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tv   DW News  LINKTV  August 3, 2017 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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laila: this is dw news live from berlin. germany y economic at odds over the mawhoo dappeareded germany y says this maman was kidnapapped by vietnamesee agen. also coming up, a thumbs down to the deal between german carmakers and the government. they cut -- to cut diesel emissions. ththey say it t they look carmas off lalyly. scscientists edit a defective ge
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in human embryos. groundbreaking research that can cure hopes of curing diseases. but there are ethical concerns. ♪ thank you for your company. we start off with those strange relations between germany and vietnam. the two countries are in the middle of a diplomatic row after the disappearance of a the enemy's oil executive living in germany. he is wanted in the anomaly corruption charges. germany accuses the anomaly kidnapping him. the anon says he turned himself into a police station in the the emmys capital -- in the vietnamese capital. >> central berlin, july 23 at 10
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:4:40 a.m. a man and woman are held at gunpoint and forced into a car. the man who was kidnapped is a business executive from vietnam and a former leading member of the communist party. he applied f for asylum in germrmany. hihis german lawyer was stunnedy his case. i've never seen a case where a foreign government kidnapped one of his -- one of their own citizens in broad daylight in full view of the german government. >> the german foreign ministry believes the communist ministry had to be taken the way/ -- taken away. now, he has been kidnapped. the german government is serious
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and has threatened drastic consequences. german and the enemies relationships have hit a low point. >> the kidnapping of the vietnamese citizen is a serious crime against german law and international law. >>he government of the anon sesees the situation as a misunderstanding and regrets the german reaction. it believes s he is a corrupt businessman and says he has now given himself up. vietnamesese state televevisions now broadcast a statement going the ninistry. he admdmits he went undergroundn germany and regrets leaving -- fleeing. >> d during my e escape, i was't thinking mataturely and dedecido hidede. during thatt timime i realized i neededed to returnrn and face te truth and d my superiorsrs.
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i i should tell ththem i am awaf my misistakes and apapologize. my family also supports my decision to turn myself in. >> people he sees a victim of an internal power struggle and his lawyer is worried he will receive the death sentence. laila: let's talk with a professor who specializezes in vietnamese politics at the university of oregon in the u.s. these charges are very serious. why would tan be so dangerous to the communist leaders that they would authorize a brazen act like that? >> he found the board of directors of the construction
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corporation. this i is a state-owned companan vietnam. itit oversees a a lot o of busis and a assets in the ecoconomy. he h h misused s state access ad it was a v violation o s state assets. laila: how credible arby's corruption claims against them -- how credible are these claims against him? tuong: he has denied that he was involved in any corruption. he said the corruption took place b before he tookokhe
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position.. it was o out of his contntrol. according to him. laila: german authorities alleged hehe was kidnapped from berlin a and taken back to vietnam. are you aware of similar cases? has this happened before? tuong: i am not aware of any similar cases before this case. laila: germany has protested very strongly over this case. what sort of reaction do you think the anon expected after this -- do you think vietnam expected after this? tuong: it is hard to say what they expected. they might have extract related -- they might have relayed the process and thought they could have gotten away with it.
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they might have thought that after the initial task, they thought it would not be so important to germany to damage the long-term relationship. that is why they carried out the abduction. laila: tuong vu from the university of oregon. a new investigation into a plane crash that killed poland's former president was politically motivated. and happens in russia -- it happened in russia in 2010. while polish investigators spent eight hours questioning tusk, who was prime minister at the time of the incident, they accuse russia and donald tusk himself.
