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it's nine pm here in the french cut you watching live from. a full on so but this was throughout stories. this. pancho of corruption pakists supreme court disqualifies crimes that now was sherry from office. prompting sharif to resign. a tense calm in jerusalem after two weeks of unrest friday press the al aqsa mosque and peacefully but in the west bank. violence flies up once agai. that freed pending trial and i stumbled corporal six seven opposition newspaper employees. should be released intellect trial and the four others. i can remain behind because .
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good evening the prime minister of pop song has been forced to down today over the car. pre record disqualified him from holding office. together with members of his family now was sharif is a. corruption judiciary has also ordered the criminal charges be filed against him. when i'm approving plunges the nuclear armed nation into yet another major crisis. first it was bill lots and has this report. yeah. victory the pakistan's opposition after the supreme court's pronounced its unanimous verdict. the prime minister stuns disqualified welcoming yeah evidence against no was shuri fits the loss mailings culture.
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it's a victory with justice. the ruling delivered by a family member investigative panel full stimulus sharif to resign. in a statement his office announced sharif had stepped down despite topping serious reservations. about the judicial process. bob is not. we may have lost one decision today but we've won on two issues elsewhere. if we look at pakistan's democratic and political situation now. we were not surprised. saddened by today's decisio. prime minister nawaz sharif has always been success school in politics. history fans among the people. the verdicts punctuates a year of political controversy unleashed by the panama papers leak which revealed. the involvement of sharif's children in the purchase of high end london prophecy through offshore companies. the prime minister and his family deny wrongdoing and say that victims of a conspiracy. but investigators say the
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sharif family's wealth has far exceeded its earnings. they've called. criminal investigation. governing center railings pmr land policy must now choose an interim prime minister to rule until the general election. here. sharif says his ouster will destabilize pakistan just as the economy is rebounding. after decades of political and purity chaos. for more on what's next for pakistan we can speaks of michael krugman who is a senior associate to south asia. at the woodrow wilson center who joins us now from washington at thank you so much for joining us just tell us. what you think this means for pakistan? well at the moment of uncertainty. have to precariously walmart creek talk but just because they going all out country. and when you have a sudden change of power is a lot of uncertainty i think pakistan have come a long way from its past when. one could expect in public dressed up the military which step and.
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using a rationale that changed injuring you could be in there to promote stability and kill there could be a new election. i don't think it will happen i think is going to be a very smooth transition. iraqi but the ruling plm party well i'm actually quickly to come up with a your successor in the washer retooled and serve out the remainder of his what's your read. and te washer which children i'm sure bond hearings really hadn't been mentioned that all of these telemarketers investigations like think of him. it emerges credibility and not of tarnished and other members of his family which suggested he really could be a top. candidate to become love the next prime
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minister. i'm just looking back at the rule of law was sure refueling on the whole he's being. a force for good for pakistan of see this ad is corruption allegations to one side. well i mean he he took office latino pledging to do a lot of big things including salva very destabilizing troubling energy crisis in the countr. that you're going to try to conciliate website india and like that but you know somewhere washer you think with the with the case of a lot of disappointment simply because there was a lot of disagreements with the military during. his time in power. and led to a situation where he was really cut down the size of a number of occasions private military there were some very significant anti government protests began. really just a month after he took office in twenty thirteen i think a permanent addition work wacky monkey power. he was seen as a
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really stated significant really didn't have that much power who decides. well to jim to be running hyacinths two police officers were killed in the compound. prompting authorities install security devices at the entrance off that site which is sacred to both muslims and jews. will move outraged muslims i spot some of the worst street clashes in years. under intense pressure israel removed metal detectors from thoughts sit. but the more we can cost out of principles air is not clear who's in jerusalem. that here is that it's been tense the relatively calm in around jerusalem a today. a but i wasn't the case in the west bank was it. not only does it says if those two sections we should consider what we now see in jerusalem is relative quiet still am an enormous amount of police on the streets. but i have changed as we age limits there is no age limit for the evening prayer tonight and for prayer at
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the al aqsa mosque from now. so and in the words of the ship the move to the grand mufti of jerusalem sheik mohammed hussein he said we have suffered for it sovereignty in the mosque and freedom. of worship and that is not true for all ages and that's because there was relative quiet there was an easy dispersal. of the worship of some ten thousand in the mosque and some in the streets those on the fifteenth still praying in the streets as they have. for two weeks now. in the west bank however we did see today and more. agitation and burning tyres throwing rocks israeli troops responding with tear gas and with some grenades scenes where familiar with but. perhaps extending today in bethlehem in have drawn in ramallah but for the first time in nablus two palestinians died today also one in situation which is not entirely clear. a at the gaza border fence and another whom israeli troops say ran a poll young palestinian men ran towards
