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tv   France 24  LINKTV  June 12, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> time now for 60 minutes around the world. wins: the french president big in the first round of the parliamentary election. it is republicans on the move and will win three quarters of the seats in the national assembly. this is france's biggest majority in decades. leader isposition detained by police. the arrest of the big putin
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critic comes after a massive rally organized for today in moscow. there was another strong vote for reform in france last night did -- night. the republic on the move party one close to 30% of the first round in the vote sunday for the parliamentary election. for more, let's bring in it claire williams. towardty is now heading one of the biggest majorities in modern french state. once the feeling like? claire: it looks like it's going to be pretty huge.
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those expect to win in the second round, they have little or no political experience or it what on the march party is trying to train them up. nowtold me the big push within the party is trying to teach these candidates who look likely to win their seats out to be an mp, how the national assembly works, how speaking time works. we've got some interesting things. of they don't yet know how the national assembly actually works because they are new to politics. our people feeling elated? genie: is there concerned about the low turnout? very: i think people are keen to give across the image they are not complacent.
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humility will be humble. there was the big score last night. the second round is sunday. there is still a week of campaigning to go. they were recently speaking to a woman handing flyers out in the market. he is trying to get a seat there. she is against a right-wing party candidate. they are trying not to give off the impression they are being complacent though they have already won. genie: thank you so much for that. look at how the other parties did in the first round of the election sunday. the conservative mainstream party, they came in second place with 21% of the vote. the national front party of marine le pen one just 13% of the vote. the current ruling socialist,
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they lose a staggering 200 seats in parliament, bringing in just 10% of the first round vote. marine le pen and her party did take a driving. for more on reaction from the national front, let's bring in luke. stronghold inir northern france. tell us more about what the feeling has been there. luke: there is a sense of disappointment and disillusionment. the major message is get out and vote. marine le pen said last night all patriots must vote. a reserve ofng on votes, these people who did not show up. she is counting on them to move the national front forward. extremely worrying for
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the national front as a whole. the party did not do as well as it hoped. they were hoping for 40. those constituencies did better than 50%. they were far behind that. they are looking at three to 10 seats. aat would have given them group in the parliamentary assembly. they have not been able to do that. that would give them a national that form to push their policies. the one bright spot here in the bring le pen is doing extremely well. this is the third time she has run the seat area she missed out on it in 2012. this time she is far ahead of her rival.
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if she can get through the 46%, that would put the national front's leading voice in parliament. genie: that's just for their. what about the rest of france? what was it like the national front on a national scale? luke: we saw them hoping to get at least 15 seats. they missed out on it. the problem came out of election. it was humiliating. that stopped the momentum they had. there have been divisions within the national front ever since. marine le pen has been trying to position the party. it's hard to see how she might be able to do that or it up -- that. you've got some recriminations coming from within the national front.
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finger-pointing is going on as to who is to blame. the more traditional wing of the party wants to go back to the way things used to be, back into traditional territory for the far right party. ditching policies on coming out of the euro and trying to come out of the european union. it's not certain if she is going to be able to pull things together. she wants to exhort people to come out and vote in the second round. ever since her knee's refuse to run, -- nice refused to run, that is less than the one with the pedigree to push forward. it she going to be able to manage this in the days and weeks ahead? genie: thanks for that. he is reporting from northern france. the second round of the parliamentary election is now set for next sunday.
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let's take a look at what to expect in the coming days as candidates raced toward that vote or it we have more on what will be different this time around. mark bythe first round one of the largest abstention candidates ands, their supporters about it. >> thank you, let's get to work i'm going to go door-to-door to convince people. we need to tell people we need to fight this apathy. sunday's first round was a done deal and a few races this time. french voting rules let candidates win after the first round if they win over 50% of the vote. that only happened in four races on sunday. that is compared to 36 in the last election. another shift in voting patterns was in three-way races. candidates who received 12.5% go
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on to the second round. in most races, that means two finalists. in 2012, there were 30 43 ways. this year, there was only one. 's party has redefined political lines. --they are against the rent right-wing candidates and the left votes for them. voters on the right back them when they are against left-wing candids. they do not lean left or right -- right. >> 245 women and its have made it to the second round. there is a record number of women who could soon the elected to parliament. it electionis good news for macron.
