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tv   France 24  LINKTV  August 7, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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♪ >> hello, i'm stephen carroll. you are watching france 24. these are the headlines. a man made off with a cache of risens after an attempt to up against president nicolas madura. to north korea being made pay fines and it says it will not stop.
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carla del ponte quit the ewing commission on syria, saying that the commission simply does not do anything. thanks for joining us. our top story this hour, security forces in venezuela searching for 10 men who attacked an army base in the city of valencia. thee who took part in attack led by an officer who deserted from the military. two have been killed. that soldierssays are hunting for those who escaped. toholas maduro pledged impose the maximum penalty. >> i want to congratululate the armed forces on their immediate response. today we had to beat terrorism with bullets. hasenezuela's military
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brand loyalty president maduro political upheaval, despite opposition calls to give up their allegiance. our correspondent has been looking at this within the armed forces. many as: it seemed to the backbone of venezuela's government. ever since the rise of hugo chavez, the military has been a key player in a venezuelan politics. 12 all the country's 32 ministries, including interior, justice, and agriculture, are held by current or former officers. the army also recently took over the strategic oil industry. amid the unrest, the head of venezuela's armed forces and defense minister lopez has repeatedly pledged his loyalty to nicholas maduro, and yet signs of dissent have begun to emerge among lower ranking soldiers. the situation is really
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bad. the end of 2016. but the start of 20, our troops were going hungry. reporter: soldiers are struggling to make ends meet and violence has left 120 people dead. documents show that at least 123 members of the military have been arrested on charges ranging from theft to treason since the start of the protest. and while discontent has largely been kept quiet, some have begun to openly challenge majuro. in late june, a rogue policeman claiming to represent in insurgent faction of the army a building in caracas. sunday's raid on a military base was the latest sign the army's loyalty to the president may be
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starting to waiver. anchor: north korea says new united nations sanctions will not stop it from helping nuclear weapons. pyongyang described the measures as a violent infringement of its sovereignty and threatened to make the united states pay thousands of times over. meanwhile the u.s. secretary of state says that sanctions will -- they haved called on the international community to keep up pressure on the country. julia kim reports. reporter: north korea has its pyongyang more isolated than ever. leaving the global pressure the rogue nation is the united states, which refuses to engage in talks with north korea unless it halts its ballistic missile program. secretary tillerson: the best signal north korea could give us
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they are ready to talk would be to stop these missile launches. reporter: south korea with the its neighbor,with bringing up the idea, but the north korea's foreign minister y rejected thetl overtures. the sanctions would be a partial ban on north korean experts, putting the onus on china, its major trading partner. beijing seems to be taking a more proactive role, issuing warning to its ally. >> the chinese side spurs the north koreans to calmly handle resolution andil not to do anything detrimental to the international community
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like launch missiles or conduct nuclear tests. beijing state media has warned the west to exercise restraint, saying sanctions are not a long-term solution. in a statement north korea has said that those tensions developed into its by the united states. we want more that later. the woman who prosecuted rwanda and yugoslavia has quit the u.n. commission on syria. tells a swisse magazine the investigation has had absolutely no success and she could no longer be part of a body that simply does not do anything. beenommission has reporting on human rights violations in syria six years. our correspondent has more. >> i am frustrated. i give up. reporter: former war crimes
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prosecutor carla del ponte had harsh words for the ewing commission on syria. >> this commission is useless. it is ridiculous. it has been seven years. what is the point? seven years of doing nothing. i'm going to do more for the outcry of help. in an interview with a swiss magazine, she accused the un security council of failing to hold war criminals in syria accountable. she also complains the commission was never able to enter syria. since it began in 2011 it has relied on interviews, photos, and documents, but such reports are useless, according to carla refusese, if the human to create a special tribunal for
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workers in syria. >> therein lies the responsibility. nothing happens. was there is political will, the member states could vote to create a tribunal the very next day. if there is no political will, nothing happens. there is a complete absence of punishment. ponte's: del resignation would shrink the commission to two members. in suspects were crimes syria are nothing like she has ever seen. the ongoing civil war has left 300,000 dead and has displaced millions. qatari broadcaster al jazeera says it is planning legal action over israel's decision to shut down its jerusalem bureau. they announced that they would revoke the press credentials of journalists and was working to pull its broadcasts from tv providers. the channel was also targeted in
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the recent dispute between qatar and his neighbors. for gulf states, including saudi arabia, demanded the broadcaster be shut down. has arrivedjordan in the west wing for his first visit to the territory in five years. he is meeting palestinian president mahmoud abbas and among the discussions, tensions over the recent installation of a mosque inors at jerusalem. our correspondent is in jerusalem for us. this is a rare visit by king abdullah to the west bank. what is the significance of it? from is a show of support the jordanian king. it's not that they don't meet the reviews to the palestinian president goes to the jordanian king. this time because of tensions between israel and the palestinian president and the refusal to resume security two,ination between the
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the palestinian president is not leaving ramallah and that is why the jordanian king has come to him. they are meeting under a time that says "jerusalem is winning and i think they are both -- "jerusalem is winning." and i think they are looking at these protests where people have refused to enter the mosque. they say that they are the guardians, and without them, the situation in the mosque would long ago have deteriorated here it i think what they are both looking at over their shoulders is this is a protest that came up from the streets. spring in therab palestinian territories or jordan and i don't think they want one either, so they want to discuss that. anchor: this is coming at a time when relations between israel and jordan, as you said, particularly tense. there are no meetings on the israeli side? irris: i think it must be.
