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you watching live from. for the headlines this. that's just straight since shops in venezuela's capitalism opponents of it would do right charting derail his. to rewrite the constitution is the biggest national strike since two thousand and two. tensions turkey and germany spiralis accurate accuse berlin of haoring terrorts germany meanwhile has warned its citizens to take care. its business in the country. and after nine years behind because oj simpson is set to walk free the former sports star has just been granted early release. on the set of big media decades armed robbery.
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we begin this hour in the venezuelan capital kerak swear opponents of. nicolas maduro holding the. first major. strike since two thousand and two public transport been at a standstill a ninety state run firms alright then by many employees choice to stay home. it comes as the unpopular president proposed hold about one a new constituent assembly with the power to rewrite the constitution. matures critics say this is an attempt to consolidate his grip on power. before that when god chief character. and the time to come and i have. is that from the wall street journal and anthony how effective is this strike being the. i was so far has been that very fact supersedes the aspirin much console holds the streets and see.
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position supporters have problems in the remaing traffic through barricades are some. minor clashes around the country but so pretty peaceful so far. most their most biz business have stayed closed and when the government has threatened businesses of takeover by opened up but then said look we have no workers who showed up we cannot continue working so are. pretty successful from your position standpoint echo we've seen a lot of unrest a lot of protests are out on. a lot of bands violence as well and as time opponents of madera really try to stop the president from from making this move in changing the constitution they say that is putting them made for country ungovernablebefore july
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fits here boats. bay are are planning more promotes asked a man going to international minutes ago supports the trump administrations manson's new sanctions against minnesota. any day some more of your position is going to announce new supreme court judges switch but governments is not once recognized but yet you is just. so make it very difficult for minority govern the country and forced to concede and sit down to negotiate. a is there any sign that he is willing to compromise on this. are not publicly he has. double down on on the election campaigns today he was saying and don saying. at a government rally he has cracks into jail opposition support says for stage and e elections because perhaps south which i feel beautiful we could see some sort of negotiation between the government. and the
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opposition and what about the fears that this will lead to get more violence in venezuela dozens of people have already been killed. in protests in in the crackdown on protests sad since april at eight it isn't looking good is it. no not at all i mean it's it's very difficult to really know all about what the government plans to do is maybe about sent ten people close them in the world but have access to an. any decision making are very opaque state. but be are basically on what had some people they believe it assumes manual action takes place in july third save my door will go ahead and change and that you send out local echo parties battle action and just there. moving so it's becoming of korea stepped out of the people believe bats are mother will go have election but he will then use that leverage. and sue
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sit down and negotiate he's exit from a concert to negotiates amnesty yes and. for armed robbery the former sports star was granted. early release by a parole boards in nevada at just a few moments ago this twenty years. after the world watch simpson acquitted of his ex wife's murder. once again the legal proceedings were shown on live tv either now seventy year old american football star. pleading his case earlier. malcolm turned. often that we can go to you at night a bay right now sigh as she joins us live. from los angeles and i obey ask he's been granted parole and i've. how did you manage to convince the parole board because he's tried and failed once before hasn't i? he asked but this time around oj simpson had a lot in his favor first of all. he did
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serve the nine year minimum of the thirty three. year maximum sentence for that crime that he committed out where it was an armed robbery case in las vegas. another thing that he had in his favor is that in those nine years you had good behavior he had actually. not one case. ugly i am any wrongdoing as an inmatee also counseled other inmates he coached at the gym. he took classes of and he also was very sympathetic to all of the. cr and all and the workers all of the prison guards. at this correctional facility where he was out for ninety eight or so that really pleaded in his favor another thing. that also helped him was that the victim of that robbery was there to testify. in favor ofj simpson bruce romano was with one of the victims of the armed robbery back in that las vegas. a hotel room and he said that oj simpson is a good man that he's. apologized several times and he does not believe that he is a threat to society. and
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also his daughter arnelle simpson was there saying that. oj simpson is a good father thathe needs her rock and that he's a good man and that that situation that happened in las vegas. for which she was imprisoned for was a mistake andhat it was just that kind of the perfect storm that shouldn't happen and that. oj simpson deserves to be free and he deserves to be with her family so there were a lot of things in oj simps's favor. however some steps skeptics for thinking that his odd behavior in court today in front of the parole board. wa going to possibly cause pblemsecause it i a little antonizing in front of the parole board. and he didn't seem that remorseful from that the crime that he committed in las vegas but obviously at the end of the day. the board at the parole board felt that he deserved to be a free man and he's going to be. i'm set free in october yeah it was a it was a a
