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tv   France 24  LINKTV  June 14, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> welcome to france 24, this is 60 minutes live around the world. these of the headlines. at least six people have been high-rise. london many more have been hurt as the blazes reached in the tower home to several hundred people. talks back underway the dream theresa may and the northern irish leader. in the finding a deal disastrous election results, but the announcement of any deal
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could be delayed until next week in the wake of the tragic fire. the u.s. attorney general set any claims of collusion in donald trump selection are detestable and appalling lies. more on the heated senate hearing on the way. coming up, more trouble at uber. one of the company's directors is forced to resign after making acoming sexist joke at the meetg decided to tackle that. and our top story live from paris. first we will start with the devastating fire at an apartment building in london, six people have been confirmed dead.
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is home tower hundreds of people. we are hearing the fire reached from the second to the very top floor. here's more from the london mayor. been people -- people can stay in and be safe yet, but the issues raised by tenants of the reason thatnother should be a crucial concern for all of us is there are many problems that are the responsibility of the authorities, many private companies. we need to make sure that legitimate questions people have our answer. genie: let's bring in france 24's reporter. your not far from where that happened. what is the situation now?
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it started at 1:00 a.m., jeannie, but it was raging a few months ago. there were flames out of the right-hand side of the building that moved to the left because there was a huge hose on the right side of the building where we were. there was black smoke, people .ay there were ashes it is unknown how many were inside the building at the time. we know there are 120 flats, 124. there was smoke in the corridors , making it difficult for people to escape. one of the extraordinary escapes being reported by british media is a small bailey -- baby was flown from the 10th floor, was saved because it was caught by somebody at the bottom of the building. was the know if it
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parents or a good samaritan. people in their pajamas with no possessions whatsoever, in the street. apollo for authorities is not just stopping the fire but also the collapse of the building. we are hearing it is structurally sound and will not collapse. but how many people were in the building, they are appealing to people who managed to flee the telle -- the building to them they are safe and sound. they have opened an emergency number people can read if they ing if possible. the firefighters who went in were visibly shaken as they went out, going at the risk of their lives because of the sheer number of people crying out for we are.wering reports
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with a death toll at six at the moment, 50 injuries. we expect those to rise. genie: thank you very much. and in london, talks are underway between the british prime minister theresa may and the irish leader. that is trying to find a deal in the wake of the conservative disastrous result. may is trying to get a majority of the shocking defeat from her conservatives. emma maxwell has the details. emma: theresa may told her party she would get them out of the mess she got them into. talks, first round of arlene foster pagenaud deal yet. -- has no deal yet. they hope to reach a conclusion soon, but there are differences to resolve. >> we are talking about the
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nation generally, the u.k. government around issues, brexit, counterterrorism, and economic leadership. emma: arlene -- theresa may is mp's, to get 10 in p -- but she has faced criticism over her coalition partner. there are controversial views on the sexuality. any potential to and fragile be interesting required of london. jeremy corbyn took a slight at may as she joined may. >> we all look forward to welcoming the queen's speech as soon as the coalition of chaos has negotiation. emma: government was supposed to
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present its new program next monday. may so they will have to push it back. genie: then comes the one day after theresa may sat down in paris with talks with the french president. they talked about fighting online radicalization and discussed the brexit negotiations that will serve x-ray week with the french president saying there were still a chance for britain to stay in the you dust in the e.u. >> as long as the brexit negotiations are ongoing, but a decision has been made by the sovereign people of the u.k. and the e.u. members, as long as the organization has not been determined, there is still a possibility to change course. to the united states were the attorney general jeff sessions gave more than two hours of sometimes heated testimony at the senate.
