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welcome back from assiniboia watching live from paris. it's an option check. headlines. islamic state group claims a deadly attack on a shiite mosque in afghanistan and the justice. that. highlights the country's. erasing security. right on the issues an arrest warrant for its former prime minister this. election a lot. was a no show at a hearing. to another subject criminal trials. also coming up the phone susie menu in math class. it's out of poland saying the country's opposition to his plans to change the rules. principal vincent
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lacus. isolating will say from europe so joining us. we saw with afghanistan like almonds still negotiate mosque in the capital kabul worship this went friday france. one man even threw himself upon at the entranc. according to officials some thirty six people were killed when a new. including women and children of the islamic state group. which has launched several attacks against the shea minorities hundreds in afghanistan. has claimed responsibility. worshippers in kabul attending friday afternoon prayers were panicked and distraught. after a suicide bomber blew himself up at the entrance to a shiite mosque. many were injured and dozens
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including the cleric were killed. gunmen took over separate prayer areas for women and men fully many people hostage. muslim just send us and i was trying to escape over a wall when i saw my daughter. who was wounded trying to climb the wall as well? there was another girl who was shot in her head. i saw the body myself if i can make a little. for them i find the amount skate with. and a police officer escorted us to safety from the back of the mosque magnification. the gun shots and knife attack witnesses reported that. use a rocket propelled grenade launcher. by evening. authorities and the area was here and the attackers were dead. you know you don't know according to the reports from the police in the national directorate of security there were four attackers. one school have been killed. none of them are alive and the situation is under control. hunger allies anymore.
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shortly after the attack the islamic state group claimed responsibility. the latest assault is part of growing insecurity in afghanistan and come several days after president trump announced an increase of american troops in the country. in iran government forces have completely surrounded of the islamic state group inside the northern city of tom offline. according to the minute trees have reached the old city center anti fraud. is a stronghold of the extremist fighters and has been used as a strategic base. some three years albeit. i spent tgr m. correspondent alan home the lake is been following the latest developments from us a from the city. to be. so basically the operation to liberate telefon the coalition forces have breached the centenary notes it's only control now won over fifty percent of the city. they also make heavy gains in the south and east and west in the streets killing about multiple millions tha. the minutes it's himself seems to be holed up in the areas of this sex and they still control
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and wasn't normally sit in court. on it reading them from these areas will be slightly more difficult because i don't like it don't get a lot of tunnels apollo a lot about eighty. however the i. ctf forces this national hockey special operation forces we deployed from mars. and i'm very very extensive experience of fighting in the sort of an urban environments lights tightly my motion that the park is is is not it is it is not far from it. now why would he say telephone is so significant in this conflict. i mean i think in terms of its. like lost major boston the ice is still controls within iraq it it is that they still control the town of weed usage. south of farm masataka coat but it's it's it's nowhere near as significant. also additional of the leadership of our system that eric and i didn't know what what what from from tough talk. so i think i think i think conduct in that and not since it's a very significant problem. i mean overall those strategic
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i wouldn't put three balconies is very much in iraq coming to its final conclusion somebody isis from the from the from the us from a strong housing safaris is is actually one that austar. but above all your meal side of the foremost where they declared the caliphate was more was what you. you never can. i think they're going forward you know isis themselves they will never know the truth now another s twenty nine people were killed when clashes breakout in northern india. after a court convicted a self proclaimed a spiritual guru of raping two of his female finalists. who heard of the verdict thousands of supporters of the religious sect? converged on the city at that punch cooler. with the sentence was pronounced. the violence quickly spread to new delhi. or a boss was sent to a blaze. metron right he was saying also known as gotten i'm.
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face a seven year jail sentence. up next ousted former prime minister you luck she now wants his fled thailand that's according to a sourc. a sad family news came on the court was about to deliver a verdict in the negligence trial again sir. which she did not attend notional on slate says. she was unable to show up because she was ill. according to sources however the fifty year old left for singapore with a teenage son on wednesday. nnamdi gathered in front of thailand supreme court to show support for their x. prime minister. but they're way turned out to be in vain. you can l'action watcher a never showed up to hear her trials verdict. her lawyers told judges she was suffering from an eerie. but neither the court nor the country. believe it. stay and fight the case. what my? the laws already on. it's been amended and would allow her. he'll.
