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tv   France 24  LINKTV  August 22, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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from paris. headlines this hour. donald trump outlines new policy on afghanistan. the president said he is going against his instinct after he situation as a complete waste. james mattis is in iraq. troops launch a battle to retake the city from the islamic state group. suspect are-
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detained in spain. they are set to rule on whether they should be charged. donald trump says america's order is not a blank check, nor is his patience and limited. the president referred to the country's new strategy toward afghanistan. he signaled he would send more troops and not to nation build but to fight terrorist. the president said it goes against his instinct. welcomedni president the commitment. finallyd trump has taken a decision on afghanistan,
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and it contradicts his earlier statements. as a candidate, he called for a withdrawal of troops. this ishe admitted easier said than done. >> my original instinct was to pull out and historically, i like following my instincts. all of my life, i have heard decisions are much different when you sit behind the desk in the oval office. i studied afghanistan in great detail. >> he stepped up efforts to fight terrorism in afghanistan. they will force it by the military presence. there are 8400 troops there. he has refused to give numbers, but officials say an addiditionl 3900 troops could be mobilized and he also threw a warning to neighboring pakistan, which has
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been accused of being a terrorist safe haven. pakistan has much to lose by continuing to harbor terrorists. >> from now on, victory will have a clear definition. attacking our enemies, obliterating isis, crushing al qaeda, preventing the taliban from taking over afghanistan, stopping terror attacks against americans. >> the war in afghanistan have spend 15 years and three u.s. residents. the u.s. will work with the afghan government as long as there is progress. he warned support is not a blank check. join the go across and correspondent. how has the government received this stance? they will notsaid be there to nation build.
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the president welcomed the announcement by president trump. the strategy helps afghanistan. it addresses the sanctuaries across the border in pakistan. 's statement in washington has a very big disconnect with what is going on on the ground. 40% ofegram controls territory. they are stronger than ever before. you have a high unemployment rate. security remains elusive for the people of afghanistan. obviously, this is going to be a mission of many challenges. this is not going to -- the afghan government is facing the
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music in terms of losing a record number of soldiers and the bloodshed and violence is brutal. it is everywhere. issue of the security forces. acknowledgedly that. i feel afghanistan is going through some of its more painful and difficult days in the last 17 years, since the invasion. is more powerful than it has ever been. how have they responded to the comments? letter toiban wrote a president trump almost two weeks ago, in which they urged the u.s. president to withdraw u.s. forces.
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there was some suggestion by officials that was an option. taliban",hat famous where they said in afghanistan we have the watches and we have the time. announcements by previous presidents, they are trying to use this to their and ranted. there isnteresting is a lot of public warning by u.s. officials. harborings accused of a military network. they have been responsible for some of the most deadly attacks. see if pakistan will be seen as cooperating. we simply don't know that.
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trump wants india to play a bigger role. in't this ruffle questions pakistan? >> india has a very construct to image and afghanistan. you can see that. afghanistanping with health and education. india is a traditional ally. pakistan has a very destructive image. it is tied with roadside bombs. said in the past that india is involved in some very subversive actions against pakistan.
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>> thank you very much for the up date. the u.s. defense secretary has arrived in iraq. jim mattis is meeting the prime minister as well as the defense minister. this is just days after u.s. led forces retook tal afar. we have to uncover ground in order to move against. you will see the iraqis moving against the western euphrates river valley in iraq at the same time. we will move against the middle euphrates valley from the west. the days are numbered. it's not over yet. it's not going to be over any time soon.
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>> that was jim mattis meeting. the u.s. special envoy to the coalition against the islamic state says the battle will be difficult to -- difficult. >> after walking for 20 hours. the whole trip was a nightmare. behind byan was left her family between two mountains. she asked us to take her, but we could not carrier. are largelyges empty. some 40,000 people have artie left the area -- already left the area. the united nations is expecting thousands more to lee is horses
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reached the last stronghold in northern iraq. the iraqi army says they have recaptured a half dozen villages and key parts of the main road connecting caliph are two mosul. >> now as you can see, the team's creed -- clearing the road of explosives to open a supply line. >> the army has been facing roadside asked low since as the islamic state group tries to slow their. the most intense fighting is asked acted to take place. militantses think remain in the city. as partuspect detained of the investigation into the attacks in spain appeared in court. there was a special tribunal on whether they should be charged. the islamic state group claimed responsibility for the attacks.
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and a mom was killed after an accidental detonation at a bomb factory last week and police shot dead the 22-year-old driver of the van that mode down the debt streams. sarah morris is in madrid. four men were arrested. what charges have been run against them? sarah: we won't know what charges will be wrought against them until the judge has questioned them and decided what he thinks are the relevant charges. 20 minutes ago, the questioning began. the men are in court. the first one up is injured. he arrived in pajamas at the court.
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he is likely to be the first question. we know there were men in that town. man, we know he is the brother who was one of the men who was gunned down in the middle of that attack. >> how is this investigation progressing? has this cell then dismantled? sarah: that's what the police chief thought yesterday. 12 men had been identified. they are all dead and arrested. he did not rule out further arrest. we know the french interior
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that foris concerned the suspects were photographed in paris. we know the authorities in imamum have confirmed the was searching for work in brussels. this has been the seat of a lot of radicalization. question is did this cell take orders from anyone abroad it. >> thank you very much for that up eight. -- update. buildings collapsed on the italian item -- island packed with tourists. residents ran out onto the streets overnight, fearing aftershocks. many tourist left the island early.
