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forrest using on the next observers they're. the absurdist iraq all fonts like cats. and things like that don't calm. you watching live in paris on for us for the full on arsenio the top stories this hour. other accounts underway in rwanda with president pull to go meet widely expected to win a third term he's credited with a flourishing economy. by human rights groups accuse him of crushing descends. the us attorney general says four people have been charged over leaks to the u. s. media jeff sections says the unprecedented release of classified information. is undermining the government.
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and that is why this new assembly holds its first session define protests at home. and condemnation of growth the ex foreign minister is elected to lead the new party which has the power to rewrite the constitution . first he recently called the election nothing more than a formality and rwanda's president paul kagame is widely expect it's when the third time tonight. there just to others in the race softer series of candidates were barred from running kigami has ruled rwanda a full seventeen years sees ever seen a miraculous economic recovery. but he's also accused of multiple human rights abuses sometime chante has this reports. live long lines and polling stations in some parts of the rwandan capital.
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nationals of the east african country because the pilot. in an election that long time president paul kagame is expected to win. the fifty nine year old strong woman walked away with nineteen three percent of the vote in. ten. who live he stayed tight lipped on friday? the gunman has previously sent at the election as a mere formality. one of his opponents franco bonanza of the enemy permitted opposition party hailed the process. he had attempted to run for the twenty ten presidential election. but it's hot he was unable to register for the voters. that certain vocal support for them a present under because the festival to push a button. so it's going to bug pittman up filling struggling for eight years disadvantaged replied hoping to build on this foundation. recommend a much better. i mean the hymnal independent phoebe fine mama a scene has a significant threat. a gunman who is held offices two thousand. remains popular for presiding if a
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roughage economic recovery. he has led to rwanda with a steady hand forming the genocide two decades ago. but i thought we would i'm going to vote for the person who has taken rwanda full would get a request for you and will continue to do so. them do with tact. critics meanwhile accuse condemning of widespread human rights abuses term suppression. of perceived opponents. well i'm joined now in the studio by kalam accu watchers she's the co founder of the rwandan and g. o. t. c.. she's also a former miss rwanda and a supporter of president khatami thanks for being with us on fronts twenty full. prescribing me now why did pull could go me describe this election is nothing more than. a formality that would suggest that a lack of respect for the democratic process would in no. a i say. each country and. has its own way to to look. at leads. and this is our only way to do things it's randi's who have been. who has asked
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and? for him to leave at once again so i i may say it's a full democracy. and to have him. in these elections. i don't see any problem with that. but he's already changed the constitution so that he can serve for five terms to then just before an election say look i'm gonna win anyway. it it seems to suggest that the election is perhaps not free in fat. a just when the correction is not the one i don't think he's not he's not the one who i hope who are. change the constitution because. . and like for example of extreme experience that. on my social media like on my instagram of. i've put a post. to know what and when do you think about it and people have been exchanging somewhere. okay with beats some were not okay with that so it means like. wendy's have. freedom to talk and they have. freedom to to make choices. for their own better for
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for their own. a brighter future but it is problematic across africa isn't it that when that leaders choose to ignore term limits in and stay on indefinitely i mean you see for example in zimbabwe robert megami staying on for an awfully long. time and and many other leaders across africa stay way beyond that time limits it does then cause problems of violence you not worried that might happen in reminders well. i am not worried because and as wend. we decided to to change the constitution is not him who decided to stay on the. on the. . present in that position. he's such a great president the people want to change the constitution so he can
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say yes. and. human rights watch and has leveled some pretty serious accusations against paul kagame. it says that free speech is severely restricted there was no. independent press and anyone who does to criticize this government and disappears or as arrested or skills and those accusations false. i i was born and raised in orinda i've never seen that. as i've been saying. on my social networks there were some youth who are saying no they're not and they're not. . they worked against a host of florida who are exempt against that idea of. . the change of the constitution but. they have me not attacked they have been not. they're free to talk their other their free to express themselves. i'm sorry. do you think get so human rights watch would have a reason to lie. a i don't think there is any problem in rhonda.
