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tv   France 24  LINKTV  June 23, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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"> welcome to "france 24 newsroom. a look at the headlines we are following. thesecond and final day of eu summit in brussels. migration is the main focus area brexit still looms large. u.s. republicans unveil a new health care plan. some say it hurts the poor. paris goes for the gold on this olympic today. the city pulling out all of the
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stops for its bid for the 2024 olympic games. anchor: the eu summit continues in brussels this friday. globalization and migration the main focus of today's talks and likely step up backing for the libyan coast guard. the migration agency said some 70,000 people have arrived in italy from libya this year. and that time, almost 1900 people have died trying to cross the mediterranean. the two-day summit has been overshadowed by discussions of britain's departure from the bloc. to theresa may sought reconfirm people living in her
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country's future will be resecured. people in the uk's who made their lives and homes and the u.k., no one will have to leave you we will not see it torn apart. it is a fair and a serious offer and i want to give those citizens certainty about the future and to see that certainty given to british citizens living in the eu >> i am joined by armand. we saw prime minister may given the floor for 10 minutes and she was able to lay out a first proposal. what is she offering? >> she is offering settled status for european citizens living in britain. if you have been there for five years at the time of the cutoff date, we do not know when the cutoff date is, if you have been in britain for five years, you will get rights to health care,
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education, welfare and pension. and as for more recent eu rivals, they would be allowed to stay until they clocked up five years necessary to qualify for settled status. according to the plan, if you missed the cutoff date, you have up to tworiod of years to apply for some type of immigration status. a lot of the ambiguity centers on the settled, a lot of the ambiguity is centered on the cut off date and what it means for in ae will might be caught limbo depending on how long they have been in the u.k. up until that point. anchor: what have we seen in terms of reception? >> the receptions have been pretty guarded. the general consensus is it is a good start but more work needs
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to be done. angela merkel said something to that effect as it did in the austrian chancellor -- did the austrian chancellor. donald tusk said it is not basically,and said, it does not give him any greater idea about what kind of brexit britain wants. in terms of the bigger issue, what kind of a deal britain will negotiate is very much is not in the clear, very fuzzy. at least there is a concrete start which may be enough to create positive moo at the beginning of the negotiations. dthis is not the forum in which the negotiations is happening. to hear frompect prime minister may in the hour and we will take her speech. it comes one year after to the date since the brexit vote and
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generally, you said is the word "ambiguity" and a general sense of uncertainty, some are questioning how firm may's government is after the election. >> when we heard reactions in brussel after the british general election, how were ready everybody was, jittery about how long theresa may will stay on the job. to been theund background of the minds of negotiators if they do agree with something with her and then within a few hours, certainly, she is not on the job, then what happens? is she who by a hard-line brexit tier? softline brexiter? more uncertainty. all of this is almost playing on the minds of the negotiating
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team and a brussels which is led by michel. i suppose at the moment, we will have to, they will have to focus their minds on concrete issues as much as possible. first of all, this issue of citizens-rights and the second is going to be the brexit bil and how much britain will have to pay to leave the eu which will be a real headache and a tougher discussion. anchor: thank you very much for that analysis. rvine. going to cross to ivi eve, woke us through. we have been discussing a lot of talk about brexit over the past 2 days. what were some of the big issues we saw discussed this friday? really friday, got off
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with a of attention paid to french president macron and he sat down for an hour with the polandf state, hungary, and czechoslovakia and which he went to a lot during his campaign and talked about the need to stop sanctions in those countries because of their refusal to take immigrants. , some of his proposals when it comes to trading finance have a lot of eastern countries were read macron what a directive -- wants a directive on postal workers, comic from poland and working -- coming from poland and working in france and being paid in polish currency. he said it is not fair and he wants a timeline on that kind of contract. it has not gone down very well for this country and they sat down for an hour.