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them armed with a knife they shot and killed him. neutralized is the word they used. okay and. here is the palestinians are hailing these events during the call of the last couple of days this thing. there is something of a rare victory is that what is the how your hearing. events be interpreted. yes it was a climb down. but by israel perhaps the original decision was mistaken there's a lot of debate inside israel about criticism inside israel. it some very hard right wing government they don't enjoy hearing the grand mufti of jerusalem saying that he has sovereignty over the al aqsa mosque compound. and they are now blaming each other blaming the ami blaming the security services him one. and a right wing m. minnesota has said. were actually cal it's because of the recruit recommendations they might so we can see them turning on each other. so that's the israeli side and the israeli moderate saying the whole action was misguided mishandled. but on the
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palestinian side there is a feeling that this was an action of the palestinian street it didn't come from. the political parties it didn't come from fatah who didn't come from hamas. it came from the street and from the mosque. and those of the two parties today that a satisfied. and that are claiming this is a victory i must say critics is also being taken by hamas. and by the northern islamist inside israel the islamist check ride salah. but really it is a victory over the east jerusalem palestinians most of whom i indulge in it was civil disobedience i mean there were also writes but was mostly civil disobedience of people praying outside the mosque. that shape this results. okay will pick you very much indeed for that update. mostly because it was my * in jerusalem thanks again. the courts in its stumble has decided that seven employees of an opposition newspaper should be released pending the outcome of that trial. however full of the employees of the gym hard at newspaper will remain behind bars until the end of the
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trial. amongst in the papers chief editor and a prominent columnist. well the newspaper staunchly opposed to president russia type out of on the arrest some part of a crackdown. which followed on from lost his failed to attempt. bozo it was just a mortimer has more now from ankara. it is good news for some of those that you journalists because the court has ordered the release of seven cumhuriyet stocks. removed released includes looser caught. it's the paper's best known cartoonists haakon car raw. who's had an editorial board member and a well known columnist and bolan looked coup. of who's the newspaper's lawyer. however the court is still detaining them bigger guns marat some bonds to the editor in chie. %-rd sheik the investigative
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reporter? i'm country go sell my house so the best known. newspaper columnist tin and turkey. and two of those are full ours said some very strong things when they gave testimony this week in the trial. marat someone shoot the editor in chief so the aim of this trial is to intimidate all journalists in turkey. what he meant was that if the government can crush you move over yet? which is the flagship. all state opposition press in turkey. then it would send a signal to reporters everywhere in the country. and get off which so often to take caref looks like a country and redesign. the stakes and redesigned circuits the society all of that has happened.
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our but our it's under it's our our system still in the making he was referring to president friendship type erdogan. are and what he has brought about what the stakes diplomat chintzy. and the referendum in april. ar. and the us which it said you know its laws limbs plan. but it's worth paying down by somebody else megan otherwise. from civil just emotional reporting that from ankara sh. north korea has launched a missile in the last couple of hours which is reported to have flown for about forty five minutes before landing in the waters of the sea of japan. where there are no reports of any damage will move prompted the japanese? colin into. should i quit raise the heat's on pyongyang saying that be. a communist country poses a both a grave and real threats. but missile launch also prompted the president of neighboring south korea moon j. in. to convene a meeting
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of his national security council. now despite efforts by the trump administration to mend fences with moscow the russian foreign ministry has the day or the united states to sharply reduce the numbers of diplomats based in the country. moscow added that his season two us diplomatic properties. and it's all in retaliation for a new round of us sanctions approved overwhelmingly by the senate. well the bill not pasta president donald trump for his final approval falsity fools can rush dozens more. tough countermeasures for tough new sanctions. russia's foreign ministry has ordered the u. s. to reduce its diplomatic staff members by two hundred to three hundred people by september first. according to russian media. moscow also said it would seize a holiday property and a warehouse used by u. s. diplomats. russian president vladimir putin criticized the new sanctions on thursday. she judged thor. it's about haiti that us russia relations are being
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sacrificed over questions of domestic politics. when he comes here across. the new sanctions are over alleged russian interference in the u. s. twenty sixteen presidential election. as well as russia's annexation of crimea in twenty fourtee. the bill also included sanctions against iran and north korea from one passed with an overwhelming majority in both houses of congress. however it remains unclear whether president trump will sign or veto the bill. but the white house on thursday said it supported the sanctions. by the president the administration support sanctions against russia iran and north korea. we continue to support strong sanctions against those three countries and. we're gonna wait and see what that final legislation looks like and make a decision at that point. the diplomatic spot goes back to december when former u. s. president barack obama expelled thirty five russian diplomats and seized a two diplomatic properties. in response to russia's alleged election meddling. russia denies interference
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and trump has denied collusion. non investigation has opened in southern spain following a train accident earlier on today in which more than fifty commuters were injure. one of them seriously. with a regional train was traveling to barcelona where it's reports have failed to break it and slammed into the platform. one frenchman romanian national were amongst those who were injured. staying in spain and the government has launched a legal process aimed at stopping catalonia from holding an independence referendum. speaking earlier on today the prime minister mehdi on over a whole he said that the votes to to be held on the first of october. will not go ahead but observers say that the standoff between madrid and barcelona is likely to intensify in the weeks ahead. principals claire rushed to hospital. there will be no referendum. spanish prime minister mariano rajoy reaffirmed his opposition to a new cattle on independence referendum at a press conference frida.