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okay cologne thought they want to thank you for talking to us thank you very much for having me. now war famine and some outbreak of deadly cholera in yemen the situation for civilians is bleak especially for young children more than a million children under the age of five are severely mound. to our team in yemen so fast hand just how desperate the situation has become at nine a summary reports from the serbian hospital. in the capital sanaa and a warning some viewers may find. this is a day. he's seven months old he has severe malnutrition. desperate to help him his family traveled for weeks from the remote island of socotra. to a hospital here. in yemen's capital sana. but if the feds. we tried to treat his malnutrition on the islands. but there are no facilities available no skill doctors. so we came here to sign on.
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hello. you know on such a survey on the journey he was uncomfortable and sick. when we arrived here we were surprised to see how crowded it was. were they told us to come back another day. how about a guy one tiny? but a story is not unusual. war has brought yemen already the poorest country in the arab world to its knees. a two year bombing campaign led by saudi arabia ostensibly targeting iran backs who the rebels. has left thousands dead. this week u. n. decried. in yemen saying a deliberate economic blockade was being used as a tactic of rule. in a country heavily dependent on food imports. the results a stark. millions of children like a day all malnourished. and the country is on the brink of famine and with the guys. medical infrastructure already limited before the violence began has been
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decimated. after a four day wait abed is found for a day. his fate now lies in the hands of these medics whose resources are severely stretched. many of them have not been paid in months. across the corridor is a si. just over a year old he too is suffering from acute malnutrition. buses they did not but he's weak. z. as omitting them has a problem with digestion vietnam digest all that shit about it of sort helping a lot of hospitals about that. they've not been able to teach and i did a few criminals such found mike diddle she added to a butto. windows and then. this boy arrived foodies ago in his condition had that as he cannot move we bring a note from the mouth. some some children the hospital doctors know ts
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little relief in sight. yemen was hungry children. to the united states now whether it's any generals is full of people have been charged by the leaks to the media jeff sessions says the justice department. has tripled the number of investigations link to looking up classified and sensitive information. that's been a steady stream of white house leaks most recently the transcripts of phone calls between president trump and other world leaders. sessions said the lakes were undermining the government's ability to do its job. and here's what i want to tell every american today. this nation must end this culture of leaks we will investigate and seek to bring criminals to justice. we will not allow. rogue anonymous sources with security clearances do sell out our country. these cases. they're investigate and prosecute are never easy. but cases will be married and lakers will be held accountable.
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prevention is what is required an investigation of a leak. is to life really. that damage is done. what is gonna to washington correspondent galaga family is that and i got to go we just had jeff sessions as trying to take an aggressive stance when it comes to stopping these lakes because so far? and nobody has been able to stop this sensitive information from getting onto the front pages of the american newspapers. yeah absolutely and this is proved to be a real nuisance for this administration since a day one it grew into a major source of frustration and ultimately became a. full out obsession for this president who is constantly tweeting about these leaks. saying you know that they put in jeopardy national security put of the lives of americans at risk we heard those exact same words from the attorney general. during this upright so called friends and donald trump always talking about the
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necessity of cracking down on those leakers and punishing them. to the fullest extent of the law and that's pretty much what we heard today from the attorney up. general this has also you have to keep this in mind fueled. much of the negative perception in the public opinion of this president and the inner workings of this white house because as you mentioned these leaks such as in the case. of. these. leak that transcript of of phone conversations between the president and not some of his foreign counterparts would expose. a donald trump some weakness is his inability of time to get what he wants and his lack of mastery of international. about protocol it's also why
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conveniently. shifting the conversation away from some of the more sensitive topics that have been dominating the headlines such as russia gates. to another. completely different topic and that's the leaks and the leakers that that's right and that has been a lot of talk and about subpoenas today has make gallagher because that other investigation that into trump's alleged collusion. with russia has taken another turn one that kids me bad news for the president. absolutely and that's the one that this administration does not want us to focus on our talk much about but it is gaining ground quickly so this. at empaneling of a grand jury by the special prosecutor robert rulers very serious development probably one of major concern. for this white house because it is a move aggressively so in the direction of collecting evidence issuing as you mentioned. subpoenas but also potentially indictments against. members of the i. trung
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team or the trump entourage in order to cure them not i. what could be called me a criminal trial will not there yet but this is certainly a developments in that investigation if that grand juries there? it is precisely because this broth special prosecutor. a belief that there may have been crimes that this a grand jury will matzah. decide whether or not someone is innocent or guilty but will look at some of this evidence and make decisions based on that evidence in terms of. how to move%-rfoa very serious development for this administration and the news seemingly tightening her ever so quickly around this up president snake and certainly? some members of his team and again thank you very much and a guy like a family that reporting from washington.