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he is working today. they focused on the role in the fight against terrorism. they have been our side since in a few weeks, it will be the lead in sending peacekeeping forces. with you, we will continue to lead the region. we will lead the fight against terrorism. if we leave africa exposed and vulnerable, all of the efforts we are making in syria will go in vain. there is a spell over to africa, libya, and the sahara. this is also the security of europe. kosovo held its third
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election since it was founded in 2008. the new government will reduce high unemployment and lower tensions with serbia, a precondition before they can join the european union. we have more on the results. >> is nick name is rambo and he next track to be kosovo's prime minister. the democratic party has 135% of the vote. both the ruling democratic league have kosovo and the nationalists, they are garnering 25%. this could complicate relations with serbia, who have accused him of war crimes during kosovo's fight for independence. he greeted supporters at a victory party. >> my congratulations.
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i know we have a lot of work in front of us. we are ready to finish it together. >> he has failed to secure a clear majority and will need to form a coalition to establish a government. tonight's other big winner is the nationalists self-determination party. they will double its support since its last election. they will take on rampant corruption. >> are movement has grown a lot. >> a new government will face challenges ahead, the most pressing of which is reducing the record high unemployment, now close to 30% area officials will have to contend with the border dispute with montenegrin. this is before they can join the european union. leader in russia
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has been detained for he was to lead thousands of russians in a protest against corruption later today. vladimirking to unseat putin's year by tapping into voter anger. with more now, let's bring in thomas. thomas: i'm standing just behind the metal detectors where people are waiting to get into a surreal situation. half war protest, reenactment with people in. costumes. the number of people have swelled over the last half hour before the beginning of this protest. i have seen a couple of people taken off by police.
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they are not merely people who are walking around the area did there are a lot of people. genie: has word got now that he has been detained? i assume the protest will go on without him? >> the people that follow him the closest our young people who are connected. they are aware what tapping. channel wasow his for more thanve 100 cities across russia different protest. the electricity was cut off to his office. they are not forecasting on his youtube channel anymore. there are clear pressures from authority. how this is going to play out.
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there is a huge police presence outside. what will happen to people start drawing signs? that's not what we know yet. outeople have turned what are the, police going to do? that's what we don't know yet. genie: we will be checking back within throughout the day. the opposition protesters taking place, even though the head of the operation who organized it has been detained. it's time now for our business update with brian quinn. you are going to start off in greece. convince they tried to european creditors to unlock the next installment of bailout cash, greek lawmakers have tightened the country's belt.
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they aim to show that greece is meeting its reform requirements of the bailout deal. austerity measures are having an effect on citizens who have been living with higher taxes and diminishing pensions. the economy has shrunk by 25%. we take a look in this report. >> pushing through new austerity measures, the left-wing government raced against the clock to approve another round of cuts in exchange for 7 billion euros in oil out loans needed to repay debts. the measures include restricting pension playmates -- payments for the next years and making it easier for banks to seize properties. >> with all the measures it has taken, the government has ruined our lives. they have crushed the working-class family. >> the reforms were done last
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minute. it comes just three weeks after the government cut tax breaks for those living below the eu poverty line and slashed pensions again by 20%. 70% of our now, pension has been taken. they are going to take more. we have to fight back. >> the government is hoping debt relief will condense the desk convince the ebc to buy bonds. that would help restore investor confidence. with more than 25% of greeks unemployed, the debt now stands at over 300 billion euros, double its annual economic output. genie: we are continuing to see fallout economic scene after the surprise defeat the conservatives in the election.
