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tv   France 24  LINKTV  September 5, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> welcome. you are tuned in from live from pariris. these arare the top stories this hour. vladimir putin condemns north korea's latest and mosost powerl nuclear test explosion but also mourns against using military force against the country. he was president donald trump is set to announce whether he will scrap a program giving work permits to hundreds of thousands of young people who arrived in america illegally as children. the caribbean and the southern united states are bracing themselves for possible storm surges and flooding as hurricane irma, a powerful category four
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storm, plows toward them. to our top story. russian president vladimir putin has condemned north korea's latest and most powerful nuclear test explosion but also warns against using military force against the country. speaking earlier, putin said military action could lead to a global catastrophe. the comments came as day after un security council members called for new and tougher sanctions on north korea, with washington threatening a massive military response. china is calling for a return to north -- negotiations. the dragon n finally awakes.
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pyongyang's historic protector is now fully on board to condemn the bandwagon, yet, beijing is treading a fine line p while denouncing the north for its nuclear test, it has also spoken out against the u.s. over its military exercises and over stopdent trump's threat to doing business with north korean trading partners. >> what is definitely unacceptable to us is, on the one hand, we work hard to peacefully resolve the issue. on the other hand, our interest and sanctions are jeopardized. >> almost 90% of north korea's traders with china. following the recent barrage of missile tests, beijing voted in favor of new sanctions which theoretically he cuts a third optition on your's exports, butt does not want to take out the vital food and energy supplies, nor is it willing to see kim jong un's regime toppled.
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beijing has renewed calls for a diplomatic solution, including reviving the idea of the six-party talks. >> the situation on the korean peninsula is deteriorating constantly as we speak, falling into a vicious cycle. the problem must be resolved peacefully. china will never allow chaos and more on the peninsula. and war will have severe consequences s on the regional giant. it does not want to see millions of refugees arriving on its doorstep. the possibility of korean unification is something china is also worried about. >> three weeks before germany holds national elections, angela merkel delivered a speech on the state of the union to members of the european parliament. she stressed the need to find a diplomatic solutionn -- find a diplomatic solutution to north korea, sayining europe hasas a decisive voice.
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the chancellor also called for talks on the relationship with turkey. l latest, emanuelel is statanding byby in berlrlin. an may be in the midst of electoral campaign, but chancellor angela merkel was clear today, a solution to the conflict with north korea is needed. >> she talked about that north korea question during debate with her opponent. today, she clarified her position by saying there could only be a peaceceful the vitiatd solution. talks also concerned, about turkey's exception to the european union. she called on other european states to help to solve the refugee crisis.
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there are many social reforms initiated by her govovernment, t she also has a need for germany to be more innovativive and to increase regulations. wouldso states that she consider a ban on diesel motors. that is something that would be talked about in mix to come. >> thank you. syria's state television has reported that the country's military has ended a siege of a government enclave in the city of deir al-zor. the syrian army has been locked in an ongoing battle with the islamic state in a bid to oust militants from the key strongholds. the islamic state group has already lost more than half of raqqa.rby base of the militant group has also been pushed back from former strongholds.
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willpresident donald trump today announce whether he plans to scrap a program giving work permits to young people who arrived in america illegally as children. the deferred action for childhood arrivals program, or daca, was introduced by the obama administration in 2012 and permitted some 800,000 talking toundocumented migrants study. those known as dreamers, president trump is expected to give congress six months to come in without turner took program. undocumented and unafraid is their chant. they are so-called dreamers, people who emigrated to the united states without papers as a child, but have been able to come out of the shadows thanks to the daca program. toit actually supports me
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keep going to school, to prepare myself to become somebody in the future. >> we are not criminals, we are not rapists, like the president said. we go o to school, we contribute to the economy. >> introduced by obama in 2012, the program shields young undocumented immigrants from deportation, if they meet specific criteria. thomas is one of them. he arrived in miami from argentina at the age of 10. now he teaches chemistry at one of florida's best high schools. he says he is still living in migratory limbo.o. >> you feel like you cannot do anything. this is how most immigrants feel. but 100,000 of us are daca there are 11 million of us who feel like they don't belong, like they are always scared. >> the amnesty program is a stopgap measure which grants a
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renewable two-year period of delayed action. rights groups are calling on congress not to rescind daca and to go beyond, to come up with legislation that would pave the way for a more permanent solution. the caribbean and the southern u.s. are bracing themselves for a possible storm surge and flooding as hurricane irma, a powerful category four storm and applause toward them. thehurricane center says storm is intensifying with the wind up to 220 kilometers per hour. hurricane warnings have been put out in the leeward islands, the british and u.s. virgin islands, as well as puerto rico, which has declared a state of emergency. on the french island, theses residents are stocking up on emergegency supplies, as yet another hurricane barrels through the caribbean on its way to the american coastline. >> it is above all water that we
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need for drinking. i have been buying water since saturday. tomorrowow, if i find any, i wil buy more. there is none left. there is no more on the island. >> with wind of 220 kilometers is a category four storm, the same as harvey when it made landfall in texas. the national weather service expects irma to gain strength over the next few days. projections have it passing over the antilles and t the dominican republic on tuesday before turning north toward florida. evacuation order is given, espececially when other levels are sent, which are going out starting tomorrow, the first thing to do to manage risk is to evacuate yourselves. state of emergency has
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already been declared in florida and puerto rico. israeli police have evicted a palestinian family from their east jerusalem home for m much f a lived for 53 years, making the way for israelis deemed illegal occupants. the policy has been criticized by the eu, there is governments, but not the united states. the 65-year-old said police arrived and forced her out of the house, alongside her husband, it aged 84, with their son and his family. india's prime minister is set to discuss growing violence in burma's western state during an official visit aimed dead ball string bilatereral ties. his first bilateral visit comes amid a surge in violence in the state which has caused at least 123,000 rohingya muslims to free to neighboring bangladesh.