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after long hours of searching in the rubble of this building, the crowd breaks out in cries of relief. the rescuers pulled out a man alive. a baby was safe under the rubble. that everyone could be rescued. one woman has been found dead under the debris of her house. another woman was killed i plaster falling from the church. dozens of people are wounded and many are still stuck in what is left of their houses. hit with a magnet to -- magnitude of 4.0. many tourist are awaiting evacuation from the island. what matters is we are still alive, who cares about the houses. children are concerned here. >> the only house little
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provided first aid for the injured. something like this has never happened on our island. there has been nothing like this. >> the tragedy comes ahead of the first anniversary of an earthquake that killed 300 and central italy. a divorce law in india has been ruled unconstitutional. it is a landmark for muslim women who had argued it violated their white -- right to equality. muslim men were able to divorce their wives. it has been of banned in many countries, including pakistan and saudi arabia. >> it's a very happy day for us. i wouldn't say it ends here.
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longer battle for social reform has to be taken up. business news. you are starting out here in france where crucial talks to penalize label reforms are going away. >> the first of these meetings is starting in half an hour. the labor minister is seeking representatives from the largest business lobby to present a draft of the new labor code. they continue for the rest of the week. the deadline to publish legislation is the 31st of august worried government says the reforms will benefit workers and employers. already called for nationwide strikes. doing?are the markets
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>> european markets have rebounded. there are signs of a global economic recovery. in london, the biggest loser is robin is financial. shares plunged 60% after it issued the second profit warning in three months. looking at the gathering of central bankers in the united states to see if the european central bank will signal stimulus measures. retreated from a. of all time highs. $4000,ces back below down 10% since climbing above $4500 last week. writes currency saw it the combined
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market is $145 billion. johnson & johnson has been ordered to pay $417 million to a who claimed she developed ovarian cancer after using baby powder for decades. the company did not warn customers. the verdict is the largest award yet in a string of lawsuits. they are facing 85,000 somewhere claimed across. ford will team up with a chinese automaker to build electric cars in china. the product is sold under a completely new brand area china is the largest market for electric cars. pakistani stock exchange dropped 2% after donald
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trump sounded a threatening tone. he accused of as lumber bod acting as a safe haven or terrorist. time honored practice that has disappeared, making life difficult or waiters. >> the service charges included in the bill. french people are not used to giving tips and restaurants. it is common practice at diners. even that is happening less and less. paris,his restaurant in the waiter goes out of his way to make the customer feel welcome. you need to have a nice smile. to make as much in tips as possible, something
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easier said than done. of my familyart culture. >> it depends on the quality of the service. >> leaving a few coins is a gesture that is slowly disappearing. study, 16% of french people say they never leave a tip. >> when i started as a waiter 10 150s ago, i was making euros a day in tips. that doubled my pay. now that's no longer the case. >> unlike other countries, in france, the services included in the bill. leaving a tip is optional. >> i wouldn't like to feel like i had to leave a tip. >> there is just 11 euros to give distributed among the wait staff.
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>> the utep? >> i don't generally. restaurant,o a nice i end up tipping. good, whyl is really not? thank you very much. it's time now for the press review. i am joined in the studio. you're starting out with the united states. donald trump has a strategy for resolving the 16 year conflict in afghanistan. he said there would be no blank check. >> a lot of papers say there has been a blank check it comes to america's policy in afghanistan. it is america's longest war. you can read about it in the washington post. money, has cost a lot of
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$714 billion. is sixy are focusing on costly failures in afghanistan. program, the plan was to jumpstart afghanistan's cashmere industry. million that $6 involve purchasing in transporting nine rare and asked pensive italian goes to read them with goats from afghanistan. the plan failed. $6 million was up in smoke. programs a $36 million for an unused command center. there was a one billion euro program on schools with no teachers or students. those are some of the examples in the article. papers aretive
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critical of the taxpayer money. >> the washington post, let's look at the washington times. you can see they are focusing on huge cost of the war. there has been a colossal waste of money. aboutnalysts are talking $1 trillion spent in afghanistan. headline,e in their this provides little return on the investment of money and troops. of donald trump says he is inherited this mess. the washington times agrees with that. he said he wants to stay in the fight to win. ships will suspend operations for a day or two after a second collision in the singapore. >> there is a string of these
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incidents. you can read about it in usa today. there is a piece by a navy veteran. a collision at sea should never happen on a u.s. navy warship. there is a process in place to prevent such collisions. deck makingople on sure none of these collisions happen. clearly, something is failing. the commanding officer inspired. this will not begin to correct the years of underfunding. >> the papers in china have a different take. >> we take a look at the daily, itin china
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points out the u.s. navy likes to claim its presence can safeguard freedom of navigation in the south china. it is actually becoming a hazard in asian waters. the u.s. navy has become a dangerous obstacle or commercial ships. meanwhile, china is making a big effort to boost national navigational safety. you can see it is dumped into that oil tanker, not looking very happy. >> on a lighter note, the funniest joke. >> this is been going on for 10 years. a chinese community in one this year. won 33% of the vote on a shortlist.
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you can see him with his award there. i'm not a fan of the new pound coin, but i hate all change. there were a lot of dad jokes on the list. >> thank you very much for the press you. you can watch previous editions on our website. we are taking a short break. life in paris continues after this. stay tuned. >> nicaragua, 1979, the sandinista is overthrow the government and their leader is
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