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harsh words from the polish president saying macron was young and did not know what they were doing. after the meeting, we heard if you differently, it was a frank and open discussion. it does not mean anything was decided upon. the czech republic said it was the starting of a new dialogue. well maybe no changes have been made in the position, the tone between the eastern country and the relationship with the french president may have changed. anchor: it was his first eu summit. summit and a lot of eu countries seeing him in the hope of change, the man that will bring reform. it got caught off to a good because it wasn on defense and security and that is something we see a
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convergence in the desires of all of the eu heads of state of the ring to a defense fund, which is something new. , 1.5fund, at a minimal billion euros to put in research and its ultimate in the defense sector as of 2020. structure and the form of that corporation is not quite clear and not clear which countries will be a part of it. trend ofcurrent terrorism both on the ground and online, definitely the way forward is working together. advances there and that maybe an easier topic than the migration, another major issue that has split the eu. to working sessions were set end at half past 12:00 and we are waiting for them to head out
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to head out to the press conferences. anchor: we will bring the press conference from president macron when it gets underway. next in london, investigators of the ground felt how were fire ll towerblaze -- grenfe fire said it started in a fridge in the manufacturer was doing further tests. insulation and tiles failed all post-fire safety checks. police said they are considering manslaughter that may have been committed. 79 people are thought to have died in the blaze. states republicans have unveiled a new health care bill. the legislation promises and overhaul of obamacare. it's called for deep cuts to services provided to the poor while giving tax cuts to the
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wealthy and drug and insurance companies. we have the details. >> it has been seven years in the making for republicans rip 142 page bill would eliminate many of obama care repeal requirements for individuals from large companies to buy health care. it would repeal insurance requirements for coverage of mental health and maternity care and deep cuts to medicaid, the federal health program for those with low incomes. the state of the bill is uncertain. have a slimrepublic majority in the house, several senators have opposed it and called for more negotiations. with unified democratic opposition, the bill would feel if three gop senators voted against it. the authors have defended it. >> it would lower cost. obamacare is a direct attack on middle-class and the american families deserve better than the
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status quo. >> the senate bill is more moderate than the bill passed by house republicans last month. the democrats remain staunchly opposed. is every bit as bad as the house bill and in some ways, it is worst. the senate republican held beer -- bill is a wolf in sheep's clothing. this wolf has even sharper teeth that the house bill. >> the bill is expected to reach the senate floor next week. it could come to vote after 20 hours of debate. anchor: we cross to venezuela where near daily unrest has claimed another life. troops opened fire on thursday with what appeared to be rubber bullets at protesters. the death of the 22-year-old protester has renewed scrutiny of security forces after 76 people have died in riots that began several months ago.
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>> members of the national guard fire rubber bullets at the opposition protester, as he limps away out of frame, he a shot at it again. demonstrators carried him to died inthe 22-year-old the hospital from injuries to his heart and lungs. opposition lawmakers blame the government for his death. >> they can hurt us but they will never hurt our conviction, our principles and desire to change venezuela. >> venezuela's interior minister has vowed to charge the troops responsible for the crime. ebola variant national -- the bolivia national guard is in charge of keeping order. they fired rubber bullets to keep charge, sparking a tax east of the capital -- attacks east of the capital.
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soldiers have come under fire or excessive force against protesters. . nicolas maduro replace the leader of the national guard after the death of a teenage protester. it is a near daily occurrence and the government tried to nullify the congress. as maduro presses on to rewrite the constitution, his opponents is out to keep fighting. anchor: paris is going for the gold as it olympic day is here. the city is pulling out all of the stops in the bid for the 2020 four games with a runoff against los angeles. days of sport across the city of light, paris is home inc. to hope that is hoping to host -- paris is hoping to host the 2024 games.
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perhaps also to convince anybody who may be undecided that paris is the best choice. >> we are in a competition and not to show our strength and one is to show today and tomorrow is the enthusiasm of the french people and parisians that they have four olympics and sports and what the games would look like in 2024, games and the heart of the most beautiful city in the world which gives sports a beautiful setting which to express is self. >> cycling and diving or a 100 al, sportsnt, in tot enthusiasts will be up to participate in 30 different activities across the city which has transformed itself into a huge sports ground. > we wanted paris to be a huge celebration of the olympic spirit. that's why this city is celebrating the great advantages and share sports with all present writ -- all permissions
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and -- all parisians. >> they will house all within to take part in walking and cycling and track and field. los angeles is the only other city competing against paris. the last time france hosted the olympics was almost 100 years ago in 1924. anchor: it is time for business update area -- update. we are going to start with the french president a he is pushing for a more protective france. >> just called for an eu wide mechanism to curb forward takeovers, foreign especially by china. opposembers like poland the idea. in brussels, he said being an attractive destination did not mean exposing your to anything
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and the companies should not be naive when trading with beijing and washington. take a listen. >> i am very much in favor of asian american, african, middle east or other kinds of global investment and the european union. it is legitimate to have control in place when the sector investments are made for tediously, when they challenge our sovereignty, our collective security or other sensitive areas. anchor: we are going to turn to toshiba, facing a lifting downgrade. >> it is being downgraded to division 2. the board of operator said the shares will be lifted -- listed in the second segment. they have until the 10th of
