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tv   Democracy Now  LINKTV  August 18, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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08/18/17 08/18/17 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: fm pacififica, this is democracy now! >> president trump is an accomplice to terrorism after his pathetic reaction to charlottesville, kkk, neo-nazis jump up and down with joy. if that is not being in a conference to terrorism, i don't know what it is. amy: steven goldstein, executive director of the anne frank center for mutual respec,t is calling on twitter to suspend president trump's personal account as trump conontinues to face outrage over his response to last weekend's deadly white
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supremacist rally in charlottesville, virginia.a. in part two of our discussion with former neo-nazi christian picciolini, cofounder of life after hate. >> we decided 30 years ago, we were not going to shave our heads. we were going to trade in our boots for suits, and role in college and recruit in camps is, go to the military to get military training to recruit there. evenen run for office. here we are 30 years later with ththat dream or that nightmare realized was amy: and we stick with jacob scott in fargo, north carolina, dust f fargo, north dakota. thinkand lots of nanazis they're fighting against the establishment, but racism is the establishment. capitalism is built on racism from the ground up. when you have this worldview that kind of looks at everything upside down and backwards, it --
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i don't know how to reach him and how to prevent him from doing the things he says he's going to do. the surveillance state. the justice department is demanding web hosting provider dreamhost turn over 1.3 million visitor ip addresses of people who visited the website, which was used to organize the protests against president trump's inauguration. all that and m more, coming up. welcome to democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. in barcelona, spain, 14 people have died after a van plowed into a crowded walkway thursday along las ramblas, the city's most famous avenue. more than 100 people were injured. eyewitnesses described scenes of horror. >> people were scared, running all over the place with blood on their faces. it was terrible. >> it is an attack, my friends, and attack in barcelona.
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there are a lot of dead people. even kids, mothers, and little kids dead in the middle of las ramblas. amy: the self-proclaimed islamic state claimed responsibility. in the hours after the attack spanish police shot five people dead during what they described as an anti-terrorism operation in cambrils, a town south of barcelona. police said the men were linked to the barcelona attack but provided little information. spanish prime minister mariano rajoy has declared three days of mourning. earlier thousands of people filled the streets of barcelona chanting "we are not afraid." president trump responded to the attack in barcelona by writing on twitter -- "study what general pershing of the united states did to terrorists when caught. there was no more radical islamic terror for 35 years!: trump was referencing a debunked myth that u.s.s. general john j. pershing executed muslim rebels in the philippineses in the eary 1900's by shooting them with bullets dipped in pigs blood.
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trump made reference to the same made up story last year on the campaign trail. mr. trump: he took 50 bullets and he dipped them in pigs blood. and he had his men l load his rifles and he lined up the 50 people and they shot 49 of those people. and the 50th person he said, you go back to your people and you tell them what happened. for 25 years, there wasn't a problem, ok? 25 years there wasn't a problem. historians say no evidence exists that this ever happened. while trump condemned the terror attack in spain, soon after it occurred he has still refused to describe two recent events in the united states as domestic terrorism -- the bombing of minnesota's largest mosque and saturday's white supremacist rally in charlottesville where a neo-nazi drove his car into a
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crowd of anti-racist protesters , killing one and injuring 19 people. this all comes as president trump faces growing criticism from across the political spectrum. on thursday, republican senator bob corkrker of tennessee openly questioned trump's stability and competence. yet --president has not has not yet been able to demonstrate the stability, nor some of the confidence -- competence that he needs to demonstrate in order to be successful.. amy: meanwhile, democratic congressman steve cohen of tennessee has announced plans to introduce articles off impeachment against president trump. and james murdoch, the son of rupert murdoch, has condemned president trump's reaction to charlottesville. murdoch wrote -- "i can't even believe i have to write this: standing up to nazis is essential; there are no good nazis. or klansmen, or terrorists." murdoch, who is the ceo of 21st century fox, also pledged to donate $1 million to the
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anti-defamation league. murdoch is a close, informal advisor to president trump. in durham, north carolina, a total of eight people have now been charged with toppling a confederate statue. on thursday, in a display of solidarity, over 100 people lined up outside the local court house to symbolically turn themselves in a long with the eight people charged. in other news from durham, a statue of confederate general robert e. lee at duke university has been vandalized. parts of lee's face wasas chippd off, including his nose. meanwhile, president trump has weighed in again on the growing call for confederate statues to be removed. on twitter he wrote -- "sad to see the history and culture of our great country being ripped apart with the removal of our beautiful statues and momonuments." meanwhile, in philadelphia, more than 2000 people took part in a march thursday denouncing racism and president trump's handliling of charlottesville.