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the foreign ministers of russia and the u.s. will meet next week to discuss the state of relations between their two countries. it comes one day after donald trump signed a fresh sanctions against moscow because of its meddling in the 2016 elections. the prime minister has described these sanctions as tantamount to a full-scale trade war. alright, now to that medical breakthrough, an international team of scientists has used genetic editing to remove a faulty gene from human embryos. this milestone in the fight against inherited diseases is controversial. any changes would be passed on to future generations without knowing about the side effects that may also be passed on. >> there is a genetic disease
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that would allow her heart to stop at any moment and there's a 50-50 chance her children could inherit it. >> i wouldldn't want t to pass anything onto my children t that comes with a life of risk. that comes to the front of f my mind when i think about having children. >> scicientists have reacheded a breakthroughgh in gene editing that could allow people like from passing it on to the nexext generation. ththis could stop thousands ofof hereditary d diseases. scientists cut the faulty gene and left the human embryo living for five days. >> these are molecular scissors that would allow you to direct the scissors into a very
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specific site and a very specific gene. >> researchers to go -- researchers duplicated the experience men's -- the experiments over time. >> this is a big deal. we won't know what happened when the embryo grows into a baby or when the baby grows into an at all. these are some big unknowns that it will take years to understand. >> nicole also has reservations. >> i wouldn't want to create the perfect child. i feel it my conditition makes e meme. >> d despite the controversy,, e editing could give thousands of unborn children the chance for a healthy life. laila: let us bring you up to
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speed with other stories. the fbi has attained a cyber security expert credited with helping to stop the global ransomware attack eaearlier this year. marcus hudson's is a british citizen that was arrestedd durig a hackers conference in las vegas. he has been charged with advertising and selling hacking tools. thousands of people have taken part in a gay pride parade in jerusalem amid tight security. two years ago, a 16-year-old girl was stabbed to death at the event. the pride march has faced criticism from religious leaders in this conservative city. german car crosses signed up for an agreement to modify engine software. today, many consumers say they feel cheated. consumer protection groups say it is not clear whether the software updates will be enough to keep affected vehicles on the road. >> the flow of diesel can
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continue. for this driver and many other german car owners, the diesel summit brought some relief. thanks to software modifications, the future of the diesel engine is safe for now. many consumers doubt the final words have been spoken. >> modifying software is not a serious improvement. hardware changes are what we need and what they did before that is fraud. >> calling this a joke would be too nice. i think this is the last german car i will drive because i have to assume not only the carmakers are --are cheating me, but the state which is supposed to protect me is standing behind the carmakers. in fact, politicians and industry bosses agreed on the most minimal concessions possible at the diesel summits. software changes on more than 5 million cars should reduce
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emissions by up to 30%. committees discussed the outcome behind closed doors. critics say only hardware changes could eventually lead to cars meeting the required admissions values. germrman small business is very crcritical of the outcome. >> we are demanding these companies buy back the manipulated parts. >> and the manipulated cars.s. d not totoday's rock-bottom priris but based d on the list t of prs ththey were valued at before t e diesel scandal. that would be a huge help to people, and especially to small business owners. >> the transport minister defends the summits decisions -- the summit's decisisions. one major result is there will be premiums for trading and cars
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that have an older standard than the so-called-year-old fall -- euro fall. for many german car drivers, these reassuring words will have little credibility. for them, there are more questions than answers. it is unclear what will happen to foreign car brands and the software modification is contested by environmental activists. >> german carmakers have taken a hit after agreeing on software changes. at the diesel summit, carmakers wanted to regain consumers' trust. but they reached is more than certainty -- more uncertainty. laila: with doubts growing ovevr the future of diesel, so did the numbers of young germans who are not interested in owning cars. they are sharing east t scooters
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instead -- e-scooters. that's next.
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laila: so glad you are with us. you're watching g dw news. this is our main n headline now. a d diplomatic row has brorokent overer germany andnd the anon. gegermany says t t man was kidnapped by t the enemy'sgentss but now disappeared on vietnamese television saying he turned himself in. tesla is confident it will hit ambitious production targets, but daniel, they still have a long way to go.
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daniel: it is a company ahead of its time. peoplele are saying tesla is woh over $50 billion. tesla is doing better than market watchers were expecting, but the -- with the e-carmaker reporting high numbers. but it has to overcome the huge costs of gearing up for mass production. three is the magic number. the company says it is receiving nearly 2000 reservations for the model three every day. nott bad for a card that has ben on the m market for less t thana weweek. vevestor worryesla cou be siswiped by at demd. it made just over 25,000 cars in the second quarter, but it says it is now on track to make 10,000 level -- 10,000 model threes per week.
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it is investing millions in a new battery factory. the company says it will double the number of charging stations keep its cars powered. tesla may be the coolest car brands around, but it has never made a profit. its vision of a high-tech, clean energy future has made it more valuable than ford and gm. tesla says it faces at least six months of manufacturing hell as it ramps up production but also says there will be zero concern it will meet its targets. it will be a nervous pmos for can -- for investors as they see as they see it tesla can keep the promise. in new york, tesla was driving the market. can tesla really keep its promises? >> at least up the last quarter, they burned less cash than
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expected. even if they are not profitable, they have enough cash to fulfill protection plans. on the other side, the big russian is if there might be any delays with production. you also have to see that the suppliers will speed up theieir deliveries. the employees of tesla will be challenged. we have to wait and see for the next couple of months if everything goes smoothly. wall street seems to believe so. the stock was up by a good 6%. daniel: we're seeing president trump handing out s sanctions. chinaa next, we hear. surely, he wouldn't want to threaten his key trading partner. are these empty threats? >> what we already see is in certain areas like steel imports
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to the united states, there happened a few -- by the way on the other side, china is taking a pretty high terrorist imports from the u.s.. now, the new threats include the possibility of intellectual property violations, whatever that is going to mean. bottom line is the two biggest economies on -- in the planet relies so heavily on each other that an open trade war is not a good idea and very unlikely. daniel: it could be more talk than action. in new york, thank you very much for that. your average city dweller has plenty of options for getting around. take the train, private bytes. so why bother owning a car?