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ramallah is 20 kilometers that she could drive to ramallah in 15 minutes. the fact that the king is not coming here is a statement. it reflects the diplomatic andis between israel jordan, which is still ongoing over the shooting last month by in is really security guard of two jordanian citizens. jordan was a proper investigation in this case and jordanians in the jordanian parliament and also the jordanian king have let it be known they are very upset by the grieving from israel's prime minister. this is not gone down very well him huggingideo of them. we have heard they are beginning the investigation and they let jordan know that. but nevertheless, the israeli ambassador to jordan remains here.
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she has not returned. anchor: ok, thank you very much. she has not returned. voters in mauritania have approved plans to scrap the country's senate and change their national flag. the opposition boycotted the controversial referendum calling farce." turnout in saturday for vote was a most 54% with 85% of the ballots cast in favor. run ofre protests in the the vote and human rights monitors from the u.n. have reported that demonstrators have been beaten up and arrested. meanwhile, voters in kenya are preparing to go to the polls on tuesday in their presidential election. security has been reinforced around the country with 180,000 officers deployed to quell fears 2007repeat of the 20 oh -- postelection violence.
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the outgoing president faced long-time opposition leader. authoritiesl including former u.s. secretary of state john kerry, will be there. mr. kerry: we are privileged to be here among the observer groups in order to help kenyans have confidence they will have the election they deserve, which is open, fair, free, transparent, accountable. be the heightht of the summer tourist season in europe, but there have been unexpected visitors to towns and the romanian mountains. bearers are going through populated areas in search of food. they have been spotted outside their usual habitats. though they are not often violent, it is a real cause for concern. [laughter] leftovers forw this brown bear and a little excitement for these residents
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centralet spa town in romania. but this is not a one-off occurrence and is becoming a cause of concern for many in the region. [dog barks] tobears have been coming certain places in romania for more than 30 years now. no solution has been found at the national or local level. reporter: dozens of bears are leaving their habitat and descending into nearby towns. they forage for food in bins, leavaving a trail of damage, and in some cases, attack locals. over 70 incidents have been 2017, almost double the amount last year. there have been attacks on livestock. insist thatiorists bears are not violent and have been provoked. as some have discovered -- woman'sear broke into a
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house. he did not attack her. all he wanted was the pancakes. the mandateey have that the government allow the killing of bears as they are a protected species in romania. just what the bears have been damaging our crops and animals. they are a threat to humans, too. reporter: so far the ministry has proposed a culling of 140 of the bears for certain cases. mostr: he is one of the successful cyclist of his era, but he is giving up life on two wheels. the 40-year-old announced his retirement from cycling. he won the tour de france twice, most recently in 2009. he said he would be retiring after a race later this month. he says he is making this decision without any sadness. let's get your top stories. a manhunt in venezuela for 10
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men who attacked an army base and made off with a cache of weapons after an attempt to rise up against president nicolas maduro. north korea has vowed to make the united states pay thousands of times for new sanctions over its missile program and says it will not stop the building nuclear weapons. and former u.n. were comes prosecutor carla del ponte quits the syria inquiry, saying the commission simply does not do anything. time for the day's business news. saying itith the u.k. is not going to pay any more than it means to for its price a divorce. >> that is the case. downingstreet is reports that it would pay 140 million euros. the u.k.ics insist will not have financial obligations to the eu when it leaves. britain's plans to offer budget the three years
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post brexit. jail terms sought for samsung's vice-chairman. this is part of the corruption scandal that led to the president's impeachment. the 49er old has been in it detentions since february and has denied wrongdoing. beens the 49-year-old has i in since february and has denied wrongdoing. asia markets ended the session in positive territory. xed picture. the markets are taking a wait and see approach to how pyongyang reacts to the latest sanctions. there are slight gains on the here inile the cac paris is completely flat. valley memolicon causing a lot of tension. why is that?