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so if she's not here what does that tell you. will she still claim she didn't get justice. earl. you know action a watcher was ousted from office in the twenty fourteen military coup. she's now facing as many as ten years in prison accused of supporting a costly program that paid subsidies to rice farmers. you know what. the case for supporters say is politically motivated. well our young ones you know are we really believe the former prime minister yingluck really active in the people and the farmers interests. well i do hope that you will receive justice and here to support her. what are my other ones i? yeah we love honesty. i found this. i don't want her to face the same thing as tax. the tax in xinhua tries ying works for. and another former type. a polarizing figure he was ousted by a coup in two thousand and six
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and now lives in exile after fleeing a corruption conviction. i was i wasn't soldier reporting on the court in thailand hassle commission for an arrest warrant. a former prime minister and you date has also been set for the verdict. which is september the twenty sevent. turning now to bound up with the un is contending the latest finance some hundred restrained from these sites. ethnic rohilla flashes have been accused of coordinating attacks on army and police posts and leaving a seventy one people that. according to the office of the country's leader aung san suu kyi. the ministry has responded with an watching clearance operations the hygiene mark. and major escalation in a simmering conflict she in the north western state of our kind. sizzles octava. mmhm. burmese soldiers are on patrol in myanmar state of rakhine near the border with bangladesh after the latest rebel attack on friday morning. authoritieies say some onone hundred and fiftfty.
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agents launched a series off raids on. suppose seen the early hours in the ensuing vice. dozens were killed including twelve security officials. it's the bloodiest day of fighting since the conflict with throwing the militants erupted last year. and it came just hours after former united nations secretary general kofi anon released a report urging the government to improve living conditions in the state. and to help resolve conflict between buddhists and the roofing go. we call all parties to refrain from violence protect civilians restored role an order and resolve issues through dialogue and peaceful means. parts of rakhine state close to bangladesh have been in lock down since last octobe. where previous attacks were met by military reprisals that left scores dead and forced thousands to flee across the border? in the main the buddhist
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country through kingdom was the minority are stateless and have been subjected to what human rights groups call. ethnic cleansing by burmese authorities particularly in two thousand and twelve. since then militant groups have become increasingly active. on friday the. hanga salvation a army effectively claimed responsibility for the pre dawn attacks. the rebel group tweeted. we had to eventually step up in order to drive the burmese colonizing forces away. the un says more than eighty thousand roaming to have fled to bangladesh since last october's fighting. at the edge of a giant south korean company samsung has been convicted of bribery and other offenses. yeah young has been sentenced to five years in prison in connection with the scandal. that brought down the asian nations president also known as j. whining. the forty nine year old was found guilty of bribing pauken hey. with millions of telecine
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exchange for help in a merger. drama of us has the story. he's one of south korea's most powerful men. on friday seoul central district court found leisure a young guilty of corruption. the era of the technology giant samson has been charged for bribery embezzlement and hiding assets overseas. a case led to the impeachment of south korea's former president park geun hey. influence. i believe he's punishment is the thoughts of reaching out the evil and corruption country as employees of some some we will help to bring change to the company. on to south korea. police links to choice among soon will also highlighted during the trial. the former confidants of impeached president polk was also charged earlier this year for the embezzlement of public funds. leisure a young is accused of paying her thirty two million euros in exchange for political favors.