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nor burning will benefit in doing there will be no referendum on october first because the constitutional court has ruled it unconstitutional and therefore illegal. guns don't he laid out. catalonia is a semi autonomous region in northeastern spain with its own language and a strong separatist movement. earlier this week the cattle on regional government rule to fast track laws and preparations for an independence referendum in october. the third such a vote held by the region. that madrid is ask the constitutional court to veto the regional governments plan to hold the referendum. the chances of madrid obtaining its veto are high. as spain's constitutional court already ruled such referendums unconstitutional in twenty fourteen. when catalonia held its most recent independence vote. the twenty fourteen vote was non binding and only half of registered voters went to the polls. that more than eighty percent of those who participated voted in favor of independence.
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now back here in france ten months ago the country's only de radicalization center opened its doors. but less than a year later the french interior minister has announced its closure with the city and to reach out to would be jihadists. but it's also a whole chicken now explains very few volunteers and came forward. it had been hailed as a progressive idea by the previous governments. a supervised facility well up to two dozen radicalized young people could volunteer themselves fifty radicalized nation. off to attacks by home green jihadists in paris and need. the center for prevention integration on citizenship was opened last september. since february it's been sitting empty. no candidates had put their hands up the d. radicalize ation. forcing the government to close the facility for. the experiment of awoken center functioning on a voluntary basis has reached its limits the
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government has therefore decided to end the experiment in poland tony in the town of palm all on their own. i don't want my money this month a senate report called for the center to be scrapped. the previous administration had allocated forty million euros to this facility and eventually twelve others across the country. he needs no doubt has come as a relief to local residents in beaumont on their home. good bitterly opposed the fans out from the beginning. emmanuel mcluhan's government insists that haven't abandoned the idea of the radicalization facilities all together. in into ministerial de radicalize asian committee with the interior and justice ministries will be charged with developing alternative solutions. to incarceration. it's time now for a check of the top business news stories and shout peloton joins me now how high the charles hi tom let's start with the nationalist nationalization i should say of the s. t. x.. shipyards in france because it's an issue that's. look below to be brought hot under the collar that's
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slightly. french president emmanuel mccoy just backtrack he. to the decision on thursday to temporarily nationalized close shipyards on the atlantic coast. and this is generated a lot of criticism around europe. the move is a way to have more time to negotiate a lower price for a takeover by italian firm fincantieri. but this is raising questions for some. german paper handelsblatt for instance asking why isn't a european partner like fincantieri not considered to be trustworthy. the french government spokesman kissed of castanea defended the decision this friday saying that the stx shipyards. are a matter of national sovereignty. no social chair now that there's a dry dog in this shipyard that's the only one in europe where we can build an aircraft carrier. so it's about national sovereignty alone should assume i did assume that if a socialist faced with this risk france wants to remain a major partner for the shipyard shops in that. even if it means standing by this decision which has surprised many sector and which was obviously not directed
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against our italian partner just called. the boston we took it to defend the strategic and industrial interests of our country and do not. be. some airline news now with air france klm back in black company is now running a net profit of a hundred fifty one million euros thanks in part to higher traffic. there are other reasons for this change of fortune like strategic acquisitions and an important restructuring efforts. i will maxwell tells us mor. its profits are up about nine times since the same period last year. put this recovery alcohol scale em announced it would be cementing closer ties with delta airlines. china eastern and virgin atlantic. the idea behind it is to fight marcos rivals for market share. with the arrival of no frills long haul flights competition has intensified. have you're not you're not. we have an extremely competitive environments where consequently it was essential for alfonse klm not only to maintain its
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position. but to be aggressive it'll force. delta airlines and shanghai based china eastern will each get a ten percent stake in that fourth ko i am. raising seven hundred fifty one million euros the franco dutch carrier. in thailand* is born of thirty one percent stake in virgin atlantic. to give it to storm the fifteen in the lucrative trans atlantic flights markets. as well as at london heathrow. europe's busiest international hop. restructuring is also part of the efforts recovery story. after years of labor strife it recently one pilot backing for efficiency measures. and is adding to its feet with a new local subsidiary court june. it'll begin medium range operations this year unknown who flights in twenty eighteen. well the united kingdom's treasury chief philip hammond has said that britain will abide by european union rules for up to three years after it officially leaves the block. in march twenty nineteen. hammond explained this
