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tv   France 24  LINKTV  July 14, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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load welcome to live from paris. we are the french capital, taking a look at what is making headlines at this hour. military choppers, planes, and fire jets take to the air. trump. president donald is a guest of honor, marking the 100th year of anniversary since america entered world war i. emmanuel macron will be heading
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to the southern city, marking a year since the terror attack. two israel he police officers killed in a terror attack. they shot three people before being shot dead themselves. ♪ >> we begin here in paris which has just wrapped up the rest deal day -- the best deal -- the bastille day parade. and americans march together down the psalms in these a -- down the champs
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elysee. they mark their farewells. today was the anniversary of 100 years since the americans entered world war i. it also featured horses, planes, and helicopters. it was the president's first parade since winning the job. in thel macron standing jeep and inspecting troops along the avenue. here is what he had to say earlier. allies.und reliable friends who came to our aid. the united states of america are among these. nothing will ever keep us apart. by my said today, of the united states president donald trump, and his wife, a sign of a
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friendship that has lasted over time. i would like to take this opportunity to thank them. to think america for a choice they made 100 years ago. with more on that parade... >> it is france's annual display of military might. tille day military parade. tradition requires the president ride down the famous champs and --ee avenue writing writing a military vehicle. a military vehicle. france's national holiday, marking the storming of the bastille.
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100th commemorates the anniversary of the united states into world war i. on the main viewing stand, emmanuel macron's guests of honor, president donald trump and the first lady. an invitation to remind the ofsident of the long history the two alleys. lu military band played get cky by daft punk and for a williams. this amused the french president but not donald trump. was aes, donald trump surprise invite to the parade. it really was emmanuel macron's show, with the president watching his first parade since winning the position. >> absolutely. emmanuel macron was very swift
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to wear this presidential suit, if you will. this was all very choreographed. he did exactly what was expected of him. looking the soldiers in the eye, which is what they are expecting from their president. indeed looking extremely presidential. it was a show of alliance between france and the united states with american soldiers parading there. of course the presence of donald trump. emmanuel macron also gave a speech at the end of this 14th of july parade. that is unusual. usually the french president addresses the french people but on television on the 14th of july. he chose to do it here probably because he will be going down to nice later to remember the terrible terrorist attack that took base one year ago to the day. choreographed emmanuel macron here at this parade and filling those shoes
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smoothly. >> what came out of trump's of visit to france? >> donald trump and emmanuel macron had time to spend together. they had dinner yesterday at the eiffel tower in a fine restaurant on the second floor. they also spent part of the day yesterday and have a lot of time to speak today. we saw them talk to each other on many occasions. a lengthy handshake as well. at the end of the visit. emmanuel macron's objective was to put rants back center -- was to put france back centerstage as far as the united states and europe as -- is concerned. --will try to convince them convince him to rethink the paris accord. trumps what donald appeared during the joint press conference yesterday. it is difficult to know there
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will be any movement on that specific dossier. other things, one thing on which france and the united states, emmanuel macron and donald trump agree is fighting terrorism. french troops and american troops are fighting side-by-side in iraq and syria against the islamic state group. this show here was an opportunity to emphasize this military cooperation but there are many other things on the table such as global trade with the united states, thinking of putting tariffs on to european steel. we don't know if they have talked about this. it is unpredictable with donald trump, what is his take away from the paris visit? certainly it was a welcome break from domestic politics and problems with his son being embroiled in the russian interference litigations into the election last year. indeed it was -- it was an
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opportunity for both men, they really did go very far to show that there is a real friendship between them. >> james reporting their. thank you. joining me in the studio, as i was saying earlier, president macron's invitation to donald trump was indeed a surprise. what was he really hoping to achieve? >> a few things. he saw how donald trump got on want trump does not to feel isolated and then he becomes friends with conservatives in hungary and poland and shutout western europe. he wants to avoid that. macron wants to be the go to person for donald trump in the eu. james was hinting at the personal relationship -- that is
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important if you want to work effectively with another political leader on areas you agree on and things you don't agree on. we heard climate change issues, trump saying something might happen with paris, who knows what that means or who -- or how long it will last but it seemed like a softening temporarily. also i think emmanuel macron was trying to change the image that donald trump supporters have of trump -- of trump. -- a paris, of france. we remember that famous tweet. paris is not paris any longer. look what he says now. emmanuelning with macron and mrs. macron. relationship stronger than ever. that is aimed at his supporters. for the establishment, it is to keep his base fired up. france, emmanuel macron, we are witnessing a