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many participants also called for the removal of a statue of former philadelphia's police commissioner and mayor frank rizzo. in other fallout from the white supremacismarch in charlottesville, the american civil liberties union has announced it will no longer defend hate groups seeking to march with firearms. the acaclu has facaced criticis- even from many of its own members -- for helping organizers of the unite the right rally to secure a protest permit after the city of charlottesville tried to block the rally. earlier in the week, waldo jaquit, a board member of the virginia chapter of the aclu, resigned after the deadly violence in charlottesville. in international news, the united states s and south korea have announced plans to go ahead with a massive joint military drill next week involving tens of thoususands of troops. this comes despite protests from china a which has pushed for the u.s. to halt its military y dris in exchange for north korea halting its missile tetests. in news from syria, the syrian observatory for human rights is
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reporting at least 59 civilians have died in u.s.-led airstrikes in the city of raqqa since monday. the dead include 21 children. according to the united nations, 25,000 civilians remains trapped inside raqqa, the de facto capitol of the self-proclaimed islamic state. in news from hong kong, three student leaders of the pro-democracy occupy movement have been sentenced to up to eight months in jail for organizing large protests in 2014 calling on china to allow free elections in hong kong. joshua wong is one of the student leaders heading toto prison. >> [indiscernible]
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a settlement has been n reachedn a landmark torture lawsuit against two psychologists who helped devise the bush administration's interrogation program. the psychologists james mitchell and bruce jessen were sued by the american civil liberties union on behalf of two former cia prisoners who were tortured and the family of a man who died after being tortured in a secret cia prison. the undisclosed settlement was reached just before the case went to trial. aclu attorney dror ladin said -- "this outcome shows that there are consequences for torture and that survivors can and will hold those responsible for torture accountable."" in voting g rights news, thehe e of texas has beeeen ordered to redraw the map of its congressional districts after a federal court determined some of the districts were designed to dilute the power of latino and african-american voters. the maps were drawn by texas's republican led state legislature. mother jones reports this is the seventh time since 2011 that a federal court has found that texas intentionally discscriminanated against voterf
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color. in news from florida, two members of the ku klux klan who worked as prison guards have been convicted of plotting to kill an african-american prisoner after his release. earlier this week, a jury in columbia county florida found david elliot moran and charles thomas newcomb guilty of conspiracy to commit first-t-degree murde a third klansman, o o also workrked as a prisison guard, pleaded guilty earlier this year. exxonmobil hasas won a major cot case over its role in a 2013 pipeline spill in arkansas when more than 200,000 gallons of tar sands oil flowed through a residential neighborhood of mayflower, arkansas, and nearby waterways. u.s. pipeline regulators had fined exxon $2.6 million and ordered the company to revise its pipeline-safety procedures. but now a federal appeals court has sided with exxon and vacated -- returning much of the regulator's decision. in sports news, philadelphihia
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eagles malcolm jenkins has been raising his fist during the national anthem for the past year. on thursday, his teammate, chris long, ms. from charlottesville, put his arm around him and a sign of f solidarity. meanwhilile, in other sports ne, basketball superstar kevin durarant has said he wiwill noto to the white house if 12 invites ththe nbaba champion golden stae warriors. gavin drake said -- not "i don't respect who is in office now." in puerto o rico, resisistance o the dumping of toxic coal ash in the southern town of peñuelas is spreading across the island. in the capital san juan, activists wearing hazmat suits poured buckets of coal ash on the steps of the capital building thursday morning in protest. >> the government of puerto rico is crereating a health problblen
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aparartment problem, and a probm for the future in the coming generations. we want puerto rico to close the coal-fired power plant. the only ashes we want are those of the physical control board. amy: then early this morning, over 100 police officers, including a militarized strike force, mobilized to stop residents of guayama from blockading trucks carrying toxic ash as they left the coal-fired power plant, en route to peñuelas. this is community leader hector luis sanchez de jesus. >> we are in pd in w whatever manner is possible that these ashes produced here deparart. we undnderstand these ashes are poisonouous for the earth, our momother earthth, and for the hh of all o of the resisidents of puerto rico. wewe have a moral compromomise,a morall compromomise with our friends to stop p these ashes fm being tranansported. amy: less than an hohour later,, 200 more police officers