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he was grilled by his former colleagues over allegations russia influenced last year's presidential election. the attorney general tonight that he held a secret meeting with the ambassador. here is more. >> i did not have any private meetings, nor do i recall any conversations with any russian officials at the mayflower hotel. i attended a reception with my staff that included two dozen people and president trump, but i do recall several conversations that i had during the free speech reception. i do not have any recollection of meeting or talking to the russian ambassador or any other russian officials. it had a brief interaction occurred in passing with the ambassador, i don't remember. genie: for more on jeff sessions' testimony, let's go to our correspondent in washington. reporter: the chances are high
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u.s. president is satisfied with the performance from his attorney general. jeff sessions gave no details at all about conversations he might have had as attorney general with the u.s. president. no example for any potential talks they might have had with delusions being investigated, possible collision between the trump campaign officials and russian intelligence services. no details from jeff sessions whether he discussed the investigation by the fbi with president trump. byt was being investigated 10 director jim coming. -- that director jim comey. he rejected any role he might have had in that possibility of
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collusion between russia and the trump campaign. genie: still recording in washington. bangladesh has been hit by massive landslide but left when hundred 40 people dead. -- 140 people dead.. that has cut power in the southeastern part of the country. employment firefighters and soldiers to cut my end -- mud and trees. they have not been able to get heavy machinery to help dig through the room -- debris . armed american troops are on the ground in the philippines but are not involved in fighting. they have been in the weeks for more than three. the seven united states was
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providing for technical assistance. they said they had no boots on the ground. on wednesday the government forces bombarded positions in the city with smoke rising. fighting.23rd day of there is no sign it will end anytime soon. syria where the battle for the islamic state group stronghold of raqqa is underway. investigators say intensified coalition airstrikes supporting the assault by u.s. backed forces is causing a staggering loss of civilian life. since 14 andd it are defending with a two 4000 fighters. kurdsered the city with from the syrian democratic forces in west raqqa. this is the report. reporter: it is the calm before
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the storm in rock outcome of the syrian stronghold of the islamic state group. the streets are deserted in anticipation of the battle to come. the syrian democratic forces have retaken rural districts. mortar rounds and fighters get into position. take cover, there is a drone. 300 meters ahead, and i asked why is lying on a rooftop. flying on ag is loop job. -- rooftop. >> want young people to join us. reporter: he has been fighting i.s. for four years. roof, snipers are on the and they were in the tunnels. here is where the fighting broke their spirit.
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sows -- shows munitions recovered and traps. nearly 100,000 civilians remain .rapped in the city those who manage to escape her in the neighborhood already liberated by the scf. they testify to abuses baser for under -- they suffered under jihadist rule. >> they beheaded my uncle. my children were beaten. their beards too short, their pants too long. >> they saw our eyes. reporter: some residents are returning, leaving a white flag to be mistaken for jihadists. they pack their belongings and leave before the battle of raqqa really begins. genie: in iraq, the situation
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for refugees forced to flee in mosul has gone from bad to worse. people living in refugee camps have been hit with an epidemic of food poisoning. here is our reporter. reporter: scenes of panic at the camp outside muscle -- mosul after hundreds of cases of food poisoning amongst displaced iraqi families. , veryeaming out of pain sharp pain in the stomach. we were told they were poisoned by the food. , they sentsister's us a portion of food. i set it to my daughter, and she became badly ill. reporter: around 800 cases have been reported, 300 tickets on hospital's. children and sick individuals are particularly at risk.
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s meant toded by ngo' help in ramadan arrived at 4:00 p.m. and was served three hours later. paid workers are struggling to find the cause. >> there are investigations being done. we don't know where it came from, the packaging and preparation or transportation. reporter: the priority is on treating the sick and ensuring greater scrutiny. the camp houses thousands of men, women, and children , as peoplerom homes try to dislodge the islamic state from basel. -- mosul. genie: you have been hit -- watching uber. reporter: travis said he was taking an indefinite leave,
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another board member forced to resign over sexist remarks. he was speaking during a staff meeting saying that uber should move on from a damning investigation into harassment at the firm. the timing not be worse as an inquiry conducted by eric holder found little protection for employees from bullying. it could not have been more embarrassing for uber. the latest executive to resign after a sexist comment at the very meeting addressing this corporate culture. numbery female port called from adding more women to the group after -- the man responded by saying women talked to much. from always known be hustling and going toe to toe with colleagues. the chairman acknowledged this
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in the past. bitour generally a little forward leaning. reporter: that needs to change according to recommendations made following an internal investigation into allegations of harassment at the tech firm. said uber needs a culture that is more inclusive with teamwork and mutual respect. the long list of recommendations include setting policies to protect workers from harassment, improving diversity, and performance reviews double-team management accountable. managementsenior accountable. following the documents released, the ceo announced he would take an indefinite leave of absence saying he needed time for self reflection after his mother died last month.
