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tv   France 24  LINKTV  July 18, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> you're watching live from paris on france 24. i'm catherine nicholson with your headlights. -- headlines. six human rights activists from amnesty international will remain in detention in turkey. the rights group describing the court ruling as a travesty of justice. efforts to scrap president obama's landmark health care reforms now in chaos after two republican lawmakers broke ranks
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to oppose their own parties proposed replacement. the head of spain's football federation under arrest as part of an anticorruption probe. europe's president of soccer governing body. we will have the latest with our correspondent in madrid. it is 1:00 in the french capital. netflix is still the new black. as hit series like house of cards help boost numbers for the streaming service to more than 100 million. our culture team is reporting on france's oldest arts festival. this is live from paris. ♪
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>> six human rights activists from amnesty international will remain in custody in turkey. the rights group has described the court ruling as a travesty of justice. has beenhe detainees formally charged or put on trial. here's catherine clifford. >> they waited for the judge's decision until late at night. outside the courthouse the ruling came as a thunderbolt. four amnesty international workers were released under judicial control. six others will remain in detention pending trial. >> what is in the file is the accusation that they attended a human rights workshop which cannot be considered a criminal offense and it goes into other
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forms of activism that human rights defenders participate in such as amnesty international campaign. this cannot be considered a crime. >> they are accused of aiding and armed terror group. it's not clear which one. usually this term refers to kurdish separatists or the followers of the preacher accused of plotting last summer's attempted coup. accused were arrested earlier this month. among them amnesty internationals turkey director. she had already been arrested in links tor suspicion of the preacher. the arrests come in the context of a widespread crackdown in the years since the attempted coup. over 50 people have been arrested including ngo workers. across the atlantic, millions
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of americans who had looked set to lose their health care rights now appeared likely to keep them for the near future after a second attempt by republican lawmakers to scrap president obama's health care laws ended in chaos. doug herbert explains what's gone wrong for the republicans in congress. >> seven years of a feverish and pitched battle which had become the rallying cry of the republican party against obama's 2010 health care bill. it seems those republican havets to undo the bill hit a potentially fatal hurdle. it could be the deathblow to the efforts. in the short-term and perhaps the medium-term. they simply did not have the votes in the end. we know the republicans have 52 votes in the senate. it's a paperthin majority which
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means they would need at least 50 votes to pass. already had two republican senators in the past week saying no way can we vote for the current version of the health care overhaul. on monday you had two more joining,ns basically breaking ranks. four. at least all of the democrats and independents in congress were absolutely no way going to vote against repeal of four. all health care. you had mathematically an equation which simply in the end mitch mcconnell who runs the senate knows he didn't have the votes. he had to basically call it off. over the cries of donald trump who says, you must vote now just to repeal. forget the replacement for now. >> russia says it reserves the right to retaliate against the united states over washington's
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seizure of two russian diplomatic compounds on american soil. in december barack obama closed sides and expelled 35 russian diplomats over what he said was their involvement in hacking the 2016 american presidential election. moscow denies the accusation and russia's foreign has described washington's demands as daylight robbery. in europe ahead head of spain's football federation is under arrest as part of an anticorruption investigation. also senior vice president of europe's football governing body. they have also detained his son and another executive from the federation. more details on this with our correspondent in madrid. have the police said what exactly they suspect him of having done? yes.
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they say this relates to an into financing. allegations that are very serious of collusion, fraud and embezzlement. most of the allegations boiled down to one thing. did he abuse his very senior position in spanish and european football to organize ways of making money for himself and a series of companies. he is alleged to have for instance given money to numbers of leaders in football federations across spain to ensure he could retain his has been theuse he president for 29 years. he was reelected in may without any contest. nobody else stood against him for another four years. police raided this morning what is known as football city in spain. it is only northwest of spain. it has -- it is where
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international football games take place. all of the police had ordered all of the office workers of the deskstion away from the while the raid went on. we saw some of them standing around on the pitch where the international games go on. this raid and investigation will continue. other executives from the football federation under investigation. thank you, sarah morris reporting from madrid. strong winds are fanning wildfires in france and elsewhere around the continent. the southern french holiday region and the island of corsica had been particularly hard impacted. along the adriatic coast and in northern portugal have also been forced to combat multiple blazes. watch asey can do is
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the flames get closer to their homes. these residents from the edge of the croatian city were evacuated as far as burning along the adriatic coast reached the suburbs of the path is a -- popular tourist destination. croatian prime minister called an emergency meeting. >> i would like to thank all of our firefighters and all of those who are working day and night. will activate additional reserves including the military to stop this wave of very unfortunate wildfires in the middle of the taurus season. >> further along the adriatic coast, montenegro has asked for international help to fight the blazes. firefighters are hampered by strong winds. will activate additional reserves including the military to stop this wave of very unfortunate wildfires in the middle of the taurus season. the adriatic sea some 1000 wildfires are burning around italy including three
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close to the capital. police in rome detained several people on suspicion of arson. residentsn france were evacuated from a village in the mountains above the coastal city of nice. the fire brigade told us it wasn't over. even now it is flaring up again. it's nerve-racking. >> in portugal wildfires burned around the north. roads were blocked as residents were evacuated and hundreds of firefighters deployed. nearly 40,000 residents of british columbia in canada have been forced to evacuate their homes to escape wildfires. firefighting planes and crews from the provinces of ottawa and nova scotia are being sent to help on the front lines. the federal public safety minister announced the fires are expected to worsen.