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here is an app that lets you hop onto an e-scooter. it is a trend taking berlin by storm. >> find a scooter, use the app, pop on a helmet, and you are good to go. that is the idea behind a moped sharing company based in berlin. it may be only a little more than a year old, but clean mobility h has propepelled clie. >> we grew up at a time when owning a car was the ultimate goal. that has changed for us personally. we don't see owning parts as being part of our r freedom. instead, we w want to have e acs to a v vehicle whenenever it is cocoenient foror us. >> em is one of several
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startupsmymy working with the ridesharing economy. they should pay attention to the changing tastes of consumers. >> they are trying to turn back the clolock, and you cannot doo ththat. they should d really put the pel to the metal and invest in newew tetechnology and reall comommito it.. >> at least for emmy customers, they're heading headlong into the future at their own pace daniel. daniel: a fire broke out in tokyo. officials say the fire spread -- start at a nearby building and spread quickly. they contained the latest before it reached stores in the popular tourist destination. no injuries were reported. they say business is like sports except for real.
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there is nothing unreal about this next buyout from the world of football. laila: you can say that again. neymor is finally a traded player. the club put out a tweet saying he is coming and he signed a five-year deal. his 222 billion euro buyout clause was finally paid. the deal would break europeans spending rules but brazil said it has been fulfilled. neymor says he is very happy to join the sg. and why wouldn't he be? take us through the day's events. >> it started off early.
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he is the man in the white hand -- hat. he was not this is a madrid this morning to hand over the money and he was turned away. the offices said we will not take this and they were trying to block the transfer, which isn't surprising is the president of la luega said it breaks the rules. they flew to barcelona and he took the check to the club and handed it over to them and said here is the money, do you want to take it? the club three and a half hours ago said yes they want to take it. they released his contract. the payment is still unbelievable. now he is a free agent. half an hour ago, he was able to sign. laila: let's talk about what happened there. with the spanish league in their right to refuse the check? >> the league regardless of
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where it is from, they are an intermediary. they're there to receive and deliver the money. they cannot be in a position to say they can keep or refuse the money. that is what they did this morning. i think they didn't want to get rid of one of the best players in their league. they were trying to be as difficult as possible. they didn't have any jurisdiction to try to stop the transfer from going through. laila: would you say the newly has complied with these financial fair player rules? >> they are trying to. the way to understand this transfer is essentially that neymor has been given the money to buy himself out of his own contract. we have never seen this before. we have seen players by themselves out of lower million contracts. this is the first time we have seen a player by himself out of such a contract. paris isn't really in the equation because he is essentially a gift to his club.
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he will not turn up on the books anywhere. they are trying to circumvent financial fair play. it is very difficult, it is the first time we are seeing anything along this scale. it seems to be legegal for the time being. i'm sure they will get it as soon as the deal goes through. laila: it is probably not the last time we will see something like that happened. >> is the beginning. laila: thank you so much. the netherlands are leading england and the second half of the second semi final. in the first, denmark meet austria after a 0-0 job to reach their first final. the world's biggest heavy metal festival has kicked off in northern germany. while tens of thousands of fans are expected to events -- attend
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the three-day event, we leave you from images of the opening day. will you be back at the top of the hour. now, go ahead and rock on.
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cat and husband got dot com. you live in paris or france twenty four with me lauricella the headlines this hour. ndan is well ahead if a further clashes with president maduro said just wearing his new assembly on friday in this program here through the door set of one of the opposition leaders. was taken from his home and thrown into me. jail. sweet. u. s. president donald trump blames congress for pushing relations with russia to a new low moscow says new sanctions. imposed by washington amount to a declaration of a trade war. and iran says new us sanctions on tehran or a breach of the twenty fifteen nuclear agreement


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