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world leaders convene for the g. twenty some. and the gemini high on the agenda terrorism climatate change in trade. the night the two day talks. but at least two hours you s. president donald trump and his russian counterpart vladimir putin. engaged in the first face to face talk that's against the backdrop of a hosted enquiries into troms alleged links with russia. and his roundup rhetoric against russia's so called destabilizing activities in recent days.
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they represent two thirds of the world's population four fifths of its gdp and three quarters of its trade leaving host i get a miracle quite the balancing act to accomplish. hamburg g. twenty. via can either dick wilson global and have. follow the woman. we'll know the big global challenges and we know that time is short. and therefore often solutions can only be found when we are ready to compromise. when we approach each other. but also and let me make this clear without giving up too much. soon z. out so fellow beaco. german chancellors first job is to try and pull everyone on to the same page over climate change. most of the signatories to the twenty fifteen paris accord still want it push forward with or without the united states. us president donald trump has already announced its pull out. and was holding his first private meeting with russian counterpart vladimir putin. rather than attending a full g. twenty meeting over climate issues.
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but it's unlikely to have gone unnoticed. take it any given washington's backpedaling on international diplomacy. and moves towards ensuring the primacy of its own industries. pick up a little public service was so small i'll say spoke about protectionism and you've already heard that samba considering protectionist measures against national imports in the near future. should this happen the european union will know how to react sufficiently. listen. to samba united front from the e. u. over trade and the hope is over the migration to. the continent's faced rising numbers of arrival seeking sanctuary in recent years. ever since much of the world failed to move in lockstep in handling both international refugees and migrants. and russia agreed on a ceasefire in southwest in syria during talks the g. twenty summit. according to russia's of foreign minister said you live off it will begin on sunday.
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next is stretching it tight security in hamburg thousands of anti globalization protesters. said dozens of cars on fire and tried to blog denigrate delegations from accessing the g. twenty summit. police called in reinforcements in other parts of the country is at least a hundred and sixty offices were injured in the clashes. eleven protesters was severely injured after falling from a four meter high wall during a confrontation with police. if thursday's protest was called welcome to hell then friday's actions in hamburg appeared to be more the sam. far left in and the kiss demonstrators set fire to binion's barricades and because across the city. dozens of people were arrested but not before ties was slashed and more police were injured taking the total number of injured offices to well over a hundred. citizens were also held along the route to the g. twenty summit and tens of thousands took part in
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peaceful marches which mainly focused on gripes over capitalism inequality and inaction on climate change. this item discover the capitalist system does not depend on the interests and the needs of people in the world. we believe that another world is possible. we accuse other countries of of. . violating human rights and all the stuff and not giving democracy to that people but yet whether pat sell weapons to them it's hot sociology twenty as a. symbol of that i think the ones are pushing it it without them about i don't think anything will come out of the demonstrations but we want to make it clear. that we don't support the summit. all that's why we're here. itself. protest is failed in their attempts to prevent leaders from arriving at the summit or to get into the summit's no go zone. but u. s. first lady millennium trump was kept from joining a special program of events for the spouses of g. twenty leader. fifteen to twenty thousand police officers are owned shooting this weekend in
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hamburg but in going to this game of the protests they've called for reinforcements from other areas in germany. the dow lakes in the valley walked free on friday after spending twenty five days in a moscow prison. other unauthorized anti government protests that he spearheaded and ahead of a new rally set for the sunday. when the mountie says he wants to run for the presidency in march of next year. but two weeks ago the central allow. due to an embezzlement conviction a charge which in a valley rejected as politically motivated. on thursday police raided his headquarters in moscow where activists said. they confiscated a pre election let's what about a bass explains. freedom for russian opposition figure alexina phony. off to serving twenty five days in prison. these pictures were posted on twitter as he visited his office for the funds to
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fight corruption. he was arrested on the twelfth of june for organizing unauthorized nationwide protests against president putin notion astroworld i'm very glad to be back in the office. i'm very glad that everyone here is happy and in good spirits. and that everything is great and their work continued even in my absence. then i will continue working on things in the same cheerful manner. we will of course night bends under any pressure. and will convince everyone of that very soon. as i said. russian authorities accusing of only of incitementt for inspiring thousands of demonstrators to take to the streets to denounce the corruption of the russian elite. it was the second time they've only had been detained. for the previous demonstration in march. as a vocal critic of the kremlin of only is gaining in popularity. he plans to challenge vladimir putin in the two thousand and eighteen presidential election. but the central electoral commission has declared him unfit to run. to to an