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different type of presidency and no more did you see that than in today's ceremony. >> absolutely. it is clear that macron really likes grandeur, not just the choice of setting for welcoming foreign guests such as donald trump today or vladimir putin at the palace, but also he is unusual things, such as addressing speeches to both houses of parliament at the same chateau of versailles. his enthusiasm for this military symbolism. in some ways he is the successor to the institution of the french monarchy. as judescribed his style piterian. by that he means the remote king of the roman gods. there is an obama connotation
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a choreographed common man image on social media. wrench selfies with citizens or pictures of him boxing or playing tennis. that is very controlled. ofis a deliberate reversal the past presidencies where the images were not controlled enough and they demeaned the office of the french presidency. that was a common perception among the public. >> thank you so much for that. 24's claire williams has been with the crowds as they watch the parade. they lucked out with the weather today but how are people rating this year's march? you can probably see behind avenue is beginning to get back to normal. the metro stations have opened in the shops are reopening. the crowds are disappearing. i managed to speak to a few people before they left and generally people were extremely
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happy with what they saw. it was a real sight to see. i am two thirds of the way up the avenue and what people from your could see were the motorized vehicles coming down the champs elysee. very popular here in france. there on the front line particularly in the terrorist activities we are seen in the past three years. when they went past and the big red onions, they got -- in the big red engines, they got lots of applause. australians, united states, a young man from thailand, they said they had never seen anything like this in their home country. they were expecting it to be full of pomp and circumstance but this was really something else. everyone i spoke to was pleased with what they saw today. washis year's parade
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marking the 100th year of america's involvement in world war i. what did the crowd have to say about donald trump in the guest of honor? >> i spoke to dozens of people in the crowd. french people as well as tourists. the overall impression i got was that people here didn't seem to see it as a big deal given the historical context. given that it has been 100 years now, 1917, when the united states came to the aid of france in the first world war. it was seen as a appropriate historical reason for donald trump being here and four 145 u.s. troops and eight aircraft to fly above the avenue. french as well as tourists said they did not have an issue with that. another thing worth noting is that if you people said, we also know that france and the u.s. are working alongside each other to defeat the islamic state group in syria and iraq area when we --.
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the current modern context it makes sense and it is appropriate that donald trump was here and that 145 u.s. soldiers were marching down the avenue. >> claire williams reporting there. thank you. president emmanuel macron will be traveling to the southern join in the to anniversary of last year's terrorist attack. the crowd was watching fireworks. there are a series of events including a ceremony which will be attended by the president beginning at 6 p.m. local time where he will be making a short speech. throughout the day people have been invited to pay their respects to those killed and injured. to help the victims, the french government has put in place a compensation fund of 25 million euros for the victims and relatives still struggling to
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live with the memory of that dreadful evening as they intent -- as they obtain the funds they need to move on. >> she used to be a singer. she was performing on stage on the promenade when she noticed a truck speeding towards the crowd. the events that followed changed her life forever. today to obtain the help she needs to heal she must prove time and time again that her trauma israel. -- her trauma is real. >> i had to tell my story over and over again. i met with medical experts who told me they did not understand why i was there since i was not wounded. >> she finally received the support of a victims association and obtain 10,000 euros in compensation. some victims deal with psychological and physical trauma and others must learn to
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rebuild their life after the loss of a loved one. the president of a victims association lost her 10-year-old son in attack -- in the attack. >> i simply cannot put a number -- each victim should be held individually depending on their needs. a mom,'t just go you're you lost a child, here you get this much. in86 died during the attack nice. but the number of victims is almost impossible to determine. there were many requests for compensation. so far only half of the request have been granted. -- twong on to israel israeli police officers have been killed. near jerusalem's holiest site. the attackers shot three people
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before fleeing into the sacred compound where they were killed in a gunfight with security forces. israeli authorities say that muslim friday prayers will not be held at temple mount. an attack in one of the holiest places of jerusalem. near lions gate new the eastern threece of the old city, gunmen opened fire just after 7:00 in the morning on friday. forces chased after them. >> all three terrorists were shot and killed. what we know as they were armed with automatic weapons as well as knives and the attempted to stab a number of people here at the scene. >> israeli police closed off the area and said ride a prayers will not be held for muslims at the temple mount or the noble sanctuary compound. which houses the dome of the rock and the western wall.