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transition period was it necessary to move from this it's status quo today. to a new normal. this transition should add before the next general election which is scheduled for twenty twenty two. take a listen to phil pam. i think what the british public wants to see on the first day after we leave. his business pretty much as usual they'll expect to go to the supermarket and find that french and spanish products are on the shelf as usual. that expect to go to the apple be able to get on a plane and fly to a holiday destination in europe. exactly as usual so our job as we leave the european union is to make sure that we can do this in a way that is smooth. without disruption to people's everyday lives without. scripting the supply chains of businesses run across our borders. now some economic data now with the latest growth figures from the united states. the second quarter of this year that's between april and june the country's gross domestic product
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increased two point six percent. as a reminder of the gdp is the economy's total output of goods and services. that two point six percent figure is more than twice the increase we saw in the previous quarter which was of one point two percent. let spike is largely due to increased consumer spending of two point eight percent. also worth noting that this pace of growth is still considered slow economists are calling this the weakest recovery in the post world war two era. it's also a far cry from donald trump's pledge to reach growth rates of four percent or better. let's take a look at the markets now over on the wall street's. stocks are generally lower at the moment. economists saying the two point six growth rate in the second quarter was in line with expectations to dow jones just above the flat line zero point one percent the nasdaq down zero point one percent. the snp five hundred down almost zero point two percent. in europe stock sir have finished the week lower and dragged by amazon missing its earnings expectations in the previous session. also
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note. tobacco. stocks like imperial brands and british american tobacco ticket tumble after the american that food and drug mister a administration announced a new plan for tobacco and nicotine regulation. because if it's in london down i got about one percent the same for the paris cac adults. and the tax in frankford down zero point four percent. look at some of the other business stories making headlines this friday. u. s. oil giant exxonmobil reported a big jump in second quarter profits this boost comes from a recovery in oil prices following an agreement by opec. to limit production. exxon's up profits. are nearly double to close to three and a half billion dollars however they still missed wall street expectations. meanwhile in the financial sector burqa british bank barclays reported a net loss for the first half of the year of over a billion pounds after tax. year prior the bank had earned a net profit of over a billion
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pounds. the loss is linked to the offloading of part of it african banking unit which part of a strategic overhaul started last year. an electric car maker tesla will be delivering the first thirty model three vehicles later in san francisco. this could be a milestone for electric cars as this is the first model that has a competitive price destined for a mass market base price is about thirty five thousand dollars. ceo you are mosque will be hosting a ceremony where he'll be delivering the thirty cars to their owners. for mainly tesla. employees. and let's finish with a bang or should i say a crash in the uk the proud owner of a ferrari four fifty four thirty wrecked his supercar just an hour. after acquiring it. thankfully he was able to walk away with just your cuts and bruises but that two hundred eighty eight thousand dollar car sustained a lot more damage as you can see. police said the car quote went airborne and burst into
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flames but the accident does not appear to be speed related. car was one of only four hundred and ninety nine ever sold. tom a pair lead the. new road conditions were wet that's one explanation the police gave no missing you walked away without threats the court surprises that instead of a car. alright well sort of copy news stories spokesman him into his he survived thank you very much indeed for that. charlotte bellhop that with the business news that's it for me i'll be back a half assed my parents time to go
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07/28/17 07/28/17 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is democracy now! are 49, nays are 51. amy: in an stinging defeat for the republican party, the senate vote 49 to 51 against the repeal of the affordable care act. truck response on twitter -- "3 republicans and 48 democrats let the american people down. as i said from the beginning, let obamacare implode, then


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