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tv   DW News  LINKTV  August 23, 2017 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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from berlin. investigators probe the leaks between the spain attackers and europe's wider jihadist seen. this, as some o of the cattle on cell visited paris in the run-up to last week's attacks. i will ask our counterterrorism expert how jihadists are evading security services. also, with germany's national election just weeks away, a message tonight to voters from the free democrats.
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the free democrats leader says it is time the country changed its mentality. danish police have confirmed the body found in waters off of copenhagen is that of a swedish journalist. the inventor and submarine -=- is is charged with her murder. and covering up the confederacy. charlottesville dumps a monument of robert e. lee. ♪ brent: i am brent goff. it is good to have you with us. as the dust settles after last weweek's terror attacks in catalonia, investigators in spain and other european cities are beginning to connect the dots in an investigation that
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has broader implications across europe. some of the catalonian cell visited paris before the attacks leading authorities to investigate whetether they are papart of a larger islamist network. reporter: these are the remains of the bomb making facility on the coast south of barcelona. it is unclear how the group was able to transport large group of quantities -- large chemicals undetected. had an accidental explosion nott destroy thee facacility the atts likely would have been much more deadly.. most of the members of the terrorist cell lived in the spanish town of report -- the men believed to have radicalized the assailants, the imam, had lived for a short time in belgium. links have also been revealed in switzerland and france.
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a car used in the attttacks had been i in paris justst easy ford that two to three of the assailants had stayed overnight in a hotel in a paris suburb. >> the audi a3 vehicle used by the terrorists was in france, specifically in the paris region on the 11th anand 12th of auaugt 2017. we are coordinating with spanish authorities to determine the exact r reasons why the short tp of today's took place. -- two days took place. and if the terrorists were in contact with other persosons in our territory. reporter: spain claims the e cel has been y you eradicacated, tht the evidence points to a wider european network that may have helped. three suspected surviving members are in custody facing murder and terrorism charges. one has been freed
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conditionally. brent: for more on this i'm joined here by a counterterrorism advisor and ceo of the modern security consulting group. how did this terrorist cell escape detection? are we talking about a police failure? guest: it is just that terrorists always adapt to security measures we put place. i think an example of this was them accumulating guess canisters, understanding that if you buy in bulk it will raise a flag, if you only buy one in different cities he will go undetected. thatat shows the capacity to understand what is there. brent: requires a lot of patience and organization. guguest: yes, we'rere willing to strike withihin 18 months, two years if necessary.
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that's the biggest problem for us. brent: we have a french prosecutor saying maybe someone had visited sites in paris earlier. are we talking about a bigger jihadist terror network operating in europe? guest: it is basically a convergence of interests. it's not a james bond-type of organization. maybe we'll have a cell here, a cell there. you have a weapons provider, similar interests, someone who can see a cut area -- scout that area. there is of course a contact between ex-pats. that facilitates everything, doesn't mean this one network but basically a convergence of goals and interests. brent: these cells can be intensively and tightly networked if they want to be. it is fairly easy. it is almost like an organic thing, isn't it? yan: absolutely.
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especially with today's telecommunications, it can be guided online, off-line. a death -- adapt, a borderless continent. it is easy to momove arounund. brent: how much of a problem is that for security services? a borderless europe. yan: the biggest problem is the lack of standards. every standard changes per country. in the u.k. license plates are recognized the minute you change areas. between austria and germany that is not the case. basically if your standards vary from country to country you cannot have a continental guideline that could allow you to work together properly. we're still in the phase each one wants to protect their own piece of land. brent: and the terrorists can take advantage of that. yan: absolutely. brent: the methods of attack are also constantly evolving. how do we deal with that? yan: that's the biggest problem, we'll was play -- we always play
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catch-up. bombs and airplanes, then we started to realize their using passengers themselves, then their using cars and knives. we are always a step behind. we need to implement a state of mind with citizens where we increase awareness. that is difficult because we are not at war. brent: how can people be aware without being. ? -- without being paranoid? yan: it's having context. people were aware for three weeks after an attack. two weeks later your back to normal. brent: what you want is that level of normal awareness arise -- to rise. yan: yes. if you see a backpack on the train, to be where enough to say something. just doing that will help a lot. brent: you advise governments on
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security. for example, if you were in brussels tonight, what would you tell the european union it needs to do? what could feasibly turned into action? yan: to be honest i would not talk to the european union. brent: what would you tell spain's government? yan: i would tell them to stop pennypinching. they have had projects for a while but every time it comes down to budget. if we can save money, as long as something doesn't happen that we can do it. there are examples everywhere across europe, you know you are going to be hit. if you don't take the measures and to implement what is needed you will pay the price. brent: in other words it is always better to splurge on defense. yan: be smart how you splurge. i know a lot of people like to spend a lot of money but they buy toys. we always look for that one magic solution and it's not one thing.