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embezzlement conviction in february. a day before his release authorities raided his campaign headquarters. seizing computers posters and campaign leaflets. french authorities staged a mass evacuation of migrants from makeshift street camps in the north of the capital this friday. this is europe contends of an upsurge in new arrivals boosted by the summer weather and calmer waters in the mediterranean. will police say nearly two thousand eight hundred migrants captain paris's nashville neighborhood. and being taken to temporary shelters in the region is a thirty fourth assault operation in the past two years and comes just days. and of the french government unveiling a plan to deal with this ongoing crisis martin poland reports. the operation began early friday morning. dozens of police were brought in and did their best to control the crowds. i ask you. i wish okay when glory
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debating. a toast for the authorities was a familiar one. clear in overcrowded temporary welcome center for migrants. is the thirty fourth such aberration in the greater paris region in the past two years. the sites at port glass chapelle in the capitals eighteen down three symbol which opened just last year was designed to house around five hundred migrants for five to ten days. put numbers have soared especially since the closure of the calais jungle camp last year. and many have been staying in tents in on the official overflow area. is that. we've begun an operation to shelter migrants who live and degrading conditions both for their safety and for the health. of softly. nearly two thousand eight hundred migrants mainly from africa and the middle east removed in the operation. they were taken on buses to a range of reception centers across the great to paris region of evil difference. officials say the reception centers as well as providing
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food and lodging will offer access to medical care and immigration officials to give advice on the asylum process. but with such large numbers that apply pressure is growing on the authorities to come up with a solution. paris is matt and he dialed though what's a new goal with measures to accommodate the migrant flow and provide basic humanitarian conditions. we would organize ation for education science and culture is declared the old city of hebron. palestinian world heritage site in danger prompting israel to cut its funding to the united nations. with to a joint shrines and it's hot beside his of religious significance to both jews and muslims. in a secret unesco ballots participants voted to twelve to three with six. stanchions to give heritage status to hebron in the occupied west bank home to more than two hundred thousand palestinians and a few hundred. israeli settlers the palestinian
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foreignn ministry calleled e decision a success the palestinian diplomacy. with its israeli counterpart rejecting it as a moral gloss on the un. well for more on the story and let's now cross to our jerusalem correspondent ears macula. here is said. israeli's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has cut. out one million dollars from the u. n. the budget following does this decision palestinians are celebrating israel it's fair to say. is furious the heated reactions are based on a mix of history politics and religion is that fair to sa. that is right i think the reason israel was so angry is because you nesco is a cultural organization. and it's made a cultural declaration about a place that is holy to both sides. it's so. very psyched is holy to jews because the old testament tells us. that abraham is buried there he's buried there with his songs with it which i second
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jacob in their wives and to jews it's the tomb of the patriarchs. the muslims who also sons of abraham had built a mosque be brahimi mosque abraham's mosque above this site it's a shared site. so in israel is is geared not in its political dimension but because you nisko has made this decision in its religious dimension. and there's no mention of sharing it's being declared a palestinian heritage site on the palestinian herridge the heritage site. in danger and i think that's why we seeing these extremely heated reactions as we do every way that is shared jerusalem and hebron a flash points for that reason. does this vote and this decision rather give the palestinian struggle for statehood a push. and yes you know she got small way it does it strengthens the palestinians hands and they've played in the arena where they are the strongest in the united nations with i have the broadest support. but still on the ground it's
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only negotiations that are going to make a difference it's only when the two sides agree or disagree. as to the fate of hebron and make it come to a decision that actually will see a change here. don't forget the general assembly visored vented recognize the state of palestine there was a moment of joy. in the west bank a covered dish anna and then that the supposed to because nothing followed the un is not going to enforce it. it's got to come from the ground. thank you very much for that update there a wrist macklin jerusalem. well another world music to a deadly car bombs ripped through army checkpoints in northern sign on friday killing at least twenty three soldiers and injuring twenty six according to egypt's military. has been no claim of responsibility for the attack to the south forty salem's reportedly killed in the violence that erupted on the border with the gaza strip. since the miller tree toppled islamist president mohamed morsi in twenty thirteen and launched a deadly crackdown on his supporters. islamic state
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militants have killed hundreds of policemen and soldiers in attacks in the area. at least twenty eight inmates have been killed in a brutal prison fight in the results city of accra. oqo in mexico it's one of the worst outbreaks of violence in the country's penal system in years nicholas rush with reports. lisa bart access to las cruces prison in acapulco. konami is in place as backu. two government helicopters were deployed after a prison mutiny. classes breakout between rival gangs in the maximum security wing. among the dead separable reportedly decapitate. serious or not and there was a fight between inmates resulting in a twenty eight deaths in three different kitchen areas. league meetings he stayed in the incident was started by rival groups in the prison. relatives of prisoners out it outside. some tool down offense to gain access to try and find