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mobilized in peñuelas to stop residents from blockading the trucks as they arrived to dump the coal ash there. at least 25 activists have been arrested blockading the trucks so far this month. anand those are someme of the headadlines. this is democracy now!,, the war andd peace rereport. i'm amy goodman. president trump continues to face outrage over his response to last weekend's deadly white supremacist rally in charlottesville, virginia, where racism and anti-semitism were on clear display in scenes like this one, when torch-bearing protesters marched on the university of virginia campus friday night chanting "blood and soil," a phrase drawn from nazi ideology. >> blood and soil! blood and soil! blood and soil! amy: at saturday's unite the right rally, neo-nazis and ku klux klan members also displayed swastikas on flags and banners as they protested the removal of
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a statueue of confederate generl robert e. lee. members of the local synagogue congregation beth israel say that a ahead of the protest, whe they were praying, men dressed in fatigues and carrying semi-automatic rifles stood across the street from the synagogue, prompting people to leave the service from the back of the building in groups as a safety precaution. later in the afternoon, heather heyer was killed when a 20-year-old nazi sympathizer named james alex fields plowed his car into a crowd of anti-fascist demonstrators. in another incident, white supremacists beat a 20-year-old african-american d under harris. memorial of holocaust wawavandalizeded in boston, massachusetts, by teenager who threw a rock through a alass panel etched with others symbolizing the numbers tattooed on the arms of jews and others imprisoned in nazi germany's concentration camps.
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it's the second time the holocaust memorial has been vandalized in boston. it took until tuesday for president trump to place blame on white supremacists for the deadly violence in charlottesville. during a news conference at trump tower, he attacked counter-protesters, repeating his earlier claim that both sides were to blame for the violence. he also seemed to ridicule the national m movement to remove confederate monuments, saying the protesters would nexext want to tear down statues of george washington and thomas jefferson. trump also defended some of the white nationalist protesters who descended on charlottesville. pres. trump: i have condemned neo-nazis. i have condemned many different groups. but not all of those people were neo-nazis. not all of those people or white supremacists. they wanted to protest the taking down of a statue robert eva lee. amy: on thursday, trump took to twitter to further complain that it is -- "sad to see the history and
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culture of our great country being ripped apart with the removal of our beautiful statues and monuments. the beauty that is being taken out of our cities, towns and parks will be greatly missed and never able to be comparably replaced!" leaders of four congressional caucuses are now demanding the white house fire senior aides sebastian gorka, steve bannon, and stephen miller over their whwhite supremacist views. in a letter to president trump, the congressional asian-pacific-american, hispanic, progressive, and black caucuses wrote -- "we are deeply concerned that their continued influence on u.s. policy emboldens and tacitly approves the ideological extremism that leads white supremacists to spread violence and hatred." now the anne frank center for mutual respect is calling on twitter to suspend president trump's personal account after branding him a "accomplice to domestic terrorism." well, for more, we are joined by steven goldstein, executive director of the anne frank center for mutual respect. welcome to democracy now! explain what you're calling for. >> amy, twitter has a choice
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here. you can stand with the love that heatheher heyer's life stood for or it can stand for the hatred that donald trump stands for. there are no two sides. where is twitter going to stand? twitter is under no obligation as a private company to carry donald trump's hatred. so president trump has two accounts. he has his potus accouount, and for the e sake of free speech ad getting his hate for futurure generations to look at it and say never again, listen, he visit count. account, itonal amplifies his hate. twitter does have to double down on hate. twitter has a choice. realdonaldtrtrump account. at least get rid of one. amy: are you concern about issues of free speech? >> he has his potus account.
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free speech doesn't mean you to get twice the megaphone. his response.t on monday, a teleprompter -- he makes a teleprompter statement, some called it a hostage video, where he condemned and named the ku klux klan, white supremacists , the neo-nazis. this directly contradicting what he said two days before when he said all sides were responsible for the violence, and in the next day on tuesday, reverting back to what he said on saturday. particularly focusing on the fact that the white supremacists had a permit for their protest, unlike the counterprotesters. >> i was hororrified on monday y the e coverage of the mainstream media that applauded the president for his hostage is conference in which he reaead a teleprompter with all of the energy of a power outage in new york city. he did not look like he meant every word -- any word.