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dramaticave shown a drop in confidence. almost all medium-size businesses and trade associations are calling for a softer approach to brexit negotiations. they seem keen to avoid the shock from the single european market. most political analysts up with the chances much lower since the tories lost their majority in the house of commons. the brexit secretary seems to be indicating the negotiating plan is not changed. >> what we want to do is have a free trade agreement. we want to get as close to possible is matching single market. what happens if we don't get a deal? our argument is we've got to be willing to walk away. genie: let's focus now in south korea.
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the new president is trying to get an economic stimulus plan passed did >> he wants to tackle joblessness and strengthen the social safety net and the program will create 110,000 new jobs, 71,000 of those in the public sector. he says that combats youth unemployment, which stands at 11.2%. he will need the approval of parliament. he addressed lawmakers to urge them to pass his deal. >> as i have said repeatedly, job creation is at the center of the economic situation. it is difficult to resolve immediately. we should do we can straightaway. it would improve unemployment and prevent the income gap from widening further. genie: how are markets looking today?
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brian: european shares are down across the board. investors are looking ahead to a two-day meeting of the federal reserve in the u.s. starting wednesday that could see interest rate hikes there. genie: some happy news out of tokyo where the zoo has a surprise. brian: the birth of the first baby panda bear in i've years at the tokyo zoo. aremother and her partner on with the job. that is good news for the parents and for tokyo restaurant stocks. nearby eateries will expect a wave of terrorism to boost money. one estimate but the eventual economic boost from the new panda baby and over $240 million. genie: that's a big profit for a panda. thank you so much.
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it's now time for the pressure game. allison is with me on set to look at how the press has been reacting to the election in france. let's start with the papers in france. allison: i brought one of them. you can see macron on the front page. his base is up. a masterstroke. the president tribes. the opposition was crash. -- crushed. a lot of people are focusing on the landslide. they talk about the macron wave, the change that is sweeping to the shores. when you look at the electoral map, it is almost a solid block of color. that's what we see happening in this cartoon it. we see macron standing back and
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admiring the work. he says we will have to come back next week for the second coat and macron says just a few ministering touches. genie: macron is an the cover of many international papers as well. voteon: the paper says the tested the backing for macron and he seems to pass. times in parliamentary elections. he is a positive message for the future of europe, much as german papers saw him winning the presidency that way. they talked about the second french revolution. they are asking if he is more revolutionary or a monarch. allison: the belgian paper hence it does. headline,e in their
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the royal path or the kingsway. he will have a staggering majority and no one will be able to hold them back. papers here in france are also making that king comparison. we see macron carrying out his own coronation. genie: some media outlets are sounding the alarm about the danger of macron having total control. one of them is russian state media, not necessarily the press you would think would have a problem with a political strongman. allison: it's the pot calling the kettle black. russia has a history with the french president. he called them out and called them propaganda during the state visit. they are not a fan of the french president. they are talking with the danger of a presidency. they are wondering if france is making the resident too powerful. thee: this is concerned by
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french left-wing press. allison: they are urging left-wing voters to get what seats they still can. extensionecause the was so high, they see a blue parliament. this threatens to wipe out socialist values. that is a similar idea today. abstention everywhere, opposition nowhere. fromis the famous phrase victor hugo. genie: some papers do feel that macron look does his victory to that record low turnout. allison: it was just above 50%. we really cannot afford to forget that. the right wing paper says yes it was a crushing victory, yes he knocked at the traditional theies, behind these is how
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french voter syndrome. this probably is not so happy with macron. they say it proves he is not a magician and it doesn't really exist. genie: let's step away from politics for one minute. there was also the final of the french open at roland garros. allison: rafael nadal claimed his 10th title yesterday. it took that opportunity to put a sports metaphor on its front page. macron clinches the game. you can see his adversaries. it is hard to recognize them. pen and thee le socialist leader. thank you so much for that look at the paper. thank you so much for watching
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"france 24." stay tuned. we are going to take a quick break. we will be back in a few minutes with more headlines.
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