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a state of emergency remains in place in british columbia. nine people have died in a flash flood in a river canyon in the u.s. state of arizona. of a familytions that have been celebrating a birthday were among the victims, five of them children. have continued to search for one man in his 20's after a thunderstorm dumped 38 millimeters of rain in just one hour. fighting is intensifying in frack. the islamic state organizations main stronghold and capital in syria. syrian forces getting backing from the united states say they have recaptured one neighborhood west of the city. hundreds of civilians have fled the area. into raqqa.eper
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the u.s. led coalition pounded the city on monday on what's been described as the heaviest day of bombardment to date. meanwhile on the ground syrian democratic forces say they are making progress. recapturing a large neighborhood on the western outskirts of the city. the district has been liberated. we are taking steady and sound steps. what is important to us is not speed but freeing civilians and illuminating the islamic state group. >> the syrian observatory for human rights says it has advanced but has not yet fully recaptured the district. it's estimated it now controls one third of the city. violent clashes have also taken , whereouth of raqqa government forces have eliminated a string of oil
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fields backed by russian airstrikes. fiercets have put up resistance of using car bombs, explosive devices and drones. progress has also been hampered by landmines with devastating consequences for civilians trying to flee. hundreds have left the city. the u.n. says up to 50,000 are still trapped. >> a group of teenage afghan girls that was granted 11th hour visas to enter the united states for robotics competition have been offering their thanks to the president and those who campaigned for them to be allowed in. they were denied visas twice. their case attracting international attention and criticism. they are now finally in washington where the contest is in full swing. the teams mentor said the
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participation would provide a big positive message for the afghan community. the engineers themselves have been expressing their relief and happiness at being allowed to show off their skills. an incredible feeling to be here and to use their own robot to play the game and collectibles. there very grateful to american people and we thank mr. bernie sanders, senator shaheen and mr. trump for their support. without them we wouldn't be here at this competition. congratulations to those girls and good luck for the rest of the contest. stephen carroll is here with business headlines. we will start in the united states. the white house has started listing its priorities for overhauling the north american trade deal. --reducing the trade deal
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deficit with canada and mexico is among the priorities in this 17 page document sent to lawmakers. it also includes a proposal to limit currency manipulation. president donald trump has criticized nafta as being the worst trade deal signed anywhere ever. provocation coincided with the mr. trump launching a by america campaign. as the trump administration gears up for nafta renegotiations the white house hosted its first made in america week. >> we are showcasing the amazing products from all 50 states. of americanase products is one way trump wants to boost u.s. manufacturing. the white house is also looking further. trump has called it the worst trade deal ever and promised to overhaul it. the document sent to lawmakers -- topay since the truck
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priority is reducing the trade deficit. the objectives outlined in the document would only make minor changes to the deal. a provision policing currency manipulation, a first in a u.s. trade deal. after arbitration panels would be given more power to oversee environmental and labor disputes. saida's foreign minister the country welcomes the opportunity to improve the existing nafta framework. talks between the u.s. canada and mexico could begin in 30 days. congress will need to approve any changes to the agreement before they can take effect. the french bank bnp has been hit with a fine in the united states. this has to do with rigging the currency exchange market. >> the federal reserve find bmp
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for what it calls unsafe and unsound practices in its foreign exchange division. it found bnp had failed to identify and stop practices that saw traders colluding. the fine is on top of another $350 million. the banks already paid new york's authorities over the same issue. it has set aside enough money to cover the fine. >> is affecting their share price today? >> down>> about .75% in paris today. that is happening in markets across europe. the dollar has been sinking after donald trump's economic agenda was thrown into doubt why that health care defeat. the euro hitting its highest level against the dollar in over a year. the pound also sinking against the dollar after new figures
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showed inflation slowed slightly to 2.6% in june. shares in ericsson have plunged by more than 10% after the swedish company warned of falling profits. the company will begin a cost-cutting plan immediately with the aim of selling 10 billion swedish kronor. it has already begun exiting some markets. it is planning to sell its london-based media arm. fortter day on the markets troubled japanese firm toshiba. the company said a deal to sell its memory business wouldn't be closed in the next fortnight. for troubled japanese firminvestor'e german airline lufthansa because it was too optimistic in its forecast. expecting annual pretax profits to surpass 1.5
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billion euro's. markets don't agree. the share was down 2% in frankfort. >> one final business story. it seems the house of cards is still standing for netflix. >> it has surpassed the milestone of 100 million users worldwide. it added 5 million subscribers in the last quarter helping to boost earnings by almost one third. more than half of netflix subscribers are now outside the united states. the company will continue to invest more in new content after success of its original series and news sent the company's shares soaring by 10% in trading on monday. binge watching all of those series. thank you, stephen carroll.