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he looked like there was a figurative gun to his head. he did know what to be there. when i read the media reports, they said, the president finally came out. you've got to be kidding. the president said nothing after charlottesville. finally, he was forced to. have we e so normalized hate tht that monday press conference that was scripted she get applause? amy: not even a press conference. >> but what kind of world has america landed in? where his armor rally that we are settling for the crurumbs oa fake condemnation? amy: we learned it was fake on tuesday. >> here's the thing. it is time not to limit ourselves to send president of racism,ts acts sexism, islamophobia, anti-semitism, anti-lgbt.
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the president is racist. the president is islamaphobic. the presidedent is anti-semitic. call it out for what it is. because if you don't, you are normalizing the underlying conditions. why would i say that? and again a again pattern. how many times do we have to see that if a president quacks like a racist duck, walks like a racist dock, and does everything in his power to be a racist duck, he is a racist duck. amy: what does this have to do it anne frank? >> let me say this. there are those, not in your audience, who is a, arare you coming on too strong for the anne frank center? no. anne frank did not just write her diary as her own personal experience, which she included. she also wrote it as one of social justice is greatest exert nations. she wrote that we have to act to
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prevent never agagain. so never again is supposed to be an early warning system. if we don't shout this danger from the rooftops, when will we? worstistory has taken its stage of progress in, that is we're going to shouted from the roof tops? of: let me turn to leaders congressional caucuses are four demanding the white house fire senior aides sebastian gorka, steve bannon, and stephen miller over their white supremacist views. in a letter to president trump, the congressional asian-pacific-american, hispanic, progressive, and black caucuses wrote -- "we are deeply concerned that their continued influence on u.s. policy emboldens and tacitly approves the ideological extremism that leads white supremacists to spread violence and hatred." talk about who sebastian gorka is today and also the calls, the expose by the jewish forward about his ties to far right nazi groups in hungary.
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>> sebastian gorka has links to a hungarian neo-nazi group called the vitezi rend. his father was a member. sebastian gorka actually wears his father's neo-nazi sympathetic vitezi rend metal. sebastian gorka says, wearing is merely ai medal tribute to his late father. didn't dad have a favorite thai? really? i don't about you, but i don't particularly where my father's neo-nazi metals. amy: and steve bannon? >> here is the politics have in the white house. president trump is clearly afraid to fire steve bannon because president trump probably wonders what else steve bannon -- he is destroying the country. amy: let me play what president
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trump had to say about him interesting that steve bannon is not a racist. pres. trump: i like mr. bannon. he is a friend of mine. it mr. bannon came on very lata. i went through 17 senators, governors, and i want all of the primaries. mr. bannon came on much later than that. he's a good man. .e is not a racist he actually gets a very unfair present that regard. we will see what happens with mr. bannon. he is a good person. i think the press treatats them ununfairly. >> donald trump really is the expert on saying whether someone is racist? give me a break. come on. i am intrigued by that clip. we had heather heyer die on saturday. president trump is talking about his alleged victory for president. hunter''s isis the get? what president t trump should he done in n trump towewer is be a
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leader, commune with our grief. this isn't partisan. every president the last few generations now to commune with grief. not this president. amy: richard spencer spoke wednesday and compared his views to those heleld by zionists.s. this is spenencer speaking to channell news isrsrael. >> as an israeli c citizen,, sosomeone whoo underststands yor identtity, w who has a sensese f nationhoodod and peoplehood d ie history and experieience o of te jewishsh people, y you should respect somemeone likeke me whos alalogous fefeelings a about wh. you cocould say i am a a white zionisists in the sensese that i care a about my people. i wantnt us to h have a secure homelandnd that is fofor us and ourselves, just like you want a secure homeland in n israel. amy: that is white supremacist richard spencecer.
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jew, a proud supporter of a two state solution for israel living side-by-side with an independent palestinian state, love and cooperation. that is repulsive. wherever you stand on the middle east, i don't care if your left, right, or center, what we just heard is repulsive. for thet trump i is bad israelis. he is that for the palestinians. talk about an opportunity to unify us. that was asked rotation. i want to blowup -- i want to throw up. amy: i want to input david duke speaking this weekend. he said white nationalists are going to "fulfill the promises of donald trump's president the. turningrepresents a point. we're determined to take our country back. we're going to fulfill the promises of donald trump. that is what we believed in, that is why we voted for donald trump because he said he is
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going to take our country back. that is what we have to do. amy: do in a, then candidate donald trump came under fire for inciting violence to supporters. trump: if you see someone getting ready to throw a tomato, not the crap out of them. i will pay for the legal fees, i promise. amy: and we see what he is saying today. final comment? we see in that clip that there is almost no space, and fact nine, between donald trump's rhetoric and david duke's rhetoric. we have a rhetorical convergence between the hate speech of the president of the united states, and as we saw in the david duke, that is what america has become. and we can all w eep.
