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land in the name of securit. but struggling farmers are skeptical about their true intentions. we visited. enfance on cat and husband got dot com. from paris on froze twenty four on your cell at the top stories this hour nnsl united states vows to defend east european states from russian aggression with vice president mike pence continuing his tour. climate soviet states this is moscow tells the u. s. to cup the number of diplomatic staff it has in russia. international condemnation for venezuela are often what's being seen as a race boat aimed at bolstering the power of president maduro the opposition is calling for more unrest. following the deadly protests in months our correspondent in caracas
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joins us shortly. and for on certain dates adhere to an icon of the silver screen jan the whole. defend fatale best known for her role in new wave toxic jules and jim has passed away at the age of eighteen . i always thought there was reports of more check she is at the white house tonight the new york time. reporting that press double try. so it is communications director anthony scaramucci this often just eleven days on the job the controversial former banker was brought in to find the source of leaks to the media in the administration. and his appointment reportedly led white house spokesman sean spicer to quit his post remote trump's new chief of staff general
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john kerry has been sworn i. the retired marine replaces ryan's previous another. out so going member of the trumpet ministration the washington insider reportedly left amid a. storm of discord last week were his trump speaking about john kerry swearing in chester. an arisaka. we'll have a look. juice warren. general kelly. he will do i. spectacular job i have no doubt. we're doing very well we have a tremendous base. i'll have a tremendous little support for country is optimistic. and i think the general just at. often the turmoil in washington at trump's vice president's aids in georgia where he's continuing the tour of former soviet states taking with him the message washington. is with you against russian aggression mike pence visit the region during a severe downturn in ties with russia the kremlin. has ordered that the u. s. cut hundreds of diplomatic
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starve from russia a response to stick sanctions. imposed on moscow by washington last week lead schrager has the story. expulsions of us diplomatic stuff from moscow washington's move to levy sanctions against russia it's all part of spiraling rhetoric which is threatening to spread as russia's deputy foreign minister warned on. u. s. television. even the u. s. side decides to move further toward southern near it deterioration that we will. sir we were. in kind. we will mirror this we will retaliate by michael but my coal and. he's don doobies it's to the detriment of the interests of the u. s.. u. s. interests and others besides not consulted the european union was a dos that the initial scope of u. s. sanctions on russia. response to its alleged meddling in last year's election. the text included wording that targets any company providing russia with goods services technology
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information or support for use in pipeline constructio. for any you still relied for at least a third of its energy on cheap russian gas that's a no go zone. possibly threatening the plan nord stream to pipeline to germany and a host of european energy firms. despite what syllable boo pray it difficult to do more good but so if we look at all the projects which come under sanctions including the southern and turkish streams. we will see that such countries as germany. austria italy france the netherlands great britain sweden and finland will all suffered damages. this is a big part of europe it will indeed seriously hits european business or poor european school of business. for now russia's left the choice with washington as to which of the seven hundred and fifty five diplomatic staff it'll have to count. the number designed to bring levels into line with the total of russian diplomatic staff in the united states. we love the united states is mulling sanctions on a
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venezuelan oil exports following yesterday's controversial referendum. the vote was marred by bloody protests the results are hotly contested president maduro says he now has a mandate to press ahead with plans to rewrite the constitution but the opposition is calling for more unrest. and claims at least eighty eight percent of venezuelans boycotted yesterday's fight. in caracas a newspaper screams of eight million people turning up a piece a day after a controversial vote widely dismissed as a power grab by president nicolas maduro. the debris left scattered from protests in certain areas that. a different story. it seems to me that what they kissed for what i've seen in my forties. here's. conceivable that yesterday the government had more votes than when chavez in magento one. and all the cues particularly where i live and miranda state's. and all the polling stations were deserted there when they accuse anyway.