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now venezuela's new constituent assembly has met for the first time delegates took their seats in parliament defying huge public opposite for. full tt foreign minister at will presides over the assembly so how exactly what it what and why is it so controversial luke schrager takes a closer look. so president nicolas maduro it's a means to get power to the people and keep his government in control. venezuela's opposition it's a simple power grab and a body that will have virtually untrammeled authority. so what is then you can. assembly. normally it's a super agenc. authority over one exit. the mission to draw off venezuela's constitution. the opposition has accused maduro with trying to consolidate his grip on power. particularly given that the new body will have authority over at the national assembly. the only area of the opposition currently controls. me on the mission to end the whole venezuela's collapsing economy by reforming its dependence on oil export
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revenues. maduro's already threatened to use the constituent assembly to strip the opposition of the new get immunity. raising the specter of potential jail time. the next questions how the constituent assembly would be comprised. given that the opposition boycotted the vote. the assemblies five hundred and forty five members are overwhelmingly pro government. three hundred and sixty four of them are selected by geography with one delegate pat municipality and to you for state capitals. the other hundred eighty one come from various social groups including indigenous communities. most of those sectors that have traditionally strong toys to mature as leftist political movement. not much is known about how the assembly will operate from deciding it cellphone how long it'll be in sessio. whether or not it'll eliminate state agencies. it will however have the power to set dates for elections including next year's presidential race which the opposition figures could be canceled out right. to listen to moderate the constituent assembly enjoys
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overwhelming support. with official electoral results giving his project a huge majority. however had that been accusations of fraud and recent polls have indicated that around eighty five percent of venezuelans oppose the body's creation. what's more the u. s. you aren't a dozen latin american nations have refused to recognize the assembly. not only raising the possibility of sanctions on venezuela but fueling deadly street protests that have already lost it for months. now the recipient for both plant may not has arrived in paris following the most expensive and transfer in history might of had adopted her son about pay two hundred and. from barcelona hill reportedly be earning. thirty million euros a week at his new club night says he's here to win trophies. marriage giving sage gettin. most car. this is all a question of
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inflation going over a few years she has a very similar ambition similar to mine i wanted something bigger i wanted a bigger challenge. and my heart made his decision. my heart made me call disinflation and this is why i am here in front of you today. in order to give my best to help this club. to help our team to achieve and win trophies. isogon those magic. yes of course it is all about the football and france twenty fours oral did we has been catching up with some very excited. psg fans. i love the the psg fans have been waiting here since six o'clock in the morning to go and buy. and name ma sacks and number ten that is black up to a hundred and fifty five your eyes now some of these funds are actually smarter than others because look. best dining out side of that line from them. given. total strangers who are standing in line for them to go and buy the shot full of them now there are rumors that name all might come to the some of the lease they and some of them hyping. at
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to get a picture we had the famous a football star. take innocent some of his time the magic. so he's magic when he kicks the ball that's something you love he has something special. he does something special with the ball he's among the best in the world and i think he's the future golden ball winner. i'm really happy to buy his jersey i waited for two and a half hours but honestly i think it's worth it. is your fear and love it i traveled a long way i came from algiers only to buy a jersey and then go back. i've always dreamt of seeing name are with psg i'm a huge fan of. saddam are so it's a huge day for us ground pepper that gongju pool into. well for these found the wall direct court two hundred twenty two million you're a transplant full name off from barcelona to the back he sums up my was well worth it. respond the hoping that the famous brazilian stuff will take them to the next time kinsey's victory. looks like name ovadia is here with us and to stay for now anyway that's his business news away now i did on it to seize a is that he was in the studio. and
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saddened that the dot it would start out with the story. the pharma bro. martin shkreli at its own stories that he has just been convicted that that's why developing story out of the united states at this hour or the format pharmaceutical executive has been found guilty. on multiple criminal charges including conspiracy to commit securities fraud and two counts of securities fraud prosecutors accused thirty four year old off repeatedly misleading investors. scully wants told them he had forty million dollars in one of his funds at a time when he had only about three hundred dollars in the bank. in twenty fourteen he purchased the rights to life saving drug and raise the price from thirteen fifty a pill. to seven hundred fifty dollars that action earned the uneme