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it's different things. learning how to complement all the resources. in we are far from that. brent: fascinating discussion. appreciate you being on the show. thank you. other european cities are also reviewing their own security plans after the attacks in barcelona. heavy stone barriers are being installed at the site of an iconic cathedral. being used to cordon offff the sisi are discarded pieces of the church itself. germany suffered several terrorist attacks last year including a truck ramming into a christmas market in berlin that left 12 people dead. security will be among the issues on german voter minds when they vote in the federal election next monthth. angela merkel's conservatives boasts an almost unbeatable lead but her opponents are going all out in order to pull support
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away from her. the social democrat challenger today attempted to capitalize on the unpopularity of u.s. president donald trump. he is now calling for the removal of u.s. nuclear weapapos from germany. >> i have e made it clear here that the politics of the united states off amemerica under the leadership of donald trumpmp should under no circumstances becocome the pololitics of germ. under no circumstatances should germany take part in nuclear armament strategies. it is obvious from donald trump's policies thehe nuclear weaponry is papart of hiss prog. we have justst seen in the coconflict with north kororea tt we need nuclear disarmamement ststrategies instead of furtrthr armamentnt. and d erefore ii c command thate nuclear r arsenal statationed he in germany be withdrawn. brent: the leader of germany's
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free democrats says the country needs to change its my channel --it's national psyche. he spoke to dw in an exclusive interview. he hopes to be the key maker of germany's major parties. he also had plenty to say on foreign policy, especially germany's rocky relationship with turkey. reporter: as party leader, he is their most prominent face and decisive voice in shaping his party's foreign policy. that was clear during his exclusive interview with dw news . he says the recent behavior of turkey's president towards germany should have significant consequences. all economic cooperation between germany and turkey should be frozen. no more export guarantees, no more discussions about preferential customs duties. we all the turkish opposition that. -- we owe the turkish oppppositn
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that. he would also and germany's military operation in afghanistan. >> i don't believe such a deployment would be opportune. turning afghanistan into a democratic western orientedd market economy was perhaps too much to expect from a cultural and social point of view. reporter: his key objective is to have his party win seats again in germany's national parliament, so he is openly critical of the government, wants immigration law for germany, less bureaucracy in the asylum system, and better migration of migration routes. >> the same way she did when the balkan route was closed, was far more decisive than any dealings with germany, chancellor merkel has not want mention setting down the mediterranean route. reporter: germans in general he says need to complain -- need to
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change. he's gone for more freedom, hard work, and -- >> a bit more courage and less fear. i think we could change our way of approaching things. reporter: germany decides. that is what is happening with federal elections take place september 24. among the issues voters will decide upon is whether he and his ftp will type -- help cshape the country's future. brent: you can watch that interview tomorrow afternoon at 4:30 utc here, or on her website. -- on our website at here are some other stories that are making news around the world. a powerful typhoon has it hong
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kong and macau on the southern chinese coast leaving several dead. it uprooted trees and triggered massive waves as it came to shore, causing severe flooding and power outages. thousands of people have been evacuated. an italian baby is safely back in his father's arms after being rescued from the wreckage of his home after a magnitude 4.0 earthquake. rescscuers also saved his father and two brothers.s. monday's quake left two people dead and n nearly 3000 homeless. a 14-year-old boy he w w detained by saudi policice for dancing to the 1 1990's it macarena at an intersection has been released. a clip of the boy went viral on social media. he was released without charge but they did given a warningng r traffic safety. -- did give him a warning for traffic safety. don't macarena on the streets.
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still the come, charlottesville shrouds the statue of robert e. lee in black. and german industry celebrating a happy anniversary. christoph will be here with that and it is business news. plus, 10 years of hashtags ♪
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♪ brent: welcome back here with "dw news." investigators are probing links between the jihadist to attack spain lastst week and other europeanan cells. that, as french authorities confirm some memberers visited paris in the lead up to last week's attacks. in the u.s. the city of charlottesville has covered a controversial statue of confederate general robert e. lee. the statue in the state of virginia was the focal point of a white nationalist rally earlier this month.