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thousands of russssian jet rerefugees continue to arriviven bangladesh, fleeing the latest burma'sssgainst muslim minority. exhausted, traumatized, many forced to walk four days, despite broken bones in bullet wounds. >> we were not even outside, we were staying in our homes. soldiers entered our house and shot us indiscriminately. the violence erupted after the attack of several burmese police and military post by rohingyaya insururgents in augu. to root out the rebellion, the army launched a brutal repression campaign which saw tens of thousands of rohingya's lead to bangladesh in the past few weeks, according to the united nations. this hospital two hours from the border says it has trouble coping with the dozens of refugees pouring in each day.
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>> rohingyas has long faced discrimination and violence in burma, where they are considered illegal immigrants by the countries buddhist majority. pressure has been mounting on burma's leader in recent days. the nobel peace prize wininner t with a foreign minister r in an attempt to mediate the crisis but she has so far remained silent and has refused to condemn the violence. >> kenya's main opposition hiser has outlined conditions for taking part in a presidential vote rerun in october. his conditions include the sacking of some election officials, a review of the electronic transmission of results, and for all eight candidates to be allowed to contest the rerun. the supreme court declared the hoover kenyatta's victorino endboard on friday citing widespread irregularities in the
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electronic transmission of vote results. 12 minutes past 1:00 here in the french capital. a quick reminder of the following stories. vladimir putin condemned north korea's latest and most powerful nuclear test but also want against using military force against the country. u.s. president donald trump is set to announce whether he will scrap a program getting work permits to hundreds of thousands of young people who arrived in america illegally as children. the caribbean and the southern united states are bracing themselves for possible storm surge is and flooding as hurricane irma, a powerful category four storm, plows toward them. time for our business update. brian quinn, good to have you. starting with one of our top stories, the trump administration is expected to scrap the dreamers program. , it is the daca
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obama program that allowed hundreds of thousands of people who arrived in the u.s. illegally as children to stay and live and work, and thereby contribute to the economy. removing them would have wide ranging implications for business and the public budget. >> u.s. president donald trump has slammed daca as an illegal executive amnesty. as a candidate, he promised to deport the recipients of the program known as dreamers. what he will of say because he can destroy the lives of thousands of immigrants who are working and making america great. wealth, here, producing and they are making this country better. >> 91% of dreamers are employed, according to a group founded by mark zuckerberg. the center for american progress as the loss of daca workers and
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their contributions would reduce u.s. gdp by 430 $3 billion over the next 10 years. state hosting the largest number of migrants would suffer the most. california could lose $11.3 billion a year and texas, over $6 billion. the conservative think tank cato institute underlined the massive costs on employers who currently work dreamers. canceling the program could cost $61 million per week for employers for the next two years. recruiting,ent hiring, and training employees would add up to over $6 billion. it cost the u.s. immigrations and customs enforcement around $11,000 to detain and deport someone. if president trump phases out daca, it could cost the country $8.5 billion in deportation fees alone. meanwhile, the united states is hitting some roadblocks when it comes to trade talks with its immediate neighbors. >> tuesday wraps up the second
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round of talks to renegotiate the north american free trade agreement between canada and mexico, and progress has been slow in many areas. one sticking point, u.s. demands that cars produced for sales in america contain a significant percentage of u.s. parts, the so-called rule of origin. donald trump has threatened to abandon nafta unless it reduces its deficit with mexico, currently $64 billion a year. the auto industry accounts for a largest heart of that, but representatives say u.s. demands would be counterproductive. they are hopeful for an eventual resolution. all trying to sell cars to the american consumer. it's a reasonable expectation that at the and of this process a modern way of scheduling those updates, instead of waiting another 23 years. >> how are the markets looking this afternoon?