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it is often a site of high tension. become commonplace elsewhere in jerusalem. , at least 38 israelis have been killed in attacks. in recent months that have slowed but not stopped. the palestinian authority is being blamed. >> news just coming in, israeli police have detained a top muslim cleric in jerusalem after the deadly attack. we will bring you more details as they come to hand. government have attacked a security checkpoint in cairo, the gunmen attacked a security checkpoint in cairo. there was no immediate claim of responsibility however
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insurgents have been carrying out attacks in the country since the 2013 military ouster of an elected president. in other news china has lodge protest with germany, france, and the u.n. human right commission following criticism over its handling of the nobel laureate death. they say the case is not strictly an internal affair. the activist who had been serving an elected -- an 11 year prison service -- 11 year prison sentence, he was 61 years old. blasphemy. that is the view of a government chinese spokesman. it is the latest sign that beijing is growing tired of the wave of criticism it has received over its treatment of the late mock receipt activist. democracylate activist. >> we are lodge protest for
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certain countries to show our strong dissatisfaction. mentionalso got a rare and the state-run chinese press in an editorial. he was called a victim led astray by the west. his last days were politicized and used to demonize china. thanks in part to extensive online censorship on anything to do with him, ordinary chinese appear to have been largely shielded from the so-called overseas forces. days people in mainland china have a different opinion to people abroad. we know relatively little about him so there is no way i can give a comment on what he said. criticism of beijing is focused on the government's refusal to grant the activist's
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wish to go abroad for palliative care. doctors saying he was fit enough to do so. the international community thinks this disturbing. no regrets coming in about awarding the prize to him. the struggle for human rights is peace building and that is why the committee i chaired awarded in the peace prize. china tonting call for release his widow. as his spouse she has been held under house arrest for years. region, a hong kong court has disqualified for produce democracy politicians disqualified four democracy politicians. they will modify their oath to china. the disqualifications mean the
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pro-democracy camp has lost its veto power over major decisions. it is time now for business. i'm joined in the studio. parisstarting here in which is celebrating another anniversary, of the bike sharing service. >> paris is the first major capital city to implement a large-scale bike sharing program. the french capital inaugurated this 10 years ago on july 15. it was a runaway success with more than 20 million users in its first year. -- thousandssed in of time each day. hundreds of cities around the world have installed their own versions over the years. >> 10 years after first hitting the streets of paris, the iconic bike sharing system has become something of a symbol in the french capital. almost no oneo
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got around on bikes. they had practically disappeared. up, itr since it showed has become much cooler and more accessible. 2007 bys launched in the mayor of paris who was leopn's -- leon's bike sharing program. more than 300 million rentals have been recorded. london, when osiris, and new york have developed their own bike sharing systems while in france, a number of other transport systems have been unveiled in recent years. like car sharing systems and city scoot, self-service scooters. >> mobility in the 21st century is a shared mobility. it is multimodal that can be used very easily from public transport to other types.
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>> the sharing aspect has not come without a price. the city had to pay in a test of 2000 13on euros in alone on inventory and maintenance fees mostly due to vandalism. it is set to change ownership this year. the new provider plans to on vale a new frame and also announced new electric bikes. a look at european markets this trading session which is closing out the week. a mixed bag a short while ago whileondon trading down paris leads the game and frankfurt dax completely flat. j.p. morgan chase released the earnings report beating analyst 's expectations by $.25 a share. it was one of 30 banks to pass the federal reserve stress test back in june. investors will shift focus to other companies midyear reports. a host of which will be announced next week. this time not to take a look at
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other business news that is making headlines around the world. -- it is time to take a look at other businesses. the location of a new post rex it european branch. airhe airline must have an operator ticket. it would be called easyjet europe and be based in vienna. released today suggest that european car sales are slowing. inustrywide registrations june increased 2.1% from 2016, making it the strongest june since 2007. the growth still lags behind the and there are, concerns it could be hitting a plateau. clashes broke out between police and former employers of a former pepsico plant in our -- in argentina on sunday. the laid off workers had been occupying the plant since it was closed on june 20. more than 500 people lost their
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jobs. logisticscided that were shutting down the plant. finally, a 15 euros british boy has charmed the internet after taking over a twitter account this week. his name is eddie. he may be the best thing to have happened to the pr of the company in a while. he tweeted that he was manning southern rails twitter account while on work experience at the company. he was ready to answer questions. twitter users took the bait. they asked him abstract questions like whether he would be eating for dinner. it is quite a change from the regular tweets they get. here is eddie. on what he learned. >> definitely improve my communication skills. i can bring with me wherever.
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my ability to talk to the public about something serious is also improved. that will definitely come in handy in the future. i can see that. >> i can see that he is a bright future. >>
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