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amy: steven goldstein, we will leave it there. when we come back, part two of our conversation with the former white supremacist as well as a a white supremacist who marched this weekend in charlottesville. stay with us. ♪ [music break]
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amy: this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. earlier this week, a remarkable letter was published in a local newspaper in fargo, north pearce tefft, about peter tefft, who was photographed attending the
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deadly white supremacist rally in charlottesville. pearce tefft wrote -- "none of his beliefs were learned at home. we do not, never have, and never will, accept his twisted worldview. peter once joked, 'the thing about us fascists is, it's not that we don't believe in freedom of speech. you can say whatever you want. we'll just throw you in an oven.' peter, you will have to shovel our bodies into the oven, too. please son, renounce the hate, accept and love all." those are the words of pearce tefft. he is ththe father of peter teft who marched in charlottesville. on thursday, i spoke to another member of the family, jacob scott, peter tefft's nephew. we also spoke with christian picciolini, cofounder of life after hate, a nonprofit helping people disengage from hate and violent extremism. he was a leading neo-nazi skinhead gang member and far right extremist in the 1980's and 1990's. he is s the author of "romantic violence: memoirs of an american skinhead."
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today we bring you part two of our conversation with these two men. i began by asking jacob scott in fargo, north dakota, what it means now that the family has come out publicly after his uncle was outed as one of the white supremacists s at the raly in charlrlottesville. came,usands of people flooding his facebook page with comments and varioious denunciations. there was a little bit of friendly fire, so toto speak. there were a a few people and 's a thousands who are coming after other members of our family. some people have been trying to anti-fascists are just as that is the fascists and their employment same tactics. ultimately, i'm in, considering
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the thousands of people that went after my uncle, it was really just a few bad apples that were attending -- attempting to harass members of my family. others were suggesting only disown him and only publicly toowned him to prevent dust save o ourselves, so o to speako exalt ourselves of guilt. like my cousin and i have been pushing this for some time. we do not t believe a nazi shoud be welcome in our family. we long wanted him to be exclcluded from family events.s. we don''t think accepting a nazi into the family, allowing a nazi to go to our family event is a morally right thing to do. it condones not the is him. it says it is ok for him to be a nanazi and he ststill welcomomeo the e family. we were glad we were finally able to do the rest of the family on board with this. amy: so i was wondering if chchristian piccioiolini could respond to jacob. christian picciolini, the former
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neo-nazi and cofounder of the group life after hate. if you could talk about w what u have just heard a and how jaco's family has now come out to also out his uncle, the white nationalist peter tefftft, partf the rally in charlottesville. what do you think can be done in this case? you have been through this a lot now. people, like yourself, white supremacists, then started to change. >> i agree with jacob that we have to hold people accountable for what they say and what they do. however, i don't agree with the tactic of public shaming or calling somebody out with the intention of pushing them further away. i know that was that the intention. the intention was to try to make a statement so that peter new assembly cared about him and would welcome him back if he renounced his views. but what happens and why people
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join these types of movements is because they already feel ostracized, they already feel marginalized and disenfranchised . pushing him further away and not giving him the support of a family structure, i fear will actually push them further into this movement. the cut he went searching for something. he went searching for a community or family and identity. if the family gus the real family he has -- is pushing that away even further, the chances of him coming back because he feels remorse about what his family said are slim to none.. in my opinion. amy: jacob, ifif you could talk about what it would mean to welcome peter back and any efforts you have made as he increasingly turn to white supremacy to reach out to him before this final the somehow? >> i understand what christian picciolini is saying.
8:34 am
and i would agree with that in the general case, as a family out there has somebody who is starting to fall into the white supremacist kind of mind trap. but in peter's individual case, i have to think that he simply too far gone. before the break, i was talking about how he as a person is a bit unstable and unhinged. part of the reason why my cousin and i wanted to have him kind of formally his own from the family him..ankly, we do fear like i said, h he gets very emotional very suddenly i if hes even slightly flustered. he is very strong. a lot of family members just don't feel safe around him. so while there is the consideration of how best can we deal with him in such a way he can still come back to us, there is also the consideration of in the meantitime, could you potentially hurt us?