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>> european indexes mixed as worries remain over north korea. britain'sey shows service sector at its weakest in years. company doing well as the chinese manufacturing sector picks up, but not enough to keep the ftse 100 above flatline. overrankfurt dax is up .4%. let's take a look at some more of today's top business headlines. china has banned initial coin offerings. regulators cracking down on company looking to raise funds by issuing their own digital currencies so my two bitcoin. chinese authorities are calling on organization to refund investors in digital currencies. bitcoin is down 20% from its weekend high of $5,000. the sale of motorcycle manufacturer ducati is on hold. the parent company volkswagen has shelled the sale after
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resistance from german trade unions and internal disagreements on strategy. vw put it up for sale following the dieselgate scandal. bidders have been prepared to pay 1.5 billion euros for the company. british information-technology firm aviva is joining the french company schneider electric to create a new software giant. schneider will have 60% ownership in the company which will be listed on the london stock exchange. the deal is worth more than 3 billion pounds. aviva shares were up in tuesday trading. >> it is something of a sad day in toyland. >> a time to tear down, a time to build. lego, tuesday is a time to tear down there the company will be cutting it percent of its global workforce, citing a 5% drop in midyear revenue. the danish company says it will cut 1400 of its over 18,000
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positions as it seeks to reset the company. since 2012, lego has grown increasingly complex as an organization as it on rapid growth in new markets. the ceo says it is time to simple by. if you have ever tried to put together one of those castles recently, it is not like it used to be. >> i was about to say the same thing. the bricks are so much more complex. thank you, brian. review. for our press time to take a look at what is grabbing headlines around the world. the north korean nuclear crisis, the top story around the world. tell us more. >> let's start with a french paper. focusing on that crisis
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regarding the nuclear issue in north korea. you can see on the front page, talking about the terrifying mr. kim. yesterday, south korean officials said they had seen evidence that north korea may be preparing yet another nuclear test. if we look at the new york times, you can get all the details on the american reaction. can see a photo of an emergency meeting at the united nations security council yesterday. the united states is essentially trying to press china and other members of the un security council to cut off all oil and other fuel to north korea. >> it is far from clear what china will be willing to go along with. china is north korea's main trading partner. >> 90% of north korean trade and nearly all of its imported energy supplies come from china. that is why there have been these calls for china to take a leading role in the crisis.
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if you look at the chinese press, it is not a top story. this is the front page of china daily, one of the state owned papers. they are talking about not about the nuclear crisis but a summit of bricks nations in china. you have to go all the way to page 12 on the editorial page to get some reaction to the nuclear crisis. are actually critical of the united states, in particular, donald trump. he criticized china on twitter and also criticized south korea on twitter, calling efforts for a dialogue, essentially appeasement. according to china daily, the u.s. is not helping. tensions, iteating is easing tensions. of papers are focusing on the plight of tens of thousands of rohingya muslims fleeing violence in burma to
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head to neighboring bangladesh. >> i pulled out an article from the daily star, a paper in bangladesh. they focus on what they call a humanitarian disaster. over the last 10 days, run 400 rohingya were killed during that the daily star calls a brutal crackdown by burmese security forces. the daily star looks at what the international community has been doing over the past years. the u.n. has voiced its concern over what it calls human rights violations, but the situation has continued to slide. there are some harshly worded editorials in the press regarding the situation in burma. if we look at the guardian, they are calling it slaughter in burma, crime against humanity. moving on to azerbaijan, in the spotlight today. several papers have released details of alleged money-laundering and lobbying scheme involving some prominent
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europeans. >> this could become an explosive story in the days to come. le monde published in this story among a few others. they are calling it the azerbaijani laundromat. essentially a $2.5 billion operation that ran from 2012 to 2014, revealed thanks to leaked documents. wasaim of this game essentially to peddle influence, pay lobbyists, apologists, and european politicians, and also to launder cash. several prominent european politicians are in the spot right. , back inn politician 2013, he was in the spotlight because he voted against a report that was criticizing azerbaijan's human rights record. according to the documents, he received more than 2 million euros.
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he denies any wrongdoing but has been indicted in italy amid an investigation into this. they are also calling it caviar diplomacy. >> let's move on to something lighter, a story about statues. >> it is a perilous side to be a statute. we have seen stateside a lot of statues coming down. this article calls for more statues to go up, particularly of women. ,he new york times points out when you look at it, there are very few statues of women. to be made into a statute, a woman needs to be a naked muse, royalty, mother of god, or a sign of virtue. essentially, society gives a sign to who they think is important. that is why it's important to have more female statues to inspire particularly younger women. >> finally, an important story
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about a baby panda born in france. >> it was one of the biggest stories in the press the summer. 4, he is the son of a bear whose name means that so. the bears are on loan from china. the papers are reporting on his baby panda one month after his birth. he is doing quite well, starting to get covered in fur. he spends his time eating and sleeping, which sounds lovely. members of the public will have to wait until the end of the year to see him. onthe meantime, you can gush this photo. sound like the life of an ordinary baby. thank you. if you want to see more, you can always log onto our website at
5:56 am we will be back in a minute with more international headlines. stay tuned.
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