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he said he would let his leadership team run the company during his absence. managerand the senior have already left. reporter: one of the senior european executives is also leaving. germany, austria, and spencer when -- switzerland, is leaving. it is unknown if yes connected to the event in the united states. genie: an update on the economy. reporter: the international monetary fund upgraded the second-largest economy from 4.6% to 4.7%. state action from easy money lending to public investment. china grew faster than expected by 6.9% in the first quarter of the year. this is the latest economic data, showing a slow investment
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in the housing market but a growth in factory and retail. genie: there is trouble at the insurance giant and bank. -- ambank. beenter: the sender has detained by regulators. they went on a massive spending spree including getting the ball or a story of.f. he was taken away on friday from officials by china's insurance regulator. they said it was personal reasons. guests in have fallen on shanghai market. genie: what about today? reporter: the federal reserve interest rate expected later today. we are certainly expecting the american central-bank to raise rates at its meeting. european markets, and the u.k.,
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unemployment showing to stay 70 at 4.6% for april, the lowest in 42 years. and one company we are keeping an eye on, the fashion retail giant. and others hasra risen 23%. it is the biggest fashion rising tollles percent overall. it had a net profit of 64 million euros for the time. the shares are down, 1% in trading imagery. genie: to wrap up, a researcher has found supermarket shoppers are facing more decisions than ever before. reporter: shoppers in the u.s. have 40,000 more grocery items available on the market shelves compared to the 1990's. the author who studies these $650 billion a year industry
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said 20 years ago there were seven kinds of items on sale. ,hey now go with high as 15 related to increase consumer buying power for people looking for -- america, go back to they can't get over the cereal aisle. thank you so much. time for the press review. ♪ time to look at what is grabbing headlines. reporter: fighting is continuing in the philippines and militants declared the islamic state to over part of an island. not the u.s. is stepping in to help. the u.s. is stepping into hell. genie: you can -- into help. you can read about the
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situation. it has been four weeks. the philippine military appears to have adopted a habit of destroying the city. they are destroying the city to save it according to the article in the new york times. in the editorial coming back on how this is an embarrassment for the philippine president, last september you might remember he called on u.s. troops to leave the island. that is where the city is located. title, aee the caliphate is growing in the philippines. can he swallowed his pride and ask for more u.s. help? it is crucial to get a grip on that situation because it could really destabilize the whole region. front page news in the philippines. reporter: the philippine star focuses on the group that has pledged allegiance to the islamic state, they are holding onto 20% of the island.
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that is an editorial applauds the president for being pragmatic and accepting the helping hand of the united states. there were some rough tethers between the philippines and the united states the past couple of years. the philippines remains one of the most pro-american countries. no amount of due care to -- duterte's rhetoric or donald trump will change that. the u.s. can help the philippines, and there is one key question, who is helping jihadis? article that focuses on what is going on. even in a city that looks like a ghost town from the fighters put up pace to fight. -- a spirited fight. they are handing down another weapon, who is arming the
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? hadists unless they should shut down the network, they can rebuild their strength after they have been crushed. genie: and in france, the justice minister will present a much needed build to clean up french politics and make them more ethical, but he is a delicate position himself. reporter: what indeed has happened? hisclosest allies from centrist party are involved in accused and he has been journalistssn calling them to complain about an investigation they are carrying out about allegations of her preservatives of his own party -- of representatives of his own party. itcalled to complain, called an inquisition, and this did not go down well.
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they actually called him into line. he did not apologize. he was defiant and said this is very embarrassing. genie: some papers are wondering if this could harm his position. reporter: he was seen as being a team player and getting emmanuel macron elected. figure in thetant center, he has run for president before. and he backed macron, something that gave macron momentum. the point is he has been important. the end of the parliamentary elections, he will not useful anymore because electron gets the majority that the polls said he will need, he will not need that men anymore.
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he is old, a reminder of the old world, the old way of doing things, and that from wants to move away. -- macron once to move away. genie: this is the 30th anniversary of european student exchange program. an interesting report and investigation into the report. 10% ofy to reach students, and 30 years later, the goal has doubled. the program has changed lots of people's lives. this shows to people that in the 1980's in ireland, so that worked out. at the war and, a polish student who studied in paris and the u.k. he said he got a positive experience. thee: another anniversary,
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50th of lubbock versus virginia, the landmark supreme court decision that invalidated state law, restricting interracial marriage. reporter
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[music] announcer: dhaka, capital of bangladesh. . there are already 13 million people here. that is set to almost double in the next decade, making this city one of the most densely populated places on earth. all these people are coming to dhaka because their rural homes are being destroyed. atiq: bangladesh is the front line state of climate change because of the multiplicity of impacts. announcer: cyclones, bursting rivers, torrential raiain fall. climate change i is felt here more than anywhere else in the world. climate refugees from all over the country are pouring into dhaka fleeing for their lives.


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