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his lawyers insist that client is innocent and did not authorize such payments. do you simply given. in my capacity as a lawyer i cannot accept any of the legal judgments for the fact finding in this ruling successfully will file an appeal immediately and we're confident that ruling will be overturned with itself doesn't look at the. suppression of and a south korean those sentences of more than three years cannot be suspended. the five year sentence is one of the longest prison times given to a south korean business leader. something accounts for a fifth of the nation's gdp. and the ruling cost out of billy's return to his family's technology empire. now the french presidency menu nakhla slung her under adverse opposition to his plans to change the rules on cycle hosted work has. not cheap labor from eastern countries. posted temporarily to movements first european countries. nicole wasn't bulgaria on friday on the final leg of
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the sweet a visit to central and eastern europe. by he said of the kurdish government. is isolating itself. also has rejected the accusations. same michael is based in experienced and arrogance. as the french president arrived in bulgaria he did not pull any punches in criticizing poland government. emmanuel michael is calling for a review of the pay chrs which today. poland is violating yes it be dc to his country has decided her only option in the sidelines while europe says only to futures adrenaline and its future. lights memakai regret this but it would like that i'm putting up the polish editorials other data i think our prime minister
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has a well it's not government. will have a lot of trouble explaining that it's right for the phone calls to the forty page i'm polling and in the rest of europe and other. what thene two hundred and eighty thousand employees working in france? the system has been labeled by emmanuel michael as a betrayal of the european spirit. an estimated five hundred thousand police work is a currently employs throughout europe. with the backing of austria france wants to limit a maximum duration of twelve months who work has to be posted within the block. now it is full of prime minister was released on tuesday after being abducted during a visit to the capital. uneasy down was held for nine days by non group linked to the country's run batch government. that's according to a relative. and he was on
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his first visit to tripoli since leaving the country following his ouster by parliament on charges of embezzlement. early on friday he's picked from seventy four. pretty rough water problem the militia of the tripoli revolutionaries brigade are the ones who kidnapped me. the group is headed by high throughout the jury when it was not interrogated during my detention fires also raj in his capacity as chairman of the president's. council of the government of national unity responsible for what happened to me government is also responsible because it is the institution that guarantees national securit. in the net. getting on to the u. s. out of bounds of hurricane harvey has begun swiping the texas coast. high winds and dozens of inches of rain were expected to begin battering coastal and inland communities on friday. me one official supported marquetry evacuations of. seven texas counties. it's the sound being heard all along the texas coast.
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as residents do all they can to prepare for what's shaping up to be at the fiercest hurricane at their state has seen in over a decade. i got four things of water in a formula for the baby. free. just for a little boy. hurricane harvey is being fueled by warm waters and moving slowly. meaning it will be able to dump maximum amounts of rai. wind could also push as much as twelve feet of water on shore in what's known as the storm surge. all seven counties on the gulf coast have ordered mandatory evacuations for those living in low lying areas. i'm not go but one of my deputies lives in line. to go down there and get you out. so you're on your own. not taking any risks these residents are doing as they're told. we just bought the house we've we've only been in there what lesson thirty days it's kind of sad because we don't know what's gonna happen we don't know for going to come back to home for. what damage or
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coming home to you but not everyone is ready to leave their property to an uncertain fate? i don't want voters to come in once it's after had slept all that so it's fine. stay around if you and i and everything is there anything anyone to tell you to change your mind and say be safe and get out. now while. meanwhile students in houston school district may see a bright side to the storm they were supposed to start classes best monday but in anticipation of flooding their superintendent decided to delay the first day of school. same with the us a cycle of money fighters due to take place between undefeated boxing legend floyd mayweather. on the martial arts style conor mcgregor with his own saturday. imagine las vegas looks set to be one of the most you crush chef in boxing histor. and as with most houses he sells. it's been dubbed the money fight. on saturday the winner of the highly anticipated mayweather mcgregor match will walk away with a hundred million dollars. fans who came to vegas just
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for the fight scene no problem with the astronomical sum. close of business. maybe then you going to you're going to pay for it. love. lord. pay. we do. i see that we've got to pay the money. it is what it is. it's about money that's about it let's part of it. sport as well. it may be about competition but it's especially about the staggering amount of money to be spent. those tuning in to watch it live will pay ninety nine dollars. on demand expects a record profit we have. a broader international distribution than any fight we've ever done including me what impact. worth well over two hundre. on may be approaching as many as two hundred twenty five by the time we're done. in that is used to produce. the broadest expansion of of
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distribution for any combat sports is that where we're. during thursday's press conference the boxers encourage the drama. promising a bloody and bruised display in the rain. on saturday the stakes in vegas will be high all around. uncle is in the studio with us now bringing of the leisure estimate business me is starting with. the impact of the simpson verdict on the corporation's business dealings. that's right and i'm. legion young isn't the first time so you can. to be found guilty on the charges. but previously business leaders in the country have received presidential pardons due to the economic importance of their companies. i samsung is the biggest of these companies the conglomerates businesses are estimated to account for around fifteen percent of south korea's entire econom. but new president moon jian has vowed to end this practice non that's the cat has mark. convicted of bribery embezzlement and perjury. the five year sentence handed to simpson's leads a young could prove a
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turning point. south korea it's corporate culture. mental note to talk to because the relations between politics and business is about progress. that is ingrained into south korean society but no some stone. is being held to a standard. and that is very meaningful because it sends a message and i hope that these relations can no longer can. it's not the first time a south korean court finds a ceo guilty of corruption. please own father was twice convicted of business related crimes when he was head of samsung. but like many others he received presidential pardons and never have to spend any time in jail. a pattern that speaks to the influence of the tables the powerful family run conglomerates that dominate south korea's economy. but with newly elected presidents moon jae yeon having vowed to fight corruption and rain in the tables. believes a young case could become a watershed moment for the country. yet many south koreans say the five year sentence remains too lenient.
