is that with time, santander sees the doubling up of its branches and in principle, the deposits are not going to be affected. the investment funds won't be in affected because they are not on the balance sheet. the organization for
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economic cooperation and development has published its latest economic outlook report. predicting the world economy will grow at the fastest pace since it's years. 3.6% estimate is slightly higher than the 3.3% that was pinpointed back in march. saying globalization has largely supported growth but has also led to a decline in manufacturing jobs in developed nations and polarized the job market. you can see the figures for the last couple of years and what is predicted for this year and next. overall, globalization has led to a mixed result and has ultimately contributed to a rise in protectionist policies around the world. earlier i asked the secretary general about the biggest risk that could threaten that momentum. take a listen. back.need to get trade remember, trade should be growing at about double the size of the world economy.
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we have to get investment back on its feet. and we have to have a better, fairer globalization process, which means that the level playing field has to be there, and that given that the recovery seems to be happening, make sure that the benefits are more widely shared. kate: where does the global fight on climate change stand, now that the united states has withdrawn from the paris accord? that tothe next date -- be taken in mind as a matter for economic development? changecosts of climate are just beginning to manifest theselves, and because
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highest possible course of action when it comes to climate change is in action. we have the targets, we have the commitments, and we know that those targets in those commitments are still not enough to get to the two degrees or even the one point five degrees. it is unfortunate that the united states left, but it does not mean that the united states is not going to continue to reduce its emissions. for example, if you have technologies, solar, for example, as the indians or moroccans are now enjoying, orre you can get three cents four cents when the alternatives are costing you double, triple, or four times that, it's going to be price that is going to be leading. just the economics of the
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renewables that are going to be leading the charge. the only question is when you have the largest economy in the world full out of this kind of agreement, that diminishes what i would call the discipline, and perhaps some of the countries that may not have the same kind may feelin advantages the temptation to relax. kate: you can see more of that on thursday. oil prices have been plummeting this wednesday. wti trading down over 4.5%, slipping under $46 a barrel. stockpiles unexpectedly rose more than expected. prices have been on the rise this week as tensions in the middle east raise prices about oil production, leading to fairly muted trade on wall street. major indices have been sticking close to flatline although little bit of bounceback about
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.25%. investors keeping a close eye on political events in washington. european markets closed down ahead of a meeting from european central bank that is widely expected to cut his relation outlook on thursday. the u.k. general election also guiding trade on thursday. puerto rico is dealing with google austerity measures after declaring bankruptcy. no one is under any illusions about the tough times ahead. martin pollard has the story. reporter: next week, this university should once again be bustling with activity. classes are set to resume after students voted to in a 50 day strike over drastic funding cuts. it's all part of an effort to rescue the island from the bankruptcy it declared last month.
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the government has cut its service to the students and people of puerto rico. we will have fewer classes and fewer teachers after the tuition fees were increased that the budget was cut. >> decades of spending beyond its means, along with more than 10 years of recessions, high unemployment and high interest bonds have left the u.s. territory with $74 billion of debt. a board of overseers is charged with resolving the crisis. the board is made up of seven members appointed by the u.s. president as well as puerto rico's governor. austerity is set to be their mantra, but that may well talentte puerto rico's drain. >> it was devastating. we lost 10% of the population in heaven years. a doctor leaves the island every day. this sunday, puerto ricans can take a step toward clearing up
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their complex constitutional status. they will be voting in a nonbinding referendum on whether they want puerto rico to remain as the u.s. territory, become
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06/07/17 06/07/17 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: f from pacifica, this is democracy now! isis is claiming responsibility for this morning simultaneous gun and suicide bomb assault on iran's parliament building in the tomb of the republic's revolutionary founder ayatollah khomeini. we will get response from trita parsi. then china is refusing to release three activists who were arrested while they were investigating labor conditions


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