8:35 am
would it be more healthy for estimation he is not in our presence -- at least, until he on his own can find his way back? amy: christian, any words of wisdom here? not only did you move away from white supremacy, ththe neo-nazii movement, but in your group, if you could tell us stories, life after hate, of other people and what are the most effective approaches through specific anecdotes and stories? >> sure. our approach is to work with people in a compassionate, empathetic way, and to listen to what they have to say instead of arguing with them ideologically or pushing them further away. what i listen for or these things i call potholes. what existed i in their past tht deviated them. then my job becomes to fill those potholes, whether it is job training or tattoo removal or mental health therapy.
8:36 am
what happens inevitably is when people are more equipped, understand what they're dealing with internally, they don't necessarily need to blame somebody else for what they feel is being taken away from them because now they are more resilient and able to compete and are more self-confident. however, i do challenge their ideology as well, but not by debating. what i do is i introduce them to people they think they hate. i've introduced holocaust deniers to holocaust survivors, islamaphobic's to imams. it is those types of opportunities to humanize that really ring people back. people join these groups because ththey're out searching for something they're not getting in the real life. amy: i want to go to your uncle peter tefft who recently spoke to the local station wday tv and fargo, north dakota, where you t,oo, jacob, liberals that he
8:37 am
says h he does not blame his family foror speaking against hm publicly. >> fascism is just loving youour family and doing what is best for your nation. i don't hoholdnyththing against them f for what theyey had to sy about me b because it is the safest thing t to do in this clinical climate. nazi is a racial slur towards white people.. amy: jacob, your thoughts? >> i mean, he says things like that,, fascism is about loving your family and nazi is a racial slur against white people. he is so far gone down the rabbit hole that you can't even reach him to bring him back. obviously, i hope that is not true. but ultimately, that is the case we find ourselves in. i consider myself pretty far left, a democratic socialist. he has talked to me about how he and i and my peoeople and his people should team upup becausee are both fighting against the same establishment of the same
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globalisists. i say to them, you believe in racial separation. i believe in r reparation. there is a similarity. thinknd lots of nazazis they're fighting against the establishment, but racism is the establishment. capitalism is built on racism from the ground up. when you have this worldview that kind of looks at everything upside down and backwkwards, i just don't know how to reach him and how to prevent him from doing the things that he says he's going to do. amy: christian picciolini, when you hearr peter speak, jacob uncle, what are your thoughts? >> from what i heard from the clip from peter and what i heard from jacob is that what peter is saying is straight out of the manual. he is repeating all of the things he has been taught. i just want to give the viewers a little bit of hope. when jacob says he is too far gone, i don't t believe anybodys
8:39 am
ever too far gonone. i i have workedd with grand dras of the kkk who have been in for 40 years, and recognize the error of their ways and realized now that is not what they want to do anymore and that they have wasteded their lives. very checkered a past. when i was involved in the movement, i was invited to libya by muammar gaddafi to receive money to start a revolution against the jews. i committed acts of violence that nearly killed many people. i stockpiled weapons to prepare for what i believe was an inevitable race war. -- i havewould say worked with people in prison who have murdered people of color because of the racism. while they were in prison, they found a way to disengage from that, which is probably the hardest environment to do that. just to give some hope. i have worked with some very tough people who most people
8:40 am
would never think would change. it is really that compassion that you show them because that is what has been lacking both within themselves and from the people around them as they get frustrated with, you know, their loved ones beliefs. i was a to, don't give up. if you care -- it is apapparent the family cares about peter, otherwise, they would not have said the things that they did -- but don't give up. amy: did peter text you after the klan march on friday night, marchrch -- the torch where hundreds of white supremacist marched through the university of jenny camp us, leading to one of the counterprotesters having a stroke as he was hit by these tiki torches and front of the thomas jefferson statue at the university of virginia? did he text you after the rallies on fridadain the attack
8:41 am
on s saturday? >> yes. hehe texted me after r i was onn yesterday. he was texting me, convinced i was secretly on his side and that i was somehow helping them by giving publicity to this rally that he wanted to hold. i am hoping that he is delusional about this and that he does not ask we have the clout to build organize a rally -- which may very well be the case. if you holds his rally, he says he wants to hold i it in octcto. if that is the case, then we will hold our counter rally and hope that people would come to fargo and help us.. we have a a thriving, progressie community y here in fargogo, a'm sure there will be lots of people here who want to counterprotest will stop if peter does have a lararge natiol profile, it seeming like he might be developing one because of this whole incident, he might be of the bring in who knows how many nazis and they might be able t to outnumber us in the wy we saw in some of the pictures from charlottesville, where ththere were just a small ring f