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bizarre space who wasn't especially in the beginning when i that was there. at the best of loft out when the judge got hit o'jays. and each wrong at the but what happens now maybe you e paperwork and then after that people work inside. it's going to go public and also the parole board was very firm with oj simpson saying that. they. want oj simpson to be on good behavior because after he is released he has to be he will be on probation so you have to follow a lot of rules you can't drink. drink excessively he cannot commit any crimes you can't associate himself with convicts are felons so there's a lot of a strict rules that oj simpson is going to abi. have to abide by i'm after his release in october so we'll
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see if he's able to a committee member adequate now he will be released. in october and he's going to be moving to florida nightmare and i say thank you very much in these. well moving and now i have to the middle east and they're being that fresh clashes outside the out packs up mosque in jerusale. they style often earlier this week at israel installed metal detectors at the mosque they set. off dead palestinian gunman shot dead two israeli police offices lost friday with those at new security measures are. the source. of protests at full many palestinians who have been boycotting the mosque altogether will happen. fresh clashes sat between israeli forces and palestinians now let's get the very latest heiress matlab is in jerusalem there is what is happening. what we hear is that? outside the mosque and palestinians of course not going into the mosque as a protest against the metal
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detectors. that they pray outside in the street alcoholic landscape and they were praying there again today hundreds of people last night with him question almost every night. last night ended more calmly and then tonight once again after the prayers. as they leave a israeli police said that there were rocks and stones and bottles crying that from and they responded with tear gas and stun grenades. and suddenly there's the making of her eyes and you can see that the pressure is building for friday prayers. for tomorrow eek know put two people were arrested tonight it's what's going to happen tomorrow because they. them most officials have closed every mosque in jerusalem that called on all muslim worshippers to come here to
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behind streets outside the r complicated and. governing and a situation a complicated security situation it's the islamic council the walk. out which shut which is in charge of it but israel saying that more security is needed because two police officers were killed last week. but her itt retained a box and it has in the past it doesn't take much to go from zero to one hundred. there and we have clean violence leading to a huge numbers of death. because it is i'm the religious heart of the city even if the ruins of the jewish temple. didn't it make it clear current. a muslim temple the hot button muslim mosque. the third holiest site in islam and her every move they held a big change ther. can crack. attention and you
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are right below their muslim officials did not. agree base metal detectors and current big metal detectors are so he friction. right image thanks very much indeed it was my pleasure that reporting from jerusalem. thad gemini has warned its citizens to exercise caution and if they travel to turkey the latest move in a dispute over ankara's arrest of human rights activist spellings also threatening to frustrate german investment in turkey. ankara meanwhile is accusing the government in germany of being irresponsible and even of harboring terrorists the german foreign minister said added that no one safety can be guaranteed. in the current crackdown in turkey. ntia most absurd things are possible you've been traveling turkey for years but you have acquaintances and friends he's a job visiting here's turkish citizens who have been possible. being sustained should find tacky secret services it being close to the government. one of the sudden you're tara supports us you visits
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a hotel here. personal you visit to cultural events we is associated with it. in other words completely innocent germans. come associates and. hence this increase the travel advisory to all citizens of our country gonna go exist unless. the us president donald trump has publicly criticized his own attorney general trump said he regretted so appointing jeff sessions because he recused himself. from an investigation into alleged collusion between chums election campaign and russi. sessions was one of trump's earliest supporters were stepped away from the rest deprive other revelations he failed to disclose his own meetings with the russian ambassador. earlier he was lost if you would be able to continue in the role without the president's support. way in this department of justice will continue every single day. to work hard to serve the national interest. and we whole heartedly joined and the priorities of president trump. i have are the honor of serving in as attorney general is