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out what they could. it also has a lot of money nta how a family member the doing. but the authorities don't want to tell things. i have two brothers in jail. duration is bad there was supposedly safe a half but then not safe. acapulco is the biggest city in the state of guerrero one of mexico's most lewis on the center of opium poppy production. an investigation is underway outlast process including on prison staff. the country's overcrowded detention centers are often hit by riots and meets in his. this is the worst violence aside a mexican jail since forty nine people were killed in a prison in the north of the country. it last year. us and german doctors is set to visit china's cancer stricken a nobel peace prize laureate liu chao about this weekend. the sixty one year old activist is on to medical parole after being transferred from prison to a hospital in the northeastern
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city of shenyang. amid allegations of neglect china has faced international pressure to let new travel abroad for treatment. after he was diagnosed with terminal liver councilman finger. we was sentenced to eleven years in prison in december two thousand and nine the subversion. after calling for democratic reform. but a change of that track and now some the solemn news coming out of the french music scene the grandfather of techno. french electronic composer appear on the league has died at the age of eighty nine. a pioneer of early electronic music made with all sorts of recorded sounds known as concrete music is most known for the belsen static of his three minute. psyche rock while he never became a household name his so called sound dot in spite composes to integrate computers into their music. show about a sharia has mor.
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it rang like an anthem. yeah well he's nineteen sixty seven mass for modern times. an instant hit a young look he's bischoff composed the valet. born in paris and i twenty seven all he learned the piano and the drums starting at ten years old. he began experimenting early in the nineteen fifties. on he was the first composer to use computers in his music. a revolution. then believe like noise i imagined in my head. because it's no longer noise sound group will always is an ugly word. one must take sound yeah. all he said. art. bigger and bigger audience that. the beatles admired him. famously remixed
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most popular song. electronic music los. other. welcome to those of you who just joined us you're watching live from paris. twenty one seventeen in the french capital he's a reminder of our main headline. meeting on the sidelines of the g. twenty summit donald trump and vladimir putin come face to face for the first time. with a sit down that lasted for more than two hours that is the u. s. and russia agree on a ceasefire. in southwestern syria to begin on sunday. russian opposition liza is free after serving twenty five days in a moscow jail for organizing. a wave of anti government protests. and the u. n. cultural organization declares an ancient shrine in the occupied west bank. palestinian heritage site prompting israel to cut its
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funding to the un. well it's time to get the latest business news joining us on said is shahs pellicano beginning with the job figures coming out of the u. s. have you eagerly awaited death figures for june released this friday a lot of. people waiting to see. there's going to be a so called trump bump. and hiring rebounded in june employers added two hundred twenty two thousand jobs of one. wallstreet i mustered actually anticipated a lower number of a hundred seventy eight thousand. so hiring is on the rise but so is the unemployment rate rates which went up zero point one percent to four point four percent. still. basically full employment that's just the result of people who are not looking for work now actively looking for work. while the one source of concern in these figures is sluggish wage growth. average hourly earnings were up two point five percent year over year which missed forecasts for two point six percent increase. now what does that mean the place of fire the pace of
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hiring is the fastest since february singling a strong labor market. and the other on the other hand the slow wage growth means that low inflation is still a problem. and the less it would appear that the federal reserve is still on track to raise interest rates one more once more this year. see this is had on affect on the markets this hour over on the wall street indices are trading higher. on that those better than expected figures have there are recovering some of their losses from thursday. dow jones actually rising hundred points after that report that was currently at that hour up zero point four percent nasdaq up one percent. and that e. snp five hundred up zero point six percent over in europe. at the close a stocks finished little changed compared to the previous da. investors there still mulling over fresh economic data that usually in hambur. and the possible end of monetary stimulus from central banks can see the footy legend. closing at zero point one percent the pascal down. by zero point one percent that jackson frank for. basically
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finishing even. well moving on now to what's been happening during the g. twenty summit in hamburg. where the major points of contention has been trade with the u. s. in one corner leading towards protectionism? and basically the rest the world advocating for free trade. this issue resurfaced again this friday when the head of the european commission joke would you care. said there would be a reaction if the u. s. impose tariffs on steel imports as donald trump has been threatening to do. alexander hurst tells us more about what that reaction could be. a trade war over steel could quickly spill over to everything from orange juice dairy products and bourbon. and industry dear to senate leader mitch mcconnell's home state of kentucky. those are all on a detailed list of products fee you could head with retaliatory tariffs. if provoked heavy metal protectionist one slip if one is hearing that solves all of thinking about protectionism when it comes to stealing pulls. in the