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i was on the verdict does not reflect the national sentiment. or the standards set by the law. the ruling could play samson the country's largest and most influential companies in the leadership vacuum. yet while analysts say it might impact its long term strategies many argue it's unlikely to affect short term prospects. since he was jailed six months ago samson has marked its strongest quarter ever. and has overtaken apple as the world's most valuable company. now the world's top central bankers are gathering in jackson hole wyoming to discuss how to deal with pressing issues in the global economy. federal reserve chair janet yellen already spoke and european central bank chief mario draghi is speaking now. one of the big topics at the conference will be inflatio. the question that continues to elude economy. why inflate? solid at. growth across the globe. strong inflation is generally indicative of a strong economy. but it may not be as valid
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indicator in today's global economy. earlier today i spoke to french economist not that he's also. explains why this could be the case. many people think that we should get away from that indicator because set up pretty that means no. new longer any sign for having inflation eyes in the old economy meaning that the new economy bring more competition. the word the school opting says the reason more. at international competition. that's there imply in edmonton button crises that don adan pressure on prices. if we we stick with that you as much by which we should dismiss. inflation as a key marker for and the monetary policy. nothing let's check in with our wallstreet pounds that meeting gets underway. it was trading higher in this morning's session after donald trump's economic adviser said a big tax
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reform push would start next week. in afternoon trading dow jones and the snp five hundred both comfortably trading up with the nasdaq just slightly above flat on. the retail sector was the biggest loser here. as a grocery store stocks continue to deck around the world after amazon's monday announcement that it was slashing whole foods prices starting time. monday. turning now to argentina where president marie still mochrie is moving ahead with a series of measures to try and modernize the country's economy. his efforts have recently been met with resistance from the country's labor unions in the capital of oneness iris. but it's in the distance southern region of terada flaco where the country's manufacturing sector is being hit the hardest. julia can reports. it's been called the end of the world. yet the mountainous region of theater that waco was once home to a booming manufacturing hub. it produced ninety percent of some electronics in argentina. benefiting from protectionist policies put in place by the populace fo.
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for the one hundred and fifty thousand residents of t. edited quaker. those days have come to an end. she on the other one day until you feel i showed up to work at six in the morning. and they told me not to go in because it was no longer part of the company i don't just like that. after taking office in twenty fifteen president mauricio macri revised in the southern region special tax breaks. unload trade barriers in a bid to modernize argentina's economy. san fran employment has plummeted by thirteen percent in the province. as cheap apices imports force companies to recuse output. six thousand people that have lost their jobs. the labeling nowadays on trying to sell my things to make it clear that i'm a. i'm is difficult because don't. and i would run out of things have. nearly a fifth of argentina's workforce is employed in manufacturing. and he had a death waiters flight is symptomatic of a national trend. employment in the sector as
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a whole has dropped by four
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>> to be a climate denier in 2016 is to simply ignore science . a businessman is supposed before the double and thoughtful about opportunity. clean energy is an economic boom and it is a boom for equity around the planet. to turn your back on that is to put ideology over simple, good, clean energy business and clean energy jobs. amy: the science envoy for the u.s. state department has resigned in protest of preresidt


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