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something that are on goes beyond any. thought i would have ever had for myself. we love this job we love this department and i plan to continue to do so as long as on that is appropriate. but as our international fez as have almond joys and now explains it's not the first time donald trump. has turned on an island. he did actually turn quite publicly on. james comey is well the former fbi director louis sing a patent that you can see. a parallel between the ad carry me and sessions with sections of course has not been fired. up but we sul a trump lavishing praise on his nominees. and sections of course was amazing according to trump during the confirmation hearings then. these two men did something which sowed independence at and trump lost patience with them in the case of james came it was his refusal to let. the probative michael flynn go in case of jess
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jeff sessions it seems to have been his decision to recuse himself. but in any case what's also interesting in this interview with the new york times is trump's criticism of robert mula the special counsel. leading the russia probe he said that. miller had strayed beyond his rematch words to that effect but the fact is though that special counselg allegations either russia coupled with a failure to sign any real reforms incident all main donald trump's approval ratings ar. at rock bottom six months to the day since he took offic. loved it six months in
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office donald trump's approval rating is the lowest of any american president. polling began. his popularity decreasing as the scandal over his team's possible collision with russia. in an alleged leads to influence last year's election continues to grow. trumpet back on twitter cooling the probe a witch hunt. and says he wants to remain focused on fulfilling his policy platform. like his campaign promise to reform the healthcare syste. internal party divisions among republicans in congress is hampering progress. a proposed then twice revised bill we failed to get the votes needed to pass the senate. seven years i've been hearing repeal and replace from congress and. been hearing it loud and strong and then when we finally get a chance to repeal and replace. they don't take advantage job it so that's disappointing. the president has however assigned a slew of executive orders. one of them his much touted
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muslim travel ban. both versions of the order was struck down by the courts. but it eventually came into partial effects. a decision taken by the supreme court until it hears the full case in october. the ban drew mass protests across the country and was denounced by numerous world leaders. as well as trump's decision. to pull the united states out of the paris climate agreement's. the u. s. head of state has also slashed the budget for the environmental protection agency. and rolled back regulation aimed at curbing pollution and emissions. on the world stage trump has ramped up tensions with china following north korean missile tests. and put himself at odds with russia over syria. going against his own advice to barack obama and launching a military strike. the president has stood firm by his pledge to put america first in internet. and multi. deals. notably by announcing the less with negotiate nafta.
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i'm pulling out of the. p.. in france president macro has been trying to build bridges with the military one day after the head of the armed forces resigned in a row of the budget cuts. addressing troops at a base in the south of the country today met cross at the plant cops would not impact on operations. the hearing concrete mix on the the was a contribution from the army to a national solidarity which is being managed. it is part of decisions made on behalf of the prime minister. which led to each and everyone to maintain their pledges for twenty seventeen thing it was on gizmo. on dvd set. but these administrative decisions during the current year. will have no impact on strategy. know what will come up but now our ability. no i don't now forces needs twenty four. i want to remind you of that asian and i will not accept any speech of defeat is unlimited. quick mind about top stories this hour now after nine
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years behind bars for armed robbery. oj simpson is set to will free the full gospel stock has been granted early release by a parole board p. nevada he'll be freed in october. deserted streets in venezuela's capital today as opponents of president madera try to derail his plans to rewrite the constitution the biggest national strike that in years. and tensions between turkey and germany spiralis ankara accuses b in of harboring terrorists gemini meanwhile has warned its citizens to take care. country. let's get updates on the day's top business news for you now cape may day is with us in the studio by kate taylor and that one week and into the. official talks. at home brexit on the u. k. leaving your opinion in a lot of sticking points remain* reset exactly more sticking points really done progress it seems after these. of four days of meetings sought separate groups of negotiators tackling specific issues. the eu says there's still a fundamental split on the
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problem of the citizen's rights as well as the so called brexit bill. or the amount of money that britain will have to pay to settle its obligations to europe. brussels chief negotiator says it's vital that london clarify it stance before they can move on. alexander hurst explains. for some british conservatives there should be nothing tricky about brags it. keep calm they say and get on with it. that britain will ultimately have toegotiate with the european union. should be the easiest fta in the history of mankind. because we begin. one zero tariffs. and one hundred percent regulatory approvals are you know but the first week of talks ending with little progress seems to show otherwise. because the future trade deal is dependent on sorting out of range of other break today. from the rights of eu citizens living in the uk. the future role of the european court of justice. to the uk's financial obligations to you. because if you get suited up