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going to move on with our international press review. offre going to start us with reactions in the united states to all of these latest rumblings and comings and goings. reactions in the united states to all of these rumblings and comings and goings on the health care bill. >> that's right. it was essentially buried after two republican senators said they would oppose the vote on the health care bill that aims to overhaul obamacare. it's a blow to the republicans and the second time the bill has faced a hurdle. does this mean that trumpcare is finally dead? that's what one washington post author is asking.
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saying the vote was already at the door of death when senator john mccain took ill and his illness actually delayed the vote the first time. now the latest opposition from senators has perhaps sounded the death knell for trumpcare. the huffington post doesn't seem to agree. the poster seems to believe that like a zombie, trumpcare could come back in another form. it's quite probable because senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has announced they will proceed to that repealing of obamacare but not replacing it. this is a shocker of a case. in australian woman in the united states called for help on beingt she ended up killed by the police. >> that's right.
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she died of a gunshot wound from the gun of one of the police officers that came to that call. it's an american nightmare, that's what the daily telegraph says on its front page. intine dimon called 911 minneapolis about what she thought was a possible assault and alleyway near her affluent home. the police turned up and she was somehow inextricably killed by one of the officers who responded. the officers body cams and dashboard cameras were not on. there is no evidence of what went down. her family is demanding answers and they want a federal investigation into her death. the editors call it a senseless and tragic death, saying that the most australians the recent surge in u.s. police routings -- shootings was concerning, but a remote occurrence for australians. that has all changed. >> australian journalists
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looking at this story. there's also in the american press some reporting into the background of the officer who shot her. >> this is an article from the minneapolis star tribune. the officer who killed her, his name is mohammed noor. he joined the local police force in 2015. the paper says the police officer has already had three complaints filed against him. he was also sued by one woman who accused him of assaulting her during an arrest. he definitely has a shady background as a police officer. he has extended his condolences to the family. he had his police partner have both been dug down pending an investigation. venezuelasident of lashing out at a spanish newspaper. they criticized him. >> he has been lashing out at
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everyone. he lashed out at international leaders who have been criticizing his handling of the crisis in venezuela. venezuelan daily newspaper reports that he called on foreign countries to respect the sovereignty of venezuela just as venezuela respects the otherignty of spain and foreign nations. other foreign nations. he has lashed out at the country's religious leaders as well because in june a group of venezuelan bishops alerted the pope about the country's deepening crisis and he has lashed out at the spanish paper which has been quite vocal in its criticism of the venezuelan leader. penned anh daily has editorial today continuing their criticism of maduro. they say he must be told that if this situation continues his regime will suffer international sanctions.
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the venezuelan people should not be the only ones who pay for broken dishes, which is a spanish idiom meaning they shouldn't be the only ones responsible for this crisis. someone we haven't seen the headlines for quite some time. 90's r&b singer r kelly. is facing some sordid accusations that have come up in buzz feed. >> very lurid accusations indeed. he hasn't been seen or heard much since the 90's and it's because of allegations like this. not the first time he is facing sexual assault allegations. this case is even more sordid because he has been accused of running what buzz feed likens to a sex cult. you can read all about it in this exclusive report from the website. he allegedly controlled the women staying in his house dress, how they behaved. he confiscated their phones.
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you force them to live with him, sometimes becoming physically violent if they weren't behaving in the way he wanted them to. parents of some of the girls say their daughters insist on staying with him saying there with him voluntarily. the allegations will further clouded what is a murky reputation. he has been accused of child pornography, underage sex and illegal marriage in the past. , it is the lighter summer holidays here in france and in europe. one european city is welcoming tourists but not the accessories they are bringing with them. >> if you want to swing around a selfie stick in the land, it won't be pop -- possible. local authorities are crossing down on selfie sticks, glass bottles, cans, food trucks and any kind of moving trade.
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it is part of what is becoming a movement in italy to crack down on littering and antisocial behavior. to hose down the steps of churches to
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