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a young woman was killed there when a man drove into a group of antiracism protesters. the city voted earlier this year to remove the statue completely. that decision is being challenged in court. yesterday, president donald trump drew fresh outrage after misrepresenting remarks that he made concerning charlottesville. he told the campaign-style rally he would read them the comments he had made in the aftermath of the deadly violence, but he left out a key point. the controversial claim that many sides had been responsible for clashes at that white supremacist rally. today he was talking to veterans and he stuck to those prepared remarks in the teleprompter. >> today we are here to honor you for the sacrifices you have made to defend our nation and preserve our way of life. but we are also here for another
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reason, we are here to hold you up as an example of strength, courage, and resolve that our country will need to overcome the many challenges that we face. we're here to draw inspiration from you, as we seek to renew the bonds of loyalty that bond us together as one people, and one nation. brent: that was the u.s. president donald trump, a strong difference to what he was saying and he told he was seed eking in -- was speaking in an arizona yesterday. that could have an effect on the u.s.'s creditworthiness. christoph: countries cherish a triple-a credit rating but the u.s. is at risk of losing its prime triple-a status if it does not raise limits soon. the u.s. treasury has until
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october to approve spending for next year and raise legal limits on borrowing. if it fails to do so the world's top economy may be unable to pay off its sovereign debt, potentially sparking turmoil on global markets. so the prime credit rating of the world's biggest economy is under threat. sophie shema he is standing by on wall street. how did investors react to the news? sophie: definitely not too good. if the u.s. is running out of money the treasury department can still issue bonds which is nothing more than some debt. but the debt ceiling is already leaked so congress would have to raise it. without the ability to sell more debt the government is just out of money, possibly in early october already, and faces the risk of not being able to pay the interest on time. the biggest fear of traders is
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that the united states would have to default on bonds which would rattle financial markets worldwide. last year after trump won, they already warned about the negative consequences of his planned economic policy. christoph: apple is scaling back its vision for its self driving car, that is according to the new york times. apple is sitting on a huge pile of cash. what does the company spend it on, if not self driving cars? sophie: probably the new iphone, for example. the so-called project titan come a few years ago the company hired engineers are building cars and the were being told they were working on the company's next big thing, the product that would take on the automobile industry. but from the beginning these employees dedicated project titan looked at a wide range of
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details, too many details. it was just not clear. team members complained in this of the product was facing shifting priorities and unrealistic deadlines. some investors might be disappointed but others are thinking this is a good thing to stop spending money on something that is not well thought out. christoph: project titan dwarfed. sify -- sophie, thank you. chancellor angela merkel says german carmakers are not doing enough to clean the air. the missions cheating scandal led to a diesel summit between the government and the industry which experts called a failure. now the government wants more action, fast. reporter: even the most modern diesel engines emit six times more nitrogen dioxide.
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that's why thehe environmentnt industry is called for karmiel's -- carmakers to go beyond simple updatetes. >> german cititizens have a rigt to clean air. the nationonal court of justice will be prescribibing what to d. unfortunately banning diesel from city centeters would then e on the table. reporter: to avoid that and, -- ban, carmakers would have to retrofit diesel engines. their current plan will go far enough. all manufacturers would need to undertake the reef it's. but a new study by the german automobile association sews german diesel cars emit far less than their international counterparts, cold comfort. christoph: it was meant as an insult and became a prime label. 130 years ago the british came up with the label made in germany, intended to protect
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their market from what they considered cheap german goods. today, few other labels stand as prominently for precision and craftsmanship like made in germany. reporter: german machines in use in mexico. german cars on the roads of beijing. and items from german sportswear company warned by young and old around the world. these days the origin of a product remains as important as ever. made in germany is a globally recognized quality of quality, precision, and craftsmanship. a study by a market research group showed 40,000 consumers around the world said they preferred products made in germany. the second-most popular label is made in switzerland. the year. in union comes in third. the u.s. is further down at position eight. export giant china is way down the list at number 49, burdened
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with an image of being a low value is. ---- low value proroducer. last year germany exported goods with a a value of over 1.2 trillion euros. but several -- 70% of the german car consists of components made elsewhere. be made in germany brand has given birth to new label pedigrees. they start with designed in or parts from, as german companies adjust to the realities of modern international production chains. christoph: it is a hall with 24 billion euros. germany's gold. at least some of it. secret shipments saw all the countries gold in france returned to the bank as well as some reserves from the u.s. that's a total of 674 tons of the precious metal.
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the high-security involved in the transport caused germany central-bank over 7.5 million euros. half of the german gold reserve's are now kept within the country. that's all your business. brent: thank you very much. danish police say dna tests confirmed the torso found off the coast of copenhagen is that of a missing swedish journalist. she was last seen alive as she went to report on the submarine built by a dean issue vendor --by a danish inventor. he has been charged with manslaughter but denies wrongdoing. >> danish police confirmed what many long believed. the headless female torso recovered from the baltic sea on monday was that of missing swedish journalist kim wall . >> we have secured a hand brush and toothbrush to ensure her dna. we also found blood in the submarine and there is a match.
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reporter: she was reported missing by her boyfriend on august 11 after failing to return from an interview in copenhagen with a private submarine owner and inventor. these images are set to show the payer leaving the -- the pair leaving a day earlier. he told authorities he dropped her off on a goat island -- on a copenhagen island, but then later saying she died in an accident. the day she was reported missing, he was rescued from sea. authorities say he intentionally destroyed the craft. >> i am fine. a little sad. seeing nautilus group p wn was fortunate,e, butut oh well. rereporter: the submarine has bn brought to the surface and being investigated. they found signs the body had been wait t down witith a metal
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object. he hasaseen arreststed on prelimiminary manslalaughter charges. beach -- the cause of death remains unknown. brent: you're watching "dw news ." more coming up at the top of the hour. you can get all your latest news around the clock on a website. after the break i will take you to the day. more on that strange death. stick around for that. ♪ [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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