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was issued to all your news we need the uk to clarify its positions in order to make progress on these financial issues refusal. which go hand in hand. with the other issues of exiting. full financial settlement we both threatened with both recognize importance of sorting out the obligations. we have to one another. both legally and in the spirit. of mutual cooperation. though neither side has released an official number you negotiators have suggested six a five billion euros as a minimum. that figure represents the uk's share of the current seven year e. u. budget which runs through twenty twenty. but it could rise to as high as one hundred billion. wants other obligations like pensions past infrastructure commitments and guarantees to the european investment bank are taken into account. the e. u.'s says it is willing to start talks until the u. k. produces a number of its own. as the clock ticks down and deadlines loom. the european central bank has kept its key interest rate an economic stimulus
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program unchanged. that it would be willing to step up its sixteen billion at your a month quantitative easing if necessary. previous comments from mario jogging and members of the governing councilad been interpreted to mean that the banks considering scaling back its asset purchases. would let you economy take its course. the city had had said that he remained concerned about wage growth and low inflation. and risks remained. they cross check of the outcome of the economic analysis with the signals coming from the monetary analysis. confirmed the need for continued very substantial degree of monetary accommodation. q. or it's a stained return of inflation rates towards the levels that are below but close to two percent. many analysts are expecting tapering to begin after the seabees september meeting. the chicken on the day's trading action now on the currency markets the euro jumped to its highest level against the dollar since last may. of the pound sterling fell to an eight
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month low against the euro. dax and get killed fell slightly after that ecb announcement. it's one hundred managing a three quarters of a percent rise there. wallstreet is retreating from the record highs that we saw on wednesday although the snp passed yet another record earlier before paring back slightly. department store chain sears has seen its shares soaring as much as twenty percent there about fourteen now. after it announced it would be partnered with amazon and notably selling products with amazon's virtual assistant technology. in europe the peak seat summer travel season is in full swing but some holiday makers will find themselves in a bit of trouble. hotel and restaurant workers in greece are staging a twenty four hour strike to protest the labor reforms which international creditors demanded of athens. exchange for its bailout money. tourism and food union says that it's employers are als. that that workers rather in large hotels are also being forced to sign contracts with extremely low wages. exhausting working hours.
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tourism accounts for about eighteen percent. economic output and employs a fifth of its workforce. meanwhile public transport in rome has been disrupted. workers on the italian capitals bus train and metronet works protesting the city council's decision to increase the world. private companies transport industry. moving on some days of the business headlines now. british officials have once again delayed a ruling on twenty first century fox's efforts take full control broadcaster sky. uk culture secretary says she is quote still minded. to refer the fifteen llion doll deal to come should authorities. the sheets more time to examine the issues. their concern takeover would give too much influence to me media mogul rupert murdoch and his family. jet has won approval to set up a european headquarters in vienna. austrian authorities approve the request for a european air operator certificate. allow the london based airline to maintain access to european skies post breads it. will cost carrier
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has also raised its profit outlook for the year citing a ten percent increase in passenger numbers. past three months. and the united states has lifted a controversial ban on laptops and other large electronics on us bound flights. eight mostly muslim countries. the airport in saudi arabia's capital was the last to receive security clearance and exempt from those restrictions. can't security measures have been put in place and many fear forts. some were banned by the u. k.. still it's. two market places on the so called dark web have been shut down by authorities. alpha bay and hands i have replaced a silk road is to the leading sites for black market sales of dru weapons and counterfe docunts. police in the us and europe worked with the fbi officials in countries from thailand to lithuania. us attorney general jeff sessions described as the largest dark net marketplaces take down. history.
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i know it's hard to go anywhere this summer without running into this song. yeah spa. nnsl. that sounds familiar to you it has now becom the officially at the most stream to song in history. despots seto bite he preterite can stars lose phones he and daddy yankee has been out for about six months now. and it has been streamed four point six billion times. across different platforms like spotify in you too. that's including a remix which features justin biebe. whose own songs sorry had previously held that record at with about four point four billion streams. i have it wasn't it that it's like a lot of our old certainly is quite impressive record see it is it certainly it's a bit like for al's happy. about going to miller's well one of those once in a state i had it yeah really does the ear while alive and well
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the guy. i think marriage indeed to have
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