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yeah only mean more likely that all. the reality was different what was reflected in the country does not go with the numbers they gave. so only the ruling party believe it. others went further still. and it was a huge fonts like everything else in this country pure and simple. at all my biggest robbery i've ever seen i was where the government said it had a huge turnout and it was like they say. it's pure lye. so many ordinary venezuelans though rather than politics the concern is for the deteriorating state of the country. we but it also. i think we're living through is very dangerous. my call is definitely for venezuelans remain united. we can't allow a dictatorship by nicolas maduro. there are no freedoms no good economy no good medicine. we are starving we have no means of transportation. for. fears over such shortages though are likely going to have to take a backseat until the nation can find a way through its latest
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political problems fast. well as can answer correspondent and ahead of who is in the venezuelan capital i correct hasn't had a just tell us what is the situation that some twenty four hours after that very. controversial referendum took place. own yeah what what you started you couldn't conduct by saying that little obnoxious not typical on battling election speak more antique mall cardinal peopl. i'm the only one we could be out by without that thing number three again because he joined the family every electro on done you're lying were not at. all what we expected and even media giving cover the if that you are. not people behind the m
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felt a bit differently even mop on patrol. but mobile welfare get there waiting for guidance agreeable solution who again car could cram all week and then they have been doing for a month now. and then movie not making any actual change in the government. littlebigplanet now we have. our economy to iraq which are really seems to be and y dismissive off but not only the criticism. at home but also the criticism. broads and most worryingly perhaps at the government is saying that it will create this new a truth commission
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head to to find a government dissidents amendment that messages like that coming from the government are very worrying at this stage. madden you they're very worrying and a lot of opposition leader of wonder about that and that that this could happen. actually happen again that that a bit it's monday after our billet both were out that but when you think of people about what you do. it will hurt ask your. what he called parent with there's no other that opposition leader died? primarilyly the protest wet all backwards. bands that.
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i narrowed in caracas a very worrrrying situation indeeed thank you very much indeed for joining us. well moving now to afghanistan where a four hour assault on the iraqi embassy in kabul has ended at least two people are believed to have died along with the attack as. it began with a suicide bombing at the main gate skillman then entered the building and battle security forces for several hours the islamic state group has claimed responsibility. camera border has more detail. the deadly attack in the heart of kabul. a suicide bomber blew himself up but the main gates of the iraqi embassy. allowing three other attack is to enter the building. then follows a gun battle which lasted several hours. buy a comic abysmal through northern through suddenly we heard a huge explosion. it was very very loud. and then everyone started panicking we run away and the police and the army came la but we austin what was
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happening. because we didn't know we had people shouting and gunfire but we didn't see any telephone into god's across a. the islamic state group has claimed responsibility for the attack. the assailants and several guards were killed. as afghan forces say embassy personnel were safely evacuated. kabul has seen a numbeber of deadly attacks in recent months. blamed on either the highest group or the taliban. these attacks have targeted government buildings as well as members of the shiite has our community. at least sixteen hundred civilians have died in the country. since the beginning of twenty seventeen. french governments announce plans to him too new reception centers for migrants in the north of the country they softer court ordered it to end the inhuman treatment of foreigners trying to reach the uk. because says the government must provide clean water and sanitation to migrants and refugees around the calais area. becomes almost a year after
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the so called jungle camp was destroyed so we sit on hasbro. nmo. this is hell migrants have stocked up on water in the county area. through holes brought by ngos each migrant was allowed to fill one bottle per day. the french government to local authorities had refused to provide water fountains showers and latrines. but on monday the state's highest administrative court ruled the have to provide them within two days otherwise france would be violating migrants basic rights. migrants living conditions show serious shortcomings from public authorities which expose the people involved in humane or degrading treatment. humanitarian associations had alerted authorities over the situation taking the case to court. after a local court ordered authorities to provide minimal aid last.
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local authorities and the interior minister appealed the decision saying that setting up water fountains and showers would attract migrants back to cow they. were a massive camp of about ten thousand people was destroyed in october. so the battle for border fountains are not the reason migrants have come to college. saying that. regis is double see some of it. about four hundred migrants are currently settled in the county area. hoping to cross the channel and find work in the uk. and the french president emmanuel michael is among those paying tribute today to you french actress john that mojo who's died at the age of eighteen nine the star of the new wave toxic jules and jim. mojo was renowned for stating the limelight arch from fatale she worked to direct his including hostile to flow and orson welles shelly sit on looks back after an acclaimed career.
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nnova. of john woo is more than one hundred films many's favorite is julen jam full sweat before was nineteen sixty two for france's conservative society captivating audiences with h this songg. anand they need now s shalli couldn't live. when. that some day y and they. well. the long run and. uhhuh moral plead with and for some of the world's greatest orson welles marcello mastroianni shown go bomb. juvenile do pearl jr. michelangelo antonioni. luis bunuel and louis malle. shee. her performances were intense and she never limited herself to one specific category.