8:42 am
counterprotesters and just a sea of tiki torches around them. that is not a situation i want to see in fargo. if he and of doing something, i would hope we could get some people from outside of town to come and help us. amy: the leader of the vanguard america neo-nazi group that rallied, a marine corps recruiter. this is interesting. it is believed this information led the marine commandant, the head of the marines to issue a , tweeting -- "no place for racial hatred or extremism in usmc. our core values s of honor, courage, and commitment frame the way marines live and act." it wasn't only the marine,. who tweeted, but it seems almost every general of the joint chiefs of staff have now made
8:43 am
statements and it may well be in part because of president trump's unhinged priory come a bellicose news conference that took place on tuesday. i want to play free part of what president trump's head on tuesday about the deadly charlottesville white supremacist rally. i do think there is blame on both sides. i think at both sides, there is blame on both sides. and i have no doubt about it and you don't have any doubt about it, either. and if you reported it accurately, you would say -- >> heather heyer died. pres. trump: excuse me. you had some very bad people in that group, but you also had people that were very fine people -- on both sides. amy: "very fine people." chriristian picciolini to a
8:44 am
cofounder of life after hate, the nonprofit that helps people get away from right-wing stream is some, leave groups like the , what are the klan your thoughts? there are groups like the anne frank center here that they twitter should close his account because he is incititing hatred and violence. >> i believe that donald trump is the internet's biggest troll. i think his account should be shut down because in the process of his rants and his daily tweets maligning everybody from disabled people to women to people of color and supporting organizations like the alt-right and re-tweeting white is notlists, this appropriate action for some but he who holds the largegest and most powerful l office in the worlrld. the fbi published a recent is a massiveshowed
8:45 am
amount of recruiting happening within the mililitary and law enforcemement. it was a concerted strategy of hours 30 years ago when i was involved in the movement when we recognize that the shaved heads and the swastika flags and the klan hoods were turning away the average american white racist that we could recruit, but they were too afraid to join because of how edgy we were. so we decided at that .30 years ago that we were not going to shave our heads. we were going to trade in our boots for suits. we were going to enroll in college and recruit on college campuses, get jobs and law-enforcement, going the military to get training and to be a little recruit. even run for office. here we are 30 years later with that dream or that nightmare realized. now they're wearing polos and khakis and they blend in. they look like our doctors and mechanics and teachers and nurses. it is hard to distinguish them, aside from the words they say in the actions they take, which
8:46 am
oftentimes in public when they are alone they won't do. i think the movement is much, much bigger because it has become normalized. it has infected the average american who normally would only say things like that behind closed doors or to people that they trusted. they now feel very embolden because of the words and the actions of the policies of the president that they feel they have a commander in chief who gets them, who understands their ideology and is willing to stand up for them and fight for them. at that press conference, in fact, that is what he did by equating both sides and saying there are good people on both sides and not specifically calling out the old right. i should mention this, he denounced the kkk and neo-nazis and white nationalists, but he specifically left out the alt-right. he went on to defend them saying they had a permit and the other folks didn't. and god talked about the alt-left. >> there are americans and there
8:47 am
are nazis. the people who were there to counterprotest the nazis, the u.s. constitution gave them a permit to do whahat they did. they did not need one. as far as i'm concerned, that is whenever most important american values, the ability to protest what we see as damaging to our core american values, which stilill, frankly, need a lot of work. amy: i want to turn to a new trump tweet. he just wrote -- "sad to see the history and culture of our great country being ripped apart with the removal of our beautiful statues and monuments. the beauty that is being taken out of our cities, towns and parks will be greatly missed and never able to be comparably replaced!" >> let me just jump in. take the statues down,
8:48 am
however, we need to take them down and put themm in confederae cemeteries so people who do genuinely believe in the heritage, even the i disagree with that, can still pay homage to their idols into their family members who lost their lives in the civil war. however, i think we need to replace those statues with civil rights heroes, true americans who do give their lives to fight for j justice and the american dream. especially the robert eva lee statue in charlottesville, i i would propose thatat especially goes up in its place to honor the three people who died that those are true americans. these are people we need to look up to. these are the values we hold dear as americans. not politicians or military generals who promote war, promote slavery, who owned slaves. that is not what america's about anymore. wewe need to move forwarard wite values we hold dear and what our children to be ablble to benefit from. let's take them down and replace
8:49 am