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slipping to four point three percent. the uptake in hiring points to a healthy economy as employers grew optimistic about their businesses and future consumer demand. sectors retired the most hospitality education and healthcare the number of jobs added in the month of june was revised up to two hundred thirty one thousand from two hundred twenty two thousand. the positive job support was welcomed by the u. s. president donald trump taking to twitter to say he's only just begun. and that many job stifling regulations continue to fal. now the positive job support has been impacting u. s. stocks during the last session of the week all the main index is trading in positive. territory this friday the dow jones up two tenths of one percent slightly smaller gains on the s. and p. five hundred and the nasdaq at this hour. here in europe stocks ended the week in positive territory both attacks and the cat come on here in paris ending the session up. over one percent the foot see over in london closed friday up half a percent. now the ink on the contract
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is dry brazilian football star neymar signed a five year deal with donnie sands amount. the twenty five year old said citing the two hundred twenty two million euro contract was one of the most difficult decisions of his life. but let's put the sports aside for now and calculate how much defense state is set to gain from name our move moving to psg. alexander or court has been crunching the numbers. ntta days of topping the headlines brazilian superstar has finally arrived in paris. as well as boosting the standing of france's top division. label will also help to generate extra revenues for the french state. already from the early hours hundreds of fans gathered to buy shirts carrying his nam. a hundred and forty years of peace details of the official psg store on the shores of the day. was soon busting a book yellow people saying it's a lot of money but for true supporters to get such a signing is huge. and those responsible for collecting taxes in france were just as happy as the fans to hear of name oz
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arrival see you if you know if memo comes to play for french club. they will benefit from the tax debate in france. but you'll. so just how much tax a week talking about. what on the transfer fee alone from stands to gain a hundred million euros? meanwhile name are is set to have a net income of around thirty five million euros per year. therefore over the course of his five year contract psg will pay a hundred and thirty seven million euros in taxes and social contributions. meeting the state stands to gain in the region of two hundred and thirty seven million euros in total. and it would be even more if the twenty five year olds didn't benefit from it advantageous tech status as a foreigner. yeah because you've been if you seen foreigners benefits a tax exemption of thirty percent on that earnings while at the same time that overseas income isn't taxed here. so name on will benefit from these tax exemptions for five years little cycle. but
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even despite this name are set to directly and indirectly contribute a vast chunk of cash to the french state. as well as fans are hoping plenty of silverware for the club. that's a look at some of the other stories we're tracking a for you now and a volkswagen executive has pleaded guilty to a district court in detroit. under a plea agreement oliver smith faces up to seven years behind bars and a fine. forty thousand to four hundred thousand dollars he admitted to conspiring to mislead us regulators of violating clean and rules. prosecutors in the u. s. have so far charged eight current and former volkswagen executives in connection to the missions cheating scandal. monsanto iota plan to spend one point six billion dollars to jointly build an automatic factory facility in the united states the plant will have an annual production capacity of around three hundred thousand because. the japanese car makers say the site will hire some four thousand workers when the plant begins operations in twenty twenty one. and education group pierce and has announced its slashing three thousand jobs this is the company undertakes a three hundred
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million pound restructuring program. pierce said first announced plans to cut costs back in twenty thirteen when it laid off seven thousand workers. by twenty twenty to poop plans to have reduced its workforce by ten thousand providing it savings of one billion pounds. ireland's new prime minister was in northern ireland this friday leo varadkar says his government wants to build bridges not borders with ireland's neighbor to the north and dispose brags tha. the prime minister said he wanted britain to remain part of the eu single market but if not he's calling for the establishment of a free trade agreement. challenge for our generation is priceless. the bride's negotiations are now well underway in brussels. and to quote michel barnier. the clock is now taking with united kingdom doesn't want to stay in the customs unio. perhaps there can be any new uk cussons instead. after all the european union has a customs union with turkey. shorty therefore it's possible to have one with the united kingdom.
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and if the united kingdom does not want to stay in the single market. perhaps i can enter into a deep free trade agreement with the european union. now finally remember one i cried the global cyber attack earlier this year well the through any twenty three year old who stop the virus was spreading has been arrested in the united states. markets hutchins a picked up for allegedly creating a virus on his own of irish whose aim is to steal peoples and banking details to wanna cry attack infected hundreds of thousands of computers. in hospital shops and schools in over a hundred fifty countries. hutchins was apparently heralded as a folk hero in his efforts to stop the virus from spreading. that's a business news i
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