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these are infused with life when you opt to use everything you've experienced. every instance beautiful films beautiful cinema is full of vibration. then you know morals performances were acclaimed by critics she won an oscar for lifetime achievement best actress simpan ten various french film and theatre awards. she remained popular throughout her seven decade long career becoming one off the rare a actresses deeeepy first roles in her seventies and eighties. when her voice was smoky or than ever. good good idea job. holy oscar nominated american actor sam shepard has died shifted to one the pulitzer prize for his work as a player seventy three years old. his career spanned maybe five decades he won the pulitzer. for drawmer in nineteen seventy nine for his play buried child and was
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nominated for an academy award in nineteen eighty four for best. actor in a supporting role that was for the movie the right stuff which came out back in nineteen eighty three. now the royal families of belgium and britian met today in belgium to commemorate the one hundredth anniversary of one of world war ones bloodiest assaults the battle of passion dale they were joined by the german foreign minister. along with some descendants of those who perished in the historic battle rebecca rossman has the story. i have. promise to never subjects. members of the british and belgian royal families laid flowers and stood for a minute of silence. as part of a ceremony marking the one hundred year anniversary of world war one battle of passchendaele. which wounded or killed nearly half a million soldiers we remembered not only for the rain that fell. the mad. that way down the living and
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swallowed the dead. but also for the courage and bravery. of the men who fought here and won a fresh breeze whispers. two d. our troops. it touches something inside all of us. it is as if the forum. we're telling us. we did this for you. we. who were one was already entering its fourth year when the bomb started on july thirty first nineteen seventeen? british commander sir douglas haig was looking to make a breakthrough. into constant plan to end german submarine operations in the building hopes. the goal was to take control of the small village of personnel in just a few day. and then move on to the coast. but things quickly grew out of hand. the german surprise the allies with mustard gas. and a consistent heavy rainfall turned the
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battleground into liquid mu. it would take more than three months until the allies sees the town.. they never made it to the belgian coast. nearly twelve thousand common law soldiers are buried at ten consummate terry. where the ceremony took place? during the ceremony thousands of paper poppies were dropped from the roof of the cemeteries gate. to honor the some fifty four thousand british soldiers. with out unknown grave. well let's get to be so she's a queen okay meaty is with us in the studio and dedicate wear out waiting to see. if the united states is going to impose sanctions on the venezuelan up oil industry particularly have the markets reacting sipho will very mixed reaction really we saw we've seen oil prices going up and now coming back down again. because all because venezuela's oil industry of course could be targeted here. support suggesting that caracas would not be directly blocks from exporting its own oil to the u. s.. they could be limited on it access to u. s.
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products were used to refine it. either way it could be a huge bloated venezuela's economy. opec's has the oil and gas sector is worth about a quarter of the country's total gdp. other estimates put that even higher. could also be moves to restrict the government and state run oil company for accessing the european the us banking system. oil prices did jumped to month highs earlier in the session we used a gi trading above fifty dollars a barre. it retreated about an hour ago but is now back up and about one percent those figures are actually the ones that we have from about an hour ago there. a us wti indeed up about a percentage point days our. international brand has also reversed its trend and is trading at about fifty to six two of our will have the latest figures for you. in the next button there. on the stock markets the dow jones has had a new record high earlier this corporate earnings continue to roll i. boeing shares up about one percent after announcing new airplane orders from india just the nasdaq trading down about a third of a percentage point this hour.