them with something that represents who we are and who we want to people's of amy: that is christian picciolini, cofounder of life after hate, nonprofit helping people disengage from hate and violent extremism. he was a leading neo-nazi skinhead gang member and far right extremist in the 1980's and 1990's. he is the author of "romantic violence: memoirs of an american skinhead." we were also speaking with jacob scott, the nephew of fargo, north dakota, native peter tefft, a white nationalist who who was part of the hate rally in charlottesville this weekend. after peter was outed by the twitter account yes you are racist, his father, pearce tefft, wrote a letter public in the local paper, the forum, and fargo, north carolina, denouncing his son's actions. we will link to that letter as well at to see part one with our conversation jacob and christian, you can go to as well as are more than our conversation with the showfter
8:50 am
yesterday,y, go to our website. when we come back, the governor is seeking the ip address is of 1.3 mimillion people who went to counter inauguration website j20. we will talk about it. ♪ [music break]
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amy: this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. the justice department is demanding web hosting provider dreamhost turn over 1.3 million visitor ip addresses of people who visited the website, which was used to orgrganize the protests agait president trump's inauguration. the justice department is also seeking names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, and other information about the owners and subscribers of the website. more than 200 protesters were arrested during the inauguration day protests and are now facing decades in prison on trumped up charges. for more, we go now to berkeley, california, where we're joined by nate cardozo, a senior staff attorney at the electronic frontier foundation. his group is assisting dreamhost
8:52 am
in its opposition to the government's search warrant nate cardozo, welcome to democracy now! first, explain exactly what the government is demanding. >> thank you for having me. the government is demanding that dreamhost, which is a web hosting provider based in l.a., turn over literally every record that it has regarding one of its customers. the site disrupt there would be all of the billing information, which the government already has via a subpoena issued back in january. it means all of that email that was ever sent or received from disrupt most importantly, it means the ip addresses of everyone who ever visited the site, which apparently, according to dreamhost, is more than 1.3 million people, americans andnd people aroround the world, including, yours truly.
8:53 am
amy: how unusual is this request? it quite inot seen this context before. we have seen the government make request this broad, for instance, the child photography context where visiting a website is at least arguably capable of being a crime. in terms of this context, where the speech posted on, was in arguably perfectly legal, we have not seen it before. the website, who put it out, the point of it, and then how you are assisting dreamhost t and fighting the government's request. >> was and remains a place for people opposed to the policies of the trump administration to organize and protest. it was set up sometime after the election.
8:54 am
onwas focused, obviously, january 20. there were protests in d.c. and around the country on the day of the inauguration. was a place where folks could get together and share information about how, where, and why to protest the united ration. -- inauguration. the site owners potentially , my organization baster in san francisco, may end up representing, so i'm not going to go into there. but we've been helping dreamhost since they received this search warrant. their general counsel of dreamhost was frankly shocked by the breath of the search warrant and called us right away and said, is there a way for us to fight it? we said, absolutely. dreamhost got paid outside counsel so they did not need us
8:55 am
because as a nonprofit, we work pro bono and generally don't represent companies who can afford outside counsel. dreamhost got great outside in d.c. filed a motion to set aside the search warrant. it is my understanding there will be a hearing today on the case. amy: so how did they get asked how to the government get such a white -- wide-ranging search warrant? storys is sort of a sad about the american judiciary. the d.c. superior court judge who signed off on the search warrant is not young.. myis my speculation, uninformed speculation here, that the judge to sign the search warrant did not understand what he was signing off on. the search warrant itself puts bit in an juicty
8:56 am
attachment at the end. the places to be searched and things to be seized section of the search warrant, just as "records identified with" if i don't know in ip logged from your log, i'm not going to understand implications of what is actually being sought here. the government, of course, in its order to show cause against tree host for refusing to turn refusing tokfully, turn over all of this data, the government says, this is standard and we do this all the time. that may be what the told the judge, even though it is false. than 200 protesters were arrested during the inauguration day protest, faced decades in prison. how does that relate to this demand and dreamhost fighting back? >> good question. under the fourth amendment, for search warrant to issue, there
8:57 am
has to be probable cause to believe a crime was committed and that the places to be searched or things to be seized will have evidence related to that crime. the government asserts that there were crimes commimitted on january 20, there was petty vandalism or whatever the government is claiming felony rioting. the government's
8:58 am
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