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august to get statements or face delisting. it is struggling for survival after hit by past account across the bankruptcy of a unit. it is trying to sell its moneymaking chipmaker unit. shares extended their losses in asian trading. in europe, stops are weaker. oil prices pulled away from the 10 month lows. there's is also uncertainty after mixed data on eurozone economy came out. the single currency bloc enjoyed its first -- best quarter in six weeks. manufacturing slowed in june. anchor: we are going to talk wine. french people love wine and it seems to go a long way. >> it goes deep. the maker of wine and some
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friends voxel -- paired up with a deep-sea divers. they will see if they age better underwater, and expensive experiment. a surprise at the bottom of the mediterranean sea. 120 bottles. red, white and rose. one growers bur -- winegrowers a year ago and now they collect their bounty. >> this bottle has been underwater for one year. it took some cleaning and now it is ready to be tasted. >> the under the sea aging process gives an entirely different taste from normal wine. why is that? needs to be age under the right conditions and underwater, the wine has a much better aging process thanks to
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the way the light shines couples with the fact there's little variation in temperature and only faint vibrations. >> how did it compare? to find out, a blind taste test with a professional some earlier -- sommelier. >> preserving the wine intensive color and taste. i suppose it means keeping it under the sea preserves thehe we maybe not for an eternity but close to it. at ae whole process comes hefty price costing around 13,000 euros is highly unlikely the wind will be brought to mass production anytime soon. very much foryou press review. and timeyou very much for the press review. a look of what is making headlines and the papers you we will start off with papers focusing in the u.k., one year
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since the brexit votes. getting a lot of attention in the u.k. and outside of the u.k., in france, focusing on one year later. one says that u.k. is divided one year later. now, it is time for the second inning. the headline is a pun and works better in french. the second inning with the negotiations kicking off. it is what is happening on the other side of the channel. a lot of french papers last year hoped brexit would not happen. papers are still holding out hope it might not go through. if we look at the front page of this paper, you can see -- what decidedaps, the u.k. not to leave europe after all? you can see the three little dots, that suspense that french papers hope will happen. anchor: we heard from the french
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president saying the door is open. >> and berlin as war and they would be happy if the u.k. changed his mind. in an editorial, they talk about the president of the european council, don't test, -- donald tusk, who quoted john and lynn -- john lennon and quoted "imagine." in fact, in the editorial, he said eu leaders needed to seize this opportunity, a slight window, a slight chance it could it happen. if they do not seize it, we will nosinging "i can't get a satisfaction." anchor: rolling stones there. showing a many papers white police officer fatally shooting a black man after traffic stop last year. this footage was released
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shortly after the officer was acquitted of the charges. >> lots of emotion in the u.s. media. millions have seen the aftermath of the shooting of philando castile, his girlfriend had live streamed this on facebook. this video we are talking about is a dashboard camera video from the police vehicle and gives a new perspective and it is incredibly hard to watch. the is somebody who knew him and watched the video and made them harder to breathe. what is interesting about this video, it comes out after the verdict, made public and it means a lot of people do not understand the verdict and how the police officer could be acquitted of all charges when you look at the video. if you look at "the watch to post," that -- "the washington post," they said we must accept the verdict but it does not mean we cannot question though verdict. they say it appears mr. castile
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did everything asked of him so why did he lose his life during the traffic stop? did his race play a role in being pulled over? and a factor in the fact the officer shot him? these are world questions and we need answers according to the washington post and they asked for a review and they wonder if the trump administration will acknowledge that need. anchor: back to france. a photo of the new government and it is raising eyebrows. >> it is. the first government raised eyebrows, the second photo. a class photo taken out. it broke with tradition because it was inside the palace. the second government taken outside but not in front of the palace, usually an official protocol. you can see them in nature, essentially, it has raised questions for an raised
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questions because it is breaking with tradition and the way it was taken? broke withe setup tradition. traditionally, all photographers are allowed to come and take photos while various ministers get in line. but one described what happened when it was taken. acron only authorized a pool, small selection of photographers from one daily and one magazine. a lot of photographers were take for if they refuse to it, they said they were on strike and they were allowed to take official photo except they cannot take the setup. the key moment when it ministers talk to each other and maybe joke around. journalists were upset that were not allowed to capture those moments because that is what is interesting. it is not the first time that macron has drawn criticism from journalists on how they should
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do their jobs. and trame have bus drivers have won the battle to wear shorts on hot days. >> it has been scorching. the right byto win wearing skirts. this was a way for them to win over their bosses to relax the uniform regulations. the localeroes in press talking about the victory of the spurt. it has raised a big to break in first given the hot weather, what are you loud to -- what are you allowed wear to work? you can read about it. most of jobs do not have very strict rules and in fact, you are allowed to wear pretty much where you want. hey cannot take what brand to wear. you are pretty much free career
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we follow social rules that we impose on ourselves. we are pretty lucky because you can only see us top up. >> i am in my flip-flopops.
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helen: i am the chief curator at the museum of contemporary art in los angeles. mo cowan really benefited in nearly days from a couple of different things. deeps -- and it is really founded dna -- it was by artists. sam francis in los angeles said this is crazy the


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