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next minute an excerpt from a face talk of protectionism happens in the near future is necessary for the eu. to react adequately. listen. by some people younger really means one man. donald trump. that's because the u. s. president has been promising to invoke national security in order to use a nineteen sixty two law took place tariffs on steel imports. it's something the world trade organization technically allows but that has rarely been done in a time of peace. the administration says it's targeting china which it accuses of over producing in order to lower global prices are concerned the eu says it also shares. but the u. s. import steel mainly from countries that aren't china. and tariffs would put the largest burden on canada brazil south korea and the eu for twelve billion euros worth of exports are concerned. european officials as well as those from other us trade partners hope to convince trumpet the g. twenty that
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such a move would be counterproductive. speaking during the summer angle merkel said the g. twenty offered a chance to reach a multilateral agreements on steel. back here in paris prime minister into actually presented new measures aimed at improving the french capital's attractiveness to the financial industry. a movement to cash in on the uk's exit from the european union. of these measures include scrapping a plan to widen the zero point three percent tax on financial transactions. excluding bonuses for severance pay calculations for stock brokers and as he explained limiting that. eliminating the top wage tax bracket. well sorta lulu. it was almost the first point that the government will get mad at you beard really is canceling a top and waged it's back into. the. spin. from now understand because everyone we spoke to told us a you know there is a big gap between the cost of workplace with a. highly skilled work and.
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all false compared to other european countries and cities that can be in competition with paris valley. it did it have a. cuts let's take a quick look at some of the other stories making headlines in the business world. the wait is over from greece athens has been given its latest tragic euro zone bailout cash and won't be defaulting on its creditors this month. eurozone approved an injection of eight point five billion euros after the country completed its second review as part of an eighty six. plan. agree to and twenty fifteen. german authorities have are arrested and how the manager in connection with the volkswagen diesel emissions cheating scandal. first arrest in this case in germany unit prosecutors have not commented on whether the arrested person. still works for audi. on thursday the us justice department has charged former audi manager was directing staff designed emissions cheating software. and some big news for indians or fans of television series amazon prime video set to debut its
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first original opinion creation on monday. compliance to the most popular things over their bollywood and cricket and is called inside edge. follow the cricket team and all its locker room drama for a whole season. it's amazon's fit to cash in on indy is nineteen point five billion dollar entertainment industry. to finish with this story as burma opens itself to the world after decades of hunter rule. it's garment industry is swiftly becoming hard for the manufacture of cheap clothes country also has some of the world's lowest wages. offering plenty of incentives for global brands like action and to make their clothes there well but dozens of young designers are pushing back against the trend for low cost fashion. the sweatshop model that makes it possible. judy kim has a story. do you know about armies on set a throwaway fashion. cuny is using hyndburn could cheer to counter the demand for cheap must produced clothes. if that's the you
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know foss fashion and the i'm the goal. action continues and we're the ones to. to to be sufferings. as a child puny chandhok garments in a sweatshop for less than two dollars a wee. the factory up driving toda. since the end of june to rule in twenty eleven retail giants h. and m. and pry mark have poured into the country. according to government figures gonna take sports more than doubled to one point six five billion dollars last year. and is expected to sarge off to the u. s. and that sanctions in october. critics say this has done little to improve conditions for walk as he suffer from low wages and weak labor rights. meanwhile the influx of cheap clay some china and thailand also threatens them a centuries old traditional fabric industry. there's no water for them. so they don't have a bias as much as he is he supposed to have. so a lot of the males actually closing down.
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like thousands of other new designers have sprung up in the past two decades kennedy wants to save the industry by revitalizing the month about men's traditional gar. her ethos. by local weather cold and treasure not trash your comments. it's nice to hear about this is that designers in the countries where a lot of the clothes are created absolutely level for. the low cost fashion but not at the expense of the people who make the government set. thank you very much for that business update sean bennigan. well i do is stay with us we'll be back on the other end of these very short break you watching. live from paris
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07/07/17 07/07/17 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacififica, this is democracy now! welcome to hell. that's been the rallying cry of protesters in hamburg, germany, where donald trump and other world leaders are meeting for the g20 summit. we will go to the streets of hambmburg and then look aheaeado trump's meeting with russian president vladimir putin. the meeting taking place a day after trump acknowledged


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