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cemex session in europe get counted dropped nearly three quarters of one percent. germany's dax down about a quarter way down by its auto industry. fifty one hundred bash close just above the flat line there. unemployment in the eurozone dropped to its lowest level since two thousand and nine but just nine point one percent of the population out of work in june. jobless rate also dipped in italy and spain two countries which i've seen persistently high levels. your eleven and seventeen percent respectively. meanwhile prices increased at an annual annualized rate of one point three percent in july. that's is still well under the ecb's two percent inflation target. it means the bank is likely to continue up its continued stimulus measures until inflation picks up. no low wage growth remains another key concern underscored by yet another piece of data released this monday. you're stuck estimates estimates that one third of the eu population cannot afford to take a one day holiday. many of those who were lucky
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enough to be leaving on summer holiday this weekend here in france were stuck in a massive gridlock. is madonna station in central paris was forced to cancel delay or re route dozens of trains because of technical problems. national rail service may have to reimburse the thousands of unhappy passengers somewhat maxwell explains. it's the same mad rush as every train leaves the station. beneath three out of four high speed trains are running as normal from problem lasts. some of whihh haveve been re routed by enough of prison station four kilometers away. le. yes and i was told that my train was leaving. the minutes i'm going to try and catch it. so often that we took a taxi to move on us and we could have gone straight to estimates up we have two young children and loads of luggage. another's new space on the bottom of a surprise. sncf has identified a signal failure on saturday evening as the cause of the chaos. failure which could prove costly for france's national
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state bird railway company. trouble stuff that one of the busiest times of year to travel. a day known as black saturday on the roads. as millions of people set off for ten from holiday. sncf says eighty five percent of people traveling through move on us on sunday reach that destinations. but some six thousand five hundred java does have that trains counseled. and thousands more were kept waiting. anyone who experience a delay of more than four hours will be fully reimbursed. about us will also close early as engineers worked overnights. but they could just be tinkering with the program. just two weeks ago there was another failure. leading to concerns about me about us is aging signal network. built in the nineteen eighties. france constitutional court has approved the eu's trade agreement with canada. comprehensive economic and trade agreement aims to remove barriers and increased trade across the atlantic. the critics say threatens environmental health and labor standards. ninety percent of the
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agreement is due to enter into force in september before being ratified by the eu's national and regional parliaments. moving on some days other business headlines now. a french court has once again delayed its decision on a government backed rescue plan for the gms car parts factory. ruling is now not expected until september. bailout would see more than half of the two hundred seventy seven workers there lose their jobs. with financial participation from its two biggest clients put on fancy citron as well as the french state. employees have been protesting for months creating the first major industrial dispute. face emmanuel macros administration. i just received our profits rise five percent over ten billion dollars in the first six months of the year europe's biggest bank also known. to begin falling back up socially dollars worth of shares my but and you know. one was in the middle of the tyrant manager sees itself assets and jobs.
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planet eclipse returns investors making a purchase by twenty nineteen. meanwhile i just he sees losses price tag on the planet moves. from london to paris associated. she was a dollars and cost of three hundred thousand dollars for each of the thousands workers will be relocated. total three hundred million dollars. other international firms like morgan stanley and i think we're also planning to ship jobs out of the uk. maintain access to european single market and they're gt dibs sean gaffney reports. i am testifying t to eli on mosque arriving to a rock star welcome at the launch of his company's latest offering. the model three is the carmakers cheapest vehicle to date with prices starting at thirty five thousand dollars. tesla's aiming to produce five thousand cars a week
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initially with this targus increasing to ten thousand by the end of f next year. t the company has been beset by persistent production delays with previous cars enters a production.. the thing that's going to be up the majoror challenenge r us over the next six ninine months. is how we bowled a huge number cars and frankly we're going to be in production how. welcome well tessa says the arrival of the model three is a crucial step in its mission to speed to the global transition to renewable energy. the car's battery will run for three hundred and fifty kilometers before needing to be rechararged by. the end of next yearr there will be three times as many super charges there are today. eventually you'll be able to go anywhere on earth. to flags rose at the model ththree t to t thirty of its customers most of themm employoyees. it says more tn half a million buyers have already placed deposits. selling five hundred thousand vehicles a year
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uld see thehe car maker i perform rivals like bmw and lexus in the u. s.. but the targus maybe ambitious for a company that's yet to turn a profit. a thirty five thousand dollars it may be less than half the price of what their tesla cars. but the model three is more expensive than rivals the nissan leaf on chevrolet votes. finally it's one of scotland's most popular and profitable products. now the scottish government want scotch whiskey to be defined in british law to protect the industry after the uk release the european union. under eu law what next scotch whiskey is very clearly defined but that won't be the case post brags that unless the market is protected under british law. scott industries working on it for a half billion euros in exports. sports around twenty thousand jobs scotland's economy secretary said he was concerned in particular about possible american imports. which were discussed during us uk trade talks in washington last week. which could flood the market if standards are indeed changed.
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i could affect all kinds of indiscriminate were really big from banking to whiskey and now one of the many many negotiations that about a half and then on the two years since. remark listening kate thank you very much indeed take me that with
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