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>> that is after one of google for all male engineers circulated in internal memo. in it, he suggests that google's selective bias has created a noculture,y correct mo and that there are biological differences between men and women that may explain why we womenfferences in men and in tech and leadership. google has denounced the memo. and several weeks before the issue was made public, belgium admits it knew about contaminated eggs. millions of eggs have been pulled from super marks in germany, belgium, and the netherlands. -- from supermarkets in germany, belgium, and the netherlands. >> nearly 2 billion and waiting to be destroyed. this dutch farm has ground to a .alt
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they have found traces of a dangerous insecticide. is bannedreat fleas, on animals -- it is banned on animals that produce food. there are strong suspicions it was used to water down and authorized herbicide. the scandal has major financial consequences. thehe government determines rules. they decide these eggs are not good enough. so we should talk about damages. take six to eight weeks to be eliminated, a long wait that means lots of lost revenue. three supermarket chains in the netherlands, germany, switzerland, and sweden pulling dutch eggs from their shelves. germany has been hit hard with contaminatedllion eggs. authorities are pressing for
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answers. >> even if you assume an acute health hazard is practically impossible, the unlawful use of this on food producing animals such as hens is unacceptable. reporter: germany x pressing -- they were told of this over a month before the dutch scandal. anchor: turning twos -- >> turning to something that we all need at one time or another during the workday. a nap. take a look. >> long gone are the days of "you snooze, you lose." power now to become the rage among professionals. in madrid where the siesta is a openedon, a nap bar has
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its doors. it's 19 beds can be rented by the hour or the minute. a place to catch a few z's over the workday. >> i am very tired. it is a special way for me to get some energy back. they have set up shop in the financial district of the spanish capital. it is meant to entice tired employees with a healthier alternative to a coffee break, a business model but up across the globe. >> my boss went to tokyo and realized it was just a bar. she wanted into that she won to implement a new phase in what is more spanish than a siesta? reporter: an age-old cultural tradition that has benefits. lyey are not only scientifical proven, but haven't pages. >> you can double in
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individual's ability to solve problems after power naps. reporter: if your eyes are getting heavy, fret not. from dubai to new york, nap bars are popping up. have the temptation to squeeze in a nap during our working day here. if you find some place, let me know. am going home and taking one. >> thank you for the business news. ♪ at the we are looking international pictures. we are starting with the un security council agreeing on fresh sanctions on north korea over the weekend here it shows but that's right and this story is on the front page of several korean newspapers including "the korea times." you can read the headline. the yuan imposes new sanctions on north korea. "the korea times" hails the sanctions as a step in the right traction, but says they fail to
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dispel doubts. it will take time for the sanctions have a financial impact on north korea, so it is regretful that an oil embargo was not included in the sanctions due to objections from china and russia. "the guardian" meanwhile says that the u.n. vote says the system is "working for that is a "working." that is a quote. in this, ana's role lot of focus on this, drawing -- drawing praise from international observers. how are chinese papers looking at that? >> chinese papers are quite divided. says thatna daily" sanctions are needed, it will not be enough to create a long-standing solution to the nuclear question. "china daily" is quite critical of the u.s.'s role in the
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region, saying it must stop military drills in south korea to prevent further escalation. anchor: so beijing sees itself as a mediator in the crisis. the big question is going and going to cooperate? clear. is not north korea has proven to be an unpredictable ally for beijing. i have this card team -- cartoon from the morning post. china is urging calm and kim ng-un isand -- kim jo call ancalm? better interpreter." when hundred 50,000 have signed protest against emmanuel macron's plans to give her an official title. she is often referred to as first lady. macron says he was to clarify
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his wife's role and break with what he calls a french hypocrisy, but critics say all politicians should be banned from employing their spouses or their family members. anchor: it has been very controversial in the past and friends as well. moving on to iran where some have come under fire for taking selfies with europe felt top diplomat. >> that is right. the unlikelyself source of attention. you can see her response -- surrounded by several male mp's. many have criticized the empty's condor-- the mp's, -- calling their behavior inappropriate. one adviser called itself surrender to the west suggesting all mp's undergo a training course on code of conduct and
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universal moral values. that selfiesrgued are always embarrassing. so. time particularly going on holidays are you a fishing or golf course sort of guy? depends on who you go with her the choice is between american president donald trump and russian president vladimir putin. there are pictures of putin bare chested in siberia. the u.s. president took a different approach to what he said was not a vacation. he is currently in new jersey staying at one of his golf sees, and you cannot pictures here, but as you can imagine, when trump get sporty, he does not quite match putin's marble -- marv -- marvel.
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post,"om "the washington is a postcard from trump to putin. it says "wish you were here." if you take a close look, donald trump
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